Skip Hop Grab & Go Double Bottle Bag, Black

Skip Hop Grab & Go Double Bottle Bag, Black

Skip Hop Grab & Go Double Bottle Bag, Black Keep your cool! Heading out for a long day with baby? The Double bottle bag is insulated to keep two bottles or sippy cups cold for up to four hours. It also makes a great bag for baby’s snacks! Grab & Go Double Bottle Bag Grab & Go Double Bottle Bag Each Grab & Go Double Bottle Bag features: Holds two large bottles or sippy cups Insulated wipeable lining keeps bottles warm or cold Two-way zippers allow single or double bottle access Includes freezer pack Easy-open strap to attach to stroller Adjustable strap Interior mesh pocket for storage BPA-free, phthalate-free Size (inches): 6.75 length x 3.5 width x 9 height; (centimeters): 17 length x 9 width x 23 height

Main features

  • Pockets: 1 interior slip

Verified reviews


Compact and convenient!

Our son is breastfed so to avoid risking any wasting any of that pumped liquid gold, we send several small bottles of breastmilk instead of two large bottles for the day. We regularly fit four of the Ameda or Medela 4-5oz bottles into this bag with two of the small Wean Green glass food containers. Sometimes I can squeeze two bottles, a sippy cup, a couple of pouches of baby food and a spoon in there. It’s narrow enough to fit in our counter-depth fridge door and short enough to fit on the lower shelf, without crumpling. It keeps stuff cool and its sides are firm so it can easily be stuffed to the max or left half empty. The snap handle is convenient for attaching to the handle of the baby carrier (or to my purse when my hands are full, or to the stroller when the basket is full, etc.) so it’s not forgotten going from point A to point B. It’s not big or bulky and has very quickly replaced the insulated lunch bag we had been using previously. Very satisfied!

Addie Florence, CO

Easy to Grab & Go

I liked this bag so much I actually bought the Chevron print to give to my daughter, but the basic black was perfect for me. It’s easy to have sitting and ready in the fridge or you can add the bottles to it on the way out the door. The snap latch allows you to secure it to a diaper bag or stroller and it’s easy to clean up if there are any accidental leaks. Overall it’s stylish and reasonably priced, but mainly serves it’s purpose well in keeping bottles cool for a couple hours.

Evangelina Dufur, OR

Grab and go… with the basics.

Its a basic bottle bag, not very large, but keeps two tall bottles well insulated, either warm or cold. I keep mine cold, and even after couple hours on a warm day, in semi sunshine, at the park they are well cooled. It comes with a freezer pack that slips into a middle pocket, perfectly sized for it, which is nice. But, if you lose the pack I don’t know how easy finding a similar sized replacement will be.The double zip design is clever, though honestly I don’t use it much. Plus, my zipper sticks a bit, so I am pretty careful with it.I guess that I’m just not overly wowed, it does it’s job well, but I find that the inexpensive insulated zip top lunch bags I get for my older kids work just as well, and hold more, for less. I can take my drink, snack and bottles with a regular square size lunch bag, instead of just two bottles in this half round bag.If you are looking to get a bag JUST for bottles, then this is for you. But, I usually need something a little more multi tasking.

Kathleen Gettysburg, OH

Perfect lunch bag too!

We love this grab and go insulated bag! First, it is very sturdy and well made. The fabric is thicker than most other cooler type bags and very easy to clean. Second, it is spacious on the inside with room to hold a water bottle, apple, sandwich and snacks. It easily holds 2 medium sized bottles. The zipper is also well made – easy to quickly unzip to grab a bottle… all parents know how important that can be when someone is hungry! I really like the handle – it easily clips to stroller bars or can attach to a diaper bag, bike, scooter or just to carry in your hand. The design is nice and the quality can be trusted as Skip Hop makes great high quality products.

Justine Paulina, OR

Stylish Bottle Bag!!

Nice and stylish and perfect to keep all of my bottles cool. The bag is small but it is still able to hold two bottles and you can probably put a small snack on the top of the bottles, but overall this bag is nice and stylish but very practical. I love how this bag looks and that it keeps my bottles cool for three to four hours. The bag is light and fits nicely inside my baby bag without making the bag too bulky and that is very convenient for me.

Violet Arlington, KY

Mommy’s on the go need this!

Excellent look! It matches other popular styles on the market. It comes with a cold pack to keep bottles chilled. Great strap for keeping the bag upright.

