Simplisse Dr Brown’s Double Electric Breast Pump

Simplisse Dr Brown’s Double Electric Breast Pump

Your are going to love the Breast Massager. It massages and tingles with a quick-release air control vacuum cup that can be used on either breast for stimulation. The Breast Massager cups are clear so users can gage how much thrust is added to their bust. The flexible hose is easy to use.

Main features

  • Plastic
  • Made in USA
  • Gentle compression technology elicits milk and minimizes tugging and pinching
  • Unlike many cone-shaped plastic breast cups, Simplisse breast cups are squishy soft and puff in and out gently
  • Breast cups form to the breast for a custom fit guaranteed
  • Includes 4 collection bottles, microfiber tote bag, cooler and 2 Gel packs, wet storage bag
  • See for limited money-back guarantee

Verified reviews


Different concept pump with spectacular customer service!

I am an avid believer in the benefits and importance of breastfeeding, and I am exclusively breastfeeding my daughter to at least 6 months. The World Health Org recommends exclusively breastfeeding to 7 months to prevent anemia (though my doctor tried to convince me to start iron-fortified rice cereal at 4 months to prevent anemia, this is actually incorrect – the baby’s "open" gastro-intestinal system cannot absorb solids at this age, and this can actually increase anemia). I went back to work when my baby was 3 months old and I’m pumping or hand expressing a minimum of 3 times a day, so it’s very important for me to have a pump that I can rely on, and that won’t make me sore.After reading reviews on this pump, I knew this was the one for me. I used the Playtex Deluxe pump as well as a hospital grade Medela pump (the Lactina), pumping three times a day, and they were both very painful and damaging to my nipples. I would have to take days off from pumping and use hand expressing instead to get milk, just to give myself a chance to heal. The Simplisse pump is very different from these pumps. It uses a compression technique that mimics the way a baby breastfeeds, combined with minimal suction, to express milk. Having previously used other pumps that rely solely on suction to express milk, there is a transition to using this pump. At first, my body did not respond to the compression technique, and I had to use the strongest suction setting to get milk. However, after a few days, my body adjusted to the pump, and though it takes about 5 minutes longer than the Medela or Playtex pump, I can successfully pump 3 times a day without cringing from soreness or rawness! This is absolutely vital to the continued success of my breastfeeding, so I am very happy with this pump!One thing to note: it is a louder pump than the other pumps – as the compression technique works, it makes clicking noises. However, with the door to my office closed, it is not loud enough to be heard outside the closed door. I don’t consider this a show stopper. Some reviewers note that there are a lot of parts to put together, but this is the case for any breast pump system – there are a lot of small parts. If you plan on pumping, you learn to adapt to this inconvenience. I don’t find the Simplisse pump any more difficult or cumbersome than the others. The pump instructions note that all parts should be washed except for the hoses, but the collection cap and sealing insert don’t come in contact with milk, so they can be left assembled and don’t need to be washed (at least not every time).The customer service team is absolutely incredible! I called because I was having some trouble with one of the collection units – the suction wasn’t as effective as the other side – and they are over-nighting an entirely new collection package to me, for both sides, not just the one, including hoses. This is at no cost to me! With customer service like this, it makes the product that much more valuable. The customer service rep also mentioned that they keep a lactation consultant on staff to help customers with pumping/ expressing issues. What great customer service!It may help users to note that small neck bottles fit into the collection units. I use my Medela, Playtex (small neck only) and Dr. Brown’s bottles with no trouble at all. The Simplisse bottles that come with the pump only have markers to 3 oz, but they hold 4 oz. However, I frequently am able to pump more than 4 oz per side, so I can’t use the Simplisse bottles to pump into. But the caps fit any small neck bottle, including my Dr. Brown’s, with no trouble, so I use them for that.I would definitely recommend this pump, especially if you need to pump multiple times a day. The only suggestion that I would have to improve this pump is that the little valves that funnel milk into the bottle don’t have a closing mechanism, so if you tipped the collection unit upside down with full bottles of milk, milk would flow up into the sealing insert. However, the sealing insert would prevent the flow of milk into the closed system hoses. It’s not a problem, but it could be a minor improvement. All in all, definitely worth the money – I’m thrilled with this pump!

Pauline Rosser, TX


My little one has a fave breast so when he is done after a multiple feeds; the other breast is engorged and very tender. The favorite breast is also tender. The sim plissé pump handles both breasts more gently than my son; and is great for relieving engorged breasts with slightly blocked ducts. With little to no pain!!!! Love the simplisse customer service too!

