Skip Hop Dash Deluxe Charcoal

Skip Hop Dash Deluxe Charcoal

Skip Hop Dash Deluxe Diaper Bag Skip Hop Dash Diaper Bag features eleven roomy pockets, including a zippered compartment that holds baby’s care items in addition to keeping money, cards, keys, etc. Features smart shuttle clips that allow the bag to attach neatly to any stroller or convert into a fashionable messenger-style diaper bag and includes a changing pad. Why You’ll Love It: A convenient, durable and roomy diaper bag that doubles up as changing kit, with eleven pockets that can hold most essentials for baby and parent needs. Features 11 pockets include a zippered personal pocket Convenient magnetic flap closure-flap closes in different ways Changing pad Adjustable shoulder strap with soft, removable shoulder pad for maximum comfort Product Dimensions:12.2 x 4.2 x 11.5 inches

Main features

  • It features a new shuttle clip and a unique strap
  • Fastening system allows the DASH to attach neatly and conveniently to the handlebars of any stroller
  • It includes a new magnetic closure throughout
  • Cushioned changing pad and shoulder pad are included
  • It includes eleven pockets in total along with a zippered personal pocket

Verified reviews


Love It! It’s a life saver

Skip Hop Dash Deluxe diaper bag is awesome. It stores everything neatly and organized:o) I love that it comes with an extra storage space for wallet, keys, & cell phone. It’s not overly feminine so my hubby can carry it around as well. It holds bottles, change of clothes, diapers, comes with a change pad, holds all baby toiletries. I have gone thru 4 diaper bags before I found one that really worked for us. I highly recommend it. If there is any draw back to this product it would be that the main compartment flap is held closed by magnets instead of a snap or latch. Other than that this the perfect diaper bag:o)

Tori Utopia, TX

Perfect for us

First off, I am a stay at home mom of a 4 year old and 2 month old and I breastfeed. I think whether or not this bag will work for you depends on your lifestyle and what type of packer you are. This may not be best for a daycare bag, carrying lots of bottles, or multiple babies. I like to carry as little as possible and am extremely organized. Carrying around a huge diaper bag is not convenient for me and how many items do you really need to carry with you on a daily basis? I do like to leave a bag of extra clothes for my oldest in the car for emergencies, but I’ve never even had to use them. I like how this bag has a pocket for everything and keeps the bag organized. It is not a bottomless pit. I may need something a little bigger when it comes time to carry toys/books around to keep my little one entertained but for now I love it. On a daily basis I keep in here: 6 diapers, wipes, diaper cream, gas drops, diaper sack dispenser, hand sanitizer, tissues, snacks for my 4 year old, change of clothes(onesie, sleep n play, socks) for my baby, burp rag, nursing cover, bib, changing pad, and a small cosmetics bag and wallet for me. Even with all this there is still room to spare and I can fit a water bottle or sippy cup in the outside pockets if need be. I also like how this bag will stand up on its own, something i disliked about the DUO bag. The stroller straps are also fantastic.

Lucinda Portage, ME

A great diaper bag

I love my Skip Hop Dash Deluxe. I also own a Skip Hop Duo Deluxe by the way. Skip Hop bags are fantastic. They are really pretty, super durable, and have tons of pockets. The magnet closures work great (including the two sets of magnets on the Dash flap). The main selling feature for me on Skip Hop is the integrated shuttle clips which clip the bag to a stroller or grocery cart. Because the clips are sewn into the shoulder strap, they can’t get lost like another brand that is out there. The Dash isn’t a massive bag but is more than big enough to carry everything I need – feeding supplies (bib, spoons, placemats, food), bottle supplies (burp cloth, formula container, filled bottles), diapers and wipes, change of clothes, blanket, toys, etc. There is also a “mommy pocket” that I have gum, etc. in. And, because of the big flap on the Dash as well as the soft style fabric, I can stuff things on top like wallet, etc. I have posted an even more detailed review with photos at […]

Chelsey Mc Intire, IA

Love this bag

This bag is so cute & stylish. I just love this bag. My son is only 16 months old and I have already gone thru 4 diaper bags, this is my 5th one. So far it has been very durable (I mean it is jean material) it has lots of pockets for baby and your things. I can fit about 4 diapers, wipes, 2 or 3 changes of clothes, snacks, a blanket, & burp rag + a couple of small toys in this bag. And then of course you can put 2 bottles/sippy cups in the out side pockets. And with all that I can still fit my wallet & keys in the bag too. I also love it because I can take it anywhere and I’m not embarrassed by the way it looks. It’s not cheesy looking, and it’s not stale looking either. I would totally recommend this bag. I only wish they had such cute bags when I had my other kids 😉

