Simple Wishes Hands Free Tie Back Breastpump Bra –

Simple Wishes Hands Free Tie Back Breastpump Bra –

The Tie Back Hands Free Breastpump Bra offers exceptional hands-free support of breastpump bottles and adjustability in size as a nursing mother’s shape changes. Adjusting the size of the bra is a breeze by tightening or loosening the tie back.

Main features

  • Perfect Fit! As a breastfeeding mothers shape changes, due to milk supply and weight fluctuations, the bra can be adjusted by adjusting the tie back closure.
  • Modest Cover and Tight Seal! Four overlapping layers of fabric secure and maintain a tight seal for bottles as well as providing a modest, discreet cover for the breasts.
  • Supportive and Easy to Use! Zips on easily with or without removing nursing bra and shirt. Elastic reinforcement has been built into the top of the Bra for a secure fit, ensuring no slipping. May be worn strapless or with included straps for additional support.
  • Turn Any Breastpump into a Hands Free Pump! Intended for use when pumping. Not meant for all day wear.

Verified reviews


It’s an inexpensive and effective product

I have a more expensive pumping bra but this one works almost as well. For the difference in price, it’s worth it to get this one. I use this one as my “spare” pumping bra when my other more expensive one is getting washed. This bra is relatively comfortable and gets the job done. I tied the adjusting straps in the back once to get the right fit, and then left it that way. Now I just use the zipper to take it on and off.My only complaint with this bra is that the cups are rather close together. It is not truly one size fits all (XS – L) because if you are a larger sized woman, or if your boobs are somewhat far-spaced (have a large distance between them), then you will need to purchase an additional central panel to get the cups to be in the right spots. I think that if you generally wear a size L in clothing, then you will need to buy the additional center panel.UPDATE: I now like this pumping bra BETTER than my more expensive pumping bra. Over time, the expensive bra lost elasticity and thus was not tight enough to continue to perform properly. Since this bra can be adjusted at any time, it is always the right size.

Doretha Clements, MD

love my new pump bra

ok, this is the best bra out there. I have had Medila one with my 1 st baby and didn’t know the diffrence. This time around I had to hold Medila back in place and all around it was not comfotable.I just got my new pump bra today. It great, fit great, looks great, love it.MUST Have itemLove the price too

Dina Trego, WI

Fits awesome!

I love this bra. I bought 3 of them when they were $9 each due to the great reviews and the price. I am a 42 DD(E in some brands) and once I got the ties adjusted this was a perfect fit! If you adjust the bottom tie to be slightly tighter than the top tie it supports your breasts quite nicely. The material is very soft and very simple. I have texture issues and can’t stand certain fabrics but this felt very nice. There were a few spots in the back where the seams were a bit itchy but by putting the ties up under the band it not only olved the problem of floating ties, but the itchiness as well Getting the ties tied was a bit tricky, but once they were tied I didn’t have to worry about it. Now for the pumping aspect. I was able to pump quite comfortably with this bra. It held up two 9 oz bottles fairly well. The more milk that was pumped the more it sagged, and pressure was added but by 9 oz it was still held up pretty level. It was much more comfortable than anything I have tired to date. Very, very happy!

Kaitlin Lismore, MN

Quality is ok — but did’t really work for me

I bought this because I already owned one Simple Wishes pumping bra (Simple Wishes Hands Free Breastpump Bra) and I needed an additional one to wear while the primary one is in the wash. The cheaper price was attractive and other than the fact that this bra ties in the back as opposed to having velcro the two bras are very similar. The issue that I had is that this bra didn’t come with the center panel for the front in between the breasts — which as a larger busted gal postpartum — I need. That made the bra not work very well for me. I guess that if you have a smaller bust (and therefore don’t need the center panel) then this bra might work better for you.

Nellie Lake City, AR

Best $10 I’ve spent lately

After having my daughter, I began pumping and realizing what a pain in the neck it is. I had no patience to sit and hold the pumps with both hands for 20 minutes every couple of hours, where I couldn’t even pick up my cell phone. This helped me get my hands free, so I can do other things while passing the time. The price was right, but the gift of my time back was priceless.

