Skip Hop Duo Deluxe Orange

Skip Hop Duo Deluxe Orange

Innovative. Versatile. Stylish. Durable. The Skip Hop Duo’s multitude of pockets and compartments easily organize diapers, bottles, sippy cups, food and toys, while keeping your phone, PDA, wallet, keys and other personal items safe and dry. The Deluxe Edition features the new Shuttle Clips; a unique strap and fastening system that allows the Duo to attach neatly and conveniently to the handlebars of any stroller and then convert into a cool, hip shoulder bag. When attached to the stroller, you can leave the shoulder strap attached or remove it for a cleaner look. The Duo Deluxe Edition is 30% larger than the original ? so there?s room for all your essentials ? and it includes new magnetic closures throughout and a comfy shoulder pad. The Duo’s clean modern design has been a favorite of moms and dads for years, and the Deluxe Edition improves on it in every way. Features: Hangs neatly on a stroller and can be worn over the shoulder Patent pending Shuttle Clips make the Duo the ultimate stroller bag; either leave the shoulder strap attached or remove it for a cleaner look Strong magnetic closures throughout Extraordinarily durable ply-canvas construction ? this bag will last for years Cushioned changing pad Side pocket for bottle or sippy cup Shoulder strap includes soft, removable shoulder pad Eleven pockets in total, including a zippered personal pocket Convenient cell phone pocket and easy-access pen holders Contrasting lining makes it easy to find everything inside Dimensions: 13″W x 4.35″D x 13.75″H

Main features

  • 100% Polyester
  • Four interior slip pockets. Seven exterior pockets

Verified reviews


Excellent stylish diaper bag!

With all the expensive trendy embroidery diaper bags out there, this one is much better and worth the price.I chose this over the embroidery ones because these can be cleaned with good old soap and water. The others need to be dry cleaned!
• The Duo Deluxe has many pockets which are ideal for someone who likes to put various things in different places.
• The Shoulder strap and padded section is just right, even for shorter people
• The uptown stripe (that I have) is great because of the many colors, and I don’t feel like I clash with my clothes or stroller (red).
• The stroller clips, is what sold me on this bag, and I am EVER so thankful for them. You can buy separate clips for most other diaper bags, but those cost half the total cost of this bag.
• It has turned into my purse, since I don’t need to carry a separate purse with this bag.
• It is deep which is nice for us cloth diaper users.
• It sits upright when placed on the floor and has never toppled over even when I cram everything in.It could be a little bit wider at the base, but then it would be bulkier, so all in all it’s perfect!GREAT PRICE!

Katherine Crown, PA

Love It!

I’m not a bag fanatic; I’m just a busy first time Mom who wanted something that would work well. I couldn’t be happier with this diaper bag. It’s almost perfect and I absolutely love it.The main compartment is almost magical. It’s large and deep, holds a ton, yet I somehow seem to be able to reach into the bag and instantly find what I need. I routinely keep a blanket, extra outfit, burp cloth, my wallet, and several toys in it comfortably. There are two pockets inside the bag, one for diapers and the other for wipes. Now that my son is older I only keep 5-7 diapers in there but when he was younger I kept about 10 in the bag with no problem. The bag is a perfect size for outings with a young child. On the outside there is a bottle holder for either a water bottle for nursing Mom or a milk bottle for baby on one side and a cell phone pocket on the other side. Two pockets on the front hold small items like keys or small toys. The bag is comfortable to carry over my shoulder and when it’s on my shoulder it stays put so I don’t have to fuss with the bag while I’m tending to my son. More often, though, the bag is on my stroller where it fits perfectly. The bag also stands up easily on its own so I can easily get to what I need while I’m holding my baby.Before I bought the bag I was concerned about the closures on the pockets. I actually really like them. The closures are strong magnets that stay closed when you want them to stay closed but more importantly they don’t make it too difficult to quickly reach in when you need something like a burp cloth quickly. The closure combined with how deep the bag is means that I’ve never had a problem with items spilling out of the bag if it gets knocked over. Also, the bag is very durable and holds up well. I’ve been using the bag constantly for the last 9+ months and the bag still looks like new. I also bought theSkip Hop Pacifier Pocket – Blackto use with the bag and I think it’s a nice addition.There are two negatives I have about the bag. First, it doesn’t come with a wipes case, but those are easy to find and buy. Second, the changing pad is a little small but I’ve been using it for months without problem.I highly recommend this bag.

