Similac SimplySmart Bottle, 8 Ounce

Similac SimplySmart Bottle, 8 Ounce

Similac SimplySmart, designed by experts in infant nutrition. Made in partnership with moms, it has the smart features you want. Features including smart close which locks out leaks and Intellivent a venting system designed to reduce baby’s excess air intake for less fussiness and gas. A variety of nipple flow rates made exclusively for this bottle system are also available to fit your baby’s feeding needs.

Main features

  • SmartClose which locks out leaks
  • Intellivent venting system designed to reduce baby’s excess air intake for less fussiness and gas
  • Easy mix to reduce bubbles

Verified reviews



i am interested in the product,i’ve been reading all over,including info on the product,and this was by far a great one to read,i diff will try this item and yes walmart is the better place, you can get 2 for $17+tax and thats shipping included,thnx lots

Neva East Ellijay, GA

Similac SimplySmart Bottle

Similac has done their best to create a user friendly bottle with this product. Some of the things I liked about the bottle are:1. Removable “EasyMix” actually seems to help mix powdered formula. I had my doubts, but tried mixing with and without it and was able to mix the formula well without shaking like mad (which introduces bubbles into the formula).2. Vented nipple worked well to stop nipple collapse.3. While I don’t think screwing a nipple on a bottle is difficult, I know some can leak if they are overtightened. It was nice that this bottle has the SmartClose feature so you know exactly how tight/loose the nipple ring should be.4. I know some haven’t liked the soft nipple, but my son really did.5. Availability of a cap that that can store powder formula.The things I thought could use work:1. The vent in the nipple does what it says it will, but the air entering the bottle through it went straight into the formula right by where the baby is sucking formula out. I have a feeling a decent amount of air was introduced into the formula due to this.2. I would have loved for a powder cap to have come with the bottle instead of being an accessory.

Concepcion Waverley, MA

Just Right for the Fussy Feedeer

Who knew that a baby bottle could be so technologically advanced? I really don’t mean to sound sarcastic because I was really amazed at all the features this bottle has to help your baby.This bottle solves all the feeding problems your baby may have:1) helps reduce fussiness and gas2) designed in such a way as to prevent leaks3) has a “tongue” type device that reduces the bubbles that commonly occur in other bottles and cause gas4) offers a nipple design that supports both bottle and breast feeding so you can give your baby what he/she needsMy favorite feature though, other than the fact that the bottle is BPA free, is that there are bottles available based on how much or how fast your baby eats. This way you can set the flow of how fast or slow your baby eats. If have a baby that needs to eat a lot quickly, like my grandson Noah, then you’ll find this feature to be particularly helpful.One final thing is that these bottles are tough. They won’t break easily, which to me is important especially if you travel a lot or just need baby bottles that need to be tough. Compared to other bottles that don’t cost much less, this is a real bargain and worth the price.

Gayle Soldier, KY

I ended up throwing it out

I use Similac, so I was excited to see the bottle they are introducing to the market. I’m a fan of wide nipples and the mixer seemed clever in theory. This bottle was a bit of a fail. The parts are complicated and just too much to deal with. I didn’t quite get the little mixer inside — it honestly didn’t work and I had to shake the bottle up like any other (so it just seemed to me like another part to wash). Further, though this does have a wide nipple and therefore seemed to be friendly to babies that also nurse (to reduce nipple confusion), it just wasn’t a normal shape. The Phillips Avent Natural was a much better choice for this wide “style” bottle. This bottle just didn’t work for us.

Shawn Daniel, WY

Great Gift

I purchased this bottle thinking that I would use it for my son. Breastfeeding/pumping has worked out very well for us so I’ve actually never fed my baby formula. I gave this as a gift to a friend that uses formula and she has been really happy with this. She said it is easy to clean and it mixes the formula really effectively.

Tracy Monmouth, ME

Doesn’t work well

My baby couldn’t get anything out of the bottle when suckling. The construction is very poor with all the different parts not locking together very well. You cannot use the bottle without the stirring attachment which is easy to lose. The air vent hole did not appear to work, although hard to tell when baby cannot get any milk out of the top. It is also a bit wide for babies who are trying to learn to hold the bottle themselves. Poor product I would not buy.

Madge Cayuga, TX

A great bottle, especially for fomula feeding.

