Similac SimplySmart Starter Set

Similac SimplySmart Starter Set

Similac SimplySmart, designed by experts in infant nutrition. Made in partnership with moms, it has the smart features you want. Features including smart close which lock out leaks and Intellivent a venting system designed to reduce baby’s excess air intake for less fussiness and gas. A variety of nipple flow rates made exclusively for this bottle system are also available to fit your baby’s feeding needs. Contains two 8 oz bottles, Two 4 oz bottles, 4 level 1 nipples, 1 Similac On-the-Go powder.

Main features

  • Nipple designed for feeding between breast and bottle
  • SmartClose locks out leaks
  • Easy mix designed to reduce bubbles

Verified reviews



This is a good bottle but if I hadn’t already bought it I would simply buy any other bottle. Not sure how it is going to be good for the baby in the long run but the plastic is inferior and cracks in the heat of the bottle steamer. Disappointed in this very much. Other than that can’t complain as the baby doesn’t care as long as there is milk :).

Cheri Burdett, KS

various sizes plus powder storage

Everything I need is in this box. Small bottles for light meals, bigger bottles for bigger meals. The tops are interchangeable, which is very nice. The insert helps with mixing, and is why we keep buying Similac bottles. The powder cap is so convenient for on the go meals. I just wish it was easier to pour from without spilling or getting powder stuck in the cracks of it.

Kay Delmar, AL

Really Love them

I have a set of Tommee Tippee, and thought they were good since they were on the pricey end. Until Similac send me a free bottle along with some formula. The Similar bottle not only did it not spill, but also reduce the amount of air going into the baby. My son seems to have less spit up from this bottle, and at the end of the meal, there isn’t so much that get left behind because there is minimal lips between the bottle and the top.

Rosanne Flat Rock, MI

Using these for baby #4

I had used a different type of bottle for all of my other kids, and I got a free sample of these, fell in love, and switched over. It’s almost like the blending cups you would use for the gym, and the formula does not clump up.

Traci Long Grove, IL

great for formula fed babies.

My son is exclusively breastfed but at 3 weeks I had emergency surgery and could not breastfeed for 2 days. My son had to have formula & took to this bottle. I love the lock in system & mixer. It’s also good for mixing breastmilk. My son ended up refusing this bottle and others at 10 weeks old. 🙁 so if you have a picky baby it might not work. The price is also great for these bottles but now they are not sold at target which makes me wonder if they stopped making them altogether.

Lina Clayton Lake, ME

My favorite bottle…

My daughter is not picky about bottles but I went through 3 or 4 different brands before deciding that these are the best for us. The only time they have leaked is when we didn’t screw the top on correctly, not because it was defective. My daughter is now 8 months old and we have used the same set since she was born. The on-the-go caps are a must have!

Gussie Topinabee, MI

Not so great

My baby was not fond of these bottles and would end up refusing to continue eating. Also they quickly became very cloudy looking just after a few washes, and they were washed as directed! Ended up switching to Dr Browns, which we love! Wish we would have had them from the start.

Leann Post Falls, ID

Baby necessities

Nice bottle set. Everything you need all in one set. Very nice and convenient. Easy to find the replacements and accessories to go with this starter set.

Pearl Boxford, MA