Monika Hinckley, ME

The Mecca of Diaper Bags!

If I could give this diaper bag a hundred stars, I would. It is absolutely everything I have ever wanted in a diaper bag, and as my husband can attest, I have tried just about every diaper bag on the market! Think of anything and everything you are looking for in a diaper bag, I guarantee you this bag has it and more! Skip Hop has thought of every contingency and has put together a diaper bag for every parent. It is roomy but not bulky…Right now, in my diaper bag, I have 6 size three diapers, a formula dispenser, Boogie Wipes, mittens, a snack container that will hold six ounces of his puffs, the Skip Hop Wipes container, my iPad, all of my sons medicines (which include Vicks baby rub, nose drops, baby Tylenol, baby Oragel, tummy soother, and a baby vitamin), two pacifiers, baby nail clippers, diaper rash ointment, hand sanitizer, the included changing pad, my things (including lip balms, meds and keys) Sophie the Giraffe, and my big Paul Frank blanket. And that’s almost all inside the main pocket, with room still in the outside pockets! It holds a ton and doesn’t even feel bulky and thanks to the cushioned shoulder strap, it doesn’t dig into your shoulder either! It’s got a cell phone pocket on the side, and a mesh bottle or 20 ounce Coke holder for mom or dad as well. The design is super cute and makes me feel like I have a bit of my own personality still and am not just mom with a frumpy diaper bag. With this bag, I don’t need to carry a purse, which makes travel and going through stores so much easier. I’ve never had the shoulder strap slip down my arm either, something a lot of other diaper bags do, which makes it annoying to hold your diaper bag and a baby and push a stroller all at the same time. This also has a convenient clip, which makes attaching to your stroller a cinch! I’ve had so much trouble with past diaper bags hanging too low, or with most of the JuJuBe bags (I had the JuJuBe BeAll) you have to buy an additional accessory to be able to clip it onto your stroller. I wish that I had bought this diaper bag right from the get-go, because I would have saved myself SO much money in diaper bags and saved myself the headache of carrying three bags around the stores. I adore this bag and would recommend it to any parent!

Susana Benton, TN

HATE This Bag!!

This is bag is cute but it is not worth the headache. If you fill the pockets up – you cannot get into the middle part….I am always digging for stuff…drives me crazy. Also – it falls over all the time since you cannot fill up the middle. I will say the mesh bottle holder is nice but that is about it. I would suggest Peutina Pickle Bottom (pricy) or a JJ Cole….you can at least use the main part of the bag.

Rhea Fruitland, UT

too small

I have this bag and do not like it at all. It is way too small! All the pockets are great but if you put anything in the pockets you have no room inside the bag in the main space. It’s so frustrating! I can hardly fit all that I need and I just have a newborn so there isn’t a ton that I need at this point. The stroller clips are why I bought it and it is nice but not worth it when I cannot fit what I need into the bag.

Lucia Lochgelly, WV

Wish this was a better bag…

I wanted to love this bag–the reviews, the sturdy material, the good amount and well-sized pockets, the unisex design, the stroller clips…all of this made me buy this bag, but after trying to use it for 9 months (!!!), I just hate it, and I’m now shopping for a new bag.It is a good size, but it’s just not big enough. I regularly fit diaper pad, wipes case, two diapers, change of clothes, bib, burp cloth, nursing cover, my water bottle, small wallet, cell phone, and some smaller purse items. So, it does the job of holding the stuff you need, but that’s it…and you are constantly rooting around in the main pocket because it is so deep. And once the pockets are filled, the main pocket doesn’t have much room.I need something that opens up more widely and is more easily accessible, plus I’m looking for something bigger.

Terri Marlboro, NY

Not a fan

This bag requires me to dig. Dig Dig Dig to find the stuff I’m looking for.It’s perhaps too deep.I’m on the hunt for a better bag…

Taylor Mcchord Afb, WA

Looks good but doesn’t hold much

I bought this really because I needed something and I like the looks of it. It is a pretty bag. I regretted it almost immediately upon receiving it. You can’t really put much in it because it doesn’t have a lot of depth to it. I am exclusively breastfeeding so I don’t even need to bring bottles, and this bag is still too small for us.If you put two thin blankets, 1 burp cloth, a nursing cover, a changing pad, 2-3 diapers, some wipes, a change of summer clothes (for baby), your wallet cellphone and keys, a bottle of water, that pretty much takes up all the space. And I mean it takes up all space and it is very hard to dig up what you need when you are out. I can’t imagine how do other moms bring bottles with them. The included changing pad was also very thin and small.If I were to buy another diaper bag, I’d choose something that has a lot more depth to it.

