Skip Hop Alphabet Zoo ABC House Blocks

Skip Hop Alphabet Zoo ABC House Blocks

Play, stack, tower and build. Solid wooden blocks encourage toddlers to create a town, complete with roofs, windows and doors. Turn pieces upside down to nest within one another. Letters and animals help little ones learn the alphabet. Skip Hop products meet or exceed all applicable standards for product safety in the markets we sell to. This includes physical and mechanical standards, as well as recent legislation regarding chemicals and minerals such as BPA, lead and Phthalates. All parties involved in the manufacture of Skip Hop products are required to follow these guidelines, and all tests are conducted by registered independent testing facilities.

Main features

  • For 12 months and above
  • Includes 14 solid wood blocks
  • Promotes motor skills and learning
  • Blocks include the entire alphabet
  • Non-toxic paints, high quality wood

Verified reviews


Cute and durable!

I love these blocks! They are bright and colorful and adorable!My only complaint it that I wish more blocks cam with the set for the price.Other than that, these are fantastic and sure to keep any baby’s attention for a little while.

Robert Ulmer, SC

My baby Loves these!

I let him play with these in his highchair only, as he still crawls and rolls, and these would be painful for him if he rolled on them or crawled over them! But he likes to knock them over and chew on them! He loves the pictures and teaches him letters ( he is 9 months)

Amie Grenada, CA

i don’t get it

it’s possible that my little one is too little, but she doesn’t play with these blocks, they don’t stack all that well, and i just don’t get the value.

Nanette Quantico, VA

GREAT block set!

this block set is great.i have a three year old boy who loves them and a six month old little girl who can’t wait to get her hands on them!it’s a cute set – they’re printed with patterns, animals and letters and come in different shapes and colors.i like it because it’s not an enormous block set that takes up a lot of space and is a huge project to get out and clean up.and i love that they’re simple and allow for a lot of open-ended, imaginative play.they’re holding up really nicely, too. they’ve been stacked and knocked down countless times and still look like they did when we got them.we like ’em!!

Misty Caddo Gap, AR

cute, but kind of limited

These are very, very cute blocks… but that’s it. There are so few that there’s not much that you can do with them, so we ended up having to purchase more blocks to use them with.

Barbara Troy, NH