Skip Hop Funky Farmyard Activity Mat

Skip Hop Funky Farmyard Activity Mat

Old McDonald had a…great idea for a baby gym! Our Parents’ Panel loved this play gym’s subtle colors and clean, modern graphics, and also that it works as four pieces of gear in one: It’s a baby gym – It encourages babies on their backs to focus and reach, with five dangling activity toys, 13 toy links, and removable arches. Crinkle, squeak, chime! It’s a tummy time mat – It helps babies build essential core strength while they play on their bellies, thanks to a soft, multi-textured activity mat and supportive tummy time pillow. It’s a travel play mat – Fold it up, and bring it along to entertain baby while you’re out. It works as wall art – The quality play mat is so appealing, you might hang it on your child’s wall once it’s no longer in service! By Skip Hop(R). For newborns and up. Imported. To hang toys high, use just one toy loop; to dangle them low, link multiple toy loops together. Or, detach them entirely for hands-on play. Fleecy lamb toy plays “Old MacDonald Had a Farm” Spotty Duck toy has crinkly wings and squeaky tummy Bunny Rattle toy features a teething ring Plush Piggy toy crinkles and chimes See-Me Cow squeaker toy features a baby-safe mirror Mat is 34″ sq., toy arch is 21″H assembled, and tummy time pillow is 14″L x 5 1/2″W x 2 1/2″H Mat is poly-cotton and poly minky. Machine wash mat in cold water, line dry. Spot clean pillow and plus toys with a damp sponge or cloth as needed.

Main features

  • 16 developmental activities
  • Playful modern graphics and colors
  • 12 loops to hang toys low or high
  • Quilted oversized Tummy Time pillow
  • Machine washable

Verified reviews


Skip Hop VS. Tiny Love

So I scored this mat for $5 at a garage sale yesterday. Now I’m staring at my Tiny Love mat and the Skip Hop mat side by side on my floor. While the Skip Hop’s muted colors appeal to my aesthetic senses, the Tiny Love mat has more to offer my baby girl. Here’s a breakdown that will explain why I’m choosing to sell the Skip Hop mat and keep my Tiny Love mat.Pros of Skip Hop mat:-Cute design that appeals to adults-Higher arch so toys dangle at what seems to be the perfect distance above my baby-Nice sturdy storage bag with handle so I can stick it under the couch without it getting dirty-Love the little chic’s furry and crinkly wing- my baby liked that right awayCons of Skip Hop mat:-Muted colors that are not as appealing to an infant’s eyes (my 2.5 year old agreed with this)-Huge con to me: The loops that you hang the toys on are SEWN on and I very much doubt they will last through the next 2 kids I plan to have (yes I plan to have 2 more kids lol)-The bendy bars snap in to big plastic clips like those on a stroller or Ergo carrier and those clips are on the floor part of the mat and the baby can roll onto them-No mirror or music optionsPros of Tiny Love mat:-Bright contrasting colors with a playful kid design-Metal hole snaps pressed into fabric that toys hang from (These WILL last forever and for all my kids)-Metal snaps to snap the bendy bars in on each corner so it pops up camping tent style- no clips for my baby to roll onto-Lots of crinkly, noisy, fuzzy, furry, and squeaky-Big mirror that has 4 different music options- one being that it plays music when they kick it (I like this setting because it’s not playing all the time and the infant feels a sense of achievement (I would guess lol).Cons of Tiny Love mat:-Bars’ arch is lower by what looks like an inch, which for some reason made a difference-The metal holes to hang toys from are too small for most of my plastic hanging rings so I have to use the ones that came with the mat and take them off other toys or figure out a way-I can’t find the bag! But hey- good news! It fits in the Skip Hop bag!!!So there ya go- I could maybe find more things to nitpick, but I’m a mommy and the littlest one is pulling the bigger one’s hair and the bigger one just helped roll the little one over on the mat that she is now sick of playing with. Bye!

Lydia Plainville, IL

so fun!

Activity mats are pretty much the only toy newborns need. Our son loved “kicking the pig” that makes a fun jingle sound when it moves. He discovered new activities frequently (crinkly bird wings, mirror, etc.) We loved watching him advance his skills of grasping the bunny rattle and learning to roll over. The toys are also easy to take off and use as stroller toys.We used this beginning a few days after bringing our little one home and are continuing to use it at 4 1/2 months (though less frequently now).

