Skip Hop 4 Piece Toddler Bedding Set, Ladybug

Skip Hop 4 Piece Toddler Bedding Set, Ladybug

Skip Hop 4 Piece Toddler Bedding Set, Ladybug Zoo Toddler bedding for big kid dreaming. A major milestone for a toddler is when he or she is ready to move out of the crib and into a ‘big kid bed’. Sized just right for a toddler bed, thoughtful finishing details create a whimsical ladybug, monkey or owl bedroom. 4 Piece Toddler Bedding Set 4 Piece Toddler Bedding Set 4 Piece Toddler Bedding Set 4 Piece Toddler Bedding Set 4 Piece Toddler Bedding Set Each 4 Piece Toddler Bedding Set Features: Ages 18m+ Signature Skip Hop Zoo character Includes pillow sham, comforter, fitted sheet & flat sheet Innovative flat sheet has elastic bottom to keep it in place Reversible comforter Fits standard US crib mattress Machine-washable Comforter, sheets: 55% cotton, 45% polyester Sham: 100% polyester Fitted sheet: 52 length x 28 width x 8 height Elastic Flat Sheet: 52 length x 45 width Reversible Comforter: 58 length x 43 width Pillow Sham: 20 length x 27 width Prevent possible strangulation or entanglement. Never use crib sheet unless it fits securely on crib mattress. To prevent suffocation, do not place infant to sleep on top of pillows, comforters, or other soft bedding.

Main features

  • Sheet fabric: 55% Cotton/45% Polyester
  • Comforter fabric: 55% Cot
  • 100% Polyester microfiber
  • Includes: reversible comforter, flat sheet, fitted sheet and pillow sham
  • Coordinates with Zoo Collection
  • Additional sheet set & accessories available
  • Size (inches): Fitted sheet: 52l x 28w x 8h, Elastic Flat sheet: 52l x 45w, Reversible Comforter: 58l x 43w, Pillow Sham: 20l x 27w
  • Flat sheet has elastic bottom that secures under foot of mattress
  • Care instructions: Machine wash cold, tumble-dry low. Warm iron if desired. Non-chlorine bleach.
  • Create a whimsical ladybug bedroom for your toddler. A four-piece bedding set made just for fun.

Verified reviews


Good bed in a sack deal

The sheets fit the bed well, all corners staying put which is imperative with a three year old but the comforter is a little thin and was torn a little easier than I would have liked but if you love a monkey theme this is a cute ensemble.

Gilda Holland, MI

Skip Hop Toddler Bedding

Skip Hop is a company that has a good reputation so I really expected high quality toddler bedding in this set. It seems like most kids’ bedding sets are made cheap with itchy sheets.Pros- Very cute. Colors are vibrant, but not gaudy.- Sheet fits the crib mattress very well. Not too loose, but also not too tight.Cons- Typical itchy, low thread count sheets.Overall, I gave the item three stars. There are a ton of cute toddler bed sets, but the main reason I chose this item was because I was hoping for better quality in the sheets and was pretty disappointed when they were the same as just about all the other sets out there.

Mollie Lake Park, MN

So bright and cheerful. Just right!

I love this bedding set! The colors are vibrant and cheerful without being garish. I was a little nervous when I first opened the package as the sheets did feel a little stiff, but two washes later and they are much softer. I love that the comforter is reversible, and the sheets are versatile; they can be used with a different comforter if something ends up happening to this one (pets and kids…something will inevitably happen, right?). The pillowcase is my favorite, though; I kind of want one for my own bed! All in all I think this is an adorable product and I would definitely recommend it.

Lillian Seymour, MO

Nice Sheets!

Wonderful sheet set for toddlers! The sheets are comfortable, the pillow case cute and the comforter was really nice. Lovely set.

Luella Ulysses, KY

Wish they were softer…

First let me say that the fitted top-sheet is genius! Don’t have to worry about tucking it in or him uncovering his feet during the night. Brilliant idea.The pillow case is soft and comfy, but sadly the sheets are made from a different material that isn’t nearly as soft. Our son is sensitive and at first he was resistant to the sheets, but he’s become accustomed to them since then. That’s really my only complaint with these sheets. They’re cute and the creativity of the top-sheet score huge points with me. Hopefully the sheets will get softer with more washes.

