Skip Hop Giraffe Safari Squeeze Me Rattle Toy, Giraffe

Skip Hop Giraffe Safari Squeeze Me Rattle Toy, Giraffe

Surprising sounds from squeezy friends. This dynamic pal is shaped just right for small hands, and makes different sounds when baby plays. Shake to hear rattle, squeeze for a squeak, and wave side to side to hear both.

Main features

  • Elongated neck creates easy grip shape
  • Squeaks when squeezed
  • Shake to hear rattle

Verified reviews


Soft rattle

Thank goodness for soft rattles! Our daughter is sadly somewhat clumsy like me and fortunately she can play with this toy without worry! Bright colors, matches the stroller giraffe. Would recommend.

Tanya Remsenburg, NY

Cute, soft toy

This is an adorable toy. The giraffe has a sweet little face, and the fabrics are colorful and plush. It took me a minute to figure out where to squeeze the sqeaker, but once I did, it works great and isn’t hard to use at all. You just wrap your fist around the neck and squeeze lightly. Or use two fingers and pinch the sides of the neck together.In addition to squeaking, it also makes a pleasant rattle sound when you shake or throw it.It’s a nice, soft toy to chew on and is easily washable in the machine. It’s a good toy to keep in my diaper bag, since it doesn’t take up a lot of space and is something my son can play with by himself in the car seat.

Leona Norlina, NC

Easy to Hold and Fun Rattle

This is a great first toy. The size and material make it really easy for little hands to hold. The filling is also a little bit ‘crinkly’ so as you touch it, you feel both the textures of the fabrics and the texture of the filling. It adds a nice dimension to that sensory play. When shaken, it makes a nice ‘jingling’ tone…just enough to stimulate a kid, not enough to annoy the adults. The shape of the eyes and the mouth are perfect for biting on. In fact, my son likes to crawl around with this in his mouth.Overall, a really nicely made, interesting, and cute baby toy!

Christina Hubertus, WI

First time I purposely bought a toy because it’s supposed to be defective

I think the sound of the average squeaker is slightly annoying, so I was intrigued when a number of reviews stated the squeaker doesn’t work. So technically I bought this hoping mine would be defective also, and it is. I’ve squeezed that squeaker at least 25 times and got nuthin’. Yaaaay. Except that it isn’t defective after all. My grandbaby was just here, I gave it to her, and she proceeded to shake it wildly and wap it hard onto her daddy’s leg with all the exuberance a 6 month old can muster and it squeaks just fine, producing big smiles from baby. That is apparently the secret: to smack the neck, in front or in back. Works every time. It’s not an annoying squeak (I’m used to the family dog’s toys, ugh), just a cute and quick one, and she loves this thing. Grandma just got major points for very little money.

Emilie Red Oak, OK

Nice soft rattle

This is a nice, soft rattle for baby to play with. The only complaint that I have about this toy is that the squeaker is hard to find, and you have to squeeze it just right in order for it to make noise. Other than that, it is a very good toy.

Brenda Grampian, PA


another favorite here.this collection of skip hop toys is so cute. it’s totally modern and really cool. great colors.and this little rattle is great – it has nice, long neck so it’s easy to hold and shake. it’s soft but totally sturdy and easy to give a quick clean to.i LOVE giving our favorite things as baby gifts. this would make a really cute addition to any gift and would be adorable tied on top of the box, too.

Cherry Esperance, NY

Great first rattle for baby

Great first rattle for baby, keeps him entertained whether he’s staring at it as someone rattles it in front of him or if he’s chewing on it by himself. Super soft and easy for little hands to grasp. It’s been through the wash countless times and so far has held up well.

Grace Pittsville, WI

Baby’s Favorite

This was the second one we bought because one was insufficient for our twins. These are their favorite toys. Can’t believe it’s $8, but we’re so happy we have them.

Meghan Wannaska, MN