Elsie Windfall, IN

Functional fashion

Perfect for my wife and baby :)My wife is a fashionable lady and so finding this gem was a treat for her. Also at this stage and how we have things set up, it’s perfect for our needs. We haven’t had any issues and the pricing seems right.

Hallie La Veta, CO

very happy with this

This is such a great product. I love these:1. 2 zippers so you can get the milk from any side2. handle is detachable so you can easily hang it when you go out3. i can fit in 3 pcs 4 ox bottle in it4. I can add 4-8 squares of techni ice inside to maintain the coldness of the milk

Kathrine Boerne, TX

Not just for those with a baby or toddler…

Not just for baby bottles! This is a great item for carrying two small bottles of water and a power bar, or even you lunch since the rigid sides keep items from getting mashed up. You can also use this as a purse.Love that mine is a basic black colour, and that its BPA free and comes with a reusable freezer bag insert which kept my two bottles of water cold. It was four hours later when I grabbed the first bottle. Nice and cold. And I like that the zippers allow me to only open on side to get one bottle, so I do not lose any of the coldness inside. Seems really well insulated.Nice thing is this fits onto a stroller, wheel chair and even a family members walker. So its very versatile and not an item just for those with a baby or toddler.

Margo Dumas, MS

Cute little cooler

This is a cute little cooler bag. I don’t recommend it for long periods of time, but I’ve found it works great for short trips. It comes with a little ice pack and there’s a compartment to put the ice pack in.At the moment, I’m using it to put my sons’ sippy cups in for church and doctor’s appts. It’s more to keep them from leaking into the rest of the bag than to keep them cold. When I need it for longer periods of time to keep milk cold for my youngest son, I use a different ice pack. I just feel more comfortable with a larger one.The bag is small. It’s only designed for two bottles/sippy cups, so more won’t fit. I can fit a few little snack bags on top of the bottles, though.The only thing that I don’t really like about this bag is the zipper. It’s just kind of oddly designed, and sometimes I have to work with it a bit to get it open and closed.Otherwise, I like it!

Teri Tidioute, PA

Works perfect for us

This bag holds two of the large Avent bottles with a lid that my daughter uses and they stay cold using the furnished freezer pack with fits into a small mesh pocket. The strap is short and could be attached to the stroller or over the diaper bag, but she just fits it into the diaper bag. It wipes off easily both inside and outside.So we use it to carry bottles back and forth from her house to mine each day. It is the chevron pattern, a light grey and white. It works perfect for us.

Rae Orinda, CA

Nice and convenient baby bottle/snack bag.

We like to take our baby along to visit relatives and friends so this bottle+snacks bag was exactly what we needed. It is child safe: BPA-free and Phthalate-free. We like the convenience of the dual zippers to access one or two bottles. We used two large 9oz. Ventaire bottles and/or 10oz. sippy cups with no problems. This bag is insulated to keep milk warm and juices cool. A mini freezer pack is included. We found the adjustable quick-release carrying strap easy for attachment to strollers, baby high chairs, etc.. Average nylon materials and construction. The zippers action is not too smooth and tend to bind around the corners of the top flap. Long term durability remains to be seen.

Nettie Comstock, NY

Nice quality bag that keeps full sized bottles warm or cold

This has come in handy for us. It’s big enough to hold two full sized bottles, and the zippers open on either side so you don’t have to open the entire thing.It’s got a chevron exterior, and impermeable interior that is BPA (and odor) free, which is nice. It’s got a strap that is adjustable, so you can strap it on your stroller or just carry it around your shoulder.It comes with an ice pack, and can keep bottles chilled for several hours. It’s also insulated, and can keep bottles relatively warm for a few hours.This is not meant to last all day, but is definitely nice for outings to the zoo. Recommended!

Christy Alachua, FL

Weird zipper choice

I have twins that are nearly a year old, so bringing multiple bottles along is necessary for every trip outside the house. We have been using a lunch bag that only kinda works, and its easy for the bottle to tip over. Not the case here. The tall and firm design is a huge plus. Even if a single bottle tips, it doesn’t have enough room to land on its side, so it can easy right itself. With two (or three) bottles inside, they don’t even have a chance to tip. The handle is great too. Easy to unsnap and snap to the stroller handle, or throw on a hook.My bag came with a zipper that was missing it’s pull tab, so I can only open it from one side. On that note, why wasn’t the zipper designed to meet in the middle? You can only open from one side or the other. If you have a bottle that is a bit taller than the bag, or three tall bottles, its difficult to close. I know it was only designed for two bottles, but there is enough room for three (not wide bottles though). Not a huge thing, but an odd choice. I’m guessing they figured it would keep the cold in more easily?