Elisabeth South Wayne, WI

Vibrant and cute, not as soft as I expected

My daughter recently made the change from her crib to a toddler bed. I have always liked Skip Hop products. I own a few of their toys and they are great quality. I also own a stuffed animal by them and it has held up very well.With this set you get a reversible comforter, a pillow sham, flat sheet, and a fitted sheet. I wanted to wait a few weeks of using the set before posting my review.Out of the bag I personally did not think the bedding was that soft. It is a little over half cotton, the over half polyester. I washed it with some fabric softener and that seemed to soften it up.I love the pillow case; it is adorable and fits my daughter’s standard size adult pillow. The sheets are cute but wish they were all cotton; they are a little rough, the sheets fit very well and I love the design to the flat sheet. It wraps around the bottom with extra elastic, like a fitted sheet, so it stays in place. I think that is a wonderful design and works well.As far as the comforter, it is soft but I have noticed the stuffing has already shifted and the stitching on the sides are not the best. Don’t get me wrong, it is nice but I am not blown away with the quality.My daughter loves this set though and looks forward to going to bed with the ‘monkey’. It is bright and vibrant and I do appreciate that. I am giving it 4 stars because I feel the quality is lacking a bit. Skip Hop to me has always been top notch but this bedding set failed in some areas.Perhaps with time it will get softer. That is why I waited to post my review, I was hoping with time it would but I have noticed the shifting of the stuffing and it has not changed texture wise. If it does, I will be back to update my review.

Dorothy Flintville, TN

Love Skip Hop but Wasn’t a Fan

I’m a huge fan of Skip Hop products. Not only do they attract kids with their cute designs but they are usually great in terms of quality as well. Unfortunately this isn’t one of those products. With only 55% cotton in the sheets and 45% polyester you get what you pay for I guess. The sheets feel cheap and upon washing them exactly as directed, in cold water, they pilled up. Luckily these were free from Amazon Vine. If I had paid for these I would have been more upset and would have contacted Skip Hop customer service. I still might do that.The colors are vibrant and my toddler really loved the comforter and the pillow sham. We are big fans of the owl design and so she doesn’t want to let it go. They are totally adorable but I do wish the sheets were better.

Leeann Hart, MI

Large, warm comforter – love the monkey faces!

I love this bedding set. It’s so cute. I like the print of the comforter and the pillowcase better than the print on the sheets, but that’s just me. This could work for a boy, or a girl who loves monkeys. The fitted sheet stays on well, and while I don’t consider the top sheet a necessary item for young kids, I do like that it’s fitted at the bottom. So far it’s been staying on nicely, though that may not be true as my son gets larger and thrashes around in his sleep more.This is definitely a toddler-sized bedding set. The comforter is larger than most "crib quilts". It wouldn’t work very well in a crib and would be too large to use with a small baby. Unfortunately our toddler bed doesn’t have enough space to tuck the comforter in at the bottom (due to the footboard) so we just have to fold it under about 6 inches at the bottom. I actually love that the comforter is larger, though, so I don’t mind that.The comforter is nice and warm. My son’s bedroom is cold, and he was using two blankets. Since we put this comforter on, he hasn’t needed additional blankets. He always wakes up warm and cozy.Hopefully it will wear well as we wash it. I’m sure it will last better if we wash on gentle, and I intend to do that. The price isn’t too bad, and it makes a nice gift for a child graduating to a toddler bed from a crib.

Tara Newberry, IN

Adorable and fun without being a “character” set

The Monkey bedding is awesome and fun! I love that this set is not a character set! It’s also gender neutral and easily goes with a yellow/green (Classic Pooh) color scheme.They fit the toddler bed really well. The "flat sheet" or top sheet has elastic on one end to make it stay put on the bed too. Very handy with toddlers! The banana print is awesome too.The reason for 4 stars instead of 5: I wish the sheets and pillowcase were 100% cotton instead of poly or poly-cotton blends, especially given the price. The microfiber pillowcase may get rotated to a non-sleeping pillow as it seems like it’s too hot for my child – she wakes up with sweaty hair. :(Pros:Gender neutralAdorable.Ears!Great patternFitted bottom to the top sheetCons/Neutrals:Sheets are not all cotton (55% cotton, 45% polyester)Monkey pillow case is 100% polyester (microfiber)

Cecilia Ambler, AK

So adorable!

