Skip Hop Complete Sheet, Alphabet Zoo

Skip Hop Complete Sheet, Alphabet Zoo

The Complete Sheet features a bold design around the sides with a coordinated pattern on top, separated by linen piping for a finished look. Your crib will be fully dressed even if you choose not to use a bumper, or after your baby has outgrown it.

Main features

  • Cotton
  • Imported
  • Engineered patent pending design
  • Bold graphics on sides of sheet, contrasting pattern on top, linen piping
  • Fits all standard crib mattresses
  • 200 thread count 100% sateen
  • Size 28″ x 52″

Verified reviews


Great idea!

This sheet is such a fabulous idea in place of a bumper. I received as a gift and have not yet washed it so can’t say much about the fit. It is a cute bright design and silky soft material. The sheet design is fun for the baby to look at. The bedroom set for this design is adorable.

Janette Winston, MO

Best sheets out there

I would not hesitate to buy these sheets again. They are more attractive than your average sheets because of the piping around the edges, and the two fabrics. The sheets are good quality, and should mask minor spots and stains beautifully. We started using them after our daughter outgrew her bumper, which happens in the blink of an eye. These sheets are great because you could use them right from the start and skip the bumper all together (safer that way). They are both modern and stylish. The Safari design is crazy cute. My daughter loves the giraffes. This is one of my favorite things in the room!

Gail Devils Tower, WY

Great alternative to bumper!

This sheet is well made and durable. It fits a standard crib mattress well. The design around the perimeter is especially pleasing as it gives the crib more pizzaz. Since bumpers are no longer safe as per the American Academy of Pediatrics what a great alternative to give your nursery a little creative appeal!

Sharlene Long Island, ME


These sheets are great. They are cute and soft and spruce up the crib since bumpers are a no-no! My son loves the elephants. 🙂

Magdalena Winterset, IA

Fits and looks great

This sheet looks great on our crib and it fits wonderfully. I like the designs on the side so that it can give the crib some style since I don’t use the bumper. I do like warmer sheets though to make the baby cozy. This would be great for hot summer days since it’s not too warm…

Jeanette Somerset, CA

Mediocre quality, what a pity

I have to agree with the reviews that say the sheet is cute, but the quality is not great and the colors fade after just a few washes. What a pity. I really love the designs of all the Complete Sheets, but for the price, it’s simply not worth it.

Valeria Naknek, AK

Adorable but tough to put on

They did shrink or maybe too small by just a little I air dried them and its a tough fit! But adorable!

Kristina Ottosen, IA

Cute and safe!

I purchased this sheet because it has decorated sides to give the illusion of a bumper without needing one and endangering my child. The sheet fits well, aside from it being like 1/2 short on the length, on my Simmons Natural Beauty Rest mattress which is a very large, square cornered mattress. The mattress fits very tightly in my crib but I don’t have an issue with the sheet riding up at all when I push the mattress down into place, I attribute this to the elastic that goes around the ends. The design is super cute and I also have the Treetop Friends design, the similar colors allowed me to paint the room and use accessories that fit well with both designs.

Lilly Wonewoc, WI

Love this

I loved this sheet and the colors are very vibrant however after the first wash they did seem to lose a little bit of the "pop" in color….

Tanisha New Hope, AL

Looks Great!

I love how this looks in my son’s nursery. It gives the finished look of bumpers without the downsides of bumpers. It fits snugly and has held up well after several washings. I’d like to buy another skip hop complete sheet!

Agnes Council Hill, OK

So cute!

Looks great in our crib and is very soft for her to sleep on! We have washed it numerous times and have not experienced any fading.

Kelli Woodstock, MD

Adorable sheets!

I love these sheets. We wanted a neutral nursery and paired these sheets with the teal on the giraffe/leafs for the wall color and it looks awesome! I love having bright colors instead of the pastel colors you are usually stuck with for baby gear.

Erna Patterson, NC

No bumper needed

This crib sheet has a cute graphic, is well made, fairly priced and states no bumper pad is needed with this type of sheet design.

Maricela Centerport, NY

Depends on Your Crib

The sheets themselves are really cute, soft, wash well, and fit nicely. However, much of the design is along the bottom part of the sheet; if you have thick crib slats many of the elephants will be hidden.

Queen Calypso, NC

Nice sheet

I really like the colors and design of this sheet. I washed it before using it and did not notice any fading. I wish it was a bit softer but perhaps that will come with use. Love the look of it.

Lilia Keokuk, IA

faded ugly

I pre-washed this sheet, of course, before putting it on baby’s crib mattress. I did not have a problem with fit, but the cute ABC border faded terribly. I also couldn’t get the wrinkles out very well with an iron. The top of the sheet did not fade nearly so badly and must be a different fabric blend or ink or something. I think the border needed a little nylon in it to maintain shape and color. Maybe that’s not “kosher” for a crib sheet? Very disappointing for the high price. Wish I’d spent the same money on a couple of “regular” sheets.

Lydia Tariff, WV

Great idea, nice sheets…until they shrank

This was such an awesome idea. The top of the sheet is colorful and the contrasting edge eliminates the need for a bumper to make the crib look pretty from the side. The fabric is soft and silky. But alas, the sheets shrank, so the raised trim, which is supposed to run right along the edge of the mattress, keeps getting pulled inwards, so now there is a raised edge of fabric about 2-3 inches away from the edge. This basically removes all the benefit of having a contrasting edge, because the edge isn’t on the edge, and the sides of the sheet are showing on the top. It’s hard to explain, but it just doesn’t look good.I wash on warm and put in the dryer, which is how I imagine all cotton sheets ought to be washed. I use a standard size crib mattress.Skip hop–this was an awesome idea, but you have messed up the execution. Please fix this before someone else steals your idea and actually makes a set of sheets that fit. If you can fix this, I’d be more than willing to buy another set, because I really like(d) these sheets.

Maryellen Jourdanton, TX

Super cute

Super cute and I love how the sides creat a nice boarder especially since you can’t use bumpers anymore. SOS very soft

Kirsten Middle Amana, IA