Skip Hop Dunks Stacking Bath Toy, Blue, Green, Yellow

Skip Hop Dunks Stacking Bath Toy, Blue, Green, Yellow

Rinse, stack, pour and float. This adorable set of three colorful ducks float and pour, providing endless bath time fun. DUNCK does double duty as mom or dad’s rinse cup, keeping baby happy and clean. Stacks up neatly for storage after bath.

Main features

  • Lots of ways to play and learn: Pour, stack and float
  • Parents can use as a rinse cup
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Ages 10 months plus
  • Ages 10m+

Verified reviews


Cute and functional!

Love these "bath toys." We use them to rinse baby, but I’m sure he will be more interested in them as toys once he gets a little older. I love that they combine functionality with a cute design that’s brightly colored to catch baby’s attention and keep him entertained during bath time.

Sheree Donovan, IL

Decent toy, but uninteresting

So these toys have become rather uninteresting for our son, caused by having more interesting toys now most likely. We have one of those toy nets in the tub and my one complaint would be that these always fall to the bottom so that they will catch any water from other toys in the net. I know the point is to hold water, but a small hole on the bottom would allow water to drain and it would still hold water while playing in the tub.

Andrea Fort Monmouth, NJ

Love this!!!

I bought these for a toy and i now use these to rince my 4 month old sons hair the way it is shaped allows you to do so without getting water in their face. they are light weight and easy to direct water also they float!!! worth the $.

Alexandria Northrop, MN

Hooray for non-ugly baby stuff!

It seem like older my baby gets, the more STUFF we end up with. He is almost 9 months old and his STUFF has moved into the bathroom…specifically, the bath tub. Most baby stuff is not visually appealing to me at all; in fact, I find most of it pretty ugly. These, on the other hand, are very nice! They have a clean, simple design and a nice color combination. They stack on the side of the tub and I like the way they look there. They work okay rinsing him off…they are a little small. But, I’d rather have small pretty birds sitting next to the tub than a big plastic pitcher. They also float and it was brilliant to sell them in a package of three — I start to wash my son, he takes the bird from me and sticks it in his mouth and I grab another bird and keep washing him. I love outsmarting the baby. Also, they are made from safer plastic so I feel okay letting him chew on them.

Eloise Ivel, KY

Very cute

These are great for rinsing, and my baby loves to play with them. They have been our favorite bath toys from the beginning.

Alicia Kings Canyon National Pk, CA

Fun and useful

My 8 month old loves to splash these during bathtime and they are perfect for rinsing shampoo and soap off of him.

Chasity Hazelton, ND

Cute, not fun

My daughter isn’t interested in this bath toy. I do think they are cute, and I have tried to get her to enjoy them. I have filled them and poured water out for her, or spun them in the tub, or stacked them up, or floated her other smaller toys in them. She just doesn’t care about them at all. I will say they are pretty large, so make sure you have storage for them before you buy. Maybe she will like them better when she’s older, but right now, I am the only one playing with them.

Francis San Mateo, FL

Great bath toy too!

My little 5 month old loves playing with these in the bathtub, they aren’t just for washing his hair. I would totally recommend these.

Anastasia Weogufka, AL


bright color, cute, i had to get 2 different sets to get the colors i wanted (blue/green/pink). durable plastic for the kids to play in the water… not sure what other uses, but it’s cute.

Bernadette Edgewater, FL

For grandson

At ten months, he did not really fill and pour, but think he will do that when a little older. They hold water well, are easy to hold (for both adult and a baby), and very best of all, are non-toxic material wise, and a bath toy most importantly that will not be hiding mold!!!

Petra Marble Canyon, AZ

Great Extra item for bath time fun!

It’s not as big as I thought to rinse my little one off (she’s 2yrs) but for smaller babies, it can be useful for that. I just like that they float and it’s something my daughter likes to stack and dunk and pour the water out (I just have to make sure the water stays poured inside the tub 🙂 ). I was surprised how well they float upright. Definitely something to add for bath time fun.

Lidia Viola, ID

Big hit with my 18 month old

We gave these to my son when he was about 18 months. He’s now almost 2 and he still loves them. He loves to pout the water from one to another and back into the tub.They stack nicely for play, but also for easy storage.They are also very easy to clean without the little edges other toys have, which makes it easier if junior has an accident while in the bath.

Sierra Keota, OK

Fun for bathtime

I use these to rinse my son during his baths. They work really good for that and they are fun for him to play with while he’s in the tub. They float very good and he enjoys putting things inside of them. I’d definitely recommend.

Lucille Sharon, OK


They are perfect for what I was looking for. I needed something cute to rinse my baby during her baths, she seems to like it too as if they were bath toys.