Maritza Lindale, TX

Good for the price I paid…

I got this on sale super cheap (otherwise I wouldn’t have purchased it), so I didn’t judge its shortcomings as harshly as I might have had I paid full price. It is a well-made, sturdy and attractive bag. The little straps that allow it to attach to the handle bars of the stroller are fantastic and the only reason that I use this bag as much as I do.Now, this isn’t a bag I could use to take to the daycare everyday with all the accutrements required for such a trip. Like others have said, this bag may have pockets gallore, but you can only use a few at a time. There is no way this would hold 4 bottles, 2 outfits, various medicines and creams, and all the other myriad things I pack in my big bag each day. Initially, my thought was that I would never use this bag for that very reason.But for trips to the mall, out to eat, or just to run an errand or two, this bag does the job. Like I said, it’s very handy the way it can clip on to the stroller so that you don’t lose the valuable space beneath the seat. I rarely carry the bag on my shoulder so I can’t speak to the comfort or ease of carrying (and you can’t fill it very full, so I don’t know how comfortable it would be if it was heavy with “stuff”). I have also never used the changing pad that came with it (I have my own that I use).Bottom line: don’t pay full price for this bag if you intend to feel like you’re getting your money’s worth. If you can get it at a reasonable price, go for it–you’ll like it if you use a stroller fairly regularly.

Imelda Baker, FL

High quality bag for getting out and about with baby

i love that this is bag comes in all black (surprisingly hard to find!), so dad doesn’t feel weird carrying it around. i like to use this bag when i am carrying my baby around the city, it’s big enough for all the things i need, but not so huge and has an adjustable strap for cross body or shoulder carrying. the messenger style top flap makes for easy access on the go and the selection of outer and inner pockets are super useful. as a mother of two, i have to say giant diaper bags are only useful for maybe the first year then you will want something a bit smaller. the dash is a nice medium-size. overall a fantastic bag!

Julia Protivin, IA

Not For Cloth Diapers

We received this diaper bag as a gift after adding it to our Amazon Baby Registry based on positive reviews. It did the job for a while… but in the end it landed at the back of the closet. Here’s why…Cloth Diapers: they’re a lot bulkier than disposable, and this bag did not allow us to carry more than two on any outing.Always Open: most families keep their diaper bags stuffed full of everything you need for a trip, and when you use the full capacity of this bag the top is not long enough to reach the magnet and it opens up spilling everywhere.Not Enough Compartments: I’m big on organization, and the small front pockets didn’t give me the space I needed to keep things organized.Now we’re using our old laptop backpack as a diaper bag, and it works great. The only thing I miss are the stroller clips.

Nanette Tremont, MS

just a great diaper bag for the money

Promt delivery. Just a great bag overall. Many pockets and various compartments. Also zipped pocket for mom’s personal items: wallet, lipstick, phone, keys, etc. Sturdy quality, strong handle, padded for comfort. Also I like the colors. I would definitely recommend this bag to my family member or best friend. I don’t like to overpack my bag, cause I put it on the stroller, it is not bulky at all and the flap permits for fast and easy excess.

Mildred Waco, KY

Just ok

I love the pattern and the pockets but this bag is just too small. The magnetic closure also drives me crazy, it is always flapping open. I’m afraid I’ll lose a toy, binky or my wallet one of these days. Will definitely be replacing this bag when I get a chance.

Hilary West Union, WV

Good quality but too small

When I first got this bag I love it so much as it has multiple compartments as my baby grows bigger I found this bag way too small after I put a few diapers, a diaper changing station, wipe case and nursing cover it’s already full. I end up needing a separate bag for his toys, change of clothes, snacks.

Luella Freeport, ME

Great for short trips

I was looking for a bag for short trips to the mall or grocery store with my newborn, and this bag works great. For longer trips, I would recommend a bigger bag. This one is just big enough for a few diapers, wipes, pacifier, 2 bottles, burp cloths, and an outfit change. My favorite feature is the stroller clips; I wish every diaper bag would come with these! I got this bag in the charcoal color, and my husband loves it as well.

