Sippy Stuff Mini Brush Set

Sippy Stuff Mini Brush Set

The Sippy Stuff mini cleaning brushes have been designed to clean hard-to-reach cracks and crevices in sippy cups, baby bottles, breast pumps and other feeding containers. This combo pack features the Sippy Straw Cleaning Brush and the Sippy Spout Cleaning Brush in one handy little combo pack. The two brushes are packaged with a dual brush connector that allows for easy use and fast storage. Combo Pack includes the Sippy Stuff Straw Cleaning Brush, Spout and Lid Cleaner and Dual Brush Connector for easy use and storage.

Main features

  • Strong steel handle offers maximum durability.
  • Firm nylon bristles gently scrubs away tough grime.
  • Dark easy-to-see bristles that assist in targeting tough grime inside of straws.
  • Long handled straw brush design to improve reach and short handled spout brush design to increase maneuverability.
  • Easy-store brush connector keeps brushes together and promotes easy storage

Verified reviews


Hmmm….Rusted after a week

I was excited to order this for the low price, the great reviews, and to finally feel like my son’s sippy cup straws are really clean. I’ve tried various things and been unsure that the straws were clean. Nipple brushes are often too big and you don’t want to stretch things out.But I am very disappointed by this set. The thing that is most annoying is that within a week, the metal part had rusted so bad that it leaked into my sink leaving an ugly stain. And I left it pretty dry in a hanging cup made to hold sponges and other wet things so they can dry. So does that mean it needs to be super dry each time? Am I supposed to wipe it carefully and then make sure it isn’t touching anything else just in case? That’s just not a reasonable expectation for busy moms.Also keep in mind that it is a very rigid type of bristle and sort of sharp so it needs to be kept well out of reach of kids. This can be an advantage since you don’t want it to bend easily or be too flimsy.This set comes with a second piece that didn’t seem to work well for us. It sort of looks like a paintbrush.

Tonia Southern Pines, NC

Love these!!!

I cant tell you how much $$ we saved by getting these! I have a habit of forgetting my son’s sippy cups in the car and in my diaper bag so they end up needing a little more than a quick wash. I used to throw them out and buy new ones but I got tired of spending the $$. I kinda felt guilty too. It seemed a little wasteful. Anyways, I bought these and thought they were great. They cleaned my sippy straws and lids our really well. I use them all the time and then never get ratty like my bottle brushes. I alternate between straw cups and spout cups so this set was perfect for me. I actually got one of the extra spout brushes to clean my crane cool mist humidifier (such a paun to clean… that should be my next review ;).

Mari Bradley, MI

The pipe cleaner brush is great, the other brush rusts

I believe others have mentioned this but the brush (the one that looks like a miniature basting brush) rusts, I’m talking about after the first use. I don’t leave it submerged but rather have it hanging to dry between uses and it rusted after the first contact with water. They really need to change the metal that clamps onto the bristles so this doesn’t happen.The larger wire brush is great. It’s quite sturdy, holds suds well and it is long enough that I’m able to just wash Baja Fresh straws with it. It works well on the sippy cups in the house as well.

Julia Elkton, SD

Great for cleaning straws

My children are well past the sippy cup stage, but they do have plastic cups with reusable straws. I haven’t tried out the little spout brush. We don’t have any crevices that small to clean, but it looks well made. The straw brush works very well. The set comes with a ring to hold everything together. That way, I don’t lose them in the drawer. I could just hang them near the sink. Very nice. I am pleased with my new straw brush.This product was provided for review by babaLABELS.______________________UPDATE: I found a use for the spout brush. My hummingbird feeder has some very tight nooks and crannies. Nothing else would fit but that little spout brush. It was the perfect solution. That brush retains its form, doesn’t lose bristles, is very soft. I’d like it to be a little stiffer for cleaning crud, but it is a fine quality little brush.

Bianca Ouzinkie, AK

Works great for hard to reach places.

Great quality brushes. With 3 kids and a couple that my wife babysit, we have been through a number of sippy cups. If you notice, after just a couple of weeks, they start to grow nasty looking molds inside the straws and under the lids. These brushes can do the work. Otherwise it is very difficult to reach those tiny places.The longer spiral brush is for the straw. It is not long enough to reach the whole length of the straw so you will have to clean it on both ends. The tiny brush is for cleaning the spouts or the threads.The stems are stiff enough to do the job.

Alejandra Ingleside, TX

So useful!

These are perfect for cleaning out sippy cups! We use the Nuby cups and this brush set is a lifesaver. I always worried about gunk building up in the straw and the spout, and now I don’t have to worry. I hang this set next to the sink on a small suction cup hook so it doesn’t get lost and is always right at hand. It works well for cleaning adult water bottle straws, too. A great purchase!

Pamala Cressona, PA