I did a ton of research on bottles, and ended up almost more confused afterwards. Everyone likes a different bottle, and many of the reviews consist of whether their baby liked a particular bottle, which is not that helpful. Although I will detail my reasons below, overall I thought this was a really well-designed, easy to use bottle which manages to be anti-colic without a lot of parts (which either makes the bottle hard to clean or prone to leaks).BTW I cannot speak to whether it is good for breastfeeding babies, since I do only formula. Since this was developed by Similac, it is very well designed for formula-feeding. So here’s what I liked about this bottle:1. Simple and easy to use. There are not a zillion parts, and yet it is anti-colic due to the vent in the nippple (similar to Tommee Tippee bottles). I’m not sure if this is the most effective anti-colic system on the market, but my baby is doing really well with it. Easy to clean in the dishwasher as well.2. No more formula clumps. It has a mixer paddle which hangs into the bottle, and shaking the bottle causes the paddle to move back and forth to fully mix the formula. I remember the clumping problem from the Avent bottles in the past, and I love this feature. However, if you don’t use formula or hate the extra piece (which sits easily in the bottle and dishwashers), it is easily removable as well3. Cap that seals well but also removes easily. I tried the MAM bottles, and could barely get the caps off (a problem for anyone who has arthritis especially, such as a grandmother). I once handed one to my husband to remove the cap for me, and he immediately reached for the flat screwdriver.4. Can buy additional caps which can hold powdered formula for travel/putting in the diaper bag. You fill the bottle with the desired number of ounces of water, screw on the nipple and ring, and then replace the usual cap with the special formula-containing cap (which you fill with the right number of scoops of formula). They are generously sized (unlike Tommee Tippee formula holders), so you can use them as the child gets older and needs more formula at a feeding. No more buying separate formula dispensers, and it keeps the formula attached to the bottle.5. No leaks! If you have screwed the nipple ring on correctly, you’ll see two blue triangles in the windows of the nipple ring. I had problems with the Avent bottles frequently when we’d screw on the nipple and ring, but accidentally have misaligned the grooves. You’d start to shake the bottle to mix it, and end up with milk all over you and the baby. I did have one or two times where it leaked when I shook the bottle, which I learned was due to an improperly seated nipple. I now check to make sure the nipple is seated properly when I pre-assemble the bottles, but this is easy to do.The only thing I don’t like is that the nipple is so soft, it doesn’t seat as easily as firmer nipples do in the nipple ring. It’s not quite as soft as Tommee Tippee (which I found impossible to place), and I got used to it very quickly. A lot of people praise the soft nipple for breastfeeding babies, though, so it may have advantages.

Felecia Morrill, KS

My second favorite baby bottle…

I tried this bottle because my baby has been getting a lot of gas after she eats. This bottle has a lot of nice features. 4 nipples available depending on the age of your baby. There’s a vent system to reduce gas, it’s leakproof, and there’s a wand inside the bottle to mix the formula. It’s BPA free, and the nipple is shaped more like the breast, to ease the transition from breast to bottle.I do like this bottle, and it does help reduce gas, but it has not worked quite as well as the bottles with the drop in liners. Those are my favorites at the moment because they seem to work the best. But I would say this one is my second favorite bottle.

Elva Salem, NJ

Truly made by mom’s input but not as durable

The Similac SimplySmart is my new favorite bottle. I find that it solves a lot of the problems that I have found with other bottle brands and combines the best parts into one bottle.1. The clear mixer on the inside of the bottle reduces the amount of foam present when mixing powder. It also mixes powder faster. It is easy to install and take out if you don’t need it to mix formula. I personally don’t use it unless I am on the go and would need to mix powder quickly.2. The blue triangles that indicate the bottle lid is locked are fabulous. There have been so many times over the years that I thought the lid was on and it leaked. It is a little hard to get them to line up at time but when they are lined up you can be sure the lid will not leak.3. The nipple is naturally shaped and yet unlike some of the other naturally shaped nipples it doesn’t choke my child because the nipple doesn’t go as far back in their mouth. I find some of the natural nipples were too long and my kids had trouble with them. This one has adapted nicely to changing over to this bottle.4. A fact worth mentioning is that you can purchase a formula cap separately where you can store powder in the lid of the bottle.Overall I really didn’t find anything that I didn’t like about this bottle and it has all the features I have complained about through my earlier three kids.Edit: After about a month and a half using a bottle warmer these bottles began cracking. If you really like this bottle do NOT put it in a bottle warmer as it will cause cracking. You will have to warm it up in a pot or in another bottle and transfer it. For me, this wasn’t worth it and we have since switched bottles. I still love all of the great features of this bottle and its shape but we use a bottle warmer for every bottle since I pre-make them.

