Skip Hop Giraffe Safari Activity Gym Toy

Skip Hop Giraffe Safari Activity Gym Toy

Our beautiful Giraffe Safari theme comes to life in our new Activity Gym. Giraffe Safari features handcrafted details with multiples textures and colors. Multiple colors and textures 5 hanging toys Tummy Time pillow Arches with leaf canopy Coordinates to Giraffe Safari Complete Sheet bedding collection ABOUT SKIP HOP We love products and we love parenting. Seriously. We eat, sleep and breathe this stuff. By putting our passion into these two pursuits, we create unique, innovative and highly functional products that make parenting easier, better and more fun. Founded in New York City in 2003, Skip Hop is for parents who appreciate better products that help improve their busy lives. We want to make our products perfect and we’re fanatical about product safety. So our team works tirelessly perfecting every detail, component, color and feature until it meets our extraordinarily high design standards and exceeds all applicable safety requirements. If we’re not completely in love with a product we’ve created, we’d never sell it to you. When you a buy a Skip Hop creation, we want you to feel that no detail was overlooked, nothing was left to chance and that our team put countless hours into making it the best product we possibly can. Skip Hop products meet or exceed all applicable standards for product safety in the markets we sell to.

Main features

  • Playtime gym with 22 developmental activities and a soft, quilted mat with colorful animal graphics
  • Five playful animals with multi-sensory features and rings for hanging
  • Canopy’s leafy cut-outs provide high-contrast pattern to engage baby
  • Multiple fabrics and activities on the mat: squeaking bird, silky grass loops, crinkle-eared elephant, twill wing flap on parrot, fuzzy patches and puffy cloud
  • Hanging turtle mirror can attach directly to arches or stick on the mat’s fuzzy patches
  • Supportive tummy time pillow
  • Matches Giraffe Safari toy collections

Verified reviews


Cute color scheme but I’m unimpressed with the overall design

Over the past couple of years I have heard lots of people rave about the Skip Hop line of infant products. Up until this past week I had not personally used or evaluated any Skip Hop products so I was excited for the change to check out what they had to offer. Based on reviews of other Skip Hop activity gyms I was expecting this product to impress me. As much as I wanted to love this cute little activity mat, I just don’t.With my three oldest children I have used play mats from Tiny Love (I highly recommend their playmats–they’re the best!) and Bright Starts. I love the Tiny Love activity gyms and while I thought the Bright Starts activity gym was ok, I like it far better than this one from Skip Hop.Before I list all the reasons why I dislike this activity gym let me tell you what I do like about it. The color scheme and design of the activity gym is pleasing to the eye. The safari theme is gender neutral and the muted colors mean this toy will not look like a bright eyesore in the middle of your living room or the baby’s nursery. The rattles that come with this toy are cute. They will attract the interest of babies. The play mat has patches, flaps and a squeaker for added sensory and tactile experiences for baby. A nice perk of this activity gym is it comes with a little tummy time pillow to help prop your little one up while he or she is on his or her belly.So what don’t I like about this toy? Well, first off the play mat itself is small. Because it’s a circle you loose a lot of area that you would have with other brands of play mats. Compared to the Tiny Love Gymini Move and Play Activity Gym this one just doesn’t compare size wise. The toys, because of their many textures will be near impossible to surface clean if your child were to spit up on them. If you have a baby with reflux you know how important it is to have toys that can be cleaned easily. I found set up for this activity gym to be more difficult than the simple set up for the Tiny Love and Bright Starts activity gyms. Once the arches are attached to the play mat I found that the mat does not want to lay flat and is very puffy in several places. What I dislike most about this activity gym is the inability to get it to fold up for storage when not in use. With Tiny Love and Bright starts you can easily fold the gym for storage. because of the way the arches are set up on this activity gym you just can’t collapse it for easy storage between uses without detaching the arches from the play mat. So with this activity gym your options are to leave it out on the floor or take it apart between uses. If you live in a small space or have several other children in the house you aren’t going to want this baby gym lying about all of the time.Overall, it’s a cute gender neutral activity gym but I don’t think it’s worth the price or the hype. I’d look into play mats from other manufactures before making a final decision on which one to buy. This wouldn’t be one of my top three choices for an activity gym.

Catalina Saddle River, NJ

a jungle of fun

hours of entertainment for baby. need i say more? there is so much going on with this playmat that our little one is mesmerized! i had a fancy european one that looked great, but you really need the 3D experience to keep baby engaged. so, we were sold with the 20+ developmental toys. the quality is great. it is easy to store and set-up. and often these mats are like huge eyesores, but the giraffe safari model is pretty tame. i feel like she is going to continue to love this mat for years!