Mellisa Homer, MI

Not crazy about the tie back

I didn’t realize it had a tieback and it’s slightly more cumbersome to put on than the more expensive version, but does work for me. The knot in the back will prevent me from wearing it under my clothes, but since it’s a second purchase for washing it’s okay to wear at home and use the other one for wearing out at work. It did not come with the coupon.

Olivia Flat, TX

Not worth it.

It will hold a Flange and bottle. But don’t bother if you only have a single electric pump (I have single and double). The fabric is too flimsy to hold it onto your breast. The biggest reason I gave this 2 stars is I hate the tie option. Forget sitting down while wearing it because you’ll have a giant knot on your back and it’s super uncomfortable. I like the front zipper but I rarely use this bra unless I’m pumping while I put my makeup on. Can’t wear it under your clothes or you have a big bump on your back. I don’t love changing my bra every time I want to pump. Defeats the convenience factor. I want a bra I can put on in the morning for support and pumping through out the day. So, for me, It’s easier to prop the bottles on a pillow so I can read on my phone or something while I pump. It makes me stationary while pumping but changing my bra/clothes 7-8 times a day is too much. I just lift and pump and it’s much easier. I’m looking for a new pump bra..when I find one I’ll be buying multiple but this one just won’t cut it!

Latasha Renfro Valley, KY


For the price paid this is great! It is really nice to have so you can double pump easily. I love how easy it is to put on and zip up in the front. The only thing I don’t love is the tie back, but I can deal with it.

Leonor Waltersburg, PA

At first I thought these were silly, until I needed one

I thought these things looked ridiculous before I actually tried a double breast pump and realized how hard it can be to hold both sides. This really helps a lot. It’s a little awkward at first, but once you get used to it, it’s a breeze.

Kathrine East Wakefield, NH

Way better than higher priced name brand pumping bras

A must have for anyone pumping! I can’t live without mine now. Great gift idea. the tie back is perfect. I am 34 DD and the smaller size fits prefect. Any bigger and you’ll need the larger size though.

Rena Roxbury, PA


This bra is ridiculously awesome. I initially bought the Medela but when it came in it didn’t fit and the zipper just felt cheap. I found this one on amazon and went back and forth between the tie version and the Velcro version. I bought the tie after reading that people tied it once and then used the zipper to take it off/put on.Upon receiving this I could tell the cotton was good quality as well as the zipper. It seemed like the holes would be too close set and I may need an extender but after putting it on it’s fine (I’m about a 36 in bras). Once tied tight it keeps the flanges in place and does not interfere with the slope to let your milk flow into the bottles.This freed up my hands and made pumping so much more enjoyable. I would recommend this item to anyone who is looking to give themselves a few minutes of freedom while pumping (you know so you can replace baby’s binky, have a snack, drink some water, be a normal person). $14.99 is a small price to pay for that!

Vickie Holyoke, CO

Not as inexpensive as it seems…

I bought this bra because I wanted to try an inexpensive hands free pumping bra. If it fit me well, I would be happy enough with it. Unfortunately, the holes for the flanges are too close together for me (even though I am very petite), and I need the insert they sell separately through their website. The insert itself is inexpensive ($2), but shipping is another $7 – adding $9 to the price of this bra. For another couple of bucks, I could have purchased one of their more expensive bras without the tieback. Another drawback: the optional straps feel necessary to me to hold everything in place, but they dig into my back – quite uncomfortable.

Sydney Gully, MN


Best bursting bra by far

Georgina West Middlesex, PA

buy this!

the bra is a great fit, stays in place and it comes with "how to use" can have my hands free while i pump…i use a medela twin electric…this is a must !

Sara Harrogate, TN

Great price

I think this is worth the low cost. The xs-l size is a bit small for my 36DD, but I can unzip the zipper partway and it works. I maybe should have tried the larger size though.

Gayle Oak Harbor, OH

Very useful

Could not imagine pumping at work without this. The tie back can be a little inconvenient, but I retie it at least once a month.

Denice Cambridge, OH