Lorena Mayport, PA

High quality bottle.. misaligned blue arrows

The single-minded marketing folks at Similac should go easy with the gimmickly camelCased trademark names (SimplySmart, EasyMix, SmartClose, StrongMoms), but the design overall is solid. The thick high-quality plastic looks indestructible and the mixing paddle inside is indeed a smart idea. It lets you mix the formula evenly by creating more turbulence in the liquid compared to just shaking up a regular bottle, which also introduces a lot of air bubbles. It works similarly toBlenderBottle with BlenderBallbottles, except the Similac paddle is permanently attached for obvious safety reasons.My only issue with it is that the blue arrow indicator was glued on slightly off center, so when you twist the cap back on, the arrow and the cutout did not line up. This made me think I didn’t seal the bottle all the way. It would’ve been better if the arrow was just painted on. The arrow really isn’t even necessary, as it’s enough to tell from the tightness of the cap if it’s sealed properly or not. But since this is a major selling point for the manufacturer, I took off a point for the misalignment. Both arrows (one on either side of the bottle) were misaligned.

Christie Girdwood, AK


My breast-feeding daughter has no problem switching between the various types of bottles that we have tried. (Before this bottle, we have usedPhilips AVENT,Playtex VentAire, &Playtex Drop-Ins. Similarly, she had no issue with getting used to the nipple on this bottle.There isn’t anything WRONG with this bottle; it’s just over hyped. The three main product features and not as exciting as the price tag of this bottle would expect. Most bottles have some kind of “intellivent” system designed to reduce excess air intake, and therefore gas. The SmartClose feature, which locks out leaks, works fine. It’s basically slightly raised arrows that show you when the bottle is closed. Personally, the few times I have not closed a bottle all of the way, this feature would not have saved me the mess. If I were paying enough attention to check the arrows, I would have been paying enough attention to screw the bottle cap all of the way. The final feature, the easy mix piece, is just one more thing for me to clean. Maybe because I’m using this bottle for breast milk I don’t appreciate the wonder of this attachment; maybe it does something amazing for powder formula, but I doubt it.

Aurora Newport, WA

Good concept, but my LO hates the nipple

Similac came up with a nice idea for a bottle: leak protection that actually works, an easy to hold bottle, an “EasyMix” attachment to help stir the formula/breast milk, and powder storage space in the bottle. I wish I could say that my LO was as impressed by the design as I was, but she hates the bottle. She has been bottle-fed for some time now and the tiny “natural nipple” nipple just did not appeal to her. She won’t even try with this bottle. I would be nice if there was an option for a nipple similar to the ones that Playtex makes– those are prefect. On the other hand, the leak protection on this bottle is better than that on the Playtex Drop-ins bottles. If only they could combine ideas to make the perfect bottle. Oh well!

Juliana East Branch, NY

Integrated stir is awesome.

With 3 kids, I’m experienced in dealing with mom’s milk for the baby and graduating them to formula before they represent a bad Time magazine cover. As a dad, I really prefer the ease of formula, and this bottle makes it very simple to take my 7 Month boy out without a milk cooler. A Similac package, bottled water and this bottle and no worries. Sometimes in the past getting a goot mix by shaking isn’t perfect, but the integrated stir inside the bottle supposedly improves this. It certainly doesnt hurt and doesnt make the bottle any harder to clean than other bottles like the Vent-Aires. I like innovations that make sense. This dad approves.

Elba Waldron, MI

Don’t waste your money

These bottles are terrible. Many reviewers complained of leaking and then said if u use the bottle as directed, notch up, it wouldn’t leak. I still had a problem, when bottle used exactly as directed, with leaking. The nipple is flimsy, which causes the leaking issue because it does not keep good contact with the screw lid that attaches it to the bottle. It also collapses in when my baby is drinking, both with self feeding and assisted feeds and I have to stop and pull it back out before she can continue. Definitely not my favorite bottle. My baby and I prefer the cheap gumdrop bottles to these. Gumdrop has basic parts and perfect size for little hands and they are inexpensive. These bottles are too big around.

Terrie South Orleans, MA

Don’t drop it …

My daughter’s friend (two years old) dropped this bottle and it broke. I had liked the bottle; it did seem to do ok but no more than others we had. We bought the two pack after receiving a $3 off coupon. I’m not buying any more. If you can’t drop the bottle less than 6 inches off the ground without it breaking, it’s not worth it.

Tamara San Antonio, FL

Well made!