Rosario Tye, TX

Best of the other brands

We have had several of these over the years and this is hands down the nicest set we have ever had. I love that it comes with the tummy time pillow! With my first I had to buy the pillow separately. I love that the fabrics are more natural looking than other brands and not as tacky as others. The toys are just ok, but we always end up replaced them and hanging the Lamaze toys from the hooks.

Holly Jasper, OH

4 month old baby Loves this.

This activity gym has more then most of the other ones I looked at.This has a cute grassy looking top over it, allot of hanging soft toys.It was easy to put together.What I liked was the hanging animals are big, and easy for the baby to grab.Some other gym sets are put up too high & the babies cannot reach them, or there small.For a 4 month old baby they put everything in there mouthes , and this works.My 4mo.Granddaughter is big ,almost 20 lbs.!!! is only nursed, but the mat is a bit short for her. (her parents are tall)Also comes with the little pillow for babies to prop up on.This is very colorful, and keeps a baby interested in for a while.That said my 4mo. Granddaughter is a bit whiny, but this does keep her busy for a longer timethen other toys for her..Had to give it a 5 star. Really nothing to complain about it.

Serena Greencastle, IN

A perfect first gym for baby

When your baby is small a lot of people like to limit their exposure to a lot of lights and sounds. This gym has only a few gentle sounds and no flashing lights. The tree design canopy is really attractive to babies as it lets some light through it and provides a lot of visual interest right above them. The toys are well made and durable. Most of them are machine washable as well, a really valuable feature. The mat has silky ribbons for tummy time interest, and places to attach toys all over the gym. The mat is machine washable and holds its shape well after going through the washer and dryer. When you want to stow this away, simply fold it flat and slide it under the crib, or set it up against a wall and it takes up virtually no space at all. This gym is very durable, it has held up to my toddler running into it more than a few times, while another mat that we have won’t stand up anymore after similar abuses.

Bernice Wataga, IL

Good toy but doesn’t have the bells and whistles of similarly prices gym toys

The Skip Hop Giraffe Safari Activity Gym is a good toy that has a few drawbacks compared to other gym toys available. The mat is very pretty and the toys are fun. Where is has it drawbacks are in the construction end. The mat is very slippery on the bottom side and makes using the toy for tummy time a little difficult as baby keeps pulling the mat around. The arches are made of foam rather than hard plastic – so baby reaching for the toys can pull the arches down. Where I find the real lack is that the toy does not have music or lights such as other toys have. That would not be a problem if this toy were priced at half of the others but it is priced at the same price point. If you want a non-electric gym, this may be a good one but hopefully it will have a lower price point.One thing really do like is the way the arches are latched on the bottom side of the mat rather than just free standing. I plan to put a carpet pad under the mat and use it for tummy time – I won’t use the arches at all. The toys will attach to the mat on a rotating basis and provide fun for my grandson.Some of the fabric in my toy had black marks on it when it arrived – I am sure that it is not a problem with all but wanted to mention it in case someone buys this as a gift – be sure to check to see if it arrives without the dirty marks.

Kelsey Stambaugh, KY

Best Play Gym on the Market!

I just can’t rave enough about this play gym! I completely understand the importance of tummy time but I was a little apprehensive about it when all my friends said how much their babies hated it. My son just adores playing on this mat and has happily had tummy time since he was a few days old.As a Mom I love that it isn’t battery operated with lights and sounds. I just don’t love all the electronic stimulation with my tiny baby. The mat unclicks easily from the supports and washes beautifully. It comes out of the wash looking brand new.

Gracie Wellfleet, MA

Great mat – grows with your child!

Skip hop activity mats are the best! It’s awesome how they “grow” with your child. My 2 and a half year old likes to play with the dangling pieces since he’s old enough to figure out how to detach and reattach them, and my little guy who used to just look at or bat at them now loves to tug on them. The bean-shaped pillow is great too as it is good to prop up under their heads when they’re super little, then under their front for tummy time, and then as they begin sitting up can help balance behind them. Really a must-have item!

Dessie Turrell, AR

Gorgeous Gym! Pretty colors and materials.

I purchased this as a gift, as i owned one of the other skip hop models (farm gym). When i received it to give for the shower the first thing i noticed how pretty the felt leaf canopy was. The toys were really cute and bright but not too bright to be an eye sore. I can’t wait for the baby to enjoy it!

Merle Florence, KY

Small but Nice Features

My only disappointment with this product was its size. It was quite a bit smaller than I was expecting, so it works best for babies under 5 or 6 months old. On the other hand, it takes up less floor space which has been a big help in our smaller living space. The colors and the toys have been great for holding our baby’s attention, and probably my favorite feature is the pillow that’s included, This hasn’t been the easiest to clean spit-up off of, but the textures and fabric are worth a little bit of extra cleaning effort. This is a great product for younger babies!

