Skip Hop Bento Mealtime Kit, Black

Skip Hop Bento Mealtime Kit, Black

Bento Mealtime Kit with clix containers makes on the go food storage a snap. The perfectly sized clix containers are ideal for prepping and storing baby food, finger foods, snacks and more. The insulated cooler bag and perfect fit freezer pack keep things extra cool. Innovative clix containers can be used separately or link them together to form a travel feeding set.

Main features

  • Wipe clean, insulated lining and easy carry handle and pull out tab
  • Food safe storage, complies with California’s Prop 65
  • BPA free, PVC free, phthalate free
  • Includes three plastic food clix containers with removable lids which link together to form an on the go mealtime set and a perfect fit freezer pack keeps things extra cool
  • Microwave and dishwasher safe

Verified reviews


Love it!

I love this little kit. I use it everyday and it is holding its shape quite nicely. Since I make my own baby food I can use this to put her meals for the day in when we are out and about, which is a lot, she usually has lunch on the run. It comes will six 8oz? containers and a perfect sized ice pack. It also fits perfectly in the bottom of my Skip Hop diaper bag.

Brandie Boring, MD

Awesome tupperware for daily use & travel!

We love this product. I originally bought it for outings to carry snacks for my then one year old, but it’s become a daily necessity in the kitchen. My toddler is now 2 and these have held up great over the last year! Daily washings, microwave use, freezer, etc.We’re able to freeze extra rice, lentils and reheat easily whereas other brands have broken or leave a smell on the food which freaked me out and had to throw out meals due to not wanting to risk broken plastic being in food. NEVER had that prob with these!Also, the different colors make it easy to remember and organize which meal was made on which day.It’s great for travel of course and keeps items packed up nice. We just recently went on a 5 hr flight and was able to keep items cold the entire flight with the ice pack provided. Very happy with this & many of Skip Hop’s products!!

Amber Vona, CO

Perfect for Daycare Lunches

This has worked out perfectly for daycare lunches. The small containers are perfect for a toddler (about 3x3x2). A half of a sandwich or apple fits in one easily. The lids close firmly, but I haven’t tested the water-thightness with soup or anything like that. I was surprised that it came with 6 containers rather than the 3 the ad stated. It makes it easy to make consecutive lunches without having to stop to wash dishes. The handle is such that our 15 month old loves to carry it herself. All around, this has been a score. I bought another brand at the same time as a back up and haven’t even used it yet.

Caryn Suwanee, GA

Cute kit

Great size and saves a lot of space in the diaper bag and love it how the containers are leakproof microwave oven safe and links together. The kit comes with an ice pack which is great for keeping things cold.

Hannah North Las Vegas, NV

Keep food tightly closed

I love skip hop products. This item is nice because it is colorful; however, I did find it hard to close and open. It does it job in keeping the crackers crisp because it seals pretty tightly. You just have to remember to snap it shut tight and to pry it open with your nails. I have no complains as it is doing its job. I just have to remember to push the lid down and snaps it in.

Phyllis Cairo, WV

Skip Hop Bento Mealtime Kit

This is a great way to take a long a meal for your child. Keeps everything cool, and reusable as opposed to ziplocks. The only complaint is the lids a little difficult to get off.

Gretchen Hornbeck, LA

Must have for diaper bag!

It holds all my baby’s food for all day outings and to the babysitter . The clip on cups are awesome to mix cereal and baby food together and just to store. The lids hold food in place for transport. Glad I bought it!

Ginger Kalispell, MT

Like the idea, Hate the containers.

I want to throw out these containers because they do not stack well to save space. The lids are hard to get off and I frequently use my teeth. I love the cooler, but wish the ice pack was a hard plastic. We don’t have freezer space to lay it flat. Usually it’s frozen in a funny shape that limits space in the cooler. We use the cooler with other containers that have a silicone seal and are easier to open.

Lidia Alamo, ND


i recently got this bento mealtime kit and absolutely love it. i was looking for something to pack snacks/lunch in that i could still carry in my diaper bag without it taking up a ton of space. and this turned out to be EXACTLY what i needed!you get six containers and lids. the insulated, zip-up bag holds three of them and a perfectly shaped ice pack (which is included) to keep things cold. the containers are the perfect size. they hold plenty of food but aren’t too large either. right now, i’m cubing most everything for finger foods so it’s great to be able to toss them into little containers, zip them up into the bag and go – it’s so nice always having healthy stuff fresh and ready to eat.the lids fit well and snap down to let you know they’re closed tight. i’ve never had any problems with anything leaking. i’ve washed them many, many times and they haven’t warped or scratched up. they still look brand new.this is one of those things that you might not realize how handy it is until you have it –now that i do, i don’t know how i did without it! i’ve used it to pack food for my baby, for my preschooler –and even for the family for a picnic. my mom saw it and want it for herself. it’d be great for anyone!

Nannie Cadet, MO

Love this!!

Yes as most of the reviews the cooler does smell a bit when new but it aired out in a day or two. This is working so much better for us for our daughter’s lunches. The cubes are great and fit in the dishwasher great. They all hook together so it is like a plate when connected. This set comes with two sets of cubes which is great because when one is dirty you have a spare!

Cherie West Decatur, PA

Doesn’t keep food warm for that long

Does it keep the food warm for 15-20 minutes absolutely, an hour…not anymore.The lids are super difficult to get off – so i’m constantly struggling with them. but the square fit works nice in any diaper bag not just the skip hop

Kathrine Flaxville, MT

Nice insulated bag!

The insulated bag is pretty small and fits my baby diaper bag. So, it is a plus, but make sure to know the containers are small for a older baby.

Angie Bloomfield, IA

Wanted to like it more…

but it is so difficult to open. I have to use a butter knife to pop the lids. The lids aren’t clear so you can’t see what inside. But they are the perfect size.The ice pack is useless but the the carrying case is nice in the diaper bag.

Lakesha Curllsville, PA

Pros and cons

I was so excited to get this and I really wanted to like it but after using it for about a year I think it’s just okay.ProsVery cute and neatIce pack is very convenientSmart packaging w zippers and rubber bandConsLid is hard to openNon dried items will leakIce pack doesn’t really keep foods cold

Kelli Pilot Hill, CA