Sippy Cup

Sippy Cup

1443609212 Features: -Dishwasher safe.-Polypropylene.-Capacity: 6.5 oz..-5.37″ H x 4.14″ W x 3.6″ D, 0.52 lbs. Color/Finish: -Color: Assorted.

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Best cup

We have 2 and love them. My son’s been using this cup since 7 months old. Definitely recommended. We have other green sprout products and have been very happy with the durability. My son is constantly throwing them and still no cracks. Also, don’t wash in dishwasher, they last longer if hand washed.

Lola Datil, NM

Excellent for babies learning to lift and tilt

I have twins and a cupboard full of sippy cups, but this is my favorite and the most successful at 8 months.The pros are:It’s not too heavy so babies can lift it easily when it’s full of water.It has no valve so there isn’t much sucking effort required on their part and it made it easier for them to figure out what to do with it.It’s compact and the flip up spout makes it easy to keep clean on the go. – that’s exactly what I was looking for; an efficient design with no bulkConsIt will drip when flung or held upside-down by the baby – and this will happen a lot. I solve this problem by giving them water or light colored fluidsAnother con is that there is a wide variety of prices on Amazon; best to look for the cheapest seller

James Southard, OK

Really hard to open

I bought this and the NUK Trendline Silicone Spout Learner Cup, Blue/Orange Dots, 5-Ounce at the same time for my back-then 9.5 month boy.I like the design that my son doesn’t have to suck hard on it. And this is the first one he actually tried to drink from it and resolve his resistance to sippy cups. so at first we like the green sprout first because he doesn’t know how to get the water from the Nuk and green sprout sippy seems easier for him. But we noticed that he always cough after drinking from Green sprout because he doesn’t know how to control the water flow so we decided to use Nuk. Anyway, we eventually favor NUK better than Green Sprout sippy for the following reasons:1. Green Sprout Sippy’s handle is not removable. It makes it hard to put it in stroller cup holders, side pockets of a diaper bag, or my purse. With NUK, I can easily put it in my purse without worrying leaking.2. Green Sprout Sippy’s lid is very very hard to open. I have to spend 2 to 3 minutes to open it so that I can wash.3. Green Sprout Sippy’s water gets dirty easily because the food in my son’s mouth gets into the cup easily during drinking. I felt I have to dump the filtered water and wash it after every use.4. As mentioned above, my son get minor choke when drinking from it in the beginning. Now he is used to NUK and grown up a little (11 month old), he doesn’t get choke anymore.5. You have to watch the baby during drinking then close the “sippy mouth” so that he can play with it. otherwise, my son would throw the cup or tile the cup and the water just leaks all over the place.Now, it basically being idled and only be used when one time I couldn’t find the Nuk one. For other failed sippies, I at least can use it to store cheerios or snakes but this one is too hard to open so I haven’t found a better use of it.

Lois Pierce, NE

Great cup — not leak-proof

I love this sippy cup. It’s one of the few my toddler would use (along with some of the Playtex ones). We have been using these cups for over a year and they’re still in great shape. They wash up easily in the dishwasher and I love that they have only 2 parts (cup and lid) — I get annoyed by sippy cups that require washing and assembly of 3-4 parts!The lid snaps on easily, and the folding spout is easy for a young child to open/close by themselves. Unlike most other sippies, this makes a great "big-kid" cup with the lid removed, so you’ll get several years of use from it.A couple notes:1. This cup isn’t designed to be filled to the brim. There is a marking line on the inside of the cup that tells you how far you can fill it — go beyond the line, and you’ll find that liquid squirts out the spout when you snap the lid on! I got squirted in the eye a handful of times before I figured this out.2. This cup has no valve and is NOT leakproof. If your child holds it upside down with the spout open, liquid will slowly drip out. So while this is my favorite sippy cup overall, I don’t allow my child to use it in his carseat or on the sofa.

Delores Godfrey, IL

Best sippy we’ve tried

Love this cup! The current price from this seller of nearly $20 is totally ridiculous; we bought it in a store for a fraction of that. I love this cup because it is the perfect combination of being a valve-free cup that is still designed so that water doesn’t spill everywhere. The lid fits on tightly and I haven’t had leaks there. My son can’t get the lid off, but I can for cleaning and refilling. Although the cups that advertise as “spill-free” may be convenient for parents in that kids can go all over, including with grape juice on a couch, and not spill, but it’s not really teaching the child any skill beyond a bottle. With a valve, the child has to suck rather than sip. With this cup, there’s a spout and the child has to tilt the cup back and water dribbles out of the spout without any sucking needed. So the child learns how to tilt and drink as if from a cup, but without the mess. Turned upside down, water can and does dribble out. Inconvient as such but that’s the tradeoff. The cup is sturdy, washes up great in the dishwasher, and the designs are adorable.

Debbie Eltopia, WA