Judy Clinton, NJ


We still did not use this bag (my baby is not born yet), but it looks pretty. I actually do not the nylon on it, but it seems it will be a nice size for a baby bag.. We shall see… Besides that, I wish it was a ziper on the top, instead of a magnetic… Anyway…

Evangelina Warren, ID

Great but no center zipper

Would be perfection if it had a center zipper. You can’t keep it full or it won’t magnetically close and you can’t use in rain or your diapers get wet.

Ruby Otterbein, IN

Love this diaper bag!

My baby boy is 6 months and this is the second diaper bag we’ve purchased! The first one I bought was cheap, cheap. And being a first time mom, I just thought "Why should I spend so much money on a bag???" Pffffttt. I know now that it’s totally worth it if you get something of good quality. This bag has tons of space and pockets to keep everything organized! It’s comfortable to wear, and my husband loves it b/c it just looks like a messenger bag. The little straps that hook on to the stroller are genius. I’d buy this one again in heartbeat!

Jannie Abbeville, AL

Stuff falls out!

I originally bought a Skip Hop Duo because it was recommended by Baby Bargains – and quickly fell out of love with it. The stroller clips I thought were so nifty just threw off the center of gravity and tipped over my stroller. When I put the bag over my shoulder, it would slip off – which is so frustrating when your hands are full with your baby. In addition, every time I went to throw it over my shoulder cross body style and then picked up my baby – things would drop out of it one-by-one (especially on the airplane: Argh!) because it didn’t have a full secure closure. In addition, I felt like I was digging to the bottom of the bag to find the items I needed. Functionality is essential to me – and this wasn’t cutting it.This started my search for the perfect diaper bag. This one has it all: Ju-Ju-Be BFF.

Janelle Yantic, CT

I’m glad I got it!

I was torn on getting this bag because I had ordered a bigger one for my baby but decided to get this one as well because I was in love with the style and pattern. I’m glad I got it! I use it all the time! the other one is too big for everyday uses and this one has enough room for the basics. I wish it had a sealed pocked for bottles to put an ice pack and keep them cool… It’s nice to throw over my shoulder and even my husband wears it with baby sometimes and it doesn’t look too girlish. I love the pattern and use it ALL THE TIME.

Jennifer Crestline, CA

solid for 1 infant–but poor quality

Got this for our first infant and it’s been great. First one needed ot be returned because of some bad stitching on an internal pocket but new one has had no problems. Spacious and easy to navigate. Magnetic buckle is nice as are the stroller buckles. Distinctive multi colored polka dot is also easy to spot and see. Whole family likes itUpdate 2/21/2011: After the stitching came undone on an interior pocket, we got a replacement. Two months later we’ve got the same problem–looks like poor quality and stitching. 4 star to 2 star. Contacted support and will update once I hear backUpdate 3/15/2011: Contacted support and got replacement bag. Unsure if quality is still an issue because it looks ok before use but so didn’t the last one. I’d add one star but I consider this a product review not a service review so this stays at 2 stars. Glad to know their service is responsive and right on though.

Sally Cub Run, KY

Not the bag for me

I was still using the diaper bag I’d received as a baby shower gift before my, now 4 yr old, son was born. I now had a 1 yr old as well, and decided it was time for a new bag. I compared 7 diaper bags. The bags I tried were (in order of how much I liked them):- Ju Ju Be BFF – this is the one I now own and use- Ju Ju Be Packabe- JJ Cole Mode- DadGear Backpack- Diaper Dude- Skip Hop Dash Deluxe- Skip Hop Duo DeluxeAs you can see, this bag is at the bottom of the pack. It took me about a minute to look at the Skip Hop bags and decide they were going to be returned. I didn’t like the feel of the fabric, the organization of the bags, and I thought they were too narrow to carry as much as I like to. I liked this one less than the Dash because it’s deeper instead of wider, and I prefer the wider, more shallow bags. I think that makes it easier to find things.I am not a big stroller user. I wear my babies until they’re old enough to at least ride in an umbrella stroller (which can’t support the weight of a diaper bag if the child gets out), so the stroller clip feature is not a factor at all to me.Many of the other bag on my list are a lot more expensive, but if I were to choose a bag in the same price range as this one, I’d go with the JJ Cole Mode.

