Skip Hop Jonathan Adler Dash Diaper Bags, Nixon

Skip Hop Jonathan Adler Dash Diaper Bags, Nixon

The Skip Hop DASH sports a hip, urban style with great functionality. With eleven roomy pockets, there is space for everything a baby needs, and a zippered compartment protects mom and dad’s personal items. The Deluxe Edition includes the new Shuttle Clips; a unique strap and fastening system that allows the DASH to attach neatly and conveniently to the handlebars of any stroller and then convert into a cool, hip messenger-style diaper bag. When attached to the stroller, you can leave the shoulder strap attached or remove it for a cleaner look. The Dash now includes new magnetic closures throughout and a comfy shoulder pad. Features Shoulder strap includes soft, removable shoulder pad Eleven pockets include a zippered personal pocket Side pockets for bottles or sippy cups Key fob inside zippered pocket & easy-access pen holders Contrasting lining makes it easy to find everything inside Dimensions (inches) – 12.25 wide x 11.5 high x 4.25 deep

Main features

  • Polyester
  • It features a new shuttle clip and a unique strap
  • Fastening system allows the Dash to attach neatly and conveniently to the handlebars of any stroller
  • It includes a new magnetic closure throughout
  • Cushioned changing pad and shoulder pad are included
  • It includes eleven pockets in total along with a zippered personal pocket

Verified reviews


Cute but Too Small to be Functional

I ignored the reviews that said this bag was too small to fit baby gear and bottles because I knew I would be breastfeeding and wouldn’t need bottles. Fast forward and baby is four months old and I have to give in and admit this bag is just too small even without bottles. I pack an extra outfit, two burp cloths, an extra bib, a board book, a teething toy, diapers, wipes, a plastic bag for soiled outfits, a small hand sanitizer, a snack for me, my wallet, lip balm, cell phone and keys. As others have mentioned, the interior pockets encroach on the interior space leaving very little room for anything else. During typical use the bag is so overstuffed that I often have trouble finding and accessing what I need easily. The bag closes with a flap with magnets but the flap is too short and so in the overstuffed state it doesn’t close securely and things have fallen out, including my cell phone and my wallet. Luckily I knew they fell out and promptly retrieved them but the wallet was really the last straw for me. It’s disappointing because I love the shuttle clips that allow me to easily connect this bag to my stroller handle and the bag is still really cute but it’s just too small. I broke down and got another diaper bag this weekend.

Enid Angela, MT

works well but a little too bulky

This diaper bag looks cool, but it doesn’t have any insulated pockets for warm bottles (though the product description claims it does). The side pockets are supposed to be insulated, but they don’t appear to be, & I prefer ones that zipped shut to keep bottles really warm. The small, red, zippered purse addition is superfluous. I haven’t used it at all. The material is durable and sturdy, though there isn’t much stretch in it, so it doesn’t expand when you stuff it. I really like the little inner buckles that attach to the stroller handle.

Marta Yachats, OR

Needs to be larger

I really like this diaper bag, but it needs to be larger. After packing all the "necessities" for my newborn, the flap/cover does not close properly without me wrestling it closed. Also, there’s not a good place to store the (included) changing pad. It doesn’t properly fit in the outside pocket, which creates quite a dilemma.That said, I love the design and I’ve received tons of compliments. I just wish the bag were a little more functional.

Olive Sandy Hook, KY

Cute bag!

I have been using this bag for 9 months now and it is very cute and gender neutral, but sometimes I wish it would hold more. I tend to pack it as full as I can and then the magnets don’t close together so toys and diapers fall out. I have looked at some other diaper bags, but haven’t found anything that was considerably bigger that I still wanted to carry around everywhere. One big plus about this bag is the small straps inside the long strap that allow you to hook it to the handles of a stroller. Genius! And the insulated side pockets have kept my water bottles cold when the bag sat in the heat.

Noreen Kimball, WV

Simple, easy to clean, stylish

This diaper bag is a great pick for moms who have partners that don’t want to tote around a ‘girly’ diaper bag. It’s fashionable, not too bulky, and has all the compartments you need.If you’re looking for some guidance on what you should buy for your baby registry (vs. what you can live without), visit and look under “preparing for baby.” It’s got tons of down to earth advice for those that like to be prepared when baby comes but don’t want to do all the research on every single baby product.

Joann Ford, VA