Skip Hop Giraffe Safari Stacking Animal Blocks, 18 Months Plus

Skip Hop Giraffe Safari Stacking Animal Blocks, 18 Months Plus

Safari pals stack high to the sky. These five safari friends can be stacked any which way – the possibilities are endless. Little ones can also use them individually, perfect for imaginative play.

Main features

  • Includes giraffe, rhino, parrot, crocodile and turtle
  • Solid one-inch thick construction
  • Paint and finishes non-toxic, child safe

Verified reviews


Very cute, doesn’t stack well

These pieces are gorgeous! We love the painted wood. They are fun to play with, but there isn’t much for little one to do with them. The pieces do not stack together well. They are not a tight enough fit and slip off of each other. Beautiful pieces, not much fun, and is not actually a "stacking" toy.

Cecile Boyertown, PA

Cute, but difficult to stack

And when I say difficult to stack, I’m not just talking about for kids, I’m talking about myself. They require a very definite placement on a completely flat surface otherwise you’re just out of luck.

Lolita Halma, MN

Adorable blocks. I like that they are different from …

Adorable blocks. I like that they are different from most blocks on the market. I haven’t given them to my munchkin yet. (They were ordered as a gift & occasion hasn’t happened yet) I’m sure he’ll love them!

Katrina Willis, VA

Skip Hop Giraffe Safari Stacking Animal Blocks

These stacking animal blocks are cute, brightly colored, and well-made, at least as far as the playing style of a two-year-old girl goes. I like that they encourage open-ended play in our house. My kid stacked them as shown once, and then decided they make FABULOUS cookies for her pretend baking sheet. I hope the animal blocks in this set aren’t offended by that! 😉

Jimmie Frontier, MI

Hard to stack for baby

My daughter is 18 months old so she is at the starting age for this toy. At 18 months, she does not even come close to having the dexterity to stack these bocks. Now, when I stack them, she gleefully knocks them down. Regardless, the blocks are very well made. They are real wood with a lacquered finish that will prevent splinters if they go into baby’s mouth. The animals are very cute, although the parrot looks more like an owl.

Katheryn Hancock, MN

Cute but rather difficult for young hands.

I love the look of these animal blocks, however, they are a bit difficult for little hands to stack because they have to be placed at certain spots to really stack well. I found my blocks to be tight (not loose like so many were saying) so perhaps they have changed some things in different product making batches. As my son ages a little bit I think it will be doable, we are just not there yet. For now, they are cute and sturdy enough to be inviting to play with, even if it is just for zoo play.

Eula Sneads, FL

Pretty, even after a good chewing

My 16 month old daughter loves these wooden animals. She carries them around the house with her, so pleased with herself. She’s not much of a gnawer, but my 5 year old is and I can safely say that these animals have been thoroughly chewed on with no noticeable effects to the toys. The color and designs are still as perfect as new. None of the children have seemed the slightest bit interested in the blocks stacking ability, even though I’ve attempted to show them multiple times. I will that that although I haven’t had issue with stacking the blocks, smaller hands and less coordinated kids may have a difficult time getting the blocks to stay stacked.

Blanca Brant Rock, MA

Cute stacking blocks

These are cute toys that have ended up as more as a zoo than as stacking blocks but still lots of fun! Well built to survive a 2-3yr old and cute enough to use as decoration until they get that old. My set isn’t great at stacking as they are a bit loose, but they stand well individually and make a great set of animals .

Lara Pearl, IL

It’s really cute

Not the best stacking toy, for sure, but it’s really cute. My son prefers to play with the individual pieces. I stack it for him and put it on the dresser and it is very cute to look at….. but hard for little hands to really play with in the way it’s intended. Still cute and he likes the wooden pieces.

Meghan Lucerne, CO

Cute blocks

I agree with the other reviewers that these are difficult to stack but I think they will be great when my baby is older. He is 9 months now so he just bangs them together and chews on them. I like that they are more challenging – they will be a good learning experience in perserverence, steadiness, problem solving and patience when he is older. Plus, I love playing with them myself. Ha ha. The colours are great too.

Jannie Timber, OR

Giraffe stacking toy

This was a gift. I look forward to playing with my grandchildren for many years. Thanks very much. Great product.

Dolly Spragueville, IA

High quality, adorable option for the block loving toddler!

When this came in the mail my 19 month old immediately loved it! These blocks are really well made and super cute. He has them in his crib right now and he often is lining them up and stacking them while he says ‘hoo hoo" for the owl. They are very nicely made and solid sturdy wood and they stack easily. Very cute gift for a blocks fan!

Leanna Mississippi State, MS

Stacking Blocks

This toy is great – the colors are bright and fun to look at and the kids (boys age 1 and 4) like playing with them as a stacking toy as well as pretend play. The pieces fit together nicely and are easy to pull back apart. It’s challenging enough for our now 14 month old in that he will grow into the toy but still is fun for our 4 year old who plays pretend with the animals.

Jacquelyn New Summerfield, TX

Looks great. High Quality. Yet very frustrating.

The quality reminds me of Melissa and Doug. IOW, high quality.The product looks amazing sitting on the table.Now, bring in your kid and they immediately topple the toy parts and they will be completly unable to rebuild it. Its now up to you, and I PROMISE you will be back at amazon, looking in your Orders list so you can find a photo of the toy and the order to stack these animals. Quite frustrating.

Corinne Otter, MT

I bought these for my son and he absolutely love them. The quality is great because he can …

I bought these for my son and he absolutely love them. The quality is great because he can chew and chew and chew on these and nothing has happened to them!

Penelope Juliette, GA

Great puzzle

My sons absolutely love and are able to do the vertical puzzle easily. They really enjoy it and the product is very well made and worth the price. I recommend to anyone looking for a unique puzzle.

Heather Portal, ND

Fun blocks for play…probably not for stacking though.

I’ve come to expect two things from Skip Hop products: high quality, and adorable animal styling. These blocks do not disappoint in this regard. The wood is sturdy and the paint is safe/durable–necessary when your target market loves to put everything in the mouth! They’re great as blocks…but maybe not the stacking part. Perhaps if they were called “Topple Over Animal Blocks” or “Play Hide And Seek With the Pieces Animal Blocks” then they’d be a 5-star product that lives up to its name. That said, one 22-month-old has plenty of fun using them in the aforementioned ways (as do his friends–one of them in particular *loves* these blocks)…good thing he can’t read yet, so his expectations didn’t need the same adjustment mine did! So as usual, these would make a great gift for a toddler who enjoys playing with animal-themed toys.

Caitlin Singer, LA