Virginia Aydlett, NC

Great as a toy and for bathing

I love most of the Skip Hop products and this one is no different. This product is great for bathing little ones and you get three in a pack so they can use one as a toy as well. I definitely recommend this product.

Ollie Port Sanilac, MI

Love these!

I got these to help rinse the shampoo from my child’s hair quickly. I was formerly using a mini watering can (pool toy) but this makes it faster. I like how the water shakes out of these completely. I hate trying to squeeze all the water out of most bath toys.

Lina Jenison, MI

Great Size

This are big! We love them, the hold a lot of water, safe for children, plastic has good quality. we love them.

Blanche Aleppo, PA

Tubtime fun for Toddlers

My Grandson has these & likes pouring water in & out of them. I use them to pour water over his head. They float, & sometimes he puts a car in them & watches it sink. He’s been enjoying these since he turned 1 yr old – he’s 27 mo now & still uses them, but not as much. I’ve recently given him a 2 cup plastic measuring cup & he likes that better because it holds more water.

Juanita Andale, KS

Bath toy for Baby and Parents

These are wonderful bath cups! We used them when our son was first born to bathe him in the sink. They were so much easier than a plastic cup and looked cooler too. As my son grew he began to play with them during bath time. And we continued to use them to rinse his hair and body. They even float. The plastic is sturdy and they don’t mold. You can always trust Skip Hop for innovative and useful baby products, these cups are no exception. Dunks are one of my go to baby shower gifts.

Daphne House, NM

Cute and functional

These are cute toys for baby but they’re also very functional for pouring water over baby’s head and body. They come in handy and hold just the right amount of water for rinsing baby off. 🙂

Sherry Sabattus, ME

Versatility at it’s funnest!

We’ve had these toys for about a year now and our three year is still addicted to them! It’s the perfect bath time toy that both mommy and toddler can use. We also bring it to the beach where he loves to fill it with sand when he’s building sand castles and he loves to bring it to the pool so he can pour water on himself and splash mommy and daddy. These toys are very durable and are able to withstand all his little activities!!

Annmarie Malta, ID

Work for 5-6 month baby

I got these ducks because my husband likes modern/clean lined things and these were a hit for him. I like them because they don’t take up space like traditional ducks and they can be cleaned–no moldy water to shoot out of the bottom of them. Now on to the baby! Our daughter at 5-6 months sits in the big bath with me and she loves to reach for them and bring them to her mouth to suck on. They are useful for pouring water to rinse her. We look forward to seeing her learn how to poor with them and how to make them sink with water, etc.

Tania Dibble, OK

a lot of applications for a simple toy

These are such great bath toys.We use them to wash shampoo off my daughter’s head. She also loves to play with the streams of water we pour out. She’ll also push them around, put other toys in them, and eat them. I’m sure she will continue to enjoy these as she gets older. We started using them at 5 months and they’re still in use at 9 months.

Jacqueline New Berlinville, PA

unique bath time tool and toy

This product doubles as a device for pouring water over a baby’s body and as floating bath time toys. I love that this product is very unique. I haven’t seen anything like this down any baby aisle. It’s a functional accessory for bath time.

Suzette Piney Point, MD

Great as a toy and a water scoop

These are cute and work well for playtime in the bath and also for scooping water for rinsing. My only very minor complaint is they could be a touch flatter on the bottom so they could sit on their own more sturdily. But for the most part they are great. Would purchase again or as a shower gift.

Arlene Nara Visa, NM

I Just Thought They Were Cute

Another reviewer said these are redundant and I can see their point. I bought them for my 2 1/2 year old daughter to play with during bathtime but I think I like them more than she does. She basically just pours water from one to another and I can see how that might get old after a few baths. But they also float in the water like rubber ducks would and I use them to pour water over her head when washing her hair. Otherwise, they’re pretty large and basic. Colorful though- I really like the colors! And the plastic is solid- not easily bent or warped. And I like that they at least stack well, instead of taking up more space.A little too simple for the price and you probably only need 1 or 2, not 3, but we’ve got them now and I like them so they’re staying!Shipping was quick; they arrived in excellent condition.

Evelyn Fairforest, SC

Very smart product

I love these…it can be used to shower the baby or let it float on the water which is really cute for babies. Recommend these 🙂

Dana Towson, MD

Excellent colors and material!

Excellent colour and material! Great for playing during bath time and also to pouring water on my daughter in the bathtub.

Doris Carthage, SD

Slam ‘dunk’ in the tub

My little one surely likes these. We got the blue, green and yellow set. They float, they pour, they splash! She put rubber duckies inside and made them like little boats. Very fun, both for the bather and the naked baby!

Rosemarie Oil Trough, AR


Great toy for the bath time. I use one to rinse my 17 month old grandson’s hair and he gets to play with the other two.

Pauline Renfro Valley, KY