Skip Hop Crib Mobile, Alphabet Zoo

Skip Hop Crib Mobile, Alphabet Zoo

Skip Hop products meet or exceed all applicable standards for product safety in the markets they sell to. This includes physical/mechanical standards, as well as recent legislation regarding chemicals and minerals such as BPA, lead and phthalates. Four signature alphabet zoo animals spin slowly to the tune of the ABCs, lulling tired tots into dreamland.

Main features

  • Music box has on/off switch
  • Rotates while playing alphabet song for 6 minutes
  • Full alphabet printed on carousel with character accents
  • Arm attaches easily to crib

Verified reviews


Looks nice and good quality but had to return it

I didn’t realize when I registered for a crib that it had to be compatible with mobiles. I just assumed all mobiles fit all cribs. That was my mistake! The crib that we got is a sled crib which has uneven/thick panels on all sides so if you don’t have a standard crib, maybe this isn’t the best mobile for you. This mobile doesn’t fit sled cribs. I believe that the part that attaches to the crib is only up to 5" so if the side panels are more, it won’t fit your crib. The quality of the mobile was one of the better ones I have seen. I don’t know anything about the music portion because we never tested it. We ended up returning it because our son was already 3 months and its recommended that you take all mobiles off by 6 months because infants can pull it down and potentially choke on it.

Tamra Ary, KY

Great mobile for longer listening

My twins love this mobile and I love how it matches our sheet set! The animals are adorable and the length of the music is longer than any other mobile we have owned and that extra time seems to be just what my little guys need to be happily lulled to sleep. And it was very easy to attached to our crib.

Ines West Blocton, AL

cute mobile, wish it was battery operated

Baby really liked the mobile. The only problem is the song doesn’t play for very long so we ended up getting a battery operated mobile to replace this one which is wind up.

Johanna Millersburg, IA

Engaging and Easy to Use

Straightforward. Simple. Engaging. Great.- It is stylish without being over-worked. The animals are cute without being too cutesy. The colors are vibrant and the patterns are fun, but the theme doesn’t overpower the other elements in his nursery. It blends well with the other colors in the room. It’s about 12″ in diameter, so it doesn’t overtake the whole crib.- Our baby, who is about 2 1/2 months old is definitely engaging with it and enjoying it. He will happily look at it for several minutes and seems to like the alphabet song that plays. The music is pleasant and not annoyingly electronic like some other baby toys with sound.- It was super easy to put together – two quick clicks and a hook and we were in business. No screws or other hardware required.- We are able to hook it onto the side of the pack n play as well as his crib so we can move it around depending on whether we’re on the first or second floor of our house.- The music uses a crank to wind-it up, rather than a battery. Although this means that the music will only play for short intervals (maybe 3 minutes or so), it’s nice to have a toy that doesn’t require breaking into a childproof plastic container when the batteries need to be replaced. My 3 year old daughter can work the crank and start the music.Also, if you’re into DIY projects, it may be helpful to know that the mobile piece is attached to the pole with a simple hook. We may keep the pole attached to the side of his crib and swap out the mobile piece for other home-made mobiles (artwork, photographs, other toys) as our son gets older and is interested in new things. The mobile’s design makes that very easy.Like so many Skip Hop products, it gives you just what you’re looking for, without a bunch of stuff you don’t need.

Katrina Oakwood, VA

We love it… baby indifferent

This mobile is adorable and I want to give it five stars for that. The animals are very cute and colorful without being gaudy, and the music is so sweet–just as you’d imagine babies to love. But our baby has been indifferent to the mobile from day one. We kept it basically because we love how it looks and sounds, and we keep hoping he will grow to like it too… but he barely looks at it (and he is a very curious baby). I’m not sure why… but it *is* a lovely mobile.

Ola Hillisburg, IN

Love this Alphabet Zoo Mobile, but….

Since my 3 month old loves the Alphabet Zoo Soft Activity Book I decided to buy this mobile. It’s cute, fun, nice to look at. Easy to put together. My baby loves watching the animals go around. However, one star off because the clamp does not fit onto our crib, and does not adjust to various lengths (I had to buy a separate clamp). And a second star off because the music plays WAY TOO FAST for my taste.Here is the link for the separate attachment I used: […]

Jaclyn Lumberton, NC

Love this THEME 😀

I did my son’s room in this Theme of ABC and also animals because I liked that I didn’t have to get it all – I could mix & match what I liked, what we had and what I thought was needed. Silly huge blanket in sets – um, no.I attached a picture to this if you want to look.I got a velour bumper in brown, our room was already brown & cream so it all blended without having to do a ton of re-do to the room (it was playroom for my daughter).We love this mobile, and so does my son. It has simple music that winds up and the animals slowly spin around . . . just easy & simple for a baby.The price is sorta high, but I registered for it and family was happy to buy it for us 😀

Naomi Potsdam, NY

Good quality.

Looks really cute in the nursery! Pretty easy to assemble and seems very sturdy. My son doesn’t sleep much in crib yet, but at least it looks nice.

Kelsey Shippensburg, PA

My baby love it!!!!!

It was like new very nice and clean, in original packaging, works perfect and it’s a big help to calm my baby. Seller gets 5 stars.

Helena Troy, NY

Great mobile, but limited crib compatibility. Will NOT work with DaVinci Kalani

This is a great mobile – very cute! However it is only compatible with cribs whose top rail (where you would secure the mobile to) is no more than 2.75" tall.We have a DaVinci Kalani crib, which is a very widely available, popular crib (it’s actually the #2 best selling crib on Amazon! And it’s available at most brick and mortar stores too). Unfortunately, this mobile will NOT fit that crib. The top rail on the Kalani is about 3" tall.For a substitute, all of the Carter’s mobile (Jungle Jill, Wildlife Musical, etc) fit nicely and have room to spare for even bigger rails too.

Janine Millbrook, NY

Pretty and calming for baby

This mobile is very well designed, it looks soft and cute, not garish like the plasticky ones at toy r us. It doesnt fit on a graco pack n play, though, so we had to improvise and hang it from the beam

Candy Chalk Hill, PA

High quality and really cute addition to the nursery

I tend to like everything to match in my baby’s nursery, but when I received this as a gift it was so cute and neutral that I hung it immediately. My little guy enjoys the entertainment and the songs are even liked by my other 2 toddlers as they sing along with the ABC’s! I particularly like the cloth cover over the plastic hanging rod. Adds a touch of design and softness. I wish I would have seen this Skip Hop crib set when doing the nursery. The set is adorable!

Janell Demotte, IN

Nice mobile, but wouldn’t fit my crib

This is a nice mobile and functionally I have nothing bad to say about it, but I would caution people to make sure that it will fit your crib. The way my crib is designed, the mobile will not attach properly…

Bridgett Braden, TN