Skip Hop Giraffe Safari Chime Ball Toy, Parrot

Skip Hop Giraffe Safari Chime Ball Toy, Parrot

Baby will love the soft details. Parents will love the gentle chimes. View larger Giraffe Safari Parrot Chime Ball This easy-to-grab cuddly creature helps baby develop important motor skills. Roll and chime – it’s wild animal playtime He chimes gently when hugged and rolled, and his soft details are fun for little hands to touch and feel. Keep baby entertained Parrot’s beak, wings, and felt ruffles encourage motor skill development. Giraffe Safari Parrot Chime Ball Chimes when shaken, rattled, or rolled. Parrot’s beak, wings, and felt ruffles encourage motor skill development Soft, multi-textured fabric and colorful details to stimulate baby

Main features

  • Soft, multi textured fabric and colorful details to stimulate baby

Verified reviews


Adorable and fun for multiple ages

I can’t help but love those baby toys that are labeled as 0+ because the concept of the toy is one that so many levels will find entertaining, such as with this toy. A cute cuddly ball of a parrot that makes a charming and gentle tinkling as its bright colors and fun textures keep a baby entertained. Perfect for holding, cuddling with, or simply looking at and a fine combination between a cuddly toy and a fun ball to chase.

Angelique Clintonville, WI

cute would make a great baby gift

The ball is soft so when thrown it won’t hurt anything. It has big eyes which could be a bit scary in fact we were pretty sure it was an owl not that it matters. It has bright colors which is nice. the packaging points out the different textures. Really not so much the wings were textured but the rest of the fabric felt about the same. The baby likes to hold on to the wing and the older sister loves to go get it when it hits the floor so that is a plus. Cute, safe and makes a nice chiming sound.

Tammi Bel Alton, MD

our favorite baby ball

my baby book said that around 8 months it’s time for a soft baby ball. it turns out that there are very few on the market, so when i found this cute parrot ball, i was excited. he is so insanely cute and the chime really got our girl interested. the wings are probably the best feature (besides the cuteness) since it made it easy for chunky hangs to grasp the ball.

Ericka Wadena, MN

More than meets the eye, but it doesn’t transform.

At first glance, this stuffed parrot looks like any other stuffed animal for babies. It’s cute, has a bell inside that rings when you shake it, and it’s super soft- perfect for cuddling in the crib or car seat. Once in your hands though, you’ll see that there are many different textures to it, making this toy something for babies to really notice and feel new things.The red front of the parrot has a nice, soft fleece-like feel to it, while the back feels more like your standard carnival prize plush [only of better quality]. The beak, underside of the wings and orange & yellow spots around the eyes are made of the same material, while the pupils are sewn in. He also has basic felt feathers that cover the top of his tummy, and underneath is semi-rough. His little feet are felt as well, and the top of the wings feel a lot like a very rough canvas or even burlap.There is absolutely nothing here that poses a threat to babies. No small parts that can come off, nothing that could go in their eyes, nothing. The bell is inside and there’s no way to remove it unless you cut the toy open. It also features a little felt loop on top that allows you to hook it to something like a mobile as a decoration. The bell isn’t loud and makes a pleasant sound. And you know what? You can machine wash this toy too! I thought that might ruin it in some way, as I’ve washed toys with bells in them before and the feature stopped working. Not this time!You can’t go wrong with this cute little parrot. He makes for a good teething toy too when the time comes.

Denice Pelham, NH

Is it a Parrot or an Owl?

Either way it’s cute! I have to admit although it’s advertised as a Parrot most of the people that have seen this in my home thought it was an Owl. The chime is a nice sound, but very little ones may not shake it around enough to hear much of it. The wings offer a place for their small hands to grab and hold it and there are numerous textures to touch. I like that the colors are a vibrant assortment and overall it’s a nice toy.

Kristen Crosby, MN

Nice size, semi-boring design

My twins are almost one year old, and they love baby rattles and soft toys that make noise. Upon first opening the box, I was surprised at how large the Parrot Ball Toy was. It’s not quite a soccer ball, but larger than a softball. I’d guess 6-8" in diameter. My daughter especially loves to chew on soft ‘flaps’, so I figured she would love the wings on the Owl. Both kids were excited by a new toy, but I think it was just a bit too large to drag around the house in their mouth, or sit and chew on, or swing around like a rattle.The back of the toy is also a bit drab. All the color is on the front of the toy, and even then, when choosing between the almost earth tones of the Owl or something bring and vibrant, the more vibrant toy seems to catch their eye. They still play with the Owl a little bit, but more in the ‘let’s see what happens when I pick this up and immediately throw it’ type of play.

Vera Green Forest, AR

Great baby toy!

This is a great toy! It’s a ball shape with subtle details of an bird. It makes a nice jingle sound when it moves and is just cute. My 7month old loves its and has gnawed on anything he can get into his mouth and this thing shows no signs of wear. It’s also survived older brothers using it as a ball and subjecting it to some roughhousing without any issues. There is some conflicting info on the box vs tag on wash-ability but I can say mine has been though the washer and dryer several times now without incident; a key point for a kids toy.

Minerva Rock Glen, PA


love this one!!my 16 month old daughter and 4 year old son both love playing with this chimes when rolled or thrown and is super cute… it’s made well, too. the colors are really pretty and like all the skip hop stuff we have and love, it looks cool and modern which i appreciate!i know this will be a favorite for a long time.

Juanita Sundown, TX

Good toy for infants and older

My son (10 months) likes this toy and seems to keep his attention for a few minutes. There are certain reasons he likes this toy… first and foremost he likes the fact that the beak (or at least part of it) can fit in his mouth (he’s teething). secondly the varying textures on the "parrot" (looks more like an owl if you ask me), allow for him to move his hand around and final reason – it jingles, so if he starts to lose interest you can shake it to recapture his attention.Overall a good toy 4/5 stars

Terrie Cook Station, MO