This toddler bedding is so stinking adorable! I love that the flat sheet is fitted at the bottom (helps keep it on the mattress and makes it super easy to make the bed), and that the comforter is soft and comfy and reversible. The colors are nice and vibrant. The owl pillowcase is so cute. Yes, the sheets are not the softest but I think that is common among toddler sheets. It softens up after washing.

Lea Mount Calvary, WI

a fun bedding set for your little one

My three-year-old loves this bedding!The monkey pillow case is fun and has a soft, satiny feel to it. The comforter is much bigger than the ones that come with crib bedding and is fairly warm. I love that the top sheet has elastic on the bottom, it really helps keep the sheet from coming untucked every night.It washes well, and looks so cute in a toddler room.

Roseann Grandview, MO

Very cute. A little thin/light. Best for summer.

The design is adorable. I especially like the ears on the pillow case.The material is fairly soft for a polyester mix, but I prefer a higher percentage of cotton.I really like that the flat sheet has elastic on one end. This helps when making the bed and keeps the top sheet in place overnight.The sheets and comforter are somewhat lightweight and seem best for summer. An additional blanket is needed for winter.They had a funny odor that washed away before the first use.

Kerry Bradford, TN

Cute set, though it’s a little rough.

I love Skip Hop products. Both of my kids have a Skip Hop backpack and lunchbox. I thought I would really love this set, and though it’s adorable, I am a little disappointed in the scratchiness of the fabric. Part of this is my fault for overlooking the fabric composition (the set is 55% cotton and 45% polyester, not 100% cotton, as I was expecting).Otherwise, though, it’s cute and fits my son’s bed well. And if you are looking for something on the more affordable side, you might be willing to put up with the roughness of the fabric. For me, I still prefer all-cotton quilts and sheets.

Estelle Byers, TX

Really cute set and looks nicer than the TV show ones!

This is a really adorable owl toddler bedset. i was looking for something that was not dora or sponge bob but still really cute. I think it’s a pretty good value for what you get and the sham pillow is darling. Seemed a little stiff in package but when washed once it was super soft and cozy. My 3 year old thinks its cute, anything that helps her stay in the bed!

Marylou Scottsville, KY

Sweaty kids.

I like this set but not loving it. It’s not 100% cotton and my 1 year old is waking up sweaty (unlike when we were using cotton set). The pillow cover is soft and the whole set busy looking.The set is too small for my 3 year old boy and I use it in the crib for 1 year old and works perfectly.It washes good, no fading so far.

Ilene Seven Springs, NC

Skip Hop 4 Piece Toddler Bedding Set

My toddler loves monkeys, they are everywhere in our house. If you are thinking that you want to have some great bedding that has monkeys on it, you want to be sure that you have the pink, blue, or green choice depending on their favorite color.

Eugenia Fort Duchesne, UT

Cute and machine washable; just wish it were softer

I chose to get this because it was a cute design that was more or less unisex. That way, it could be passed on to siblings later on. I do like that everything is machine washable and it fits the special toddler size bed. Best yet, it does look adorable in person. But I was expecting it to be softer. It’s only 55% cotton so I shouldn’t have expected too much, but still, this is for my little one and I just thought it would be softer, especially considering the price. Perhaps with repeated washings, it’ll be less stiff.

Julia Dugger, IN

Looks Great and Super Cute

Our special little girl just transitioned to a toddler bed which looks very much like the one in the photo. She loves everything OWLS and so this set seemed perfect.The pillow sham is just adorable and the comforter is a really cute print as well. The sheets and cases are the red & white polka dots as shown on the owl’s mouth area. The fabric is a fairly decent quality as well. The only thing that would make this set better would be if the backing were flannel for a softer feel. Our little one does love it.My overall rating for this one is 4.5/5 stars. (The photo shown is a gives an accurate view on the product)

Brooke Thrall, TX

Cute and reasonably priced set. The kids love it.

