Skip Hop Complete Sheet, Mod Dot

Skip Hop Complete Sheet, Mod Dot

The Complete Sheet features a bold design around the sides with a coordinated pattern on top, separated by linen piping for a finished look. Your crib will be fully dressed even if you choose not to use a bumper, or after your baby has outgrown it.

Main features

  • Engineered patent pending design
  • Bold graphics on sides of sheet, contrasting pattern on top, linen piping
  • Fits all standard crib mattresses
  • 200 thread count 100% sateen
  • Size 28″ x 52″

Verified reviews


Complements alphabet zoo sheet set and great fit

I love this sheet because it complements the alphabet zoo sheet set that we have allowing me to swap out dirty sheets as often as necessary but keeping the adorable ‘look’ that I love so much. The sheet fits the mattress so well and I really like the piping/edge of the sheet – it gives it a really ‘finished’ look. The beautiful colors really brighten the room as well and haven’t faded at all after many, many washings.

Janine Santa Rita, MT

Excellent product

I love Skip Hop products and am especially fond of this fitted sheet. It looks great in the crib, which is nice since I spend a lot of time sitting in the nursery staring at it while nursing my son. I love how nicely it coordinates with the other products in this line. Definitely a nice product and worth the cost. It has laundered beautifully.

Jeanine East Hanover, NJ

Great looking

My wife loved it…that alone made it worth 5 stars since I picked it out on my own. Seriously though it fits the crib mattres great, looks great and matches the vegetal/flora theme of the nursery. Good quality too.

Liza Fairhope, AL

love the cute design

love the design and color… my second one and surely not my last…

Briana Desert Hot Springs, CA

Cute, but too small

Got this for my daughter and it seems to me like the sheet is smaller than the crib mattress that she uses (we have never had issues with another bedding company) and have to stretch really hard to get it to go together and it sort of curls the mattress, which has got to be weird for her to sleep in. Skiphop makes alot of nice stuff, this isnt one of my favorites.

Miranda Mount Freedom, NJ


It’s a beautiful and colourful sheet made by Skip Hop. But it’s small for the size (cribb). Hope Skip Hope can change the cut. The others sheets fit like a glove!

Christi Allport, PA

Love this sheet!

This sheet is so soft and works great on giving the crib a fun look without using a bumper. I love that my son is sleeping safely and fashionably.

Willie Baldwin, NY

Cute sheets

Mrs. Boyer here. Ordered these for my little girl’s nursery. They are super cute! Great material, wash well, roomy & secure on our standard 27" x 52" crib mattress. No issues with shrinking after washing in warm & tumble dry on low heat. Totally satisfied with my purchase.

Araceli Clinton, OK

Great Alternative to Those Weird Baby Bumpers

A great sheet for the family that wishes to eschew the archaic baby bumper and likes modern, gender-neutral design. It would be great if these were more affordable and made in the USA.

Tricia Bainbridge, GA

Great sheet

Loved the sheet pattern I used the surround to make tops for diaper stackers to match friends bedroom sets. They already had sheets for the baby bed.

Sara Doss, TX


I just adore the colors and the detail. Fits the sheet well. I misunderstood when it said it was a a "complete sheet" – I was under the impression that it was the kind of sheet that could zip off and be easily washed. It’s a regular sheet, and it is not. But I still love it!

Elaine Chatfield, OH

Cute and safe!

I purchased this sheet because it has decorated sides to give the illusion of a bumper without needing one and endangering my child. The sheet fits well, aside from it being like 1/2 short on the length, on my Simmons Natural Beauty Rest mattress which is a very large, square cornered mattress. The mattress fits very tightly in my crib but I don’t have an issue with the sheet riding up at all when I push the mattress down into place, I attribute this to the elastic that goes around the ends. The design is super cute and I also have the Alphabet Zoo design, the similar colors allowed me to paint the room and use accessories that fit well with both designs.

Jean Attica, NY

Good mattress fit, washes well, and adorable!

I ordered this through another site because I was too impatient to wait for Amazon to get it and I really didn’t want to pay over $100 more just to add the crib skirt, blanket and sleep sack. I’m very glad I did, as I really like this sheet. The pattern is really cute, with vibrant colors that are accurately represented by the Amazon photo. The material has a nice feel to it and is not too thin. I washed the sheet before trying it on my mattress (no issues in the wash), but it fits myNaturepedic No Compromise Organic Cotton Classic 150 Crib Mattressperfectly. I’ll definitely be ordering another one to help with the inevitable sheet changes.

Lacey Holcombe, WI

Very cute- snug fit

We have the Moonlight Slumber Little Dreamer All Foam Crib Mattress and this sheet is a very snug fit on it once it’s washed. You need to play with it a little to ensure that it’s even all around and that the piping is at the edge of the mattress. Besides that it’s super cute and reasonably soft. I found it to be a bit deeper than the regular Skip Hop sheets.

Addie Waianae, HI

doesn’t fit quite right

I know sheets for babies are supposed to be stretched very tightly to reduce risk of SIDS, but this sheet has an odd fit. The entire sheets fits snugly, as it should, but the piping is about an inch from every edge of the mattress, making it 2 inches too short in each direction! (Yes, I have a normal sized crib mattress, and yes, I did wash it in cold water, gentle cycle, and put in the dryer, low heat.) I tried removing it from the mattress, rewashing it, stretching slightly, then air drying- no difference. It is a cute sheet, but the fit makes it look really odd!

Joy Center City, MN

no need for dust ruffle

like the border and the piping around the edge, fits mattress well; sheet is soft and attractive without a dust ruffle

Isabel Brownville, NE

No bumper needed

This particular crib sheet design states that it eliminates the need for a bumper pad. The colors and graphics are bright and cheery.

Michael Christmas, FL

Love this sheet!

I love this sheet! Its so cute and very soft. I use it with a bumper, because my son was hurting his head on the crib without one. great product. Love Skip Hop.

Michaela Blencoe, IA

Good Quality with Cute Designed

I’ve been using the sheet for 4 months now, washed the sheet for many times and it is still in the same shape. Very soft and received a lot of compliments from friends. Love it.

Meghan Alledonia, OH

Great product

I washed this sheet before using it. Didn’t notice any fading. Wish it was a bit softer but perhaps that will come with use. I really like the design and look of the sheet in the crib. Very cute.

Vanessa Fairdale, WV

Soft, colorful, playful smooth sheets. recommend

These are the cutest sheets. They are soft, to feel and on the eyes. They look great on the crib and they make you feel good.

Graciela Stockbridge, VT