Skip Hop Lady Bento Diaper Bag, Black

Skip Hop Lady Bento Diaper Bag, Black

Your favorite Bento features, styled just for Mom. Equally as functional as its namesake bag, the Lady Bento packs its must-have features with a feminine edge. The black-on-black tonal pattern offers dimension, while faux leather provides an element of sophistication. Structured, slip-resistant rolled handles allow busy moms to grab and go with ease. Lady Bento includes our travel-friendly Mealtime Kit, with three snack-sized containers, a freezer pack and insulated case that fits in its own compartment, keeping everything fresh while on-the-go.

Main features

  • Polyester
  • Imported
  • Non-slip rolled tote straps
  • Fashion details include metal hardware, faux-leather trim and embossed fabric
  • Adjustable stroller straps

Verified reviews


Lots of storage

I love how this bag looks more sophisticated than a regular diaper bag. It has tons of storage, and my favorite pockets are the HUGE side pockets that can hold pretty much any size drink you put in there, even a 1 liter bottle. The only con is that the bag is HUGE and a little heavy, and not good for short trips around town. I have a smaller bag that I can throw in the car for short trips and appointments. I love the stroller straps, and honestly they are a necessity because this huge bag doesn’t fit in the basket under my full sized jogging stroller. All in all It is great for our family of 5.

Taylor Kipling, NC


Got this because we have twins and had ‘tried it on’ at a store prior. Of course it’s big so if you don’t mind that then this is great but we end up tossing so much in here that it gets pretty heavy.

Leona Rock River, WY

This bag is huge! Though there are some downsides…

I can honestly say that I was searching for a diaper bag that was going to hold it all!I tried using a Lucky Brand purse after my second child was born and it only had a magnet at the top to keep the purse closed and was constantly falling open! Not to mention it just DID NOT have enough room! Well I finally actually found 2 diaper bags that I love! I bought the Skip Hop Lady Bento and the Skip Hop Grand Central! I bought 2 because I just couldn’t decide and thought this bag would be great for using for snacks and extra food! This bag has got plenty of pockets to keep everything in its place! In addition it also has an insulated snack box with 3 sturdy contatiners and a reusable freezer pack! This comes in handy when you are at the store and your kids(mine always do) request some type of snack! In my case, 3 snack boxes for 3 kids! If you decide not to use the snack box, you can put extra clothing, diapers, a wipes case or other extras you might need! It is a very cute bag and has sooooo much room! It has the 2 zipper pockets on the side for bottles or water bottles for the momma! The pockets are large enough for a full size water bottle that you refill at home! Sippy cups should be no problem! Plus the mesh pockets to keep things organized on the inside! In addition, the amount of space is just amazing! With the mesh pockets, for diapers and wipes or smaller things, there is still PLENTY of room in the bottom for everything else! I have gotten some small wet diaper bags to keep clothes and extras in, just to keep things organized! I absolutely LOVE the zip top that keeps everything secure and in its place! Nothing falling out or geting lost! Also comes with its own changing pad that’s kinda cushiony and it’s own stroller straps! It also has a parent pocket for a small wallet or some other parent necessitites! I think I will probably have trouble trying to fill it up completely, even being the type of person that likes to have lots of extras, just in case! Love the bag and think it is perfect for anybody that is a “take it all kinda mom” just in case of different kind of baby and kid emergencies! The price is well worth the piece of mind!UPDATED on 7/12/2013: Although this bag has lots of space, it almost feels like a lot of it gets wasted. After using this bag and my Skip Hop Grand Central, I much prefer the Grand Central! The Grand Central truly does have more room overall and has become my go-to diaper bag! I had trouble fitting everything that I had had in my Grand Central into the Lady Bento! The mesh pockets in the bento make it hard to get things in and get things out. If you aren’t using the snack box yet, then you have to stuff the bottom with things to keep it from falling over every single time you sit the bag down. Most of the interior space is taken up by the snack box compartment. It is a much better bag for an older baby or toddler. It would work better when you don’t have as much to carry. I would recommend the Skip Hop Grand Central over this one!

Rena Delphos, KS

Great bag for infants and toddlers

With twins, a 2 year old and a 4 year old, this bag covers all of my bases. There are great compartments for the bottles I need as well as the very, very handy compartments for food for the older kids. The best part, no more only carrying crackers for a snack, I can bring along refridgerated food for the older kids too. The straps are strong too – there is plenty of room and you can fill this bag to the brim without hesitation.

Francis Gorman, TX

AWESOME Bag for 2+ Kid Family

With a preschooler and a newborn baby, I was looking for a bag that could hold lots of supplies, but still be organized and manageable to carry around. This bag totally fits the bill. I had the Duo and used it for several years with my first child. This is the bag we graduated to when our second was born.Although it’s big, it doesn’t feel bulky when I carry it over my shoulder. I’ve been able to manage with my baby in his carrier, my daughter on my hip and the bag over my shoulder simultaneously. At first, I thought I’d prefer a bag with a shoulder strap, but I find that the two handles are very easy to carry. The fabric doesn’t slip at all and the strap is wide enough that it doesn’t catch on my elbow when I’m sliding it up and down.The construction of the bag itself is very smart. The main compartment has lots of interior pockets which are great for sorting supplies. I use these for the supplies that I always carry in the bag – diapers, wipes, spare socks, first aid stuff, etc. I also use small waterproof bags for the stuff that we need to take in and out of the bag frequently – snacks, sunglasses, hand sanitizer, etc. These fit great in the main compartment and are easy to pull in and out.There are two big pockets on either side of the bag that hold my daughter’s water/juice cup. I’ve also found these to be a handy place to keep my nursing cover, which fits nicely when rolled up or a small travel umbrella on rainy days. In front, there’s a good ‘mommy pocket’ where I stash keys, gum, pens, etc. There’s also another zippered pocket on the top that holds my wallet, sunglasses and phone so they don’t fall into the depths of the bag where I can’t find them. Some reviewers of the regular Bento have complained that the bag tips over when the bottom compartment isn’t full. I’ve fixed this issue by keeping a spare change of clothes for both kids and a muslin blanket in this compartment. These items are light weight, so they don’t weigh down the bag, and they help the bag maintain its balance.Like all Skip Hop bags, the stroller clips are very versatile and helpful when on the go. We’re getting ready for a vacation and I plan to bring this along as the only carry-on bag. My ipad and camera both fit in the main compartment and the bag will carry everything else we need for the plane.Although this is called the Lady Bento, it’s not so girly that my husband feels like he’s carrying a purse when he’s got the bag and the kids.Overall, we are super satisfied with this bag.

Effie Mobridge, SD

Style meets function

Before this bag I had a bag that screamed “diaper bag!” so I’m loving the utility of this big but stylish bag with tons of compartments to keep me a put-together mommy in more ways than one. The straps are a great size to be able to wear it comfortably secured/tucked around towards your back and be able to carry a purse and a kid (or 2;) as well and not feel like everything is slipping off which was my other main complaint about my last bag.

Morgan Flat Lick, KY

favorite bag!

I had the skip hop duo (newborn-4mths), then the skip hop versa(4mths-6mths) and now this bag. Love it and plenty of room. I overpack so a big bag was very important to me. If you don’t use the bottom for food, you can use it to store diapers.

Chris Woodland, AL