This 8-ounce plastic bottle was a great choice for my grandson. The little flexible plastic “stir stick” in the middle of the canister helped to quickly and thoroughly mix powdered formula and water. The nipple is just the right size and has a good flow rate for feeding. I don’t know for sure if air swallowing when sucking was reduced as I didn’t pay much attention to that, but he definitely liked drinking from it. What I noticed, also, was that after repeated washings, the nipple did not get that “sticky” feeling that some of the other plastic nipples develop. The lid screws on tight and no leaks.I plan to buy several more of these.

Joy Smoot, WY

Easy to Use and Clean

Since I am a new father I am not too familiar with all the ins and outs of baby bottles. This one seemed to be well designed for both the breast mil as well as formula. Even though we are not using it for the latter form of infant feeding, it is nice to know that in case we need to resort to formula we have a bottle that will help stir it while shaken. I like its size and design as it makes it easy and comfortable to grip. The nipple comes off easily, and the extra-wide bottle neck makes it very easy to clean or fill with liquid. The protective cap is also nice and easy to put on and off. The nipple design is supposed to be suitable to the newborn infants, which is very important to us. Overall, we’ve been very happy with this bottle and have exclusively used it at the neglect of all the other ones we’ve bought so far.

Yvette Richland, GA

A few too many gizmos

The concept behind this bottle is an impressive one–it uses the latest in bottle tipple technology, it’s all for helping mix up baby’s drink, and the lid is set up for secure locking. Yes, very impressive… though I have to wonder how many people actually need all that for the price. I like the bottle’s shape as it’s fun and easy to hold. The locking lid is a nice touch, though I’m not sure how much superior it is to any other decent lid. The mixing… this is what really bugs me. In my mind, it’s just an extra useless gadget. What this comes down to is a decent enough bottle… that is almost a pain to use.

Rhea Yates City, IL

Simply a new best bottle for Formula fed babies. No need to mix in another containor an dpoour over, the mixer is built in.

This is a really great bottle for the formula fed baby. This bottle featuresa a paddle that mixed the formula together when you shake the bottle. Then it has a venting system that prevents the baby from getting air that causes gas, and it is not drip.

Maryann Northfield, NJ

I like them, but hate that nipples are stage1

Seriously, why are the nipples stage 1 on 8 oz bottles? Just to make me spend more money to get the nipplesa that should have come with them. Given that buying the correct nipples for this size bottle cost me about what the bottle costs I took a few stars away.

Jody Kearsarge, MI

Using with newborn–mixes well, no leaks, can use for formula or breast milk!

I had a bunch of Avent bottles from my first child, but I’m always on the lookout for something that might work better or be really different, so I decided to try this bottle when I had a new baby.PROS?I like knowing when the cap is screwed on to the correct spot (when the blue shape lines up in the cutout).My newborn had no issues drinking from the bottle.Worked well with either formula or breast milk.It seemed to create fewer bubbles when drinking formula (sometimes with an Avent bottle, there is an inch or more of bubbles when the bottle is empty).I haven’t had the bottle leak once yet (while also using the Avent at the same time, I’ve had them drip/leak a few times).At first I wasn’t sold on the easy mix insert actually making it easier to mix, but after using it for a week, I haven’t noticed ANY forumla clumps (which I’d get now and again with the Avent bottles).CONS?Nothing specific I can think of! If I was hard-pressed to say something negative, I’d say that you have to be just a touch light-handed when pulling the nipple through the ring because it’s quite soft and you will just pull it completely through if you’re not paying attention. But really, that’s not a big deal at all.So for me, thus far after a week of solid use (at least twice a day), it gets five stars…AND I’ve ordered some to supplement my supply of Avent bottles!

Patrice Elliott, IA

Easier to clean & less air

First off I want to start by saying that I’m a fan of the Dr. Brown bottles. I simply feel that if you have a baby with a very sensitive stomach, then nothing else quite compares to this excellent product. But the multiple parts and cleaning, along with higher cost are a big pain. So I was interested in trying out Similac SimplySmart bottle. My first impression was that the shape was odd and appears to be more like a sippy cup. The paddle inside seems to be an additional piece that I was trying to get away from. Yet after a few uses…. great 2nd choice to Dr. Brown’s and great choice for babies with less sensitive stomachs! The paddle helps mix the formula, so you avoid some of that foam. The air bubbles are noticeably less and it’s obvious that the baby is happy also!! I think that it’s a decent price for 2 of these bottles and I definitely plan on gifting these in Baby Shower baskets!!