Vickie Sparta, WI

Smaller than expected

I got this as a baby shower gift. It is alot smaller than expected – good for a secondary smaller diaper bag for quick trips to the grocery store or to the mall. If you planning a day outing with the baby, this is not the large diaper bag you want to bring along. Splurge and buy the large leather diaper bag at Coach after Thanksgiving. They are half off, come with the changing pad, are leather and fit 10x more things!

Carolina Bunola, PA

The perfect diaper bag

This diaper bag is durable, stylish, and the perfect size. It holds everything we need (and then some, because I am a bring-everything-but-the-kitchen-sink kind of person) without getting too bulky, and the pockets are in just the right places. The shoulder strap is comfortable and is easy to attach to our stroller’s handlebar. I’m really surprised at some of the negative reviews-maybe they got a lemon, but my husband and I both think this is the perfect diaper bag.

Angeline Lowake, TX

Great diaper bag!

This is my first diaper bag and we really like it! Here are some observations/comments:1) Color – We got it in red. I figured red was a good neutral color that my husband wouldn’t mind carrying. Hubby may not be as happy to carry the bag if you get a girly pattern. Red also works fine whether you have a boy or girl.2) Size – I really like the size, it has plenty of space for everything we need for a day trip.3) Pockets – I like the cell phone pocket on one side and the bottle holder on the other. The front pockets are also nice and they close magnetically so no fussing with zippers or snaps. The pocket for the portable changing pad in the back is great, although we don’t use the pad that came with the bag, it’s a little flimsy.4) Another reviewer mentioned that it can be hard to reach items in the middle when you start filling up the other pockets. I have found that to be true as well.5) Durability – good quality, I feel like it will last a long time.All in all, very happy with this bag!

Maxine Cassandra, PA

Car & Diaper Bag Stolen, wallet never found by thieves

I thought this was a pretty good diaper bag before my car was stolen, but now I think it’s great. I left the diaper bag and wallet in the car, though I usually keep the wallet in one of the deep, zippered side pockets. Not smart.Anyway, car was recovered and these people went through EVERYTHING. They ripped open thank you notes I had written and was planning to drop at the post office, things from the diaper bag were all over the car, but they never found the wallet in its secret compartment. This is also what drives my husband completely bonkers over the diaper bag. He can never find anything in it. But neither can thieves! I have also travelled with my kiddos with this and it has always been extremely helpful in keeping things organized. I should mention that I have a slightly older version of this bag, in black and white polka dots, that I registered for either at or at Target in 2011 (I can’t remember now; I got it as a gift). Maybe the polka dots add camoflage action.

Suzanne Dayton, OR


I havent started using this diaper bag yet as I am still a month from my due date, but I already like it better then the one I used with my first child. I wanted something that had a pocket for everything so I can stay organized. I also really like the feature where you can attach it to your stroller instead of having to either carry in or put it in the bottom basket in the stroller. It also comes with a small changing pad. Its nice that is comes in so many color choices so I could get something that my husband can use when I am not around.

Kerri Strawberry, AR

Nothing special

I received this diaper bag when my first child was born in 2008. It seems to be the bag that everyone wants. I found that even with one child that it did not have enough room. The bag is designed to be deeper than wider which can make it difficult to find things in the bottom. The top closes magnetically instead of by zipper so if you have the bag overstuffed its not going to close. So when you have it on the seat of your car its going to go flying and dump everything out everywhere all over your car floor. For the price it’s nothing special, no insulated bottle pocket which is a must for me and it really doesn’t hold much. I’d skip this one.

