Skip Hop Giraffe Safari Flip and Play, Turtle, 12 Months Plus

Skip Hop Giraffe Safari Flip and Play, Turtle, 12 Months Plus

Fun take along wood Turtle pal! Features: • Easy to grab •Fold all the pieces in to see the turtle’s shell •Flip them all out to see it’s head and limbs •Fun peek a boo play •Grasping play for baby

Main features

  • Turtle turns inside out
  • Closed is a blue shell
  • Easy to grab and hold

Verified reviews


Perfect Car Toy

This is perfect for little hands. The way it flips and transforms from one view to another activates their imagination. Not to mention that this toy doesn’t make any noise.

Lori Nelson, WI

Super cute but it really gets left off to the side and is not played with!

I love wood toys. So I was happy to try out this little guy and see how my baby and my toddlers liked it. Well, when it arrived it was super cute and I was impressed by the quality and cuteness factor. But unfortunately my 2 year old was not. I realize it says 12 months plus; but to me it’s not worth buying a toy that will be played with just for a few months and then they are not interested in after that. So although *I* liked it, I just don’t see my kids interested in it at all, unfortunately.

Ruby Lima, MT

Not much of a turtle

I ordered the "Skip Hop Giraffe Safari Flip and Play, Turtle" to give to my granddaughter, but after I received it, I changed my mind and plan to donate it the children’s hospital. This toy operates as advertised, but I don’t think it looks, in any way, like a turtle. When you look at the picture of the product, imagine it rotated 180 degrees. It then looks exactly like a rabbit with eyes near the top of the head and two big bunny ears. When the toy is flipped open, it looks like a turtle with no shell since the center becomes hollow. The opposite side of the toy is supposed to resemble a turtle shell (with head tucked in) – but to me, it looks like a turquoise circle with white circles drawn on it. I’m probably being too picky, since the pieces of the toy do flip from one side to the other so that the turtle is supposed to be in the shell, or out of the shell – but I just thought it might resemble an actual turtle. I don’t think a child much younger than 12 months could manipulate the "flip" feature, and the toy is not brightly colored. The colors of the wood pieces are very "soft" and almost pastel. It’s just my opinion, but I think that toddlers 12months plus, have seen pictures/drawings of turtles in books or in play sets, and will not recognize this toy as a turtle. The reason I’m donating the toy is that some toddlers may have fun just flipping the wooden pieces. There is nothing structurally wrong with this toy – it just doesn’t look like a turtle to me.

Jessica Farwell, TX

Cute toy to keep little hands busy

This toy flip n play turtle is very cute! My 12 month old son seems too like it but doesn’t play with it like I expected. So far he didn’t flip the pieces back and forth much but likes to slip it on and off of his arm when the pieces are flipped out. Either way he still likes it. I’m assuming in the coming months he’ll really figure out how to flip the turtle.The turtle seems fairly sturdy and is made of wood. Also, the cord doesn’t feel like it will break easily. Cute toy for busy little hands!

Karen Fort Hill, PA

Simple Little Green Turtle that Child Can Turn Inside Out, to Make it Blue

This is a very basic little toy for ages 12 months+. There are 6 parts. They are easily flipped over so that the green turtle turns into a blue one. There are various shades of blue and green, but the colors are rather subdued, not bright.The fact that the turtle turns inside out is the entire action of the toy. Chances are, it’s going to be chewed on, so it’s good that the edges are fairly smooth.

Whitney Three Mile Bay, NY

Great for baby bro during older sister’s ballet practice!

This is the perfect toy for keeping the interest of an older baby. They can fiddle with it in their hands, you can talk about the different colors on the different sides and the body parts. Definitely great for keeping a younger sibling happy during older siblings ballet, swim or gymnastics class:)

Celina Commodore, PA

A rough cut, boring toy

My kids still put toys in their mouths, and right out of the gate I felt that a few of the edges were a bit too roughly cut to be safe for small children. It’s also very easy to have small fingers pinched between the wood due to the elastic band holding the toy together. It is attractive, though not very turtle-like in appearance. Not much going on here, but not charming enough to fit the ‘classic’ toy formula either. I can’t recommend this for anything beyond a nice looking coaster.

Cherie Cross Plains, IN

Adorable little busy Toy

This is a cute little 9.99 toy and it’s wood while other cheap little toys at this price are plastic. I purchased this as it seemed good for fine motor skills. My niece really loves it. Would recommend.

Leona Swepsonville, NC


This ended up being smaller than I thought it would be. Actually, it is simply not what I expected overall. It flips. That’s what it does. My baby is 1, and she’s done with it in terms of stimulation. She discovered that it flips and that’s really all…so she abandoned it. She won’t even chew on it. She’s just over it, period.I think it’s adorable, but it doesn’t really look like a turtle. I have a pretty good opinion of Skip Hop products in general, so this is minorly disappointing.

Pearlie Royal Oak, MI