Simmons Kids Beautyrest Beginnings 2-Sided Vinyl Contour Pad

Simmons Kids Beautyrest Beginnings 2-Sided Vinyl Contour Pad

Simmons Kids Two Sided Contour Dressing Table Pad with Non Skid Bottom is a changing pad that turns any flat surface into a changing surface. It has a restraining strap with easy release buckle that keeps baby safety in place. It’s durable quilted cover locks out moisture and stains and keeps the baby dry, clean and comfortable.

Main features

  • Changing pad turns any flat surface into a changing surface
  • Restraining strap with easy release buckle keeps baby safety in place
  • Durable quilted cover locks out moisture and stains
  • Keeps the baby dry, clean and comfortable

Verified reviews


Changing pad works well, thus far.

I have had it for less than a month and so far I am happy with it.

Mildred Weston, NE

Don’t Order- They Send Wrong Product

I have the same issue as the last few people. Not a non-skid, which is why I paid the extra few bucks. I’m definitely sending back. Amazon wont make you pay for the return if the product is advertised wrong. They need to fix the name of this item. Other than the fact that it’s the wrong item, the pad itself looks and seems like a great product. But I gave it one star because what I got isn’t what I ordered. Simple as that.Mine also had moon shapes on it and not stars, like the picture shows.

Sasha Lucernemines, PA

Has to be the best

Our son’s favorite place to lay is in this changing pad. He’s now 3 months old and when we lay him down on the changing table, he coos and laughs at his mobile above his head for 30 minutes at a time. He would probably go longer if I could stand to stay by his side while he entertained himself.The sides are so padded I am not afraid of him rolling off, although I am always by his side just in case. The non skin bottom is perfect too, it stay put even though the cover does go down over the corners. We have our attached to the back of the dresser it’s on, but it would not go anywhere if we didn’t. I would highly recommend this product!

Eileen Winona, TX

Holds up really well

We got this for our first baby who is now 20 months old. I am a SAHM so it is used more than just evenings for us and there have been no tears or rips and holds its shape really well. Occasionally when I’ve changed the cover and put it on the floor to clean off our changing table, my son will lay on it like a little bed. I think that tells you it’s pretty comfy too. If I had to purchase all over I’d buy this again. Great product and would recommend.

Jordan Westmoreland, NH


Our grandbaby loves this changing pad. He smiles and coos every time we put him on it. I think it is a great product at a great price. I would purchase another one if needed. Highly recommend.

Chrystal Albion, NY

Perfect changing pad

Perfect size to fit on my dresser/changing table combo. I love the contour sides. I love the no slip bottom. It is perfect.

Marianne Palestine, IL


easy to attach to changing surface and could be used in crib for diapering as well– sloped sides discourages rolling, but once an infant is able to turn over, they will— vinyl cover is easy to clean & disinfect and pad is thick enough to last awhile– would only use for purpose intended… NOT to prevent turning over nor eliminate SIDS risk; strap not intended to stop that, but then, don’t ever leave a baby unattended while diapering or using other stuff in crib anyway!

Kayla Swengel, PA

Very Happy!

Most of the pads out there are made from a foam, and this one is too but its coated with vinyl. And that’s the big reason we went ahead and spent more on this one. I have boys who tend to pee as soon as it hits fresh air – and I did not need a pee-soaked changing pad. Absorbent pads will pick up most of it – but inevitably there will always be some on the pad itself – which is not easy to wash.It also attaches via screws to the back of the dresser-like changing table for additional no-slip. But the rubber on the bottom is enough to keep it in one place for smaller babies. Toddlers – not so much in this house. But we’ve moved to changing him on the floor anyway.The Boppy dot changing cover with the white oval pad works perfectly for this product! I can wash that and then use disinfecting wipes to easily clean it off when the inevitable happens.

Brigitte Barlow, OH

A must-have!

Very nice product. Cushy, easily wipes clean, and it plenty big enough. The anti-slip on the bottom could be better but definitely is not bad. Don’t waste your money on a cover for this because you’d just be washing it constantly. Without a cover it just wipes clean because of the vinyl surface. Sides keep baby in place while you diaper. I use it on top of a desk with no problems.

Lucinda Mounds, IL

Nice but Not Exactly Non-Skid

This changing pad is thick, seems comfortable and study. It is in no way, however, non-skid. It has a slightly different feel on the bottom, which I assume is the non-skid portion, but it is really non-functional. Be sure you use the precautionary attachments to keep it from sliding off your changing table.