Madeline Radcliffe, IA

Great Diaper Bag!

I really enjoy my Skip Hop Dash Messenger Diaper Bag. I have the one with the onyx tile, and I thought it was stylish and can go with any of my outfits. I like how it doesn’t feel like it’s a diaper bag, but more like a purse to fit everything in! I’m an organized person, and I really like how I can organize all the things I need. On the sides, you can put a bottle, water bottle, or any type of drink. It fits well with most of the cups that I have already at home! Inside, I can organize all of my things, and I can find them very quickly! The clips/strap is great too! I can put it on my shoulder, or clip it into my stroller! How awesome is that?! It’s really easy to use! I like how it comes with a changing pad, cause not all bags come with one! I really enjoy my bag!

Antonia Milburn, KY

Pretty, but not as functional as I’d hoped.

This diaper bag is really cute, but that’s the best thing it has going for it. It is a decent size and has some nice features. My big complaint is that it will not stay closed unless there is very little stuff in it, or it is organized just so. If I have too much in the center of the bag I can’t even get both magnets to touch at the same time so the flap ends up sticking out. It works great when I pack it before leaving the house, but as soon as I throw a few things in after a change it just won’t stay closed. The large flap also makes it a little bit difficult to maneuver in tight spaces. I replaced this with a zippered diaper bag.

Ramona Brookston, MN

Smaller than it looks

I bought then returned this item after getting it because it’s way too small. If this is your first, it may be enough, but with two kids I’m going to need something bigger. Besides the size, it’s really cool, I love the color and style

Anita Tuba City, AZ

This great diaper bag doubles as my purse

I received this bag as a gift and it was different than the one i registered for. I am SO glad I have it. It is adorable and barely looks like a diaper bag. It has compartments on the sides that work great for storing 4 oz bottles and many pockets for keys, your cell phone, diaper cream, nursing pads, or whatever you need that is smaller and something you want to easily access. The larger compartment holds all of the diapers and wipes you’ll need for a whole day with plenty of room left for a few outfits for baby. I even stash an extra swaddling blanket in the bag. It truly is a stylin’ print and it feels good to carry something that doesn’t look like a big, icky diaper bag. It just looks like a messenger bag. The fabric is super easy to clean and durable as well and the wide shoulder straps are very comfy.

Colleen Diamond Point, NY

Great option for a smaller diaper bag

Pros:-cute fabrics-a good amount of pockets for storage-included changing mat-cushioned shoulder strap-easy to stay organizedCons:-no good place for sippie storage-magnets on flap not strong enough-not quite large enoughThis was actually the first baby-related item I bought when I found out I was pregnant. I got the design that has flowers and leaves. It’s really cute! It seemed like it would be big enough to fit all we needed to carry for our newborn, but I didn’t really know how much I’d be carrying. When it came down to it, we had this bag filled to the brim. When it’s really full, the top flap won’t stay closed very securely. It’s definitely nice that it closes with magnets instead of velcro, but they aren’t very strong magnets. There are two sets of them so that you can adjust the flap depending on how full the bag is. There are quite a few pockets, but there’s not really a great place to put sippies. None of the pockets are quite large enough. We gave up on using this bag when our son was 6 months and switched to theSkip Hop Bento Diaper Tote Bag, Black. Our son is 18 months old now, and we have switched back to the Dash Deluxe because we aren’t carrying around as much.

Ana Middle Point, OH


It turned out perfect! My daughter is delighted with the practical, spacious and excellent material that is made. Good quality!

