Simple Wishes D*LITE Hands Free Breastpump Bra

Simple Wishes D*LITE Hands Free Breastpump Bra

The DLITE Hands Free Breast pump Bra offers exceptional hands-free support of breast pump bottles and adjustability in size as a nursing mother’s shape changes. Adjusting the size of the bra is a breeze by tightening or loosening the secure Velcro back panel. HOW IS THE DLITE BRA DIFFERENT FROM SIMPLE WISHES SIGNATURE BRA OFFERED FOR $39.00 (MSRP)?DLITE Bra = 1″ or 2″ Center Panels are not included with the DLITE Bra. The Center Panels are used by women who need to create a little extra space between their breasts to get proper alignment of the breast pump bottles with their breasts.

Main features

  • 93% Cotton; 7% Spandex
  • Imported
  • Turn Any Breast pump into a Hands Free Pump! The Bra is the same as our Signature Bra, simply without the optional 1″ or 2″ center panel
  • Perfect Fit! As a breastfeeding mother’s shape changes, this bra can be adjusted up to 10″ around the ribcage by resetting the secure Velcro back panel. This guarantees as much of a perfect fit for the 1,000th pumping session as it did for the 1st!
  • Modest Cover and Tight Seal! Four overlapping layers of fabric secure and maintain a tight seal for bottles as well as providing a modest, discreet cover for the breasts.
  • Supportive and Easy to Use! Zips on easily with or without removing nursing bra and shirt. Elastic reinforcement has been built into the top of the Bra for a secure fit, ensuring no slipping. May be worn strapless or with included straps for extra support.
  • Intended for use when pumping. Not meant for all day wear.

Verified reviews


Very useful

I wasn’t sure about getting a hands-free bra because I didn’t want to spend the money, but this is definitely worth it! Pumping is much, much easier. I’m a 34DD so I got the large to plus size, and it’s a little loose but stays on. I think the smaller size would probably be too small.

Hester Portageville, NY

Changed my life

Great hands-free pumping bra. Very adjustable, comfortable, and secure. Haven’t lost but a drop or two of milk using this.It’s a little hard to shake that last drop out of the breast shield into the bottle when you’re taking it off – you have to really get a technique. But that’s true of holding the bottles by hand, too.Do NOT wear this bra when you’re not pumping. It might seem convenient, but you’re likely to get blocked ducts from the pressure.

Lois Geneva, NE

Comfortable and holds the pumps in well.

Comfortable and holds the pumps in well. I recommend ordering two so you can wash one and still have a clean one. It is great snide it strapless when I am on the to I can just put it on top of my nursing bra, open the cups first, or just list my regular shirt and bra and pump away.

Stefanie Smyrna, MI

Bulky and complicated

This bra is way too complicated and bulky. I find it much easier, faster, and comfortable to wear a soft stretchy bra and just put it over the suction cups to hold them in place. This bra has a thick velcro at the back that needs to be adjusted to your size and a thick zipper in the front which make you look bulky all around once your shirt is overtop. It’s uncomfortable, and you almost need three hands to put it on. I don’t use it.

Kimberley Mobridge, SD

Look ma, no hands!

I recently purchased this bra and upon using it immediately wished that I had bought one months ago. I use this with my Pumpin Pals shields and now pumping is much more comfortable. I’m headed back to work in a week and it will be great to be able to function while pumping there. I wasn’t sure about the sizing when I purchased it, but I wear a 36 DD and I was able to size it just right. The fabric is soft and comfortable. I’ll likely purchase a second!

Muriel Bloomery, WV

Hmmm, don’t think so

I bought this after two women told me that a breastpump bra was a must for returning to work. Well, for me, it’s not worth it. See, I had envisioned an actual bra that I would wear to work and then when I needed to pump, voila I pop the pump on and I continue about my work. No, that is not the case. This is not to be worn for any other purpose other than while you pump, so basically you’re taking off your bra, putting on this bra (and believe me, this is not a bra, it’s a fitted piece of fabric that you wrap snuggly around yourself and then put the pump in the two holes- if you added the straps- there would be no point, because again, it’s not a bra) and then when you’re done, you’re taking it off, and putting your bra back on. For me, it’s just a lot easier to unhitch my regular bra in the back, pump, re-hitch. Done.