Flossie Conejos, CO

Flimsy, Skip It

This changing pad was really flimsy – I could easily bend it and manipulate it with my hands right out of the box. I was concerned about how it would hold up over time with an infant, so I returned it.

Bridgett Worthington, IN

Good quality

Very happy with the purchase! I bought from Amazon so it makes it that much better with free shipping! I pulled this out of the box and notice how nice the quality is. It has this soft “quilted like” top that makes it look really clean and soft to the touch. It’s still a plastic/vinyl type material but they way it’s constructed makes it very nice. I’m very happy with the quality of this product and would recommend this to anyone who’s looking for a nice changing pad!

Bobbie Cuba, MO

Great Pad! Fits perfectly on my DaVinci Emily II Changing Table.

I bought this pad to use it with the DaVinci Emily II Changing Table and it fits perfectly. My baby boy seems to agree that it is very comfortable as he normally stays very quiet on it. It is great when accidents happen because of its impermeable cover. It is pretty well constructed, as you can expect when purchasing from a Brand like Simmons who are experts in the Mattress business. I researched many options, and this was a winner considering features, price and Brand quality. So far it has lived to expectations and I use it many, many times a day. Highly recommended.

Bobby Caldwell, TX

This product taught me to read most recent reviews first

I bought this changing pad because of the non-skid bottom. Shortly after ordering it and just after it was too late to abort the shipment, I realized that the most recent reviews, rather than the “most helpful,” all said that the changing pad that was shipped appeared to be different than what was advertised because there was no non-skid bottom. Mine arrived and alas, no non-skid bottom. I looked on the Simmons website and it seemed that they no longer advertise the pad they sell as non-skid. I emailed Amazon asking about it and instead of responding, Amazon automatically shipped me another one. I presume customer service assumed the first shipment was a problem with warehouse distribution rather than a problem with the description on Amazon. This really pissed me off because another review had noted that exactly the same thing happened to her and the second shipment was exactly the same as the first. To add insult to injury, the second one came with an email saying that I better return the first one within a certain time frame or I would be charged for both. So, now, I was stuck having to do a return on at least one. I called and complained and the customer service agent with whom I spoke on the phone was very helpful. She made some price adjustments that made it worth my while to try the pad anyway and compensate me for the wasted time returning the second shipment. She also told me she would have Amazon look into the inaccurate description. Writing this review three months later, the title of the item is still “with non-skid bottom.” I can’t remember the exact product page but it does seem that they have edited the product description but to me the title is still misleading. Perhaps they still consider this bottom non-skid somehow, perhaps they consider the straps to fasten it to the furniture a non-skid bottom, perhaps they just do not have a good system for editing the titles when the product changes. Whatever the reason, I do not believe that this should be advertised has having a non-skid bottom. That said, I ended up very happy with my changing pad. I just put some of that non-slip grip shelf liner under it to keep it from slipping. My daughter absolutely loves it. Sometimes she will get fussy or cry and I will put her on the changing pad to change her or get her ready for bed and she will start smiling and cooing immediately. When she went through the really fussy in the evenings period from 4-6 weeks we would feed her on the pad because it was the only way she would eat. Some people have written that they were unhappy that it started to break down around this time. At 3mo, mine has held up very well so far. Given the fact that it gets used so many times per day and gets peed on occasionally, if mine breaks down soon too, I won’t think it is unreasonable replacement time frame. The only thing is that I might try the Summer Infant because it looks pretty similar and is a bit cheaper.

Angelina Emporia, KS

Wonderful dressing table pad

My cats destroyed the changing pad that came with my 27 year old changing table–thought it made a great scratching post! So when my son and daughter-in-law came to visit with a newborn, I had to buy a new changing pad. After scrolling through dozens of choices, the reviews and look of this one had me clicking “add to cart.”This is a wonderful pad. It has a non-skid bottom which is nice for a squirming newborn. It is also much thicker than the original pad that came with the table some 27 years ago. The straps are a nice addition too for the rare times you might have to strap the baby in. They are placed in such a way that a cover fits on the pad with no problem.I highly recommend it and if like me you have held on to your child’s changing table for some 27 years, it would make a great replacement for the original padding.

Nannie Los Alamos, CA

well constructed

very well made, we had to return it because our changing table is too small. too bad, we really liked it

Rosella Reagan, TX

Fell apart in less than a year

I liked this item when I first got it, but the material they use to cover it is so flimsy it fell apart in less than a year. It was only a few weeks before it started tattering a bit around the edges, and eventually became completely unusable. I finally threw it away and ordered another brand after my daughter peed on the changing table and I had no way to get it out of the foam, since the changing pad was no longer moisture-proof. I feel a changing pad ought to last one child through potty training. I am very disappointed in the quality.

