Single DeluxeTM Breastpump by Medela 67272 67272

Single DeluxeTM Breastpump by Medela 67272 67272

Whether planning for a much-needed night out, or giving Dad the opportunity to feed Baby, this Medela Single Deluxe Battery/Electric Breastpump makes it easy. Adjust the suction control to what’s most comfortable to you. Lightweight and compact, this pump’s easy to pack into your bag for quick pumping away from home. Includes a battery power option (batteries not included) for pumping on-the-go. Package includes single deluxe pump, Medela breastshield, stand, valve, AC transformer, container, lid, 3 membranes and instructions. Imported.

Main features

  • Adjustable one-handed suction control for maximum comfort
  • Easy, effective pumping rhythm
  • Lightweight, compact & portable
  • Battery power option for use on-the-go
  • Ideal for occasional separation from your baby

Verified reviews



Couldn’t ask for a better pump! Does everything I need! For my daughters first month of life, she couldn’t latch on correctly so I pumped and fed her via bottle. No problems with this pump. I love it.

Dona Mellenville, NY

How to decide between this and a more expensive pump

I agonized over whether to buy this cheaper pump or go straight to one of the high-end ($250+) models. In an effort to save money I started with this one. But I quickly realized I’d made a mistake — it took *forever* to even get one ounce of milk. I ended up getting the Medela Pump In Style and loved it. I just wish I’d gone straight to that one and saved my money on this one.For those of you who are trying to decide between this or a more expensive model, here are my two cents:TRY THIS ONE IF…- You have a very abundant milk supply- You only plan to pump one or twice a month- You wouldn’t mind giving your baby formula if you had to be away from her for an extended periodINVEST THE MONEY IN A HIGHER-END MODEL IF…- You’re going back to work- Your milk supply is medium to low- You plan to pump more than two or three times per month- You are opposed to giving your baby any formula, ever (with a higher quality pump you could build up reserve breastmilk to have in case of an emergency)Also, it’s worth noting that most of the more expensive models can be safely re-used by other people so could be sold to someone else when you’re done (unlike this one).

Eileen Bonduel, WI


I bought this pump before leaving the hospital and it was a waste of money. It hurt like heck and did not express enough milk to relieve my engorgement. The motor cycles very slowly so when it’s tugging on me all I can think is ouch…ouch…ouch… I ended up buying a used Pump-in-Style online and love it. I can pump both sides at once in less than 10 minutes and have a good-sized bottle to show for it.

Tiffany Togiak, AK

Very Good Breast Pump

I only used this pump for the first month as I did not produced much milk but it was great when I used it. As a first time mom, I found it very comfortable and easy to use. I also sterilized the pieces after a day of use and each piece came out fine. I did find that I had to bend forward to get maximum output but it was not uncomfortable. If you plan to do a lot of pumping then getting the double pump might be worth the extra money as it is quite time consuming with only one pump. Overall, an efficient pump, no complaints.

Corina Eolia, MO

A Great Pump – A Great Buy!

This pump says it’s rated for only occasional use, but I used it every day for six months. The main thing I like about this pump is the ability to use it in any situation. My husband and I traveled quite a bit with our son and I was able to pump in the car with the battery pack. I use it so much that I doubt it will make it to our next child, but it’s much better to buy this one twice for $80 than to buy one for $350!

Serena Belmont, NC

A must have

I nurse my baby exclusively and am a stay at home mom, but this is really handy for when we go out and can’t schedule around his feeding times. I didn’t have any problems with let down. It does make noise, but it’s not noisy. I only pump at home so it doesn’t bother me. I only used this after my baby was 6 weeks and had no problems whatsoever.

Bonnie Salem, MA

Great pump!

I purchased this pump for occasional use since I am a sahm. As recommended by our lactation consultants, I pump once a day. I sit in bed with my daughter nursing on one side and me pumping the other. I am able to get 6-8oz in one sitting. When I pump w/o nursing at the same time, I am still able to get 4oz in 15-20 mins. Being a sahm, I cannot justify spending the $200 for a double pump when I just don’t need that much help.I highly recommend this if you are a sahm and can pump whenever for however long. I pump once a day and after a week of that I have 2 weeks worth of feedings(if giving once a day).

Nona Plattenville, LA

Pumps well, just too loud

This little electrical pump works well. It’s only problem is that it’s really noisy. I have twins and this pump works just fine.

Hilary Dickens, NE

Super Loud

It does the job, but does it make the loudest noise doing it. My husband said it sounded like I was milking a cow. I would have opted using a double breast pump, but it was much more pricier. After two months I found that it was harder to express breast milk using the same suction as before. I don’t know why. The pump was fine and working the same, even at the highest level, my breast would not fully be expressed. I had to just ditch this item in the end.

Ilene Jarvisburg, NC

doesn’t work

I had this pump on my registry but then was also given a double electric pump (Medela Pump in Style) all I can say is GOOD THING I HAD THE DOUBLE PUMP! This single electric one just cannot get enough pressure/suction/whatever. plus even if it DID work, a single pump means double the pumping time. I know double electric pumps are expensive, but beg, borrow, get your family to go in it as a gift – you NEED it and this single pump is NOT an adequate substitute for a real pump! You can even rent a double pump from the hospital or a lactation consultant. Just don’t bother trying this one.