Antionette Coalton, WV

Simple but effective

This is a nice-sized bottle bag that holds two full-sized bottles along with a freezer gel pack. The bag will keep bottles cool (or warm) for a few hours (about a half-day). Don’t expect this to work for a full day. Also, this is really perfectly sized for bottles, so don’t think of it as a lunch bag. It’s not really intended to hold normal food, and it’s not shaped very well for that purpose anyway. I like the simple design of this bottle bag and the reasonable price. It does what it’s intended to do.

Tonya North Tazewell, VA

Durable, attractive, functional

As a basic bottle cooler, this bag really does more than you might expect. It looks attractive and is made of a waterproof material. The lining is thermal and there is a slot for an ice pack inside. I fit a bottle for the baby, a sippy cup for the toddler, and a small snack in here. I really liked that I could clip it to my stroller, and then my diaper bag. It was always handy, always clean, and always functional. You can rinse it out easily if there are spills, and the outside wipes clean with a wet cloth. This is a must have for parents on the go. You could fit a bottle of water, a can of soda, just about any baby bottle on the market, pumped milk, small cups, larger sippy cups, snacks and other cold items. It kept my items cold for 6 hours, but could probably go even longer!

Sheena Clear Lake, WI

Fits 2 large Avent classic bottles and keeps cold for most of the day like an afternoon outing!

This is a nice and stylish bottle bag which we can put 2 large Avent classic bottles in and the freezer pack insert keeps the bottles cold for most of the day like an afternoon outing. However, it’s not a heavy duty cooler for all day like morning to night. The loop handle is very handy because we can clip it to the stroller or any other bag!

Corrine Newbern, TN

Perfect for sippy cups and snacks!

My son was well past the bottle stage but I wanted a cute lunch bag to carry his treats in for when we are going to be out and about. I can fit a sippy cup, some snacks or a lunch, and a cooler pack in here. Daddy may have borrowed it for a few beers to go along with a sippy cup at the beach and it worked great for that too. Ha! Great design and reliable product by Skip Hop.

Eddie South Elgin, IL

Great Bag!

This is nice and looks great. The zippers have some sort of gasket on them to make sure the cold air stays in. I was able to fit 4-5 5 oz medela bottles with the ice pack. You can stack 2 high and 2 wide and squeeze one on top sideways if you really need to.

Deena Benicia, CA

Nice double botle bag

We have a lot of different insulated bottle bags around here so I wasn’t sure if this new one from Skip Hop would be anything special. There are some features on this bottle bag that I like and then there are some features that I wish it had. I like that it came with a reuseable ice pack and that the bag has a special pouch for holding the ice pack. That’s a nice touch that you don’t necessarily find with most bottle bags. I also like that it has a clip on the handle so you can attach it to your stroller or diaper bag. The double zipper for the bag doesn’t seem necessary but I suppose some will find it useful.I do wish this bag had an outside pocket where you could store a spoon or bib. Several of my double bottle bags have this feature and it’s one I particualrly like.The interior of this bag is nice and roomy. You can easily fit two nine ounce Avent bottles (classic or natural). Once your child is out of the bottle stage this bag can be used to hold sippy cups. The Playtex cups we use for our toddler fit nicely in this bag. If you use smaller 4oz sized bottles you could easily fit two of these and a jar or two of baby food along with a spoon in this bag.Overall, it’s a nice bottle bag. I do wish it had an exterior pocket.

Therese Pearl City, IL

Good product.

I love Skip Hop products. We have no less than ten of their items in our home, including a couple backpacks and a GREAT diaper bag. They are beautiful, durable, and efficient; just all-around excellent products. So when I saw this bottle bag in such a cute pattern I knew I needed to have it! It is nothing less than I would expect from Skip Hop. Beautiful and durable, to be sure. It has a nice adjustable strap and clip for putting on your stroller or bag or whatever. It even comes with an ice pack and has a built-in pouch for the ice pack. The double zippers are a nice touch, too. I just wish that it had a divider in between the two bottle areas, and that they were slightly bigger. I breast feed by youngest, so I don;t often carry more than bottle BUT I do carry sippy cups and water bottles for my older kids. It would be nice if the carrier could better accommodate things other than just "two bottles". But otherwise, it’s a great product.

Kara Olean, NY

Very tall, rigid, insulated lunch bag!