Letha Waterport, NY

More expensive then others, lots of gimmicks

If you want the latest and greatest get this, it has a new smart locking lid and venting to reduce gas and bubbles, but is it necessary? I’ll say the bottle appears to be built well, there is some quality to it. If you read other reviews though you’ll notice after a few months users report the bottle cracks or leaks, but from the start it looks promising.I personally would go with a cheaper bottle, I don’t know if these gimmicks they have are really necessary. But they are nice to have. Because of that I am rating this at “it’s ok” or 3 out of 5 stars. Yes it does it’s job, but other bottles do the basics for less.

Cheryl Sonora, KY

For the newest member of the brood

Of course , at 53 the product wasn’t for me. Not even my son-he’s 25. But some niece with a newborn was given the product by my wife.Look I know my niece’s and nephew’s names , but getting into all their offspring’s is simply more than I can handle.Anyhow she passed on the information that the Similac bottle was GREAT! No collapsing , no excess air , and a pleasure to use. She indicated that she would now purchase some herself to use on whats her name. (Or is it whats his name?)

Darlene Oak, NE


The price on these were quite reasonable, so I figured I would give them a try. The first month or so that we used these bottles they worked great – so we ordered a ton of them. Shortly after we started to have a terrible time with them leaking, despite the "SmartClose" feature. They would leak in between the nipple and the nipple ring. After we stopped using them I noticed that my infant’s gas dramatically decreased after we stopped using these. We never used the "EasyMix" mixing paddles, either, since they were just more parts to clean.We ended up switching back to the Playtex Ventaire bottles from our first child and couldn’t be happier.

Susanne Norwell, MA

Nice features but not popular

This bottle has a few nice features, including one (the in-bottle stirrer) that I haven’t seen on other varieties. It has nice, legible ounce markings. And it is easy for the adult to hold while feeding baby.Unfortunately, the nipple has a slightly different shape, and this bottle was not popular for our little one. We have also been usingPlaytex 3 Count Nurser With Drop-Ins Liner, 4 Ounce, Colors May VaryandBorn Free 9 oz. Classic Bottle – 3 pack. I prefer the Playtex for the cleaning convenience, but the little one has no preference. (Which is what makes the dislike of this nipple unusual.)This seemed to be a nice bottle, and it is nice that they sell a single bottle, so that you can test it with your own baby before committing to several bottles he or she may not like.

Misty Marengo, WI

The Best Bottle In The Cupboard

My daughter’s cupboard is a smorgasboard of baby bottle brands. Through trial and error, I’ve learned which ones to grab or avoid when an impatient, hungry baby is crying. The Simply Smart bottle is the one I like best.Everything about it is simple. A curved bottle design for easy holding. Just the right nipple flow. No leaking. Easy cleaning. A convenient powder cap for on-the-go travel. Simple but very smart.

Eve Prairie City, SD

Good looking but bulky.

This bottle looks really good and I like the mixing part inside. The nipple is good for young babies and there is only 4 parts including shaker.But it is kind of wide bulky bottle. Also the plastic is this type that can break when dropped. I prefer NUK bottles and my baby loves their nipples (they are easier to hold for me and for growing child).

Debora Ripley, OK

Leaky Design Ruins It

I initially liked the feel of the bottle and the ease of flow through the nipple-much better flow than others I have reviewed thus far. I appreciated being able to “see” it closed by lining up the blue arrows on the bottle with the opening on the plastic ring. I get a little impatient since it is harder for me to open when I’m busy and used to opening bottles up with one hand under my arm. When performing a similar task, I had to pass this bottle off to my older daughter to open.However, the nipple is another matter-you can easily grab it, pulling the whole thing out!This bottle is designed with a “U” shaped indentation at the base of the nipple where it pokes out over the ring. This space yields a frustratingly LEAKY BOTTLE, aside from the fact that the WHOLE NIPPLE can be easily removed from the top.Also, the mixing paddle (attached to an inner ring within the bottle) didn’t work well for us…Powder remnants plastered against the inside bottom…Thankfully, it’s removable, but we still can’t get past the rest.Unfortunately, I cannot recommend.

Lora Oil Trough, AR

Would not be my first choice

As a mom I have tried many different baby items and products. Similac is a name many mom’s know and trust. This product however is not one that I would choose to use again. The bottle leaked around where the nipple and the ring meet. This means you end up with a soggy baby that needs an outfit change. For a busy mom this is not an item I would recommend buying.

Carmen Round Hill, VA