Similac infant nipples & rings, Standard Flow, Ready To Use, Case of 25

Similac infant nipples & rings, Standard Flow, Ready To Use, Case of 25

Ready-for-use nipple and ring. Latex-free.

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  • Similac® Infant Nipple & Ring

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disposable bottle nipple &rings

I love it a lot but it was mixed (regular flow and stage 2 or 6 months flow) it would be very helpful if one or the other were stamped. I am glad my first baby have arrived when I was 44 and when everything are advance I did not even have to push and ruin my bottom lol they just took him out on a scheduled day marking at 39 weeks 6 hours later they gave him to me cleaned along with Similac ready to feed milk and in disposable bottle/nipple. For babies I recommend Similac product. My baby who is now 7 months is very attentive with his surrounding or when any one is talking to him and very healthy along with all my thanks and prayers to the Universe of course.

Daisy Rainbow, TX

Great for ready to feed bottles

At home, we use Dr. Brown’s bottles. When we’re out and about, we use the Similac ready-to-feed bottles. And these fit them perfectly. I don’t have to worry about carrying dirty bottle parts–just toss the whole thing in the trash when they’re done and we’re off again.

Susanne Watertown, OH

daughter loves these

Only type of nipple my daughter will take. Started with the slow flow which was great and have now transitioned to the standard flow. We wash and reuse these a few times before tossing and I have never seen any signs of wear.Quick shipping from seller.Will continue to purchase until we are finished with bottles.

Lindsay Dickerson, MD

not sure

not sure about these nipples. tried it once w/ baby and she refused, b.c i guess shes used to the regular nipples ive been using w/ the dr.brown’s bottles. i think she doesnt like the flow of these. these come in a 25 count pckg. so im not sure what im going to do with the rest of them. may try it again w/ baby. i think she didnt like the flow, so then i cut the nipple w/ scissors, and then the hole was too big, so im not sure … may try again. its a great idea though , and fits perfectly w/ the ready to feed bottles. may work for your baby, def. worth a try and like everything on amazon its a great price, compared to buying at other places.

James Coatesville, IN

We love these.

The hospital introduced us to these and we love them. While they are technically disposable, we rewash them and use them again. We just make sure to check them when we wash them. They do not last as long as most nipples do. We bought this last group for a baby we are expecting, but have used these for our first three children during their bottle years. They fit on all standard bottles, which makes them very convenient.

Nelda Shippingport, PA

baby didn’t like these much after Dr. Brown’s

We used these in the hospital, but after we left the hospital and started using Dr. Brown’s, the baby would not easily drink from these nipples. We wish he did, because they would have been a very convenient solution along with the Similac small bottles (pre-mixed), but the baby did seem fine with these nipples in the hospital. I just think that they’re inferior nipples, so it’s challenging for the baby after getting use to better nipples.

Celina Springfield, NE

Great disposable/reusable nipples

These are perfect for the Similac 2 ounce ready to feed bottles. The 8 packs at the store only come with one nipple, so I ordered these so I have lots of extras on hand. They work fine don’t seem any different to me than the ones that come with the 8 packs and I don’t notice any smell. And they can be washed and used more than once. Will buy again when I run out.

Lela Tunnel Hill, IL

Similac infant nipples

Easy to use and the rings fit nicely on other brand’s nipples. I didn’t realize these nipples are meant to be single use and to be thrown out after each feeding.

Sharron Owensburg, IN

Fit 2 oz and 8 oz bottles perfect.

They are expensive..You pretty much pay $1.00 per cap which is the same as the price of formula. I found parent choice (WALMART BRAND) bottles cost $1.00 each and they fit the ready to feed bottles perfect. So I buy the generic bottles and just use the cap and nipples and can reuse. Work out perfect when traveling.

Lucille Crawfordville, GA

Just like they said

25 nipples as promised. Great for a diaper bag. Each individual wrapped, with "expiration" date. Perfect for emergencies. Similar brand

Marsha Burkeville, VA

Love these nipples

I love these nipples, they have worked the best for my daughter. We mostly feed her pre-mixed formula and these nipples give a nice flow for a newborn, every other nipple we’ve tried is too fast. These also have a better texture for feeding, which leads to less leaking out of her mouth (when we have tried silicone nipples, we get more leaking because they are so much slicker). I took a tip from another reviewer and tried them on the Walmart Parent’s Choice bottles – they work great and those bottles have really cute designs on them. They also work great with Gerber bottles. I have heard that you can use them on any bottle that uses a standard size nipple. I do wash and re-use these even though they’re disposable. I use 5 out of the package at a time and then toss them after about a month of use.I would not recommend them with powdered formula as they tend to clog up with powder – if we use powder we will use the silicone nipples that come with the Gerber or Parent’s Choice bottles.

Gayla Romayor, TX

Just like at the hospital…

When my newborn came home from the hospital it took awhile before we figured out which type of nipples and bottles she preferred. After lots of trial and error we ended up just purchasing more of the small type of formula bottles they use in the hospital along with these nipples to go on top. These were my daughter’s favorites for about 3 months. I do wish they were better designed for reuse though. The packaging states one time use if you happen to try to sterilize them and reuse them they don’t hold up too well.

Dana New Leipzig, ND

Similac nipples

These nipples come with the Similac ready to feed formula but they have a weird smell to them. I guess they’re ok for one time use if you have nothing else on had but I’d recommend getting the Nuk ready to feed nipples and they fit the Similac bottles.The Nuk nipples seem to have a better design and they’re a lot softer.Ready Bottle Nipples Non latex Colors

Celia Newport, MN

good for baby bottles

my baby loves to use this nipple and ring since birth. I’ve tried using other brands but he prefers this one.

Bernadette Bark River, MI

If you are using ready to eat formula, these works great, but the flow is pretty fast

I bought these for the ready to eat Similac formula 2oz bottles that I had when my baby was just born. I mean they work great, but I thought the flow was a little fast and my daughter never relaxed during her feedings. So that’s when I bought Dr. Brown’s bottles and never looked back. Of course these are a little bit wasteful because they are supposed to be for one feeding, but I cleaned mine and used them a few more times. I did put them in my recycle bin when I was done.

Reyna Kenedy, TX

Exactly as advertised

I purchased these for the Similac ready to feed bottles and the work perfectly as they should. In case other parents are curious, they work perfectly on Medela bottles as well 🙂

Maureen Reagan, TX