Skip Hop Grab and Go Wet/Dry Diaper Bag, Chevron

Skip Hop Grab and Go Wet/Dry Diaper Bag, Chevron

Grab & Go Wet/Dry Bag – Chevron – Travel Size Keeps leaks and odors contained. To handy sections keep wet and dry clothes separated; or use one pocket to keep dirty diapers at bay. A handy strap makes it easy to attach to a stroller Features: Large zippered pocket for wet items or dirty diapers Mesh zippered pocket for dry, clean items Oversized main pocket holds nine to ten cloth diapers Sturdy strap unsnaps to attach to stroller or hook Machine washable Product Features: 12″ x 0.5″ x 15″

Main features

  • Large zippered pocket for wet items or dirty diapers
  • Mesh zippered pocket for dry, clean items; BPA-free, PVC-free, Phthalate-free
  • Waterproof PEVA lining
  • Oversized main pocket holds nine to ten cloth diapers
  • Sturdy strap unsnaps to attach to stroller or hook
  • Machine-washable
  • Pockets: 1 interior zip

Verified reviews


Small and kind of useless for my purposes.

Skip Hop Grab & Go Wet/Dry Diaper Bag” is a very thin, small, straightforward diaper bag. It doesn’t hold much, and is not much use for me as a result. On the plus side, It’s sturdy and does look cute. If you’re a light traveler, then this may be OK for your needs; for me, it’s a pass.

Martha Speed, NC

Nothing special

It does what it’s intended to do, which is admirable, but it’s nothing special. The interior, while being waterproof and smellproof, hasn’t fared well in the washing and drying process thus far, becoming crispy and hard to manage.

Nola Manley, NE

Handy and light

This is a very handy and light weight wet/day bag for my wife. She loves using this to stash our little girl’s diapers and clothes, and then putting the bag into a larger bag. She says it helps to compartmentalize her stuff especially when we are going out either for a full day or for road trips.The bag is very well made and very sturdy so that even when our kid tugs hard at the bag, it stays intact. It is also very easy to keep as it is very compact when folded up.Great as a diaper bag, gym work-out back and an organizer bag!

Tracy Keyes, OK

Great accessory!

This great bag is a very handy item to have…and at this price, it nice to have a couple of them. Easy clean, and a nice look with other matching items on Amazon.

Toni Moccasin, CA

Bigger than I expected!

I was surprised that this bag was as big as it is. I can fit quite a few things in there, so it works great as a light diaper bag.Right now, I have two little ones in the early stages of potty training, so accidents happen. I use it to pack diapers(for my youngest) and underwear and wipes. I put it inside my other diaper bag, just to keep potty essentials handy. If an accident does happen, I know I can remove the contents and put the wet undies inside the bag, and not get anything else wet.There’s also a mess compartment on the front of the bag, which I’ve found great to put diaper cream and lotion in.If you choose to use this as a diaper bag, there’s a hook on the side that will go over your wrist, so that’s a convenient feature, too.Overall, we really like this bag. It’s cute! I also like that there’s matching items in this same line!

Maxine Mount Hope, WV

Great so far

Beautiful and seems to be well made. This wet bag is not made of PUL, it has an inner plastic-ey layer and an outer fabric layer, so we will see how it holds up. I love it so far, it keeps the stench of our dirty fluff inside and the outer mesh pocket is great. If it turns out to be crap, I will come back and update.

Lorna Bay City, TX

Decent product , multiple usages

This bag is a really good substitute for the huge diaper bags that a lot of times as a mom you have to carry aroundIt is has a lot of room and it will carry a lot of diapers — at least 6 to 8 diapers —along with a change of clothes your baby’s diaper ointment , your baby wipes and your baby powder (if you use powder) then on the outside is a mesh zippered area which you can put other items into as well This bag Holds quite a lot !!!Yes, it is compact and small and you can even keep it full as you and set by the side of your door or in your car in case you have to leave suddenly and really don’t have time to pack a bag —— it is already packed and ready to go!!Now in addition to using it as a diaper bag : I can fit my iPad in it this and folded over again in case I wanted extra coverage because it was raining outside or snowing or some other inclement weather like that. I can also fit my iPad charger in the bag on the outside external portion. It’s rather handyThis can also double as a lunch bag. Along with a small pocket on the outside to carry a notebook and pen pencils eraser and a few other things.Inside you can put a couple of drinks and a sandwich and fruit or veggies and / or a piece of chicken and it it keeps it cool for a few hrs Plus as you lunch, you can take your pencil and notebook out of the front mesh pocket and right a few notes or doodle evenI’m quite sure that we’ve used this for other things as well and I’m sure your imagination will think of other things to use it asBut back to the main review it worked well as a small convenient baby diaper bag —mini size with Maxi convenience!!!It is waterproof it is convenient, it is nice, it works the way it should work without all the bulk and heaviness like a diaper bag. this is for a nice little short jaunt to the mall or walk or to a friends house for coffee etcetc etcI forgot to mention it has a nice little carry strap that is probably only for a woman’s hand and then a small to medium (perhaps a large woman’s) hand to be able to put your hand through it and carry it from your wrist. Otherwise you could just carry it with your hand putting just your fingers through it to carry.I hope this helps you !!!At least you will have many additional uses once baby is potty trained 😊

