Skip Hop Giraffe Safari Peek and Play, Giraffe, 18 Months Plus

Skip Hop Giraffe Safari Peek and Play, Giraffe, 18 Months Plus

Giraffe Safari Peek and Play Giraffe Make this friendly giraffe grow tall with a simple touch of his tail—let go and he slides back down! View larger View larger View larger View larger View larger View larger The perfect toy to teach action and response to little ones during playtime. Giraffe Safari Peek and Play Giraffe Ages 18 months + Move the giraffe tail up and down to move his head Paints & finishes non-toxic, child safe High quality wood, all new materials Products comply with ASTM & EN71 standards Coordinates with Giraffe Safari collection Size (inches): 5.5l x 1.5w x 5.5h; (cm): 14l x 4w x 14h

Main features

  • Move the giraffe tail up and down to move his head
  • High quality wood, all new material
  • Paint and finishes non-toxic, child safe

Verified reviews


Sturdy and straightforward

With this Skip Hop Giraffe, what you see is what you get. This is very much an old school wooden toy, extremely simplistic in design yet very classy and timeless. What you get is a small wooden giraffe, very thick and sturdy in construction, that measures about five and a half inches tall. By moving the tail up and down, the giraffe’s neck goes up and down. That’s it. No wheels, no songs, no blinking eyes. Like I said, very simple yet effective. In a world of toys that light up, make sounds, play music, and interact with smartphones, this is startlingly straightforward.I gave this to my sixteen-month-old, and she instantly figured out the simple function of moving the tail and manipulating the neck. She played with it for several minutes, set it aside, and came back to it a little while later. This will never be a favorite toy. It’s not cuddly, nor does it have the bells and whistles needed to entertain her for hours. But I suspect it will be a durable, go-to toy for as long as she plays with toys. It’s not likely to get broken, and it’s the kind of simple, old fashioned device that you just want to pick up and mess around with for a few minutes, almost like a stress reliever. The packaging recommends eighteen months and up, but my sixteen-month-old plays with it just fine.

Amie Dickerson, MD

Simple fun!

I’ve had hit and miss with other Skip Hop products, but I like that they are non toxic, made of wood, and are interactive play toys.I didn’t have very high expectations, but I was pleasantly surprised by this giraffe toy. The last Skip Hop toy that I had that was wood, and sharp edges and felt it would be unsafe so I got rid of it almost right away. That was not the case with the giraffe. The curves of the wood are smooth. I was also initially concerned that little fingers could get pinched with the moving parts, but that wasn’t the case at all. It’s very well constructed, so that the parts move smoothly, but there are no big gaps that fingers could get stuck or pinched in.I have a 13 mos old that I gave this to to play with, and while she doesn’t sit for long stretches of time to play with this, it is a toy that she grabs daily to play with. She enjoys moving the head up and down…..repeatedly. She finds it fascinating. Just wait until she discovers that the tail will make the head move, LOL.Overall, I think this is a good toy and would get it again.

Nell Clifton, TN

Super simple and cute

I love wooden toys, they are the best. Cute little skip hop giraffe is lots of fun, and cute to look at.

Leta Faucett, MO


This is so cute and a lifesaver in the car. My 12 month old loves making the giraffe’s neck go up and down. It actually keeps him from screaming in the car so definitely earns 5 stars from this stressed out mama. The toy is wooden which is my son’s favorite material to chew on. I love all of Skip Hop’s safari toys and this is another great one.

Patsy Lapine, AL

Super simple, basic toy

The Skip Hop Giraffe is a super simple, wooden toy, Moving the tail raises and lowers the head with a very satisfying sound. All the edges are super smooth and safe for babies. My 13 month old enjoys it very much.

Odessa Glen Fork, WV

Very cute and simple enough for a one year old.

There isn’t (by design I’m sure) much to this toy but my one year old granddaughter absolutely loves it! it came smaller than I expected but it is very sturdy. it does exactly what the description says and that is the head will go up when you push the tail down. I did expect for the head to fall back down on its own but it stays up until you push the tail back up.My granddaughter is only one and though I have shown her that you push on the tail to make things happen, she would rather pull up and push down on the head and watch the tail move. Either way she is happy with it and of course that makes me happy. Its also nice to have a moving toy that doesn’t require batteries. I would definitely recommend this toy. It seems virtually indestructible which is nice when the little one has a destructive streak.

Verna Green Lake, WI

Cute, sturdy and easy to manipulate for little ones.

This is a cute and sturdy little wooden giraffe whose head pops up when you manipulate it’s tail. It’s a good way for a little one to see the cause and effect of an unseen linkage and resulted in delight and repeated "testing" of the relationship when our littlest one discovered it. This is not an "hours of mesmerized enjoyment" toy, but has now taken its rightful place among the menagerie of wooden and stuffed animals in our home.

Robbie Vega Baja, PR

Loved but a bit too simple to keep attention

My two toddlers like this, and it keeps resurfacing, but it never keeps their attention long. I don’t think they’d miss it of it disappeared. It is very well made and durable, but it’s just not loved by my crew.

Geraldine Sidney, MT