Skip Hop Giraffe Safari Activity Toy

Skip Hop Giraffe Safari Activity Toy

Matches Giraffe Safari bedding and toy collections. Includes 8 multi-sensory activities; large mirror on giraffe’s chest; front legs can be pulled back and forth; legs have a leaf teether and wooden ring; roll body to hear chime; tug and feel knotted, fringed and embroidered details; triangle ring lets you attach giraffe anywhere

Main features

  • Legs have a leaf teether and wooden ring
  • Includes 8 multi sensory activities
  • Triangle ring lets you attach giraffe anywhere

Verified reviews


cute toy for a little one

My son likes the textures on the blue leaf, both to touch and to put in his mouth. And there are other areas on the toy for tugging, like the ears, tail, and some loops along the giraffe’s back. Keeps his little hands busy.Some areas of the toy seem to be stuffed with different fillers, like beads or seeds, which make it satisfying and interesting to squeeze because of the different textures.The wooden ring is really nice. It’s smooth and unpainted, so I know that no paint is going to chip off in his mouth as he chews it. This toy makes a pleasant jingling sound when you shake it. Neither loud, nor annoying.I also like the size (it’s the size of a small stuffed animal), because it is more substantial than your average rattle. So it could make a nice gift.

Diane Curwensville, PA

good early toy

The only reason this doesn’t get 5 stars is its claims to its activities are over-rated. I almost sent it back, but fortunately learned the infant perspective is different from mine. I take care of my twin grandchildren, a boy and a girl. When I got this they were 5 months, with adjusted age for prematurity of three months. Both can be entertained in a seat for longer with this toy than most others, and that has continued for a month now. I don’t know why, because the supposed chime inside can barely be heard, the leg pull moves too little to be significant, the mirror is a distorted blur, and the toy just seems ho hum to me. But so glad I kept it because the twins are able to hang onto it well and they find it entertaining so it occupies one while I take care of the other. From their view, it is a five star toy.

Briana Au Train, MI

Great First Toy

[Good]Washable: You can wash this giraffe on delicate cycle. We hung it dry after a few minutes on low heat in the dryer.Lots of Baby Attention Grabbers: The giraffe itself looks great. It makes rattling noises when shaken, there’s a mirror, and other things to grab onto or suck on.Soft: While there are some hard pieces, our kid can still use this as a stuffed toy when he grows older.Size: It’s not too big and it’s not too small.[Bad]So far, we can’t think of anything which is rare if you check my past reviews.[Verdict]So far this is the only toy that’s kept our newborn’s attention without frustrating or annoying him. It’s a great toy at a great price.

Brigitte Elmwood, NE

A fun first toy

My 4 mos. old grandson seems to like this toy very much. He grabs it and is very interested in it. I am sure he will use all the features soon.

Miranda East Amherst, NY

He certainly seems to like it

Our six-month old is rather fond of this toy, chewing on whatever parts he can fit in his mouth and flinging it around in his experiments with gravity. It’s nice to have soft parts for chewing and harder parts on the same toy as he continues to work on getting his teeth to pop through.Be aware, the toy’s name is appropriate, it is an *activity* toy, not a snuggly toy.

Katy Dryden, VA

Great baby toy

I ordered this for my 3-month-old grandson and it’s such a great toy for that age. Appealing colors with a soft, cuddly feel for snuggling. He loves staring into the mirror on the giraffe’s belly and chewing on the rubber leaf. I like the ring on back so it can be attached to a stroller or exerciser. It’s not too big and has a very soft rattle sound. The different textures are stimulating. A perfect gift for an infant!

Christie Dallas, PA

Great price great toy

Fun toy with a lot of diff textures and sounds. My 6 mo old loves it- highly recommend product for anyone w young kids

Claudia Maplewood, NJ

Multi-Sensory Toy

This colorful activity toy will amuse baby with its 8+ developmental functions. Baby is able to "grab, look, listen, and touch". The baby-safe mirror on the front, as well as the various tactile centers will introduce baby to sensory stimuli. There is a safe leaf teether and wooden ring, as well as a triangle ring to attach anywhere. When baby shakes the toy, there is a jingle bell sound. I think the toy is appropriately marked for 3m+. The soft plush, colorful toy may just become a favorite.

Alma Bodega, CA


This little toy has a bell inside that captivates baby but other than that it is very boring all together.. The mirror is no mirror at all more like a fun mirror it distorts things a lot.. Cute toy jus not a lot of fun 😀

Rosella Munday, WV

She loved it!

I gave this as a Christmas gift to my friend’s 6 month old daughter and she loves it! The toy looks so much better in person and there’s tons of textures/patterns to discover and the mirror is a plus!

Anastasia Hallowell, ME

a favorite!

this toy was an instant favorite!anything with a mirror is a hit at our house and this one is top of the list…my favorite feature is that the giraffe’s "mane" is a row of loops that the plastic clip hooks into so you can hang it from the car seat canopy or attach it to the stroller so it won’t fall out. i LOVE that i can attach the clip to the bottom loop so the giraffe faces right at my baby while it’s attached to the canopy! other toys don’t work that way and when they’re hanging from above, she can only see the bottom of it. with this one, i can hang it so it faces her perfectly and she can see the mirror and pull on the legs, teeth on the wooden ring etc. there’s lots to do and feel with this.i also love that once she’s older, i can remove the clip altogether and it’ll just be a cute stuffed-animal toy for her.this collection of skip hop toys is really cute –i love that they’re gender neutral and modern looking. a total go-to for a cute baby gift!

Deborah Centerville, UT

Great variety in a small package

This is really a great toy. It has a lot of different textures, is nicely sized without being too big for younger infants to handle and not too small for older infants. The chime/rattle is a soft jingle – not loud or annoying. The mirror is entertaining, as it provides somewhat of a distorted image. At first, I didn’t like that aspect, but it seems to be interesting to a 4 month old. The wooden ring has actually been a big hit, as it seems to be great to gnaw on for teething, even more so than the rubber leaf which is intended for teething. The leaf has different textures on it, so it is "interesting" for baby to feel. There are raised ribs on it and what I have seen is the baby scratching his nails over them and it makes a little noise – that is teaching the baby cause and effect as well, so this toy really offers a lot more than you think. It is not just play time, but learning as well.The body of the giraffe is made up of different fabrics and feels, so everything about this toy has variety and interest.The ring on the back can easily be removed if desired, but comes in great handy to attach it to a car seat, stroller etc and even just to hold it and play with the baby/ entice him with the toy.I think it is a great toy and the color scheme is really nice – a nice change away from the bold primary colors of bright red, yellow, etc. It is very well made and I expect it to hold up.It really offers a lot for a baby to do and feel in such a small package. It is soft and cuddly too, so it can be snuggled with. The ring, leaf and mirror will not get in the way of that.It is a great way to give a stuffed animal, but also allow for stimulation with all of the textures, the sound, plus have a teether. I have become very fond of this brand in general. They make great activity mats as well as other toys.

Goldie Northumberland, PA

Adorable, affordable and gender-neutral

The perfect gift for an infant. Has a lot of different textures for the baby to feel, safe places for baby to chew on. Other places such as ears, tail and feet for baby to pull on. The colors are vibrant but not loud, and it even has a teething ring. There are a lot of things to like about it, for the baby and the parents…. it has some sound but is not noisy, or irritating as some toys can be. It’s washable too, I can’t think of one negative at all.Would make a great baby shower gift and for the price you can’t beat it. Give it for Christmas, you won’t be sorry, baby will love it. It is about the size of a regular stuffed toy and looks like it will hold up well. Love it.

Lenore Loman, MN