Katy Pilot Point, TX

works perfectly

We cloth diaper two children and therefore, needed the extra space that this bag provides. Works great; keeps odors at bay and wetness entrapped in the wet compartment. I recommend for cloth diapering, for sure!

Angelique El Cerrito, CA

Only Okay

I use wet bags to hold my son’s cloth diapers and while this bag has some good points, it’s not my favorite.The good:It’s the perfect size for the diaper bag. It holds a good amount of dirty cloth diapers.It’s cute! I’m a sucker for chevron. They won me over with this print.The bad:I hate the inner. Most wet bags are made of pul; a nice flexible material. The inner of this bag is plastic. It not very flexible and it agitates out in the wash. It’s a huge pain to stuff back in.The mesh outer pocket is a good idea in theory but I’ve come so close to washing things that I forgot were in there. Like rash creams. That would be a huge mesh. I don’t use the outer pocket anymore.I will definitely continue to use the bag but I wouldn’t recommend it or buy another.

Nora Hillsboro, IN


This is a nice bag that can be used to store away soiled or wet clothing. The bag is sturdy, washable, and has a nice, gender-neutral bags. It’s not a necessity or anything — you can use plain old ziploc bags — but they are nice to look at. And reusable, so there’s that.

Dana Athens, TX

Large and roomy but compact enough to carry anywhere

When I don’t want/need to carry an entire diaper bag, this is so useful. I throw a clean set of clothes, a couple extra diapers, and a small container of wipes in the mesh pocket. Then, if my baby has an accident (which happens quite often right now) I can throw the wet/dirty clothes in the other compartment. Then, I can toss this in the washing machine. It came out clean and in perfect condition. I got another bag to keep in my diaper bag so I don’t have to use plastic bags anymore!

Therese Parker, KS

Great for bathing suits

I’m long past the point of having babies in the house. I like this bag because it is a good size for travel and or beach trips. The larger pocket is fully lined with plastic and will hold an adult sized bathing suit, a damp towel from the gym, or a couple of dirty diapers. The outside zippered pocket is mesh and see through, also with a zippered top to keep items handy. Dry dippers, a pair of sunglasses, keys, etc, all safely stashed in view. There is a nice snap strap to secure the bag to a stroller or beach cart. The bag is machine washable and dryer friendly, but do not bleach or iron. Colors are classy, very grown up looking, not kid prints. I have two bags, gray and white and black and white, both are stylish.

Johnnie Albertson, NY

Great product and very affordable!

Great bag at an affordable price. I love the outer mesh pocket which I usually story my baby’s shampoo and body wash. Love this product!

Leticia Allendale, MI

Great for anything

I use this to take my son to his swimming lessons and I love how it comes with a separate compartment so I can put clean items in one dirty in another. Cute design and it’s also perfect for clothes diapers

Beth Thayer, MO

This bag is beautiful, but it’s rather stiff which means that it …

This bag is beautiful, but it’s rather stiff which means that it takes up more room in a diaper bag than it should. It is also kind of a pain to turn inside out to dry or clean. I do love, however, the fact that the handle has a snap. There is also another snap on the back opposite side of the bag so you can turn the handle into a hanger.

Donna Newton, NC

Line Dry or it Melts. Oh and you can’t machine wash it, ever.