Yes, it will hold bottles upright and keep them cool. It’s a nice size and shape. It comes with a freezable insert. All good for young mothers and fathers with a baby to feed. But it is so nice looking I’d use it for a lunch bag. The rigid sides keep whatever is inside from getting squished, and it does NOT look like "baby gear"

Lena Selman City, TX

Bottle bag that could use some improvements…

First off I like that this bottle bag does have room for two large bottles plus a smaller item. The strap can be hooked to a stroller or a diaper bag which is great for carrying along. It will hold liquids cool for four hours as it does include a freezable pouch and a pocket to insert it in. But, I am concerned about the quality of the bag after using it for awhile. The zippers are a bit awkward and the material does not seem as durable as I would like for daily use. I prefer the outer material to be slicker in texture which is easier to wipe off with a wet wipe.

Angelita Bergoo, WV


I use this cooler almost every day. It is nice looking and very good quality.

Christie Beaver Falls, NY

Finally a solution for us…

I’ve been struggling to find a bag that would hold 2 big bottles and a small bottle with a lid. We send 2 bottles plus a small bottle with an ounce for mixing cereal to the sitter, and I couldn’t find one bag to hold it all that wasn’t giant. These one will just clip over the strap over the diaper bag and go! I’m so glad to finally have a solution and as an added bonus it contains a freezer bag to keep things cold and it’s not gigantic. It fits nicely in a small mesh pocket on the inside of the bag even with he bottles in the bag! This is great size and a cute print!

Mayra Donalds, SC

Awesome grown up cooler bag

I am using this cooler bag not for a baby but to keep my snacks and water bottles cool. And as a lunch box. I find it keeps my items much cooler than a standard lunch box. I believe part of the reason is because it is geared for infant’s baby bottles which do need to stay cold for risk of spoiling. I really like the geometric print.

Gabrielle Davenport Center, NY


I recently received the Skip Hop Grab & Go Double Bottle Bag in the Onyx Tile pattern. The Skip*Hop company seems to be all about making a parent’s life easier with products that are well made and good looking as well as useful.Pros:The bag is good quality with a cute design.Insulated to keep things warm or cold (with use of cooler pack)It has its own thin cooler pack so it does not take up a lot of space either in the bag or in the freezerIt can hold two bottles easilyWipes cleanEasy open/adjustable strap to attach to stroller/diaper bagTwo zippers allow you to take out one bottle at a timeCould also be used to keep snacks on one side, sippy cups, etcCons:This is a little large at almost 7"x3.5×9" to put inside your diaper bag, unless you have a generously-sized bag.It will not hold two of the beginner sippy cups with the handles on the sides, but will do two of the next stage or one and an on the go pouch of fruit etc.It’s not a necessity but there is a lot to like in this product and it is definitely useful.I received this product for my honest review from the Amazon Vine Program.

Selena Manville, NJ

great product

Pros:-generous size-ice pack included-pouch inside to hold the ice pack securely-snap closure on the handle-lightweightPossible improvement:I’d like to see an extension for the handle or a longer handle option.

Eugenia Marion Heights, PA

Great for more than just bottles

This insulated bottle bag does everything it advertises and then some. It holds two bottles with room to spare, but isn’t bulky. It zips and unzips easily and the removable strap adjusts. The insulated lining and included freezer pack keep items nice and cold. The pocket designed to hold the freezer pack is also a great place for bags of milk that have been frozen flat. While all of the features make this great for bottles, it can be used for anything that you want to keep cold. This will definitely be coming along with us to the beach and pool this summer. I love products like this that outlast the baby stage.

Vera Kersey, CO

Too small to accommodate a many food items…

Features and Advantages1) The color of the bottle bag looks simple yet attractive.2) I can either carry 2 Dr. Brown’s milk bottles of 8 ounces each or 4 bottles of 4 ounces each or can carry sippy cups and my baby’s food like rice/oatmeal cereal and veggie / fruit purees3) The bag is insulated from inside and maintains cold / hot food item at its original temperature for alteast 4 hours or even more.4) The bag can be easily attached to the stroller or can be carried along wherever I take my child.5) I can use this bag when I am shopping or on the go.Cons1)The drawback is that the bag is little tiny and can accommodate limited bottles or food items as a result of which the bag cannot be taken on long road trips.2) The other disadvantage is that it keeps the item in its original temperature not more than 4 and half hours or so. I wish it maintained the temperature for a longer time.

Trina Stony Brook, NY