Skip Hop Chelsea Downtown Chic Diaper Satchel, Black

Skip Hop Chelsea Downtown Chic Diaper Satchel, Black

The Chelsea Diaper Satchel is a runway-inspired style with the functionality you need from day to night. With its chic exterior and twelve spacious pockets, you’ll be able to fit your most-needed items and look stylish doing it. Insulated side pockets perfectly fit bottles, sippy cups and snacks too. This day-to-dinner design also features a front compartment that flips down for a second look.

Main features

  • Wear this chic diaper bag over your shoulder or arm
  • 12 pockets, including four interior pockets
  • Soft adjustable shoulder strap
  • Hangs neatly on a stroller and can be worn over the shoulder
  • Faux-leather details and zipper pulls
  • Gold metal details
  • Lightweight durable fabric
  • Metal feet to keep off the ground
  • Includes cushioned changing pad
  • BPA-free, Phalate free

Verified reviews


Perfect Sized Diaper Bag and So Pretty Too!

I am really enjoying the Chelsea bag. It feels sophisticated, but it has the great features that I’ve come to love in the brand. With two little kids, I bring a fairly large bag with me most places. I still need a lot of the functionality of a diaper bag since my youngest child is still in diapers, but I also want something that makes me feel less like a sherpa and more like an adult with a purse! This bag has a lovely shimmery fabric and nice detailing. The gold zippers give it a very finished look.There is a nice front zippered pocket that is large enough to hold my personal items – wallet, keys, gum, etc. There’s another pocket that is a great place for my phone. This way, I can keep all of my own items separate from the kids.Inside, there are four nice and easily accessible pockets that I use for diapers, wipes, snacks and a little pouch with seasonal necessities. (Right now, we’re carrying spare socks, band-aids, and sunglasses). This leaves the middle space for anything I need for a particular outing. (Today it held two spare sweatshirts and my DSLR camera.) The two side pockets are roomy enough to each hold a water bottle/sippy cup. There is still more space in the front two pockets as well for additional supplies. (We carry crayons and little toys).I am finding it very comfortable to carry around. It’s smaller than my other well-loved diaper bag (Lady Bento) which makes it a great fit for our every day needs. Like all Skip Hop diaper bags, it has those handy stroller clips, which are great.Overall, a really nice bag.

Clarice Saint Olaf, IA

city girl turns mom bag

skip hop has loads of bags to choose from, so after researching and even trying other models, I found my match with the chelsea. and honestly, mostly because this bag looks like something you actually WANT to carry. i love the all black. i love the gold details. and love the dedicated cell phone pocket–this mama is busy! the chelsea also has all the great functionality that other skip hop bags feature like the nice roomy compartments, changing pad, and adjustable straps. i also like that after the baby this bag could have a second life as a travel bag.

Hollie Schriever, LA

Ended up returning it

I ordered this bag thinking it was "the one." However, when I received it, I was not sold. I debated over it for a couple of weeks and ended up returning it.First, the pros… The bag has a flat bottom with little feet on it, so the bag can stand on its own. There are plenty of pockets and sections to keep everything organized and it seems like it would fit a lot of stuff. I like that it had the option to be carried as a tote (with the shorter handles) or cross body (with the long strap).The cons… The tote straps are short. It was rather difficult to use the short straps while wearing a winter coat. The longer strap was not padded, so I thought it would end up cutting into my shoulder.The main reason I returned this bag: It just didn’t look as nice as I expected. The materials seem like they are good quality, but it just looked a little cheap and generic to me.I was really bummed it didn’t work out because I love Skip Hop. I’ve been using a Duo for the last two years and have been very happy with it.

Dale Pitsburg, OH

all time favorite!

i LOVE LOVE LOVE this bag.i got it right when it came out because i loved the way it looked. i’d been carrying the marc by marc jacobs diaper bag for months but it just didn’t function like i needed it to. things were always getting buried in it, i was always rifling around to get stuff –it was super annoying.the chelsea diaper satchel looks like i bag i’d buy even if it weren’t a diaper bag. i love the mix of fabrics and the black with gold detailing. and it functions so well and looks clean and chic.they seriously thought of everything with this bag! the pockets are perfect – there’s a place for everything but even when it’s packed full (and trust me, i’ve already taken three trips with two kids and this bag) it doesn’t feel like you’re carrying luggage. and it still looks can carry it cross-body or by the handles –and one of the zippered pockets is and extension of the handle so it folds down when you carry it cross-body, changing the way it looks from when you carry it by the handle. has slim little stroller straps that tuck inside the bag so you can clip it to the stroller if you need’s made really well. it looks great –totally modern and really cool. it’s the perfect diaper bag!!