Wilma Madrid, IA

I expected more

The dash deluxe diaper bag appears to be larger when viewing the product online (on any website). It is definitely a bit smaller than I expected. I also expected the material to be different based on the pictures, I though it would be more of a smooth, glossy surface rather than textured, which I would have liked for cleaning purposes. The diaper bag I’ve been using can only be sufficiently cleaned in the washer, so I wanted something that works better in that respect. I love the pattern and for the few things I need for a 22 months old this bag is sufficient. We’ll see how it plays out when I have to pack for my newborn next month. The bag is sturdy and I like that it stands up by itself. That being said, I can only repeat some of the other buyer’s feedback: Due to its sturdiness, the bag doesn’t expand much, so if you fill the pockets, your taking away space from the adjacent pockets. I pondered if I should return the bag due to the unexpected size restrictions, but I still like it a lot and as a second time mom I believe I can optimize my packing to make this bag work. In the end this should benefit me because I’m not dragging around a huge heavy bag like I did with my first child. Also, shortly after my son’s first birthday I didn’t need to bring half the items anymore that I used to when he was a baby. For a toddler this bag is more than enough space.Addendum: I very much like this diaper bag now that I’m using it for my newborn and 2 year old. It fits all of the necessities, has plenty of pockets to keep things organized, and I love the zippered pocket in the front to keep my monthly planner and paperwork separated and protected from the kids’ items. Also, the handle on the back by the changing pad pocket is very handy when attaching the bag to the stroller/shopping cart handles. One inconvenience is the soft changing pad that is tough to be placed back in the pocket, especially when the bag is full and if you only have one hand available.

Rena Harvel, IL

Organization at its best

This bag is perfect for our weekend getaways with the kids! My husband complains I always carry too much stuff for 3 days, so this bag allows me to efficiently organize everything they need without going overboard. It fit’s the diapers, wipes case, all their other essentials, plus a few toys as well my keys and wallet. It conveniently organizes everything so I’m not fussing around and fits on the stroller perfectly. Would definitely recommend this bag.

Jordan Vancouver, WA

Not Bad for a Smaller Bag

I have had my skip hop dash deluxe for a year now and I like the look of it but I only use it for days when I know I don’t need a ton of things. It is on the smaller side so it isn’t great for cramming in all the necessities for a newborn, espeically if you end up using formula. The edges are fraying and I had to replace the shoulder strap because the adjustment buckle broke off – but skip hop was so great to send me a new strap for free. My friend has the Via Messenger by skip hop and I think I would go with that one if I had to choose again – it seems to hold more and I like the compartments better, plus the fabric seems much more durable and it isn’t fraying after a year of use. I also have friends with the versa and the studio totes and those are so cute and still going strong for them.Overall I really like the skip hop brand and their service is great, but I’d go with the Via instead of the Dash. Both the dash and the via have great compartments for diapers, the changing pad, bottles, and pockets for the extra little items like hand sanitizer. The fabrics and patterns are cute, though the Via fabric looks nicer and appears to be more durable and wipeable. I like that you can put the wipes in with the changing pad in the back of the bag and the changing pads are thoroughly padded for hard surfaces. I’ve tossed my changing pad in the wash numerous times and it always looks great after. I am a total germaphobe and I don’t like the bags where you have to store the pad inside the main bag compartment (I’m looking at you Kate Spade!). These are great messengers for little ones!Also if you want something that will hold everything and still have room to spare / be somewhat lightweight / look fashionable / and be usable for years to come check out the Porter bag by Moop (on easy). I can cram mine full for a day out and it isn’t bulging with stuff and it still looks great when I just need a few things as well. I will be using this bag as a diaper bag / carryon tote / etc for years.

Suzanne Atmore, AL

Nice quality bag but way too small!

Just as many other reviewers said, this bag is too small for anything more than a quick trip to town or the park. I should have believed the reviews when I read them…but I fell in love with the style and color/pattern!I like the magnetic closures, the fact that you can attach it to a stroller, and the number of pocketsBUT.The bag is simply NOT big enough. The pockets are nice, but you can’t fill them, otherwise the space simply disappears and other pockets are left useless. The material is nice and heavy, but that poses a problem when the bag is full, and you have to try folding the top over to close it (it doesn’t close nicely). And there was definitely NOT enough room for everything newborn-related, and I ended up using another bag for the first few months.I am currently on the hunt for a great diaper bag that can be packed/used for more than a few hours. I am sad that this isn’t the bag, as I was very excited about it, and it was expensive (a gift, but still expensive). Maybe I can use it as a laptop bag…So, if you are really interested in this bag, please go check it out at Buy Buy Baby first (the last place I saw it, but I think Babies R Us had it as well).

Lorrie Spring Mills, PA

Durable but a bit small

I really like this bag my only regret is that the inside pocket isn’t very large. We have a hard time fitting everything in and we have to pack it just right every time we use. We end up usually an old purse/bag of mine instead because we can just throw the things in it because we’re almost always in a hurry.