Mayra Cinebar, WA

Can’t wait to use it

I am a first time mommy to be. I was worried about a breast pumped being painful, reading reviews of other brands and have sensitive nipples/breasts. I was gonna go with medela, but chose Dr Browns instead. I followed the instructions just so I know how to set it up and take it apart and I attached it to my breast for only 5 seconds to try it out, because I know pumping before you even start to lactate isn’t good, and it didn’t hurt at all. I feel confident that I will be able to supply milk for my son. My only compliant, and this is personal preference, is that the carry bag is so huge. I’m used to carrying small purses that cross over my body that fit just my wallet, keys and phone, to me this is like the size of an airplane carry-on. There is no way I am carrying this to work with me, I’ll have to find another bag to carry the pump safely in to and from work. Maybe this can serve as a diaper bag or traveling bag, but I’m likely to carry a smaller bag for a diaper bag too. Other than that everything is wonderful and I am actually excited to start producing milk so I can use it and feed my baby/stock up on milk. It also comes with milk bags.

Jacklyn Waterbury, NE

Customer service is Great

This pump works great and Dr Browns customer service is above and beyond. I had broken one of the plastic pieces on the pump and they shipped me a kit with all the parts i needed free of charge. They didn’t even ask for my proof of purchase or warranty information! Love this company.

Charity East Northport, NY

VERY comfortable and gentle, easy to pump a lot of milk!

I have come full circle with this pump. When I first started using this pump, I found it was much more comfortable than the one I had been using at the hospital. However, having flat nipples, it became increasingly difficult to pump. I assumed it was because of the type of pump, but now (11 months later) I know that pumping just takes some getting used to! I switched to a different pump (the Philips Avent Comfort Double Electric Pump) and used it for 10 months, not realizing that pain during pumping is actually NOT normal. The Avent was a great pump for most of the time I used it, but over time my nipples became traumatized from the hard suction and incorrectly sized breast cups. Pumping started out being awkward-feeling and uncomfortable, to being extremely painful. My nipples were constantly swollen and red, and super enlarged. Because of the pain, I really couldn’t pump more than 2-3 ounces at a time (dropping down from 5-8 ounces at a time!), so in desperation I switched back to the Simplisse breast pump. At first, my nipples had become so engorged I had to use nipple cream to be able to comfortably use this Simplisse as there are no larger sized breast cups available, but over time the cream (which was olive oil-based) started to degrade the silicone parts. (Never use any oil-based lubricants on any silicone. It melts the silicone!)The Simplisse was fantastic, much more comfortable than the Avent Comfort pump, but the nipple oil I had been using ruined the pump parts! I contacted the company directly to replace 2 parts, and they sent me an entire collection kit (everything but the pump) for free! I received the kit within 2 days, and I am so glad! By this time my nipples had returned to their normal size, so I was able to comfortably use the Simplisse without any nipple cream.It has been a couple of weeks, and I am LOVING the Simplisse pump. I pump for less time, less often, and am pumping more milk than I ever did with the pinch-y Avent! The SImplisse pump has a different suction that more closely mimics a baby’s suction, and offers flow and speed controls. It’s a little louder than the Avent pump, but the silicone breastcups and gentle suction make this SO much more comfortable to use — no pain! Just be sure to follow the directions EXACTLY when putting it together — and in removing them! My husband accidentally snapped a piece off the top lid holding the valve because he didn’t realize the trick to removing!PROS: gentle suction makes this a more comfortable pump; fast let-down; different controls for speed and flow; easy to clean the parts (BUT be gentle with the white valves – dish brushes can scratch them!); pump a lotCONS: a little loud; sensation takes some getting used to if you are accustomed to a hard suction pump; parts are a little tricky at first to put together (BUT once you know how it is easy!)

Janelle Conklin, NY


At first I liked the idea of the soft cups but it is WAY more trouble than its worth. I am talking two hands to hold one cup into the collection unit to get enough suction to work. And that’s with one bottle. With two?! HA! Go for the ‘one you think you don’t want’…. because if its this or that trust me you want that.

Della Waikoloa, HI

Too many setting

I wanted to love this pump since it was really comfortable in use but the amount of setting made it hard to figure out what worked best for me. Since I was unable to figure out the optimal settings it took forever to pump a decent amount of milk. I ended up using my hand pump more often since it was quicker even though it wasn’t as gentle on my nipples.

Lela Pointe Aux Pins, MI

A little loud but WOW-great pump!

I LOVE this pump! Yes, it is louder that most other pumps. But I will gladly trade a loud pump for the comfort! It is so comfortable and there is NO pain or tenderness after pumping. And even though the instructions warned me of an adjustment period for volume pumped, I had no problems or adjustment issues. The first time I used it I pumped 4+ oz off each side in about 5 minutes-which is a little more than what I had produced with the other pumps. I had pumped for my last two kiddos (one exclusive pumper and one half nurse/half pumped) with the Medela Pump In Style Advanced. I liked that I had a great supply with it but pumping was always a bit of a chore and never completely comfortable. With our newest addition, she arrived early like her sisters and I needed to pump more than I really wanted. When my Medela pump died unexpectedly and the pump was over five years old, there was nothing Medela could do. I decided to take a chance on this pump partially because of the price (so much cheaper than replacing my Medela-my insurance will only cover a double electric if my kiddo is readmitted) and partially because I was really interested in this new style of pumping. I am so GLAD I did! I will be telling every new mom I know about this pump because it is awesome!

Shirley Roseville, OH