Skip Hop Central Park Outdoor Blanket, Chevron

Skip Hop Central Park Outdoor Blanket, Chevron

Skip Hop Central Park Outdoor Blanket + Cooler Bag – Chevron Wherever you roam, Central Park is ready for the beach, park or playtime at home! Once you reach your destination, it unfolds into a spacious 5′ x 5′ water-resistant blanket, keeping everyone’s picnic clean and dry. This versatile blanket features an insulated cooler bag to chill snacks and drinks; there’s even room for mom and dad’s essentials. Detach the cooler bag and it’s a compact messenger for quick trips to the ice cream stand! Features: Easy to fold & compact Insulated cooler bag holds food & drinks Unzip cooler bag and convert to a compact messenger/cooler bag Carry blanket or convert to a backpack Machine washable Durable, water-resistant canvas backing

Main features

  • Spacious, lightweight 5′ x 5′ blanket; easy to fold and compact
  • Cushy surface wipes clean; Machine washable
  • Durable, water resistant canvas backing
  • BPA free, phthalate free

Verified reviews


Blanket gets an A-, cooler gets a D+

The blanket component of this product is excellent. The printed material is silky smooth, almost satin-like. The underside of the blanket is a tougher polyester canvas. The blanket isn’t super padded, so it is more appropriate for grassy lawns or beach sand than granite. It is easy (for the most part) to fold back up into the carrying sack as well. You can carry it by hand, shoulder style, messenger style or backpack style – basically, whatever way is most comfortable. Backpack style is best if you are under 5’9 (straps are a wee bit short for backpack style if you are tall), but messenger style works even with my 6’2 husband. It is highly water resistant. It is convenient for picnics, soccer games, or any activity you might spend on a lawn. Also, when folded, you can use it as a seat pad at sporting events. The cooler component of the bag seems to be something of an afterthought. It does not expand much, so you can pretty much fit only a few sippies and maybe a sandwich or two (it is not too padded, so be sure to place squishables in a plastic or metal container). There are no interior or exterior pockets on the cooler either – a pocket for ice might have been nice. When objects are placed in bag, bag takes on a lumpy appearance (again, it just isn’t big enough). The front and back have minimal insulation, and the sides are not insulated insulated at all. It will keep things cool for only about 1-2 hours. Really, if the cooler bag was just a bit deeper/wider and had better insulation (or an ice pocket), it might be more useable. It is probably best as a bag to store a few diapers/wipes, a coloring book, wallet and keys instead. It would also be good storage for sunscreen and maybe a few sippies full of water if you are planning a trip to the beach. But for perishables, I’d recommend a separate cooler. I do appreciate that it is PVC and BPA-free.

Concetta Blanchard, PA

Great Beach and Park Blanket

We bought this mostly to use it at the beach but also used it a handful of times on the grass. Our 1.5 year old son loves it and will run over to sit on it. It has a good weight to it so it doesn’t blow around. It’s also pretty soft so it adds a little padding to the ground. It’s very easy to fold even with little arrows and markings about how to do it so you can’t forget. It’s quick to open and fold. The shoulder strap makes it effortless to carry even while attending to a toddler. It got a lot of use this summer and our family has been very happy with it.

Lilian Caldwell, KS

Farmer’s Market WIN

We love this for the park, the farmer’s market, the back of the car–it’s sturdy, thick, water (and lemonade!)-resistant, and comfortable for two adults and a child. I have thrown it right in the washer (no dryer) and it came out good as new after a pretty busy toddler afternoon in the yard. Highly recommend!

Adelaide Randall, KS


Yes – we have outdoor wool blankets, but they get damp and are itchy. This awesome plastic-like blanket can be folded up into its case w/ just a quick brush of grass or water. We use it at the park or the beach. Everywhere. All my mom friends bought one too. Great shower gift.

Jayne Gales Creek, OR

Outdoor blanket

I loved this outdoor blanket, we use it everywhere and it is so easy to clean and definitely easy to store!

Lauri Manassa, CO

A little smaller than I expected, but good.

I really like this blanket. It was a little small, but adequate.I think the additional bag is a great idea. We use it to store fruit.

Doretha Edinboro, PA

great for picnic even for indoor activity

We live in an apartment. Before we used it outdoor, this blanket worked out fine for indoor activity as well. Big enough for three of us, no harsh smell, easy to clean, easy to fold and carry on.

Elise Gibbon, NE

Nice pattern, but was bulky and not easy to get zipped up and stowed.

Cute pattern, but very bulky and awkward to zip up. Was excited for this to arrive, but after seeing it in person I quickly returned it. This blanket would be a total pain in the rear to put back together, especially if I’m along with my toddler.

Audra Crete, IL

Just too cute!`

This blanket and bag combination is just the cutest! It is perfect to use as a diaper bag for trips to the beach or park. I love that the bag is insulated, it keeps bottles of milk…or wine…the perfect temperature!

Dina Barnwell, SC

Semi- waterproof but not great to fold

I have now tested this blanket out this morning on grass and I can say, our bottoms were dry !I however have taken off one star because although it is not impossible to zipper up, it does take some effort and when you have a young child to hold/carry, I would have preferred the fold-up and zip-up process to be easier. My husband and I end up just folding it up and not zipping it.UPDATE: I am sad to say that this weekend, after using this blanket in a park with wet grass, my bottom was very, very wet ! The water from the grass had completely soaked through the blanket. So I would say that it is waterproof for humid grass but if the grass is wet, you will be too. I was a bit disappointed.