Kristie Punta Santiago, PR

We use this daily!

I purchased this playmat when I was only a few months pregnant. It was a great deal at the time (I think I paid $29).We live in the country and I liked how it had farm animals. The more I look at baby items the more I see jungle animals and dinosaurs. I like the farm animals because our son will learn about them first (since they are local).The mat is really cute. There are different textures, bright colors, etc. Each of the hanging animals does something different (cow-mirror, pink-jingle, chicken-squeak, bunny-rattle, and sleep-musical). The little kidney shaped pillow has been great to prop the baby up or put it under his chest for tummy time.Our son is 4 months old and we’ve used this product since week 2. He still loves it and probably will for at least a few more months.We really love this playmat. However, I’m not sure if anything really stands out from the rest with it. I liked it, watched it, and got a fabulous deal on it. But if it would have stayed at $60 I probably would have just bought one of the less expensive ones at Target, etc. I think a playmat is a great investment for baby (it’s been a much have in this house) but really can’t imagine any of them being better than the others.

Daisy Funk, NE

My daughter loves the pig

I chose this brand because in my research I found that it is made of safe materials, which was important to me since she would spend a lot of time on it in her first months of life. I also like that it is square and bigger than some of the others. It’s busy but not obnoxious and the colors are nice. This mat has some elements within it to entertain her (squeaker, carrot, crinkly wing, etc.) and a lot of attachments too. She isn’t interested in all the animals, but it was a good purchase for us because of the pig. She just loves to whack; yell at; pull the curly tail; lick the fur; and suck on the feet of the pig that jingles.

Sharron Ellsworth Afb, SD

Very cute

I love the mat, the pictures are just adorable. The piggy has a bell in it that almost sounds like a tinkling wind chime. The whole thing is put together pretty well, goes up fast and comes in a bag that can be used to transport it easily. I found the mat to be about the thickness I was expecting. I just wish it played a better Old MacDonald song. The one that it plays is at such a high pitch I feel like my ears are being abused. I usually like toy jingles, hardly ever find them annoying, but this one is almost unbearable. 4 stars because of the horrible song.

Rochelle Fillmore, NY

Great mat!

This playmat is awesome. We got it as a gift for out little boy and he loves it! He’s 2 months old and wouldn’t even take his eyes off it while we were setting it up. It makes for a great place to put them to kick and play. The toys and the mat itself is very interactive and it’ll be useful for a LONG time! I do think it’s a bit pricey for what you get but it’s a nice splurge if you can afford to … otherwise put it on your baby registry!

Chelsea Pratts, VA

Great for my 3 month old!

My 3 month old is loving this so far, and I’m sure he will get more interactive with it over the next few months! I love it too because it is classy looking and the materials are all high quality. I love the little animals that came with it, so cute! My only gripe is with the cow mirror-not really a mirror since it is completely distorted and the animal doesn’t really look like a cow to me 🙂 I use some ring links to dangle the animals down lower so my son can grab onto them. I think he will get a lot of use out of this mat and I’m glad I spent the money on something that really looks nice.

Gussie Yankton, SD

Great baby mat, would recommend!

This is a very good baby mat – my son enjoyed it very much. It is easy to put together and wash. I am giving 4 stars as it is rather pricey mat.

Maggie Gonvick, MN

Baby Loves This Mat!!!

I received this mat as a gift at my shower. I usually like to research everything before I buy it, and I don’t know if I would have even considered buying one of these. However, after needing to put my daughter down without her screaming, I pulled this out. It is awesome! It was so easy to put together! At first she was mesmerized by the blue chick and the cow. Now she is really into the pig. All the animals are super cute and have a special feature (like squeak, rattle, crinkle). Plus, there are additional loops to attach other toys. Now I can put her down and she is entertained while I can finish dinner, or have a bite to eat. Love it, love it!

Justina Milton, IA

Fun, fun, fun!!

My 4 month old loves this mat!! He kicks the pig to hear the jingle, and the bunny rattle is one of his favorite toys. We take it with us everywhere! I loved the tummy pillow, since we’ve been using it, he can now lift himself easily on his arms with no complaining! Also while on this mat he found his toes and has been enthralled with them ever since. Great colors, and the animals are so cute! The only improvement I could see is adding more textures to the animals on the mat. Otherwise, an excellent buy and I’d definitely recommend to others!

Jo Hineston, LA