Marissa Koloa, HI

Not the bag for someone with too much or who wants it all zipped up

I selected this bag primarily because my husband and I would be sharing the bag a lot and I didn’t want anything girly for him to use- but I didn’t want a boring solid bag either. The Wave Dot pattern was the perfect compromise. There are a lot of really great features about this bag that I love and the quality is amazing. But there is room for improvement. After a year of use here’s a list of pros and cons:Pros:*Skip hop offers some great unisex patterns that both mom and dad can tote around.*The strap is really long and adjustable. So you can keep it over your shoulder or adjust it to use as a messenger bag.*The padding on the strap makes the bag super comfortable even if the bag is weighed down with heavy items- and its removable so you can wash it if it gets dirty.*The canvas material is sturdy- so the bag keeps it shape and will last for a while. We haven’t had any tears or rips or anything.*Cell phone pocket is awesome- it’s velcro to make sure your phone doesn’t fall out.*The bag pocket is not shown in the photos here but it is a tall pocket the entire width and almost height of the bag- this is perfect for storing diapers in (but does not magnetic or zipper shut) Right above this pocket is a strap sewn horizontally just about the length of the pocket. This is the perfect spot for my Munchkin diaper bag dispenser- it clips right on and is easy to access.*Magnetic closures are strong- I haven’t had a problem with them sticking together.*The shuttle clips are a really nice feature to keep the diaper bag out of the stroller bin and onto the stroller where you can reach items fast. I used this the first few months with a Graco travel system stroller and it fit great. When I transitioned to the Bob jogging stroller the clips don’t work as well simply because of the stroller handle design. You can squeeze it on the Bob but it’s a tight fit (and the Bob basket is pretty small for the bag to fit in there).**The quality of these Skip Hop bags found online is WAYYYY better than the bags you can find at Target for a lower price. You compromise quality with those.Cons:*The pockets fill into the inside of the bag not outward. So if you have too many things in the outside pockets your space inside is compromised.*Because of the size (see below) I have RARELY been able to magnetically close the main compartment because my things are nearly jumping out of the bag. If you want to toss your bag around and have it zippered up so little ones can’t pluck all your items out one by one this is not the bag for you. I usually have to be careful when I set my bag down because depending on how the weight is shifted inside if it tips to the floor your things will come sliding out of the bag.*Although it looks large and they say that the deluxe is larger than the original I have found that it is a real squeeze to get a lot of items in here. I’ve used it for a year and I call it my couple of hours diaper bag- meaning if I’m going to be out for the whole day I use a second diaper bag with more room. I can’t see using it for a baby and a toddler- I don’t know how some of these moms claim to get so much stuff in here. If they do get that much they definitely are having to take everything out to dig around and find things because there isn’t that much wiggle room inside. I do not use this as my purse. The most I keep in here is my cell phone and keys. When I put my wallet into the zippered pouch it takes up previous real estate inside!All in all I would recommend this stylish great quality diaper bag to the person who packs lightly for one child and isn’t concerned about keeping their things secure inside.

Meagan South Webster, OH

Wanted to love it..

I registered for this item because of it’s streamlined, simple look. It is nice because you can fit four 8oz bottles in the front two pockets. Not many diaper bags allow that many to fit on the outside. Like another reviewer said, the two top zipper sections cannot hold anything of volume or you cannot get down into the bag. If I put my formula container in there and my changing pad, you cannot fit anything else inside. It stays open allowing everything inside to fall out. Wished I had registered for something different. I am now splurging to buy a Ju-Ju BFF. Has everything I thought I didn’t need but realized I did.

