Skip Hop Giraffe Safari Stroller Toy, Crocodile

Skip Hop Giraffe Safari Stroller Toy, Crocodile

Jungle fun for the stroller. Wooden teether and rattle keep baby happy on the trail. Shake to hear a rattle or chime, and keep small fingers busy with multi textured details, including a wooden teether.

Main features

  • Croc chimes, holds wood teether ring in mouth
  • Tuggable felt feet, ridges and teeth
  • Embroidered details

Verified reviews


class with a modern twist

i am picky about stroller toys. some are just too tacky for words. i like this turtle because it feels like a classic european toy with a modern twist. the wood teether is great for the non-stop chewing and surprisingly, the mirror and soft toy part kept my little one entertained for awhile. it is easy to attached and wash too.

Elaine Bailey, CO

Nice chew toy

This is a nice teether and rattle combo. We use it on the go because it can clip anywhere.There are different areas for the baby to grab onto, like the legs and the bumps along the crocodile’s back.It makes a soft jingle/rattle when you shake or throw it. My son likes to pick it up and throw it, then crawl to it, and repeat.The tail is good for biting, and so is the ring in the mouth. The ring is nice, natural-colored wood that has a smooth finish. I like that there are no paint chips getting in my baby’s mouth. And it’s great that it’s machine washable, since not all toys with rattles inside them are.The colors are nice, too. It’s colorful, but still pretty.

Christa Cresco, PA

Cute Teether-Rattle-Toy Combo

This has become my son’s favorite teething toy. The wood teething ring on the front is nice for biting as well as for keeping a steady grip on the alligator. The tail is also a really nice size and texture for a baby’s mouth. That’s probably the part that’s getting the most attention. He has an easy time keeping his grip on it and he also likes that it makes a sound when he shakes it. It seems very durably made.Personally, I like the size of the toy a lot. It’s very portable and the extra clip on the bottom makes it easy to hook on the diaper bag or the side of the stroller/car seat. But, it’s also big enough that if it goes ‘overboard’ in the car, I’m not struggling to figure out where it disappeared to!

Terry Robertsville, MO

Super cute!

I love this item! It’s soft and it’s unique. It’s hard to find turtle items for babies that are cute. You can also clip this onto a car seat and it washes easily. I would purchase this again. It arrived on time and was packaged well.

Frances Yoder, KS

so cute!

this is a great little stroller toy. it clips on (and stays on!) the stroller and baby has lots to do with it: there’s a mirror, a wooden teething turtle hanging from it, lots of colors, lots of’s a really cute, gender neutral toy. perfect for clipping to the stroller, car seat or wherever. it’s made well and the colors are really cool.

Holly Dunn Loring, VA

Great chew toy!

My grandson (5 months) loves the parrot’s nose to chew on. The bottom ring is easy for him to grab and manipulate the toy.

Deann Mathews, AL

Not the quality I was looking for

The crocodile toy is as adorable in person as it seems on here. The wooden ring is the right size for my 4 month old’s grasp. The fabric just isn’t the quality I was hoping for. The legs are just a piece of felt. Baby did enjoy the rattle sound inside and it is perfect for batting while on his playmat or in the bouncy chair. He is at a stage right now where he wants everything in his mouth and this doesn’t really work because the feet are too tiny and the body too big to fit.It is fine, just not the awesome toy I was hoping for.

Chandra Midway Park, NC