*Update*3/29/14 1 StarI’m updating this review because the second time I used it, the bag came apart where the zipper for the main pocket is. I only put it in the washer this time and had planned on line drying it after my first one had issues. I looked at the washing instructions on the bag itself this time and it says “machine wash cold, tumble dry”. This is exactly what I did for BOTH bags and they BOTH came apart. I am currently contacting Skip*Hop about their warranty. You would think a brand like them would take greater pride in their products. Clearly this one just missed the mark in the quality control department. Bottom line is, this is hand wash only, and I don’t expect it would survive a year or more while a child is in diapers.3/21/14 3 Stars-I was really excited when I saw this was available for preorder to match my Skip Hop diaper bag. I ordered two right away and was happy when I finally got them in the mail. Fast forward two weeks later when I finally got to use one, it worked perfectly. I really like the dry and wet side, making diaper changes on the go just that much easier. We are currently in newborn diapers, and thus this bag holds several, but it will be interesting to see how many it will hold once we are in larger sizes.The only down side is that the white inside part WILL MELT if you put it in the dryer. When I first saw it I thought the inside waterproof layer felt a little cheap, but I didn’t read the wash instructions at first. I guess I was just too excited because it’s just so gosh darn cute, but boy did I learn my lesson. Once we finally got to use it, and then wash and dry it, my husband pulled it out of the dryer and it looked like our dog had gotten to it. He hadn’t of course, but boy is it ruined now. I would have happily paid a little extra for something I didn’t have to fuss with come laundry time. Luckily I have some water proof fabric left over from some baby projects and I plan to fix it myself, but buyer beware, DO NOT DRY THIS PRODUCT!

Hilary Alloway, NJ


My other wet bags are loud and colorful, so it’s nice to have something classier and more subdued. The materials used are extremely high quality and I really like the mesh pocket in front (with my other bag it seems to be unclear to the Y childcare staff to put the dirty diapers in the main pocket and not the front pocket).The one thing I’m not crazy about is that the plastic lining is really stiff and completely non-stretchy. It held up fine in the dryer but I wasn’t sure it would because it’s so thick (no I don’t air dry wet bags because they drip everywhere). If you’re looking for something heavy duty this could work in your favor but for me it added bulk to our diaper bag.It’s also pretty small. It will maybe hold four diapers at most. That’s okay for a morning outing or a smaller baby and it works well for what we need it for.The one other kind of random feature is that the strap can be either like a loop (as pictured) or snap on the opposite side of the bag. I’m not sure what you’d use this for, but I guess it’s good to have options.

Lolita Rushville, NY

pretty, but not the best

I like the look of this bag more than anything else. I like the mesh front pocket as well. But the material feels inexpensive and the liner of the "wet" portion does NOT contain any stinkiness. This is a backup wet bag for my cloth diapers, which is a good thing. I will probably use it more for pool/beach time to manage wet clothing/suits, sunblock, hat, etc…

Brandi Roscoe, PA

Waterproof as promised

The purpose of this bag is to use as an on-the-go wet bag while cloth diapering. I got this after stopping cloth diapering. A sturdy waterproof bag is still useful to have around. How often do you bring a plastic shopping bag with you to reuse for this or that? Those situations are probably ones where this bag would be nice, either to bag or to double bag over the shopping bag: carrying dirty clothes home after baby gets messy while out, carrying wet swimsuits back home, etc. This bag is not essential for me, but it will get some use.Odds and ends about this specific model of bag: It has a snap on wrist strap that can attach to a stroller too. I have only carried a single damp outfit so far. The strap seems to snap tight, but I don’t know if more weight would end that. Other reviews say this bag will tear up in the wash. I haven’t washed mine yet, but will update the review when I do.

Odessa Arlington, VA

Very nice, quality item.

Can’t wait to use this. Very nice design for a girl or boy and sturdy material. I will definitely purchase again.

Ina Genoa, IL

Rips easily

I used it twice and it’s already ripped a little on the inside. The liner is very thin. The white in the pattern also isn’t really a white – it’s more of a cream.

Madeline Wrights, IL

Nice and substantial

This is a great wet bag! We have used Alva wet bags (cheap and don’t last long bc of cheap zippers), Bumpkins wet bags (great, nice and flexible and lightweight), Bunpkins wet/dry bags (keep smells in, a bit clunky and take longer to dry bc of the liner), and now this!This is definitely the most classy bag, and looks the nicest for taking out with you. I like the mesh, and this wet/dry bag dries faster than my Bumpkins one after a wash. They are very similar in size (each would fit about a day worth of cloth diapers, which I preferred – so you can zip it up after a day and leave it closed until wash time). This one is a bit "stiffer" which may or may not be to your liking, but it definitely feels more expensive/nicer.For everyday use, I think I prefer the plain Bumpkins wet bags. But to have one or two for travel, where you may need to carry both clean and dirty stuff, this is great!

Elsie Mabton, WA

great size

This wetbag is a great size and can hold several diapers. It matches perfectly with my diaper bag. Perfect wet bag!

