Skip Hop Giraffe Safari Nest and Play Blocks, 18 Months Plus

Skip Hop Giraffe Safari Nest and Play Blocks, 18 Months Plus

Nest & Play Blocks – A bevy of blocks filled with fun! This set of three nesting boxes lets little ones play in a number of ways: stack and match the sides to reveal towering animals, or create a game by dropping the wooden balls in and out the holes. Includes three boxes and two wooden balls Holes to drop and roll the ball in and out Paints and finishes non-toxic, child safe

Main features

  • Includes three boxes and two wooden balls
  • High quality wood, all new material
  • Paint and finishes non-toxic, child safe

Verified reviews


Idea is cute, but has very sharp corners

I have a few Skip Hop products and generally I love them, both in their creativity and construction, but this set of nesting blocks needs to be rethought. The corners on the cube blocks are very sharp and pointy, if your child is unstable at all and fall on them, then you could have some serious tears on your hands.I do like that the blocks had animals on three sides that you can match up, and the designs and colors are very cute…but I don’t think it’s a safe toy, nor did it hold the attention on my little one very long. For that reason it’s been relegated to decorative purposes only, and for the price…I don’t think it’s worth it.

Joanne Union, WA

Simple but great!

This is a super simple toy but my 1 year old is obsessed with it. She LOVES this. Despite the fact that there aren’t any lights or noises she plays with the balls and stacks the blocks. The blocks themselves are well made and are standing up to the abuse well. There are a few scratches and dents but she has been playing with them pretty heavily and chewing on them some. This is an excellent toy for a toddler that doesn’t NEED the extra stimulation.

Mary Ireton, IA

Cute, colorful

These stacking blocks are very cute! They can be played with in a couple of different ways. You can stack them and match the pictures on the sides of the blocks. Once stacked you can drop one of the colorful balls down the holes and watch it fall to the bottom. And, you can also nest the blocks together.The only thing I don’t like about this toy so far is the fact that you cannot really store the balls inside the nested blocks when you put the you away. The balls just fall out if I try to do this. I guess this isn’t a huge deal but I don’t look forward to always trying to keep the pieces together when storing it away.Overall this is a really cute and colorful toy!

Isabel Wallace, IN

Fun blocks for the kids, cute for the parents

This is a great gift for the fashion conscious parents or the ones trying to avoid plastics. It sturdy, all wood and a classic nesting block set with some wooden balls. As some reviews have noted, these are boxes (and thus have corners!) and are sturdy. If someone falls on it it’ll hurt, but so will the ball if it gets thrown. This isn’t a toy for kids just learning to walk but for the stable kids and ones enjoying stacking and towers it’s a great toy!

Mattie Leivasy, WV

Play blocks

These look like great fun for little ones. To watch them grow in playing. How fun is that. Thank you

Janis Polk City, FL

Simple but Fun

This toy is a bit simple for $20, but my kids have loved it. My youngest really enjoys stacking the three blocks and figuring out what order to nest them, and they still hold the attention of my oldest who tries to line up the pictures on the side. They both love playing with the balls as well, but I would recommend being careful around younger kids. They are very heavy wooden balls that could cause quite a bit of damage if thrown like the other balls my kids play with. The blocks are made of sturdy wood, and the paint has not chipped at all.

Ethel Coeymans Hollow, NY

Adorable and Educational!

I got these blocks for my 20 month old daughter after seeing her enjoy a similar toy at a play date. They are brightly colored and feature cute animals, including a giraffe you can stack the blocks to line up his picture. They are made of wood, which makes them more durable than other nesting blocks made of flimsy cardboard, so these can withstand the roughness of a toddler! I’m always concerned about toys with paint on them, but the paint on these is nontoxic; however, after being tossed around/dropped many times, the paint has started to chip a little.I like the diversity of this toy in that you can do multiple activities with it. You can of course stack them, line up the pictures, nest them all (works great for storing them when playing is done) to help baby recognize different sizes, and her favorite activity is lining up the holes to drop the balls in and watch the ball roll out, which also works on cause and effect.The only downside of this toy and why I’m giving it 4 stars (besides the chipping paint I’ve already mentioned), is that I wish there were more blocks in this set. For only 3 blocks, though they are nice quality, is a bit overpriced. My daughter has other nesting type blocks that she can stack as tall as she is and I think she’d enjoy this toy even more if she had more blocks to use. Overall, this is a very nice educational toy that works on thinking skills and is a great introductory toy to the concept of stacking/nesting so I’d definitely recommend it!

Sheree Long Island, ME

A little smaller than i thought, but fun even for kids under 18mo

If you kid is old enough to pick up balls and drop them into boxes, they’re old enough for this toy. My toddler is still well shy of 18 months, but has a good time stacking the boxes, nesting the boxes, dropping the balls into the boxes, etc. He’s not ready for the Great Mysteries of Life revealed by stacking the boxes so the holes align and dropping the ball all the way through, but he’s young yet.The reason i’m giving this four stars instead of five is that there’s no good way to store it. The boxes nest nicely, but the balls are too big to fit both of them in the smallest box. If the balls were a little smaller, or the boxes a little bigger, it would package up perfectly. Instead, we’re forever losing one of the balls because we have to prop it on top, then one of the kids or pets knocks it off and it rolls away.(As for the safety concerns: yes, this is a set of wooden boxes. The edges and corners are not rounded like cheap molded plastic. If you don’t allow your child near anything that might cause a mild scratch, you should keep them away from these.)

Nikki La Fayette, KY

Fun/safe wood toy for a 12-22 month old–depending on development

First, if you saw the review saying it’s not safe, note that this is not a baby toy–it’s a young toddler toy. Skip Hop has put the 18+ months stamp on it to be safe, but as anyone with children knows, their development varies. That said, your child might enjoy this safely at 12 months, or not. If he/she (or the intended recipient) is at the stage where they’re not putting everything in their mouth and enjoy stacking, this would be a great choice. If they’re already walking, they’re coordinated enough to not bash themselves on the corners of the blocks or whatever else you’d worry about at a younger age.True, it might be more fun with more blocks to stack for an older toddler, but the relatively compact size–it nests into the single block at the bottom–makes it a convenient travel toy. You can throw it in a ziploc and carry it in your bag easily, and the various activities it provides are challenging enough to entertain for a good bit of time (nesting, stacking, matching, etc) and help develop motor skills. By age two I’d think the child would get bored more quickly, but it’s a perfect toy for that in-between time.Plus, as with all of Skip Hop’s products, it has a SUPER cute design featuring a baby/parent giraffe, turtle, elephant, bird, and alligator. The paint/finishes are nontoxic, and the wood is safe and lightweight. (The balls are wooden as well–hard to find that!)

Agnes Mohawk, TN