Skip Hop Giraffe Safari Mirror Puppet Toy, Crocodile

Skip Hop Giraffe Safari Mirror Puppet Toy, Crocodile

Giraffe Safari Mirror Puppet Peek-a-boo puppets offer the perfect activity for parent and baby. This playful animal puppet mitt makes it easy for big and little hands to “talk” and explore imaginative play. View larger View larger View larger View larger See the mirror in its mouth for a peek-a-boo surprise! Giraffe Safari Mirror Puppet Puppets have mirror inside their mouth Simple mitt design lets parent and child engage in play Matches Giraffe Safari bedding and toy collections

Main features

  • Smiling croc has mirror inside mouth
  • Simple mitt design lets parent and child engage in play
  • Interactive pretend play for baby and parent

Verified reviews


Silly crocodile

The puppet itself seems well made and looks like it will hold up to lots of play. A tag does say it is machine washable, which is good. The mirror in the mouth is of poor quality. I realize it has to be unbreakable, but as a result, it looks like a fun house mirror. It says, “Open wide to see who’s inside.” There is no way to identify what you are seeing in that mirror.

Serena Hicksville, NY

interactive and imaginative

i cannot believe there are not more of these type of toys out there! such a simple and fun toy, our daughter was laughing her diaper off when the croc opens his mouth and she sees herself. i love finding toys that allow for such imaginative play like this one.

Chasity Byron, NE

Good quality but disappointing materials

This puppet is fun! As other reviewers have noted, it’s really big, which is fun too. It makes it easier for kiddo to wrestle it away, which she loves to do.I was disappointed in the materials though. The outside looks like corduroy but is actually a bizarre foam-backed synthetic. I think, from the photo, I was expecting a more natural-material-based puppet that I could throw in the washer. So far, I’ve spot-cleaned it but I’m reluctant to wash it.

Bobbi Sparta, GA

Simple but fun

Sometimes the simplest toys are the most fun. This is one of those toys that inspires old-fashioned interaction with infants, which is very important for their development. Studies show that having "conversations" with infants where the adult takes turns talking with the infant are enormously helpful for developing language skills. Puppets encourage this kind of turn taking between adults and infants, except it is the puppet "talking" with the infant. The mirror inside the puppet’s mouth is another element that will surprise and delight infants. And because infants do not yet have an understanding of object permanence (i.e. the object remains even if it can’t be seen), they will be surprised by the presence of the mirror every time. I would recommend this toy for all infants as a simple and fun way to encourage language development.

Morgan Laurel, NY

A Fantastic Toy!

This puppet rocked my 5 month old son’s world. The puppet itself is pretty cheap construction (but it was only $8!), but designed perfectly for entertaining the little one. The colors are nice and the mirror in the mouth is a genius idea that gets giggles and squeals every time. I’m also excited to take it on our first flight, very lightweight and slim.

Sherrie Henning, MN

Cute, durable hand puppet!

My 2 yo loves for me to talk to him and nibble on him and his little brother, and now that he is talking up a storm he is loving being the puppet master! Cute toy with lots of different colors and textures (love the corduroy:) and a good mirror – sometimes toys’ mirrors are so cheap you can’t really see in them but my guys love looking at themselves in its mouth after being “eaten.”

Marcie Two Dot, MT

Super cute, well made

This is a really cute puppet. My 3 kids all thought it was fun. My 1-year-old twins laughed and liked when his mouth opened to reveal the mirror. My 2.5-year-old wanted to try it out himself. It is a little big for his small hands, but he still had fun playing with it.A nice puppet for babies/toddlers.

Tessa New Hartford, IA


[Good]Awesome distraction for my kid during bottle feedings (he hates them). I don’t know how this tricks him into drinking formula, but it works.Looks great, just like the pictures. Great design.Feels great.Washable.[Ok]I don’t really see the point of the mirror. Maybe I’ll see a difference when my kid gets older, but I can’t see him noticing it based on how fast and how wide I open the puppet’s mouth.It would be nice if there was some adjustable way to make the glove fit a little tighter. I have medium sized hands, and it felt a little loose. Not a big deal since I don’t wear it for more than a few minutes.[Verdict]It’s a great Alligator puppet (not Giraffe lol) worthy of your feeding time / distraction tool collection.

Corine Dedham, IA

Cute Puppet, Lousy Mirror

As others have noted, this is a very large puppet for big hands, as a big guy I appreciated not having a puppet look like they were getting a painful proctological exam every time I put it on. For the most part, my five month old daughter seems to like the puppet (or at least the stupid voice I put on for him), but as others have noted, the mirror portion of the puppet is a missed opportunity. The mirror amounts to not much more than a piece of foil which results in mostly blurs from more than a foot away and distorted views from under a foot. That’s a shame, but for the price it is still a fun toy to have around.

Chasity Clothier, WV

Super cute! The inner mirror is great fun!

Our little <1 year old cousin loves this toy. Normally, toys last about an hour and are then discarded. Not this one … the little guy loves the games we play with it and the mirror doesn’t seem to get old for him …. highly recommend as a toy for the baby / toddler kiddos toy box.

Juliana Baltimore, OH

Made for really big hands!

My granddaughter loves puppets and that’s why I opted for this one. There is a mirror (you know, the cheap childproof kind that distorts your face) in the roof of the puppet’s mouth. The material on the front is ribbed like corduroy and it is very malleable. The biggest complaint I have is that when I put it on, my hand in no way, shape or form fills out the puppet and I wear medium to large woman’s gloves. You need to have massively large hands to keep your hand from floating around and slipping out of this guy. Most of her other puppets have had the opposite problem, being too small but this one is ridiculous.Other than that, my granddaughter loves this puppet and the mirror. I guess it’s worth it in that way.

Noelle Village Of Nagog Woods, MA

Cute and colorful, has a hidden mirror inside that baby loves!

If it wasn’t cute enough to have a super cute crocodile with bright colors for baby to play with; they then went and added in a mirror inside so that baby is surprised with his own face when croc opens his mouth. It’s a huge hit with the older siblings in the house; they make it talk to my little baby and he just loves it.The only thing I would like to see different is the eyes. All my babies have loved big, large eyes and it really pulls their attention to it. So the little dots are sub-par. But I won’t complain… he loves it and so do I!

Willa Crown Point, IN

Cute puppet

This puppet got the attention of my daughter, and is a cute way to entertain her. However the mirror inside the mouth is not well done, and the image is really distorted.

Courtney Costa, WV

Really big

This puppet is ok. My 15 month old son likes the mirror inside but immediately rips it off my hand! It is very big and it kind of strains your hand to open and close the mouth. I usually have to use my other hand to hold it on. Also, the eyes tend to curl forward. So if you care whether your child can tell if it’s a crocodile or not, meh. If you have big hands and want a puppet for a younger baby, this would be great!

Jenny Houston, MS

Cute puppet and soft lovable look

This puppet enchanted my grand daughter who wanted to operate it but alas it is too big for that. The mirror inside it’s open mouth is rather distorting,and questionable if it was necessary. It did wash nicely and has provided entertaining moments with a one year old in the arm chair this winter.

Imogene San Simeon, CA