Trisha Everett, PA

Beautiful and Comforting but Missing Directions

When my Skip Hop Giraffe Safari Activity Gym Toy arrived, I thought it was very cute and seemed a lot less uncluttered than others I’ve seen. This is my first time setting up an activity gym of this nature (cloth mat with arches). We’ve only had hard plastic activity gyms in the past, so I was looking forward to seeing how it would compare.Unfortunately, my set didn’t come with directions so I had to use the product photo to figure out how to set this up. Though the product specifies “20+ developmental activities,” it would be challenging for me to come up with that many activities on this gym without the assistance of directions.Thankfully, this gym wasn’t difficult to assemble-you snake one rod through the felt “forest” canopy and cloth loops. The base of each rod is connected to a plastic latch that threads through an edge of the mat and snaps underneath. The result is surprisingly sturdy.Once the padded rods are in place, you hang the plush toys on loops along the rods. I really like that there are loops at various points of the rods to give you options to vary toy placement. Also, the toys come on egg-shaped plastic loop clips (completely detachable) that are compatible with the brightly colored and grooved oval rings I like to hook onto stroller and infant car seatBright Starts Lots of Links- Solid Colors.The blue rhino toy plays one calming verse of lullaby, “Rock A Bye Baby” when you squeeze it. The alligator and giraffe toys rattle (the giraffe also has a crinkle sound). The bird squeaks when you squeeze it and the turtle has a soft mirror, which is great to keep baby entertained. There’s a small curved pillow doesn’t attach to anything, I’m assuming for safety reasons (to avoid suffocation). There are seven ribbon flaps at the bottom to simulate grass.I do like that the hanging toys are plush (no worries about bumping head on hard plastic or siblings playing too rough with them). However, I wish that it was possible for a parent to remove the musical insides of the rhino when it gets dirty or to change whatever battery it must have. I’m not looking forward to crying over rhino not working.I can easily fold the activity gym in half while assembled. The mat still hangs but storage is easy since I leave the cardboard insert in the soft plastic carry case. It’s much easier for me than trying to insert the gym without it. If storing the gym for longer periods, I would undo the bottom snaps from underneath while the gym is in the bag (very easy to do). This helps prevent strain on the cloth connected to the plastic snaps.I find the easily matched color scheme of this gym to be ideal for both boys and girls. This gym is NOT an overly large eyesore-the colors are tasteful and calming. I can quickly carry it from room to room while fully assembled. For these reasons, I don’t feel a sense of clutter when it’s set-up in my home-WONDERFUL!

Lynda La Pointe, WI

Skip Hop Giraffe Safari Activity Gym Toy

The Skip Hop Giraffe Safari Activity Gym Toy is overall a nice product. It has plenty of activities for the baby in your life to enjoy. For me, the only real downside to the toy is that it seems a little on the flimsy side. However, that is really just a personal preference.

Elena Hemphill, TX

First Impression – Very Good Product & Good Price

What a nice surprise. We have purchased 2 other activity gyms in the past to give as gifts. Although the others were very nice, I think this one may be the new favorite. The mat is bright and colorful and just great. It has a few different activities babies will love –to look at, to touch and for sound (squeaky bird). Grabbing the rhino will play a “Rock-A-Bye Baby,” tune. There is an elephants with big floppy ears that make a crinkly sound when touched. Lots of rings, a mirror and more that would be easy for an infant to grab onto as well.Bright, colorful and stimulating. The best part is that this activity gym is priced lower than a $75.00 one we purchased on Amazon previously, and just as nice.Recommended.

Lea Berrien Springs, MI

super cute, great for small spaces

this is a a really nice activity gym – not too big, not too flashy. Soft padding and I like the toys/animals that dangle. Easy to pack up and move around!

Delores Eau Claire, WI

Versatile gym, great for tummy time or playtime

For tummy time, there are fun things to do on the soft mat: there’s a turtle mirror that can stick to the mat (it also can hang from above), a little tummy pillow, and a tactile surface of animals to explore (i.e. crinkles, smooth ribbon tabs, a bird that squeaks). For play time, the soft arches assemble/disassemble quickly and easily and fasten under the mat (directions DO come with the packaging–they’re on the back at the bottom).My favorite feature is the 13 different hooks that let you move around the 5 soft hanging toys to different heights, add other toys with hooks, and remove the soft toys to use for carseat entertainment, etc. There’s the mirror turtle, a crinkly giraffe rattle, a chiming giraffe, lullaby-playing rhino, and bird with a wooden teething ring. All are bigger and cuter than the photo makes them appear. I say this is another winner from Skip Hop, and would also make a great gift for anyone’s new baby!

Mamie Kerrville, TX