Skip Hop Giraffe Safari Xylophone, Crocodile, 18 Months Plus

Skip Hop Giraffe Safari Xylophone, Crocodile, 18 Months Plus

Mallet fits in mouth for storage Rockin’ Reptile Hear his mouth click and clack he is pulled along the floor. It’s all in the details High quality wood, child safe paints and soft felt teeth in his mouth. Giraffe Safari Crocodile Xylophone Ages 18 months + Pull-toy too!—pull with attached mallet Paints & finishes non-toxic, child safe High quality wood, all new materials Products comply with ASTM & EN71 standards Coordinates with Giraffe Safari collection Size (inches): 14.2l x 5.3w x 4.3h; (cm): 36.25l x 13.5w x 11h

Main features

  • Pull with attached mallet
  • High quality wood, all new material

Verified reviews


My nephew loved this!

My one year old nephew loved this. The little crocodile head was such a fun addition to the traditional xylophone and I loved the soft pastel colors. Best of all, the attached mallet tucks inside the crocodile’s mouth like a chew toy (again the nephew got such a kick out of that). And of course, I love that since it’s attached by a sturdy cord, I won’t have to worry about the mallet getting lost. It feels nice and substantial too, which is good since it gets sat on a good deal 🙂

Trina Frankford, DE

A quality xylophone sure to make any baby happy.

Babies love hitting things. Whether it’s pots and pans or faces, you can’t keep them from smacking things when they’re in their first 18 months or so. Xylophone toys are always a hit, giving them something to really use, learning that big bars make different sounds from the little ones. Skip Hop’s take on the instrument is a good one, presented in a fun crocodile pull-along body, with a mallet that is attached to the crocodile AND is long enough to use with all the notes without it being just barely long enough to get the furthest one.The first thing I liked about this toy is that it’s made of wood. This isn’t a hollow plastic that’s going to get dented after a couple of days. It’s a good quality wooden xylophone with metal plates that are all safely installed. Don’t worry though- this isn’t a heavy toy! No one’s going to get hurt picking it up or anything. Each of the eight notes sounds nice when played, and I didn’t notice any ugly, shaky sounds when messing around with it. All of the parts work as they should, and the wheels move along perfectly. The crocodile’s teeth are made of a soft felt too.All in all, it’s a great xylophone, and yet there are two little problems I have. First, the string to pull it along is definitely not as long as shown in the stock image above where the child is pulling it. The other issue is that while the metal plates are secure, they do shake a lot. Others have had this same issue with theirs as well. It could just be a quality control thing.Little problems aside, this is a great little toy. It’s durable, makes better music than similarly priced xylophones and is just plain cute. Anyone concerned about the rope being a danger can always just cut it off and still have a perfectly functioning xylophone.

Kimberlee Hampshire, IL

Quality with color!

Skip Hop is known for quality items. I did not expect any less when I received this toy.My daughter has a xylophone made byLittle Tikes Tap-a-Tune Xylophone. It is nice but bulky. Also, the mallet is very short and it is close to impossible to hit the keys. She pretty much gave up with playing with it due to that.When she received the Skip Hop, the colors attracted her attention. Also, it is smaller. She is three years old and loves pulling it around the house. I like that it is made out of wood. It glides across my floors with ease and does not have any dings in the wheels. The mallet to the Skip Hop is long enough to hit all of the keys. The keys are metal but I would expect them to be in order to give a musical sound. I read some people were surprised the keys were not wood. That was not an issue with me. I also like that you can store the mallet in the alligators mouth. There is a white felt trim around the mouth, supposed to be teeth, and they are showing some discoloration from play.I am very impressed with the quality of the toy and like the smaller size. It is perfect for little hands to play with and also easy to store in the toy box. I can’t think of one con with the toy. Even with it being wood there are no splinters or rough wood areas.This is a quality toy that either a boy or girl would enjoy playing with. It is a bit loud so if you have a headache, you might want to leave it in the toy box until you feel better.

Mable Pelham, AL

Quality toy, pleasant tone!

The Skip Hop Crocodile Xylophone is a well-made wooden toy. I was worried the edges might be rough, but they are sanded smooth and finished with a gloss.Although the picture shows a 2 year old walking with the mallet up by its head, the cord is NOT that long. A 1 or 2 year old could pull it behind him IF the mallet were down low, and the arm were fully extended down. Even then, it would be right on the toddler’s heels, not lagging behind.I like the soft sound of the xylophone and that it feels sturdy. We’ve had some xylophones (wooden) that didn’t sound very musical. We’ve had some metal ones that sounded more loud and clangy. This one has a pleasant tone that isn’t abrasive or annoying. A musician might notice that it does not seem to be a perfect scale. The largest note seems to be a bit flat, though that really doesn’t matter to my kids.I like that the mallet is not only attached, but stores in the mouth. My 1 year old son can’t get it in the crocodile’s mouth, but my older children and I can.The only caution is that (as with all wooden toys) children need to be trained not to throw it or hit with it. It is going to cause more damage than a plastic toy because it is heavier than a plastic toy. My 1 year old appreciates the wheels because he can’t carry it around (too heavy).My children love this toy! This toy is popular with my 1 year old, 3 year old, and 5 year old. The 7 year old was fascinated with it at first, but it hasn’t held her attention as long.

Darla Graham, KY

Both of the kids enjoy this toy

Both of my children (4 and 2) enjoy this toy, although it is certainly more geared toward the two year old. I think they almost use it more as a pull toy or even as a toy car then for its musical function! It really covers all of the bases of my son’s interests (it has wheels, music and is a gator:) We received this toy days after Christmas and it is getting a lot of play time even with all of the other new toys in the house. I would definitely recommend this for children between 18 months and 4 years.