Christine Stronghurst, IL

Much Smaller Than Expected

First, to put my review in context, I am a new mom (my baby is now 6 months old, so I’ve been using the bag for 6 months). I use this bag both as a diaper bag and to carry my essentials. The way I have the bag set up is as follows: the front two pockets I use for some random little stuff, but nothing too valuable because they are easily accessible. The zip pockets on top I use to carry my own stuff, and the main compartment inside I have baby’s basics: one spare outfit, a burp cloth, small receiving blanket, and my nursing cover (folds to about the same size as the blanket). I use the inner pockets in there to hold no more than 3-4 diapers, and a small pack of wipes in the other. The very back pocket holds the changing pad and sometimes my shopping lists. With that, this bag is PACKED. Notice there are NO toys, books, bottles, snacks, etc.I registered for this bag (and received it as a gift for my baby shower) based on it’s stellar reviews. My experience however has been much more similar to the 3, 2 and 1 star reviews I’ve read on here.The great things about this bag are that it doesn’t feel huge and bulky to carry around, it’s nice looking, my husband doesn’t mind carrying it, the material is strong and durable, and those shuttle clips are fabulous. That said, I have two complaints about this bag:1. It’s too small. I am always struggling to jam things in, or digging to get something out without turning the whole bag upside down. When my husband puts something into the bag, he just wads it and stuffs it in there. So for a bag that we both use, it’s frustrating when I go back to it and have to carefully re-fold everything to utterly maximize the space. I found this to be a huge disappointment as I HATE having to fumble with stuff, especially when I’m out in a store or restaurant. The spit-up is all over both of us by the time I locate and carefully remove the burp cloth from the bag, so as not to disturb all the other carefully folded and placed items in there.2. The magnetic closures sounded like a great idea because I hate struggling to zip/unzip my bag when I’m standing at a check-out counter, but then I realized that magnets and credit/debit cards don’t mix. If you plan to carry your wallet in this bag, be very careful. If your cards get up against the magnets you risk ruining them. The same thing applies to cameras/memory cards. You can wipe them out if the magnets get too close. I carry a small digital camera with me just in case something cute happens, and I worry every time I take it in and out of the bag.Finally, last night I compared what was in my bag to what my sister carries in her JJ Cole bag (she is a mommy of 4). It was easily twice the amount of stuff. She had multiple changes of clothes, 15 diapers, snacks, toys, jackets, etc. I am definitely considering a new bag in the near future. I really like Skip Hops designs and features, but I am also considering the JJ Cole bag my sister has.

Juanita Clayton, NY

Great bag!

The only reason I give it 4/5 stars is cause it comes with no wipe case and that’s something that a lot of moms benefit from having and not having to buy on the side. I actually bought this for my husband who was very much okay with the bag and didn’t feel like it was too girly for him. It has good room very sturdy feeling material and will last for years to come I’m sure. It does have the change pad attached which is also an added bonus and I love the ability to adjust the straps and all the different ways you can wear it.

Ada Courtland, MS

Saw in the store but didn’t buy

This seemed like the perfect bag. Right size, color, good length and width. But I didn’t get it because the main part of the bag doesn’t zipper. I’m what you call a last minute over stuffer lol. If there is no zipper ill keep filling and this does have a magnetic close on it, but I could just imagine everything rolling out all over the back seat, trunk, etc. I had to skip this item sadly.

Anastasia Sandy Hook, MS

So Cute!

I got the Chevron pattern and I really love this bag. I get compliments on how cute it is all the time. It’s nice and spacious and has many different pockets and compartments. The reason why I gave this 4 instead of 5 stars is because it would be nice if the bag zipped at the top instead of the little magnetic closure. Because of that, if the bag is really full, the top of the bag stays open. Otherwise, great bag!

Wendi Almond, NC

Black is great for me and the hubs

I kind of left my husband in charge of choosing our diaper bag. I’ve never been a purse girl, so I figured we might as well get something functional that we both can take out in public.I love the magnet closures on top (much quicker and quieter to open than a zipper). There was always plenty of room for bottles, extra outfits, diapers, wipes, wallets, cell phones, (small) toys, books, and snacks. It hooks very conveniently to both our jogging stroller and our umbrella stroller. Actually, we can put so much in it that if it is on our umbrella stroller and we take our child out, it weighs the whole stroller down and it tips over. Nice to know you can store that much!I’m bummed we lost the changing pad that comes with it … but you can reorder knew ones. We only really use it for travel and Church now that we have a toddler and don’t need to take so many things with us when we go out. We will definitely use it again with baby 2, and it is nice to know it will give us enough room to store stuff for both baby and toddler.

Fannie South Byron, NY


I love this bag. It has a lot of space and is very light. It comes with a changing pad and there are a lot of pockets. I have a Quinny stroller and the bag has straps that snap over the stroller bar. It is very fashionable too.

Dayna Tullahassee, OK

Great diaper bag

This is a super bag, particularly if you like to keep it tidy and organized like I do. It has ample space for everything, but doesn’t get overly puffy or bulky. I really like the zipper pockets (2) of varying depths. The more shallow one is perfect for holding a wallet and other valuables, while the deeper one is a suitable space for baby hats, spare outfit and teething toys. In all honesty, the stroller clips don’t work well with my stroller (uppababy vista), but with the strap reduced to its shortest size it drapes just fine over the stroller handle. Also, the material is very durable and easily wipes clean with baby wipes. I am quite satisfied with this purchase and am happy I chose the print that I did, as it is fashionable, chic and good at hiding the dirt that goes along with motherhood.

Sue Clint, TX