Minerva Sierraville, CA

Great Green Guard pad for a great price

I love these green guard certified changing pads. I have two (which I bought somewhere else) and then I bought this one for my sister in law who also loves it. I mean, it’s a changing pad, but when you have an infant they seem to spend a third of their lives on the thing, so it’s nice to know they aren’t breathing in harmful chemicals while lying there making faces at you. Overall, my favorite pad.

Chelsey Wolflake, IN

Perfect way to minize amount of furniture in the nursery

I loved (and still do) having this pad in my little guy’s room. We secured it to the top of a three-drawer Ikea dresser and it’s served us well ever since.I have zero complaints or concerns about this product and after a year of use have even gifted a new one to a friend who’s about to have a baby.

Sharron Wonder Lake, IL


I love the shape of the changing pad, and how easy it is to use. I also like the straps that are attached to it. Even though my daughter still can’t roll over, it gives me peace of mind while I change her, to secure her in it. So far its an excellent product, great quality, no funny smell.

Sonia Mc Intosh, SD

Replacing this before 7 months

I was happy with this pad for nearly the first 6 months of my son’s life, but I think it must be set to begin decomposing after then, because after getting one 2-3 inch tear nearly a month ago, it now has developed numerous tiny ones. Why can’t they make these with heavier duty materials?

Geri Junction City, OR

great way to make a dresser into a changing table!

It’s excellent and looks great in our nursery with a boppy cover on it. I like the straps now that the baby tries to roll out. That way I can quickly snap him in for a second while I grab fresh clothes for him or wash my hands. Seems very sturdy–wipes up easily if it gets peed on too :-)…

Catherine Oelwein, IA

great green product

I worry about chemicals so I like the greenguard certification.this seems firm but like it’ll be comfortable for the baby, the cover looks sturdy and it had no smell when we opened it. Haven’t used it yet, but seems superior to the ones we used when our daughter was in diapers,and those were more expensiveUpdate: my baby is a month old now and is very comfortable on this changing pad. Its holding its shape well even though my daughter squashes the sides while “helping” to change baby’s diaper, and when the inevitable messes happen, cleanup is a breeze. Would definitely buy this product again.

Denise Raritan, IL

Good product.

It is soft but firm at the edges changing pad. I like it and my son loves to take naps in it.The size is standard and all covers I have fit weli.It came with screws to attach to dresser or changing table if desired, and two straps to secure the baby.No complains here.

Erika Jenison, MI


I purchased this product solely for the non-skid feature. I was moving my daughter into her big girl room and didn’t want to buy a new changing table so I figured her chest of drawers could double as her changing table until she’s potty trained (hopefully soon). I didn’t want to have to put wholes in the dresser or the wall so this sounded like a great option. Unfortunately the non-skid really doesn’t work for me. It moves all over the place and needs to be bolted down. It would be a fine changing pad other than that so if the non-skid component isn’t important to you then this is as good as any other pad.

Allie Seneca Rocks, WV

Love It

Great quality changing pad. I love that it curves in the middle and basically cradles your baby while he/she’s being changed. I also feel like the contour serves as an additional safety feature to keep your child from rolling off the changing pad. All in all, great quality product!

Rosie Gassville, AR

Good size and padded

This is a nice sized changing mat and is padded with a safety strap. I won’t be nailing this onto a changing table, but instead using it on a countertop, which it fits with plenty of room.I bought the Carters Super Soft Printed Changing Pad Cover and it fits the changing mat perfectly.

Gabriela Moultonborough, NH

Highly Recommend

This changing pad is perfect. The non-skid bottom works great, but there is a strap to wrap around your table as well. It is the perfect size for my table and my baby. He is 6 months old and has plenty of length to go before he outgrows it. It is very firm, yet soft, and has fit all covers I have purchased for it.

Tommie Albany, OH

doesn’t budge and easy to clean

This changing pad does exactly what it’s meant to do — it provides a comfy place for my daughter during diaper changes that doesn’t slip and slide around on the top of her dresser. We don’t have a changing table with a recessed changing pad area, so my main consideration in purchasing this pad was it’s non-skid bottom. I’m impressed that even with all her wiggling, kicking, and squirming, this pad really does stay in place. Added bonus: it’s also very easy to clean.

Mina Lake Butler, FL

Great value

This changing pad is durable and a great price. When I bought it it was actually a few dollars cheaper, but I would still pay $21 for it. It has not fallen apart and fits perfectly on the changing table and the dresser that has a changing table on top of it.

Angelia New Paris, IN