Rebekah Orange, CT

Oddly designed and just doesn’t beat my JJ Cole blanket

This is very pricey for what you get. The cooler bag is very small and would be bulging out with much more than one drink and a small snack. I do like that it zips off because I would not be using it much.The odd thing is that the surface you sit on feels water resistant, but not the side that sits on the ground; so the bottom would get damp and wet before it hit the barrier layer that you sit on. Your bottom may not get wet, but then you have a wet and soiled blanket to fold up and take home. It seems to me that the barrier layer should be on the bottom like my JJ Cole blanket does.For ease of use, I prefer a roll-up design rather than fold up like this Skip-Hop version. It is a tight fit to get it back to its correct size to zip up, but it does have handy guide arrows to make sure you do it right.Overall I would not recommend this item at its current price. I am happy to have two park blankets, but if this one gets ruined I will not be replacing it.

Lillian Manly, IA

Good to Go

We have had our Skip Hop Central Park Blanket for about a month now and have already fallen in love with it. One really never knows just how many opportunities exist for sitting outside as a family until one keeps a blanket in the car!The blanket is good looking, durable, easy to clean, a breeze to pack, simple to store, and, with its built in shoulder strap, not cumbersome to tote. As a Dad, I also appreciate the neutral gray color of the blanket when packed.Due to its water resistance, the blanket is not as soft and welcoming as one knitted by – insert name of your favorite crafty relative here – but it is pretty comfortable considering how practical it is.While the removable cooler bag is not substantial enough to meet all of a family’s cooling needs, I don’t think it was designed to be a primary resource, and is really more of a bonus in my eyes. That is, the blanket is better with it than it would be without it.All in all, I recommend it. Keep it in the trunk and it’ll have you searching for excuses to spend a little more time outdoors in no time.

Lea Whitewater, WI

It’s a Keeper!

I got more than I expected when I ordered this blanket. I thought it was just a blanket — not. It is so much more. The straps can be configured so we can carry the bag on our shoulder or like a backpack. There’s a detachable cooler bag, and the blanket can be used as a stadium seat.BLANKETThis is a generous blanket. I haven’t used it as a picnic blanket because I rarely sit on the ground, even when we go to the park. Instead, I use the blanket as a cover for those ratty park picnic tables. For that, it is exceptional. Messes wipe right off. I had some food I had to wet with water to get off, but the blanket dried nearly instantly.It folds up so that clean side touches clean side and dirty side touches dirty side. Zip it all up and it becomes a stadium seat.STADIUM SEATI used this for a few hours on the bleachers while watching my daughter do gymnastics. If you’ve ever sat for hours on metal bleachers, you know how it can kill your rear end. The seat is very soft and comfortable. I sat next to a wall for back support and was in heaven. Another mom even asked me where I got my seat, not knowing it’s also a blanket.COOLER BAGThe detachable cooler is very handy. I detached it and used it to carry food and drink all day around Sea World. I zipped it back onto the blanket to carry some of our picnic to the park.This isn’t a huge cooler. It’s big enough to carry lunch for one person. It’s insulated, but not very well. I put an ice pack in it, but whenever I opened it, it never felt cold. The ice pack was frozen, but the food felt only a little cool.OVERALL IMPRESSIONI like the straps. I would wear this as a backpack in a pinch. The straps are a little wide on my shoulders, but they stay on. Normally, I like wearing the bag over one shoulder.Bag, stadium seat, cooler bag — shoulder strap, backpack strap. This is so very versatile, a real keeper!

Christine Hillsville, VA

A portable plastic blanket for outdoor use

Based on the pictures, I thought this might be a soft fleece blanket. The "blanket" is actually a polyester surface. It looks very nice, but obviously isn’t as comfortable as it would appear. It does work very well for outdoor use though, since you can easily wash it off with a wet rag. I use mine for camping as a makeshift dog blanket. It folds up very easily and I just leave mine in the trunk of my car. The cooler section is very small, and would be okay for a few baby bottles or maybe a couple canned drinks, but that is about it. It is fairly small. If you’re not looking for something softer, this is a great travel option since it is so easy to take with you and clean up.

Cheri Tennille, GA

A few extra bucks but worth it if portability is important and you’ll use it a lot

Since having a baby involves buying 10,000 things, we thought we’d skimp on a picnic blanket – but we didn’t at the last minute (lack of sleep leading to poor impulse control) – and I’m actually really glad we bought this one. We live close to a park and go a lot, and it’s nice to throw a few extra things in the zipper pocket on the outside of this and not have to bring a whole diaper bag. It’s also easy to fold (once you figure it out the first time – look for the arrow tags), easy to clean, and a good size (I can sit on it very comfortably with my husband and baby).If you don’t plan on using it a lot and don’t need the portability feature, this one probably isn’t necessary. There are good cheaper options.

Ana Freeport, IL

Great outdoor blanket

I hardly have any issues with this blanket. What’s not to like:- it’s big- it’s designed to be easily folded into a bag- you can carry it as a messenger bag or a backpack- it has an insulated cooler bagSomething to consider:- although I do like the water-resistant and easily wiped top surface, it is slippery and I personally would have preferred a less sleek material for it- the cooler bag is not big – I am thinking maybe a couple of bottles big, but not a picnic meal big.

Tommie Bolivia, NC