Simone North Turner, ME

Ok… but I replaced with a double pump.

This pump is decent but wasn’t enough for me. I am home with the baby so I didn’t think I needed one of the larger double pumps since I am not working. However, I needed to pump to improve my supply in the begining and also while I was healing from a cracked nipple and the single pump just didn’t cut it. I ended up purchasing the Medela Pump-in-Style and it works much better. Now I use the double pump to fill an evening bottle for my husband to feed to the baby. It would take twice as long with the single pump. I REALLY hate pumping so it is worth everything to get it done in half the time! I think this pump is only worth it if you will rarely need to pump or to use for just a few minutes before feeding the baby to relieve engorgement.

Arlene Allenport, PA

A pretty good pump

I received this pump as a gift. I like it because it is electric. I got the manual attachment free from the hospital and it is very difficult to use even with the spring loading. For manual use I recommend the Avent Isis. However, there are times when I just feel like sitting down and not having to manually pump. This works great. It comes with storage containers and a nipple insert for smaller nipples. Plus it comes with some lanolin just incase you get sore nipples. It is a pretty good buy. It doesn’t work any better than a manual, but it is more convenient since you don’t have to work as hard. I wouldn’t have bought it myself, but since it was given to me, I am glad to have it. 🙂

Loretta Braceville, IL

Great second pump!

I have the larger, double Pump In Style but I wanted to leave that at work and still have something at home. I used this to pump in the morning before going to work or if I was unusually full. It’s small and light and perfect for travel. I’m now onto baby #2 and use this occasionally since I’m now home full time, but this works so well when I need it. It’s efficient and has lasted through 2 babies – Medela is a really great brand! I wouldn’t recommend this if you’re pumping often from both sides – get a double pump, but it was a perfect supplemental pump for me.

Dawn Angola, NY

It’s LOUD but gets the job done for OCCASIONAL use!

My sister used this pump for 3 months (daily) and passed it down to me which I was able to use for 3 months (daily) and then it died on me. I used it much more than the occasional use that it’s meant for (which I didn’t know this at the time). I used it about 5-6 times a day for the first month and then 3 times a day for the following 2 months before it died. It’s horribly loud which can drive you nuts so I put a blanket over to drown out the noise. My husband was actually glad when it died because then we could buy another one that’s less noisy even if it meant we had to spend $200 on a new one. I guess we got good use out of it considering how much it was improperly used but if you are looking to use a pump more than once per day I would definitely get the Medela Swing model…it’s GREAT and is much quieter. After listening to a baby crying all the time, listening to this pump was the last thing I wanted to do so if you value silence…steer clear!

Genevieve Kirkman, IA

Love it!

I love this pump! It’s the best single pump I’ve tried, and I’ve had a few different ones.

Chris Urbana, IA

Save your money and time!

This pump is very slow so unless you have 45 minutes to an hour to pump 4 ounces, don’t get this. In addition to being slow, it began leaking while in use and this is only after being SPARINGLY used for 5 months. It’s a waste of money all around!

Mamie Norridgewock, ME

Very effective, excellent value

Awesome product, a little loud but overall does the job, we rented a machine from the hospital tht did the same for twice the money we paid for this, after realizing we needed additional time and they required additional fees, we opted to purchase this and keep rather than spend it on rental, great choice we made, highly recommended.

Winnie Altheimer, AR

Yes, it’s Loud, But it Works Great!

I’m pretty sure I first bought this pump when I had my first 6yrs ago. I only used it a couple of times then – we never got the nursing thing to work out. When my second came along, I pulled out this pump and used it regularly for almost a year. (expressing away from home, helping with engorgement, pumping extra for more supply)It works great! (Especially if you may be on a budget) Yes, I know the motor is loud, and it took a little while for me to get used to it – but if that is something you can get past or it just doesn’t bother you, this single breast pump is fantastic for the price. (if you want a quiter one, look at the Medela Swing, but you also pay more) It only took only 15-20 minutes to pump what my baby could nurse in the same amount of time.I mostly used the AC adapter, but I have taken it on the road and away from home quite a few times with batteries (2 AA if I remember?) and it worked just as well. I have never had problems with burning through batteries, they always lasted a long time, so long that I started using batteries while at home too so I wasn’t stuck in one place.If I still had this laying around, I would also use it with our 3rd, who is expected in 2 mos. But I have no idea if we gave it away to someone else, or where else it may have went to over the years. I do plan on upgrading to the Medela Swing this time, and only for the noise factor. My kids are 4 and 6yrs now, and with the activity level in my home now, I think a quieter model will better suite everyone’s needs.

Allyson Bear, DE

Loud, but good

This pump is very good. I had to pump while my daughter was in the hospital the first month of her life. During the day I used the hospital grade pumps at the hospital, but at night I used this pump until finally buying the double electric Medela pump. I got just as much milk with this pump as I did the hospital pump. I only used the electric plug, never batteries. It is a handy pump to have. I don’t see how a nursing mom can go without ever having to pump at some point, even if its for cereal when they start that. Medela is definitely the best pump to get, and don’t even think about a manual one. I never pump now since I’m home with my baby, but I am so glad I have this pump. It is definitely loud, but putting a folded towel over it helps. If you have to pump a lot, and can afford it, a double pump is the way to go though…it takes half the time, which is very important when you have a baby to take care of.

Norma Orkney Springs, VA