Skip Hop Giraffe Safari Twist and Smile Toy, Crocodile

Skip Hop Giraffe Safari Twist and Smile Toy, Crocodile

A toothy friend with lots of ways to play twist, click, chime and re-align. Twist and turn the crocs chest, tummy and tail to hear his happy clicking sound, shake to hear him chime, then twist him back.

Main features

  • Twist to match up patterns and fabrics
  • Body twists in 3 sections
  • Clicks and chimes as you twist it

Verified reviews



My niece loves her crocodile! It’s soft with so many interesting textures for babies to explore, and she loves how it clicks when the different segments are turned. When you shake it, it has a little chiming sound – my niece loves to vigorously shake it! The colors are neutral and a little muted, and I think that adds a nice touch. It’s also held up quite well to some serious snuggling and even to some teething and gnawing on the tail. I would definitely recommend this.

Mellisa Fort Collins, CO

Friendly little croc that offers a nice sensory and tactile experience for baby

This little Crocodile toy from Skip Hop is cute. The head of the croc has a chime in it so it make a nice sound when you shake or move the toy. The body is segmented and it clicks when you twist it. The toy is supposed to be for ages 3 months and up but I think it’s best suited to a child 6 months and up. A three month old is just not going to be manipulating this toy and twisting it very easily if at all. The colors and the textures of the fabric used for this crocodile add interest. It’s a nice toy, but I don’t think the quality is quite as good as the fabric toys we have from Lamaze which seem to be made far better. A concern I have with this little croc is the fabrics don’t seem like they will wipe clean easily which is a concern if you have a child with reflux who spits up all of the time. In our house we need toys that can be easily cleaned when spit up happens.

Selina Hill Afb, UT

so cute, super fun

this is a great little toy –perfect for little hands!the tail, middle and head of this alligator twist, making a cool clicking noise. my baby loves it. and i love that it’ll grow with her, too. to start, it’s just really cute – with lots of different textured fabrics and little tabs along the alligator’s spine. and as her fine motor skills develop she’ll be able to twist it herself, too. it’s a sweet baby toy but it doesn’t feel as baby-ish as others that they outgrow so quickly do. i think this one will be in rotation for a long time!this would also make a really adorable gender-neutral baby gift! i always love having a few good go-to ideas to get for showers… this is a great option!

Johnnie Oxford, AL

I like this more than my baby

I bought this for my 9 month old. He doesn’t really get it yet. I think it’s super cute and fun though. I could see him being more into it in a couple of months. We’ll see.

Mildred Fancy Gap, VA

My Son Loves This Crocodile!

My household was recently given the opportunity to try the Skip Hop Giraffe Safari Twist and Smile Toy Crocodile (that’s a mouthful!) and my 9-month old son loves this toy.The crocodile is made from soft, yet varying textures that cover it’s parts. The novelty of this toy is that it features three major body segments that can twist and makes a soft clicking sound when done so. The head and torso, abdomen, and tail can all twist around the center axis in different ways. This makes the toy a bit more interactive and the twisting noise definitely gets my son’s attention.The colors are bright and cheerful and mix right in with our other Skip Hop toys. Each segment features differing textures from smooth to a corduroy-feeling material.Recommended!

Tamera Levelland, TX

Cute Stuffed Toy with Interactive Parts

Fun stuffed toy for little ones is a simple way to say my niece loves this. She won’t let it go and is still carrying it around with her. It doesn’t do a lot, but it is cute and does have some interactive simple play for toddlers. I paired this with one of the books and that really made a difference in imaginative play with my niece.

Anne Lakeville, CT


This is one precious little toy! It was our introduction into the world of Skip Hop, but hopefully not our last! We have a new baby shower gift on our list, too.This crocodile’s body is segmented, and your little one can twist its body, and hear clicking. This is perfect for motor practice!There’s lots of different fabrics, textures, and colors for your little one to touch and chew on. There’s a chiming type bell in the head of the crocodile, also. It’s not loud and obnoxious, thankfully!For me, it’s a little too big to pack in my diaper bag for trips, but it is easy to hang on to. It’s long and slender(ish), so it’s perfect for my little one to hang onto.Overall, there’s lots of different things on this crocodile to keep your little one’s interests! Plus, it’s a cute little thing!

Ava Pecatonica, IL

Engaging toy for 3-9 month old, Cute addition for a nursey

Skip hop did such a nice job with this toy. This is a very engaging baby toy. There are many interesting combinations of textures, colors, movements, and sounds. I feel like they struck the right balance in a baby toy: it is easy to grip, but good for motor skill development as it bends and twists a little bit. It is soft and squishy, but also sturdy. It is colorful and interesting, but not some crazy battery-operated motorized thing! It is cuddly and sort of ‘loveable’ like a stuffed animal and yet educational too.I’ve found that this is one of those toys that I sort of leave out on the dresser or the top of the toy bin. It is visually appealing to me too! I’ve also caught my daughter (age 4) taking it to her room to play. So, it seems to be interesting to older kids as well.I have noticed that the fabric does pick up pet hair and lint, so keep that in mind. But, it comes clean easily with wet wipe or a lint brush.I think this is a great new baby/shower gift and the price point is very good for a unique and interesting kids toy.

Jill Kitts Hill, OH

Great toy

Cute and names soft sounds. My little boy really likes his crocodile and it keeps him entertained.

Tommie Snowflake, AZ

Fun Animal Toy

Skip Hop has put out a great toy that is well built and looks great, Soft enough to name with yet firm enough that you can prop it up on stuff and play with it. It wipes clean well and is very sturdy. It twists and makes noises so my 3yr old loves to help my 3month old play with it by twisting and shaking it for him. Well loved in my house, this has also become tick-toc crock in some Peter Pan skits around the house. I dock it a star because I’m not a huge fan of surface wipe only toys for small kids because a run though a hot bath and some soap is good for everything.

Kathy Redondo, WA

Interesting For My Baby

My baby daughter loves this toy. It twists, it turns, makes sounds, and it’s nice and soft. Furthermore, the colors are vibrant and eye-catching. Though it’s a simple toy, it is made well and quite entertaining.

Mable Rising Star, TX

Cute but not our kids’ favorite

I have an almost 2 year old and a 6 month old. Both kids played with this for a minute or two but lost interest quickly. It is cute and I love the jangly sound when you shake it but it just didn’t hold their attention for long. However, I don’t think it was any fault of the croc. It’s well made, brightly colored, and easy for little hands to hold. My toddler is more interested in baby dolls and my infant is usually looking for something to gnaw on. I will keep this guy around in case they change their mind!

Margaret Jackson, NE