Gina Volga, WV

Great pattern and pockets but too small

This diaper bag is very stylish (onyx tile) and the over design is great but it is too small. There are 4 pockets outside, which are very handy and the inside is too small. I have 3 newborn diapers, a mini wipes pack, 1 pair of pjs, a nb onesie, and a small thin blanket in the bag and there is no room left for anything else. I’m going to save it as a back up bag but can’t imagine using it on a daily basis.

Ila Portland, ND

nice bag, a bit small

This bag is stylish and of good quality. It is on the small side though, so I’m not sure how well it would work for dropping off at a sitter where you’d need to include extra clothes, etc. But for a stay-at-home mom who travels with minimal gear, this bag works well. It has lots of compartments which makes it easy to keep your things organized. I use a separate cooler type bag for snacks/drinks and use this bag for diapering/my things/other baby gear.

Verna Earlsboro, OK

would skip if I had a do over

I ordered this bag thinking it was unobtrusive and sleek and in black it looked like a bag I might have carried before I had a baby and in black my husband could carry it as well. I am happy with how attractive it is. The interior pockets are well proportioned for diapers and inside I can fit about eight diapers, a wipes case, a change of clothes, a toy, and my hooter hider, so it seems roomy. My phone, keys, hand sanitizer, and a small wallet can go in the outside pockets. The way it snap onto the stroller is awesome.CONS: It is pretty tight and the more it expands inside the tighter the outside pockets are, that seems to be a given, but I will verify what other reviewers have said, if you put too much inside the outside pockets are useless. The changing pad that comes with it is virtually impossible to get back into the back pocket when the bag is empty or when it is full, much less when you are changing a baby on the fly. Also the magnet closures really don’t hold well especially if the bag has stuff in it.

Patti Tryon, NC

Beautiful and functional!

I recieved this bag in the cherry blossom print and LOVE it! Its so mod and stylish for a young mom! Even though I have a little boy it is not too girly, and my husband doesn’t mind carrying it(even though he does have his own bag). I searched everywhere for the perfect bag, and looked at tons of designer bags with much higher price tags and did not find anything as nice looking and functional. I get compliments everyday! It has plenty of room for everything I want to carry, but I breast feed, and usually only need to carry one bottle. Maybe if you needed more bottles and formula you would want something a little larger? It is sooo comfortable to carry, and very lightweight. I also love how it attaches so easily to the stroller. I ordered the Skip hop diaper bag details too which maximizes the room I do have, and it makes everything very organized and easy to find. I don’t even carry a purse any more, and this has become the one baby item I would be completely lost without.

Ivy Dover, MN

Skip Hop Dash Deluxe

This is a wonderful diaper bag. It is the perfect size for us, with our 8 month old. It has many pockets, helping me stay organized on the go. I absolutely love the feature that allows you to clip the diaper bag neatly to a stroller. It makes my life so much easier, not having to worry about where to put the diaper bag when we go for a walk. And it unclips very easily too, so if I’m in a rush, I don’t need to worry about untangling the bag from the handles of the stroller. The shoulder strap is comfortable as well, and it can go over your head and across your chest easily, making it more secure than when it just hangs on one shoulder. The magnetic closures work really well, and there are two sets of magnets, so if the bag is extra full, you can still close the bag. I have had only a good experience with Skip Hop products, so that was the biggest reason we chose this diaper bag, and we have not been disappointed.

Ernestine San Gregorio, CA

super bag!

This bag is great. I bought it because my husband liked it too (meaning he will be willing to take it out when walking our girls) and I love the number of pockets and the size. We managed to fit all kinds of baby necessities inside and it still looks great. The quality is also great. We definitely recommend this one

Dona Avoca, TX

Too small…

I was trying to like this product. The design of the bag is great. The con is the bag is small. The bag is tall like other diaper bags but inside of the bag is very narrow which only accommodates for small number of things.

Lynn Sumterville, FL

Love it

I love skip hop products. They are never disappointing however I bought this bag thinking I won’t need to pack much with twins and boy was I ever wrong!! I will still rate this 5 stars because I gave it to my friend who had one baby at the same time as me and she loves it! Said it’s perfect and roomy and has lots of compartments for all her sons things. So just dont get is bag if ur having twins! Lol I went Ahead and bought a skip hop duo deluxe version for twins and I absolutely love it!!

Phoebe Marshall, AK