Irene Angelus Oaks, CA

Versatile bag

Of all my diaper bags, this one most resembles a designer bag. It has shiny, gold hardware, and the black fabric is shimmery and rich. (While at the same time, being totally practical and easy to wipe down.)I love the insulated side pockets. I was using a backpack for a while with my two kids, but I was having trouble keeping all our water bottles from spilling everywhere. These side pockets fit all types of sippies, including large tumblers and the training kind with the big handles, and it keeps them upright. I love that I can keep milk in there on short trips and not have to drag along a separate cooler. The front pouches are great for drinks too, and I usually put my own water bottle in there, along with keys and phone, etc.The inside has a nice variety of compartments. And an awesome changing pad that is so easy to wipe down. A really great feature. The lining of the bag is easy to wipe down as well.There is a whole hidden compartment on the outside that I nearly missed, but it’s a wonderful, open space to put sweaters or books.I like that this bag is big, like a large purse, but not so big that it feels like you are carrying a suitcase. This bag is probably the most comfortable of all my diaper bags, because it looks and carries like a purse does. So it’s never slipping off my shoulder the way some of my diaper bags do. There is a shoulder strap as well as handles.The quality is excellent. The zippers and buckles seem like they will hold up well.And I love that I can hang it from the stroller when I need to.

Melanie Fowler, CO

WOW, prettier than in the photo!

I was looking for a Marc Jacobs type diaper bag but did not want to pay the big bucks. I decide to purchase this bag and was so happy when i got it. The fabric is really really luxurious. The style is great how you can carry it a few different ways. I think its a great bag. Lots of nice pockets too.

Sharlene Park Valley, UT

You’ll use it just for yourself!!

If you are pondering the Chelsea Downtown Chic for yourself or a gift….Order it now! This bag is amazing quality and stylish to boot. The space inside is enough for me to haul stuff for my 3 boys age 5 and under as well as enough little pockets in all the right places for my phone, wallet, keys, etc. I received the bag and went out that evening just with my mommy friends. I brought the bag as a purse! It is that cute! The real leather also adds a richness that is unexpected in a diaper bag.

Francesca Kansas, IL

Thumbs Up From a Skeptic

I am a diaper bag snob. When my daughter was first born I thought, "A bag is a bag" and then I quickly realized how important having the right diaper bag is (to me at least). Subsequently I became obsessed with all things Ju Ju Be and Petunia Pickle Bottom. I have owned and resold many different bags and loved them all along the way, so I know my stuff pretty good. I dismissed the Skip Hop bags I saw because I considered them to be a step down in features/quality. When I saw another mom with this bag I knew I had to give Skip Hop a try. I’m very glad I did.Pros:10 out of 10 for appearance. Gold hardware, folded handles, just gorgeous.Huge bottle pockets (I think they’re insulated, not sure)Cell phone pocket (It’s not felt lined, but hey)Built in stroller clips (money and time saver)Bonus pocket in handle can fit a notebook or tablet without taking up space in the bag.Two ways to carry, handles (it’s tricky to get them over your shoulder one handed though) and a messenger strap that can be tucked away when not in use.Metal feet on the bottom to keep it out of yucky situationsIt’s nice and big. We cloth diaper and I still have plenty of room to spare. It could easily accommodate multiple children.Cons:The polyester material making up the majority of the bag is not my favorite, it doesn’t take away from the appearance of the bag but makes it feel a little cheap.I wish there was a button or magnetic closure for the change pad pocketI also wish there was a key fob to organize my keys, once you get used to having one in your bag it’s hard to go backThe interior organization pocket situation is good, not great, they really could have stuck a few more in there.Price, because of the issues I have with the materials used and lack of special features I think this bag should cost about $20-$30 less than it’s listed for. (I paid $100)Overall I think this is a great bag and I will have to give Skip Hop more consideration in the future.

Mitzi Neenah, WI