Similac SimplySmart Level 2 Medium Flow Nipple, 2-Count

Similac SimplySmart Level 2 Medium Flow Nipple, 2-Count

Similac SimplySmart, designed by experts in infant nutrition. Similac partnered with moms to design one bottle that has it all. This unit includes 2 level 2 medium flow nipples which are recommended for babies (3-6 months old). This naturally shaped nipple is designed for feeding between breast and bottle and includes features like the Intellivent, a venting system designed to reduce baby’s excess air intake for less fussiness and gas.

Main features

  • Designed for feeding between breast and bottle
  • Recommended for babies 3 6 months old
  • Includes 2 level 2 medium flow nipples

Verified reviews


mostly effective, but collapses

We replaced all the nipples on our bottles with these when baby girl was almost 3 months. Now at 5 months, they are prone to collapsing when she is hungry. Most of the time, they work fine and they are easy to clean.

Roseann Saltillo, MS

Awesome Nipples!

These are by far my sons favorite brand of nipples and bottles! I randomly picked the bottles up on a coupon and he loved them. the nipples NEVER CAVE IN! Tough enough to be munched on by a teething baby without being destroyed in a few uses. Similac customer service is AMAZING too. Had a small issue with a few bottles and they replaced all the bottles and even sent the nipple stage my son was at. Tried Tommee Tippee, Avent, Nuk, and my son loves Similac bottles/nipples the best. To make them even better they are the most affordable and reliable of all my bottles.

Mitzi Dix, NE

Great nipples

I really wish that they would give the option to just purchase the bottles with a fast flow nipple. Our pediatrician gave us one of these SimplySmart bottles, and we were hooked. We now own five of them, but unfortunately they only come with the slow-flow nipples and you have to buy fast-flow nipples separately. I tried cutting the slow-flow nipples open a little more on my own, but I just ended up ruining them. These fast-flow nipples work fine.

Johanna Mapleton, IA

Faster flow

We got these stage 2 nipples for our daughter once we started her on baby food/cereal. They do allow the milk to flow faster through the nipple. But one thing we found is that the nipple collapses when she is sucking. Its strange, but overall, they are good nipples, you just have to adjust it a little when your baby eats.

Ronda Virgil, IL

Completely Changes Feeding

As a new parent, I wasn’t up to speed on the different nipple options, particularly for Similac as I did not see them in brick and mortar stores. But this has changed feeding from a hassle to a pleasure. My only advice is to skip the Level 2; once Level 1 becomes too much of a struggle, jump to the Level 3 fast flow nipple.

Jamie Lapeer, MI

Great brand, not to fast or slow flow nipple.

My son’s daycare told me that he prefers the Similac bottles over all of the other bottles that we have, so I bought the next flow level of nipples and these are great for the speed in which he drinks now.

Brianna Schoenchen, KS


he started losing intrest before he was finished his bottles, we switched to these and he sucks down the bottle in half the time.

Shelly Middle Grove, NY

Finally, Similac nipples for thick formula!

My son is on added rich starch formula for his spit up. We received Similiac bottles as gifts and wanted to get use out of them. There was absolutely NO way the formula was getting through the Stage One nipples. I came to my trusty Amazon account & did a search. These nipples are great for the thicker formula. We don’t have any more issues, and no longer have a mad baby that can’t get milk out of the bottle.

Mellisa Umbarger, TX


Exactly what they are supposed to be — and they work, what more could I have asked for! Nippleiffic !

Shelley Bay Shore, MI

A nipple is a nipple

What more can I say!!! My baby isn’t fussy about what nipple type he drinks out of. These work well and do the job.

Ina Republic, MI


Terrible like the bottles, flimsy nipple causes leaking even when used notch up like instructed. Collapses in during feeding. Not my baby’s or my favorite.

Ollie Indian Head, MD

Works as expected, what else to say?

Even though this level nipple is labeled for 3+ months of age, we moved our daughter up at about two months as she seemed to be straining a lot with the Level 1 nipple (she was sucking so hard she’d suck the nipple in on itself). It took exactly one feeding for her to get used to the new level and everything is just fine.We have had no problems with these nipples. We mainly hand-wash them (only because we don’t run the dishwasher often enough to include the bottles as often as we’d need them) but they do go through the dishwasher about once a week. We also don’t use any type of sanitizer–I outgrew that need about three weeks after my first baby and this one is number two. :)The only thing that I don’t love is that the Level number is written on the bottom ring of the nipple so it’s impossible to see unless the nipple is completely out of the ring and bottle. After using the Avent nipples where 1) the holes on the nipple correspond to the Level (one hole, two holes, three holes) and 2) the Level number is on the side of the nipple (so you can easily see it while it’s in the ring and bottle), it was a surprise and took some getting used to that the hole was just bigger (instead of there being two holes). That said, it isn’t enough to knock the rating down any because once you make the transition to a new Level nipple and get rid of the old Levels, you really don’t need to look at which nipple you have in your hand.P.S. I find it hard to believe the other review that says these nipples tore. I know there are always odd things that can happen with any product, but to me that just seems very unlikely during normal use.

Diana Lamont, WA

As expected!

I bought these to transition baby to the higher flow nipple at about 3 months. Worked as expected, fit the Similac bottle just fine.

Margaret White Lake, MI

Love these

We have the Similac nipples that go with the Similac bottles. They work excellently. I love that you can also get a different lid that holds powdered formula. Similac bottles/nipples have worked great for my baby.

Mai Winnie, TX

Mostly great!

These nipples are the only ones my daughter will drink from. She loves them and they seem to work well for her. My only complaint is that the little indent that is supposed to relieve colic or whatever it does occasionally causes liquid to leak out at that spot if the bottle is tipped with that toward the floor.

Millie Hamilton, ND

Works as designed.

The simply mart bottles turned out to be our favorite and these nipples helped it grow with our growing baby girl.

Renee Naoma, WV

poor quality

My son is on Enfamil A.R. and these were the only nipples/bottles available at our local store that were for “thick formula”. He is just now 2 months old we have purchased a different brand because all of the nipples have torn.

Jolene Cabo Rojo, PR

i love those nipples for Similac bottles

these are the only ones I can use for my toddler, as I insert cereals with her milk at night time. She sleeps the whole night.

Fern Columbus, AR

step up

My son isn’t quite 3 months yet but we went ahead and started him on the level 2 nipple. It seems to make it easier for him to eat and take less time.

Paulette Weston, OR

As awful as the bottles!

These are just as awful as the bottles they go with. I can’t count the number which have cracked, split, or yellowed to the point of uselessness in just a couple of months.

Diann Escondido, CA

Best Transition for EBF

For those who find it necessary to use a bottle while BF or after EBF, this bottle is my favorite, hands-down. I have tried them all (all the mass-market ones and even some proto-typed ones). If you are supplementing for BF-ing, this is awesome b/c the baby has to manipulate it most-closely to the way a baby works milk from his mother. I tried a different bottle the other day w/ baby #6 and he got very frustrated with it and just screamed. Additionally, I have had no troubles with nipple confusion and have used it since about 2 weeks old. I will say that they are getting more difficult to find, so if you like these, you might want to stock up!

Cora Shaw Island, WA