Tracey Willow, AK

It’s a good idea

I bought this because I pump exclusively. It’s a great idea, but a bit of a hassle putting it on. It does work great, but I only used it a few times and just started wearing a sports bra instead. Holds up just as well in my opinion.

Lucia Rixeyville, VA

Love it

I bought the large to plus size and I wear a 34F/G bra size otherwise. Fits very well and I love that it’s adjustable using the velcro insert. It’s easy to get the flanges into the bra and hides most of your breast, minus the nipple. I love that my hands are free to do other things while pumping and I wish I had gotten this with my first baby.

Tonia Adams, OR

not that great

These fit well for my Medella freestyle but on the description and even on the packaging it says that they will send you a free zippered adjustable insert for free. So that’s a great thing to have since the fit is a bit tight and it doesn’t give that much wiggle room. So get your size and maybe a little bigger to be safe especially since when you get it they don’t tell you how to get that great adjustable insert. I went to their website and I tried to order it and no cigar. Then I emailed them and no reply. So if you can honestly say you fit this by just looking at it , you might want to second guess your purchase. You don’t get the insert, no one tells you how to get it and no one responds when you ask how to get it. It does hold the medella pumps well and it probably does hold it great when the pumps are full of milk but it’s also tight and you can’t massage your breasts to express your milk and you really can’t wear this to work or out anywhere. This will not provide that kind of support or coverage so this is definitely a stay at home kinda thing.

Sybil Hogansville, GA

Must have for pumping

Makes pumping so much easier. I’m not a regular pumper, but at first I thought I might have to EP. If you are going back to work or EP this is what you need. I like having it for my once a day pump, If just makes things easier. If the baby cries while I’m pumping I can get up to tend to him and have free hands to sooth him.

Rhea Corsica, PA

Works but required a little adjustment

This is really a life saver. I developed carpal tunnel from pregnancy and to hold two bottles everytime I need to pump was a pain in my wrist. The opening where the pumps go does really hold up the bottles. The two cons was after first wash, the opening better suited for an A cup person. Although I still can use it, it’s a little off where my the openings should be. Secondly, it’s a bit difficult to put the pump through the openings back and forth.

Audrey Big Pool, MD

Don’t wait to buy!

Buy this as soon as you buy the pump! I waited a few weeks since it was pricey but wish I hadn’t since I pump at least 3 times per day. It has paid for itself over and over again.

Phyllis Ripley, OH

Does the job

Having a way to pump hands free is a necessity. This one is nice because the size is adjustable, so it still fits as you lose the pregnancy weight. Sturdier than the medela one, but the tabs for the straps (which I never use) do itch a little until you’ve used it a while

Addie Gordonsville, TN


Using it as we speak. The best part about this bra is the velcro on the back that has allowed me to adjust down as I’ve lost weight post pregnancy. Other than that, it’s just a great idea. It’s soft, supportive and comfortably fits the large flanges from my Medela pump in style. It has held up well over one wash, but I’d recommend not putting it in the dryer, it got a bit tighter. Additionally, it is a little bulky. I had intended to wear it under my clothes as a bra, but with the extra fabric at the back and cup area, it’s just too bulky to wear under anything that’s not a little baggy. So, I have to carry it to work in my breastpump bag and change bras to pump. Not fun, but it is comfortable so I’d wear it as a bra under a baggier outfit…

Celina Walnut Grove, AL

Great investment and sizing is totally customizable.

I thought I didn’t need this at first. I rigged a sports bra (cut holes in it) as I’d read that others did that and it worked fine. Let me say: if you’re pumping daily this is totally worth the investment. One thing: I was concerned about the sizing because I wasn’t sure if it would fit well. There is a huge piece of Velcro across the back to make it completely customizable to your body. I highly recommend this thing.

Maude Tipton, MO

Kicks the Medela bra’s booty!

I really didn’t think there would be much difference between zippered tube-tops with nipple holes. Boy was I wrong! From the start, being adjustable makes this one more than worth the $5 price difference. (Oh, and contrary to some of the reviews I read, this one has velcro, there is no knot-tying required.)The nipple openings are an engineering feat, instead of just holes cut about where nipples ought to be (again, we’re dealing with a lot of variables when it comes to size & shape of breasts), there are both vertical & horizontal flaps, allowing several degrees of tilt for the breast pump "horns."The fabric is SOFT, the zipper is STURDY, the design is SUPERIOR, and the darn thing is COMFORTABLE. BUY IT.