Bridget Pine Prairie, LA

I bought two

I bought two of these bags. The first I use with my potty trained 3 year old, I read another user say she could fit her potette plus in here and that sold me for starters. I hate carrying the potette in the plastic bag it came in that with the drawstring that never stayed shut, now I carry it in this with the extra plastic bags and flushable wipes in the mesh pocket, and a pair of just in case shorts in the bag. It’s wonderful to leave the house with just this good looking bag. I bought the second to use with my 4 month old who is a spit up and drool machine! Literally by the time I arrive somewhere with him he needs a new bib and most likely a new shirt. So now I put his dirty clothes in here and keep some clean clothes in the pocket. I haven’t had to wash these as of yet so I can’t comment on that. If these bags can stand the test of time I can see using these to go to the beach or water park and any number of things in the years to come.

Ashleigh Austin, TX

Not just for babies!

If you have little ones you know that accidents happen and you need to be prepared with a change of clothes and something to put soiled items in until you can get them home. So a wet dry bag like this one is great for carrying a change of clothes for a potty training little one. It has an outside mesh pocket where you can store dry items and a waterproof section where you can store the wet or soiled items.Those who use cloth diapers will find this bag useful for holding soiled diapers when out and about. The bag is generously sized and should hold several diapers easily.Once you’re out of the stage with little ones this bag becomes useful for carrying wet bathing suits. With a toddler in the house and a new baby on the way my first thoughts on checking out this wet dry bag was it is perfect for the times when we go to a pool party at a friend’s house. The bag is easiy big enough to carry wet bathing suits for me and my three girls.

Pauline Lime Springs, IA

Not for cloth diapers!

The bag has a very hard plastic as the wet bag part. Not recommending for cloth diapers! Maybe a good swim bag/beach bag! Cannot wash in the machine like instructed to do the plastic gets weird. Returned it!

Millie Watson, MN

My new favorite wet bag.

I’ve been usingPlanet Wise Hanging Wet/Dry Bag – Owl – 17″ x 21″for a few years now, and I love them. They have held up well over time, though I’ve noticed they have started looking a little haggard lately–probably because they get a lot of use. At any rate, I was really excited to try Skip Hop’s wet bag, just to see how it measures up against my Planet Wise versions.I have to say that I am really impressed. The bag is very large, but not too big. The material is sturdy, and I love the grey chevron design. The zippers are high-quality and don’t seem like they will break any time soon. Most importantly (for me), the bag washes beautifully–even better than the Planet Wise bag, honestly. It maintains its shape much better, especially on the inside. My only slight complaint is that the thick mesh outside pocket makes the bag look a bit more industrial-ish than I would like, but it definitely functions as it should, which is more important.Overall, I am very pleased with this wet bag, and I think I actually prefer it over Planet Wise now.

Adelaide Hidalgo, IL

great wet bag

This bag is good quality that actually surprised me when I got it. I guess I expect most wet bags to be more cotton feeling and lighter while this one feels pretty sturdy and robust. I really like the dry part of the bag is mesh so that I can easily see what I have in there. I have had times where I have forgotten things in the dry part of the bag because I didn’t remember that I had anything in there.I would compare this to Planet Wise Wet Dry Bag – Owl for size. It will easily fit about 4-6 dirty cloth diapers in it (I mainly use bum genius for specific reference). The outside pocket doesn’t give a lot of room for cloth diapers, but it would be good for one or two or a change of clothes.Great wet bag that would be great for a day out with cloth diapers or even better for use at the pool. I know I will be using this a lot this summer.

Trina Roberta, GA

Great Wet Bag

I really like how many diapers I can fit in this wet bag. It makes for long days away from home easy. I am happy with how many cloth diapers I can fit in the bag before it gets full. It’s a great price for this bag. The only thing I do not care for is the drying time. It seems to take longer than my other 2 wet bags.

Laverne Hampton, NY

Good size, no toxic materials, good value

This is a nice, low key, easy to take with you wet item bag. It is intended for use as a diaper bag (cloth diapers, specifically), and it is sturdy and leak proof.The bag has many non-diaper applications -> bathing suits, wet trash items (open juice boxes, etc.), and is just very convenient to have when you need it. And you never know when you’re going to need it. I take it back. Moms know. Most of the time, we can see it coming.It is made with materials that are free of known endocrine disruptors, and it is reasonably priced. I would prefer a "dry" pocket that is as large as the wet one, but that is my only quibble with this bag.

Margery Show Low, AZ