Similac SimplySmart On The Go Powder Cap

Similac SimplySmart On The Go Powder Cap

Similac SimplySmart, designed by experts in infant nutrition. Similac partnered with moms to design one bottle that has it all. This unit includes 1 Similac on the go powder cap that has been designed to work exclusively with the Similac SimplySmart bottle system. It fits on top of the bottle to hold enough powder formula for one feeding. It can be used to replace the standard cap for moms on the go.

Main features

  • Works exclusively with the Similac SimplySmart bottle system
  • Holds enough powder formula for one feeding
  • Enables convenient feeding on the go

Verified reviews



So handy! I am going to order more. These are space savers compared to the other formula container we were using.

Elda Palmyra, NY

Great product!

Perfect for the top of the bottles. Fits great, easy to clean, does what it is intended to do with ease. Only complaint is with the bottle itself, they leak and nipple collapses in during feeding. Wouldn’t buy this brand of bottles again.

Stacey Warthen, GA

Must have

I bought 4 of these to try and ended up buying 6 more. These are an absolute must have! I filled all our bottles with water and measured the formula so making a bottle at 3:00 am was easy. They’re great for travel and I got so many comments about how convenient they were. Very highly recommend!!!

Jennifer Watsontown, PA

I love this!

It works great, and I live that the formula can be premeasured and kept right with the bottle. I use it every day:)

Suzanne Hayward, WI

Cap tends to pop off bottle too easily

I wanted to love this cap five stars worth, but it falls just a bit short, landing in the four-star “I like it” category instead. The idea is five stars, but the actual execution…not so much. I like how much formula it holds and it’s easy to dump all the formula out into the bottle, but the cap doesn’t “lock down” tight enough onto the bottle itself–it’s like they didn’t leave enough room for the nipple (which fits up inside the cap) so that the nipple pushes up just enough so that it makes the cap pop off really easily. It definitely doesn’t lock down as tight as the regular cap does. They need to redesign it so that the cap is just a bit tighter fit (which seems like it should be easy enough, since there looks to be enough room for more nipple). I’d still recommend this item, just know it’s not perfect.

Simone Big Flats, NY

Great idea

This makes the similac bottles so convenient. I am surprised other companies have not thought of this. I know the cap costs almost as much as the bottles, but it is worth it. Especially when someone else babysits for me. They do not have to measure out formula, they just have to empty the cap into the bottle.

Sophie Halstead, KS

Very handy product

I got one of the Similac bottles for free from my OB/GYN. I then found out they sold this cap with a place for powdered formula in the lid. I thought it would make a good "on-the-go" bottle – just put water in the bottle and put the necessary amount of formula in the cap. Very convenient for carrying in the diaper bag.

Maude Deputy, IN

Helpful for traveling, but leaks

I’ve tried two Similac bottles and added this "On the Go" cap to them and anytime I shake the bottle to mix in the formula, I end up with liquid escaping somehow. I think it’s a flaw of how securely the nipple fits into the ring on the bottle, but the cap doesn’t really keep it enclosed either. It’s great to have something that’s all-in-one, but I’m still on the lookout for a better brand.

Marva Alna, ME

Everyone wants to know where I got them!

I bought two of these and feel as though they are a must have if you use Similac bottles! The lid snaps tight and stays shut, unlike other formula containers that I have bought. It makes formula feeding on the go so easy!

Callie Sayner, WI

On the go cap

This works very well and comes in very handy for when I need to go places. It is also nice to keep cribside for in the middle of the night (just in case)

Rosalind Cissna Park, IL

Not needed

This is good for the convenience. However once your baby is up to 8oz it is really hard to get the formula in without making a mess.

Josie Stonefort, IL

Good for the go but …

I think the shape of the hole could be different. No other complaints with this product … better than the little tubberware bowl I was using before 🙂

Caryn Fruitland, UT

Similac SimplySmart On The Go Powder Cap

This was the best cap we could have purchased for the milk bottles we need to fill regularly. Especially with twins, it really came in handy.

Juliana Cortaro, AZ

Great for travel

I bought this to go with the similac bottle. It is perfect for travel and to leave when Grandma and Grandpa are babysitting. This way they don’t have to measure anything and the bottle is ready to go. I fill the bottle up with the correct amount of water, put the powder cap on and that way all they have to do is pour the powder in and mix it. It is also great to pack for church, when we go out to dinner or run to the store and might need to do one feeding while we are gone. I am able to use the 4oz bottle filled with water and put the powder cap on and pack it in my purse. I am going to buy more of these. They fit the 4oz and 8oz bottles and don’t make the bottle too much bigger then it would be with the original cap (which this new one replaces). It washes up well and is easy to clean (comes apart in two pieces so you can easy clean the inside).

Kelley Berrysburg, PA

Great product, but a little bit awkward

I use the Similac bottles and these caps are very helpful. However, like other reviews say, it squishes the nipple, the opening can be better designed, and it is a very large cap. Considering what is available, this is a great product. But I’m only giving it four stars because it is a little bit awkward, and I believe it can use some improvements.

Corina Bolivar, PA

Great bottle cap

This cap for the bottles is a genius idea. It will make it so much simpler to have the formula already measured out so you do not have to carry the big formula container around in the diaper bag. Will definitely order more of these.

Heidi Aubrey, TX