This is a cute set – bright and friendly – that my kids love. In fact, they love it so much that we’ve been parting out the different pieces among the kids – "who gets the monkey pillow tonight?!!" I’ve got all girls, but the set is gender neutral. It would be nice if the comforter fabric had a bit more heft and cotton to it, but the fabrics are roughly aligned with the pricing here.

Deidra Bern, ID

Fun and Inviting Sheets for Toddlers

This is a great way to start a toddler bed for our two-year-old. The monkey print is cute and fun. The sheets aren’t 100% cotton, but they are still inviting.Note that these are sheets for a toddler bed, and not for a standard twin bed.

Tamika Bad Axe, MI

Five Stars

ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! extremely high quality. 100% recommend this and this brand. we love them! 🙂

Maria Mouthcard, KY

Cute Toddler Bed Set!

The Skip Hop 4 Piece Toddler Bedding Set in the Owl pattern is absolutely adorable. My 3yr old little boy won’t stop carrying his pillow around he loves the Owl so much.The Bed Set includes1 Owl pillow Case (includes cute little ears)1 Owl Reversable Comforter1 dot Fitted Sheet1 dot Flat 1/2 Fitted SheetAlthough this is an adorable set that any child would adore there are some minor flaws. Most notably the Flat sheet isn’t your basic sheet, the bottom is fitted which is fine if your child always sleeps perfectly still in the same position. However if you’re kids are like mine and enjoy a toss and a turn throughout the night this sheet will get in the way and easily be pulled off within seconds.The other issues is the comforter is very thin, so you may want to take that into consideration is you live in an area that isn’t warm weather 365 days a year.Other than that this is a cheerful addition to any child’s room. It’s bright and colorful and will fit any toddler size mattress or standard crib mattress.

Violet Manchester, TN

So adorable

I just received this in the mail, set it up in my daughters bed. I have to say, she is in love with it! I can not get her out of her bed right now. She keeps rolling around, hiding under the blanket and laying on the pillow. Definitely recommend this! Not to mention it is adorable!

Karla Hornbeak, TN

Cute but Scratchy

Hands down these are some of the cuter looking unisex sheet sets around. Particularly a sheet with no commercial characters printed on them. The sheet says it comes with the full component of bedspread, flat sheet, fitted sheet and pillow sham.My package arrived with two fitted sheets rather than a flat and fitted. This was a tad disappointing since my daughter has many fitted sheets from her infant days, but no coordinated flat sheets that are suited to a toddler bed. I’d be more disappointed, but the sheet quality was poor–the fitted sheets were stiff and scratchy when I opened the package. Surprising since this is not an inexpensive set. The bright pillow sham is softer by far and quite nice, but the bedspread is also scratchy and feels cheaply made.While I can use the set on her bed, I’m not very impressed. I would rather have a good set of cotton sheets to be honest. Comfort is more important than appearance.Happy sleeping! ^_^ shanshad

Rochelle Delano, TN

very cute

Very cute toddler bedding set. The set received was a little bit different in color shading than it appears on the computer screen. The green is more of a light avocado to me.

Lydia Box Elder, SD

Really great

This was been the perfect first bedding for our son’s toddler bed (same size as a crib bed). We really loves it. The quality is good and the design is in line with other Skip Hop products.

Dolores Lares, PR

So cute and soft!

My toddler loves his new sheets on his new big boy bed! The best part was the top sheet was fitted on the bottom, so making the bed is as synch and no matter how much my toddler moves, the top sheet doesn’t end up crumbled on the floor.

Courtney Alcester, SD

really cute and attractive,fabric thin

This set is very toddler friendly. The design is imaginative and colors nicely coordinated. My pet peeve is the fabric is just too thin,and I keep wishing it had a more comforting feel. All in all best for the seasons that aren’t too cold.

April Lexington, TX