Lori Merry Hill, NC

Zipper doesn’t work

Zipper doesn’t work and the knot is uncomfortable and won’t hold tight.I won’t recommend to my friends. I would buy different one that doesn’t have to tie the knot in the back.

Hallie Rombauer, MO

Not what I wanted

This wasn’t the product I intended to get. This one ties in the back and doesn’t have the insert to change its size included so I would have needed to buy an additional piece to make the openings fit over my nipples. I returned this for the Simple Wishes Signature Hands Free Breastpump Bra that comes with the front panel to adjust the size and fastens in the back with velcro. I like it a lot better and it fits snugly.

Adriana Dunkerton, IA

Thank goodness

I was starting to get neck and shoulder pain from holding the bottles while I pumped. I read all the reviews for the options available on amazon. This one had the best feedback, so I decided to get it.It is awesome. I am so grateful not to be shrugging my shoulders. My hands are finally free and I can text, email, change the channel and most importantly drink water. If you plan to pump even once a day, get this….seriously.

Marion Harbor Beach, MI

Love this pumping bra!

This bra is perfect. I’m normally a 36DD, but now that I am producing milk my breasts are bigger than that. I ordered the XS-L and it’s perfect, however I have it almost as loose as it goes.I absolutely love this bra. It makes pumping at work so easy and hands free. I still sit while pumping, but it’s just nice to not have to hold the bottle the entire time!

Maxine Whiteville, TN

serves its purpse!

this product saves you time and it works great…. great support and comfortable.. although i only use this bra to pump… i take it off once i’m done.

Julie Hacker Valley, WV

Great product, adjustable!!!

All you need to know is that this bra is adjustable!!!! This is a huge benefit and I highly recommend this product.

Reva Wapwallopen, PA

Must-have for regular pumpers

I pump at work and at least a couple times at home – right before bedtime and after the morning feed. When I first started pumping, I was holding everything and it drove me nuts! I couldn’t do anything else except maybe listen to music. This hands free bra is so great I bought two, one to leave at home and one to leave in my pump bag for work.

Rosemary Avon, NC

Perfect Pumping Bra

I am on my second baby and My first pumping bra the straps finally broke. I ordered this one and I LOVE IT!!! Love that it zips up and it super easy to use.

Juana Zenia, CA

A must have while pumping

Fits well, a definite must for multi tasking … Comfortable to wear …..light pink color was nice … more words

Ophelia Grandin, FL

Very handy

I really like this pumping bra. It frees up my hands while pumping even tho I only pump once a day I love it, if your exclusively pumping its a must have! I did receive the one with the tie back and I’m still waiting for the company to respond to my email..

Karina Baldwin, NY

Pretty good but I’d go with…

just the Simple Wishes Hands Free…not the D-lite.I bought this and the one that’s not D-lite and I liked the other one better because it comes with an extra panel in the front to help with the size adjustment.As for this bra, post-pregnancy, I am a 38-C, t-shirt size medium, and I can fit into the smaller size.The velcro sizing on the back is super helpful. I wear it just for pumping but a few times when I’ve had to keep it on for a couple of hours to tend to the baby, I did find that it slides down and probably wouldn’t be very functional to wear all day when I go back to work.

Caryn Red House, VA

good idea

I bought this so that I could pump with my battery operated pump while I was getting ready in the morning putting my make up on or making breakfast, but my pump doesn’t fit in the opening, it takes awhile to position it properly and slide it in and out of the openings. I’m a working mom so I pump before I head out for the day and for me it takes to much time working to get this thing positioned right, when I could just hold it and be done in a few mins. I’m sure if I had a different pump it would work much faster and better, but I love my pump too much to mess with it. I like the idea of this product, but It hasn’t worked for me like I hoped it would. I am going to keep it incase I decide to have another baby in the future, maybe I’ll like it more when i’m not in a hurry to run out the door to work!

Marcie West Helena, AR

must have

If you will be pumping any, this is a must have. Don’t forget to order the extenders off their website (they are extremely cheap) so you can use it. I like that it zips in the front and I just put it on over whatever I’m wearing!

Reva Easton, PA


This bra makes pumping so stress free. I place the bottles in the cups before I zip it on. It is easily adjustable so I know that as I loose the pregnancy weight, I can adjust the velcro in the back so that this bra still works for me.

Rose Middleville, NJ