Billie Columbus, MI

Needs a few changes, but still nice

Firstly, as another reviewer stated, this is actually a glockenspiel because the bars/plates are metal instead of wood. I thought it was strange that they didn’t catch that.As for the toy itself, the plates move around a lot. The sound is ok when I play it because I know how to hit it, but when my 24-month-old daughter hits it it sounds muddled and dull. The smallest plates have the best sound and move the least.The mallet is awkward for my daughter to remove from and place into the crocodile’s mouth, so I’m the only who bothers. Still, it’s cute. The string is too short for her (average height 2 year old) so I think I might either remove it or just cut it and tie more string to it. Whenever she tries to drag it around, it hits her in the back of the feet and trips her up.The paint on the metal plates has already started to chip on two bars. That might be because my LO has thrown it a couple of times (gotta love those Terrible Twos), but I still hadn’t expected it so soon.

Carolyn Robbins, TN

Cutest baby glockenspiel ever! (Tone not quite as nice as Hohner)

4.5 stars overall. (If you’re wondering, it’s actually a glockenspiel, though all the parts besides the keys are wooden). For looks and fun, this is a 5-star toy. It does dual duty as a very nice animal pull toy and a decent musical toy. The colors, like all Skip Hop products, are outstanding: still bright and cheery, but just a bit more pleasant and less retina-searing for the parents than the standard baby fare.Its only drawbacks are that the pull string, to which the mallet is attached (very clever–my baby is forever losing the mallet on her other one) is just too short enough to make striking the far keys awkward. And the sound isn’t as nice as the excellent Hohner glockenspiel. Those drawbacks will probably matter more with an older child who is capable of hitting the keys with more precision, but for its intended age, unless you’ve got a prodigy on your hands, it will due nicely.My 15-month old likes it & has been enjoying the Hohner one since her first birthday (though only making more musical sounds than a general clatter for the last montg), so I’d rate the target age for enjoying it as an instrument a bit younger than the recommended 18 mos. The pull toy appeal will depend on how well your kid walks, so that may be a good deal younger for you as well.

Lilian Pekin, ND

String too short for a pull toy, soft sounds ans colors

With the soft sounds and colors, this toy is a superb companion for any toddler and introduce him/her to the subtleties of music. Our 15 months old liked this toy but it is a bit early for him to get engaged with it. It seems to be more suitable for an 18 months old as recommended by the manufacturer or even older toddlers who gain basic understanding of cause and effect and the rhythms in the sound.I wish the string was longer than mere 9". The center of the wooden handle with string is about 12" long in total. That is too short even for average height toddler. Kids do not pull toys with hands stretched all the way down. Most of the time he pulls the string at chest level which renders the toy hanging in air instead of being a pull toy.It is very good for a sit down play and can engage a toddler if he gets interested in music. Otherwise, as a pull toy it may not work successfully. With the current price range, I would expect that the designers in the company must have thought through this aspect.Overall build quality if very good and sturdy and I have no doubts about the longevity of the toy when subjected to normal toddler type abuse.

Edna Hahira, GA

Super Cute

This toy is adorable…… My son likes to bang on it with his hands and the stick. My only complaints are really that he is constantly shoving the stick into his mouth like a lollipop and I keep having to pull it out. Also, I think it’s genious that the stick is attached to the xylophone, but the string attaching it is not quite long enough to pound the keys correctly – especially the smaller ones on the end. I understand this probably has something to do with the fact that if the string was longer, it may pose a strangulation hazard, so I can get over that. Also, the sound itself isn’t quite right, but whatever – it’s a baby toy and he enjoys playing with it! 🙂

Jasmin Preston, GA

Cute version of a good ol’ classic!

We have a few other brand name xylophones and this one is a hit right now with our 20 month old. We have it in his toy box in his room and we often hear him tapping away. A plus is that the mallet is attached. A BIG plus is that the string on the mallet is actually long enough for him to actually pull it while walking, which he does do. If looking for a gift for a musical toddler this is a cute choice.

Corinne Hartville, MO

Well made and fun for my twins!

I love that the mallet to hit the notes with is attached to the alligator via a string. One less thing for me to go searching for and keep track of! My twins are 12 months, and while this product says its for 18 months and up, they’ve been playing with it for several months already and enjoy it. I didn’t realize until I received it that if you pull the alligator by the mallet and cord as a pull toy that the mouth of the alligator chomps up and down- pretty cute and fun! I think this is one of the toys that will stand the test of time, it seems pretty well made and durable.

Marguerite Spring Grove, MN

a very cute

This xylophone is really cute! The xylophone is in the shape of an crocodile on wheels. The metal plates of the xylophone are painted in nice colors. While the sound made when striking metal plates might not always be perfect, it does work well. The mallet is attached by a string so it cannot get lost. The string on the one we have it pretty much just long enough to play all the notes but doesn’t have any more slack (the photo shown seems to be longer). When the crocodile is pulled by the string, the mouth opens and closes (causing quite a delight to kids as you can imaging).The best part is your kids will be able to make their own music! I love to hear the sounds of my kids playing this instrument. It is much better for them to make their own song than push one button and have the toy play a song for them for a half minute. Modern technology cannot beat the classic concept of a xylophone. Both my 1.5 year old and my 3.5 year old both like playing with this toy.

Alexandra San Mateo, CA