Skip Hop Mate Feeding Plate and Utensils – Sky Blue

Skip Hop Mate Feeding Plate and Utensils – Sky Blue

Now your baby can have their very own table setting. Bright and fun, Mate just might make your tot excited to eat their veggies. The happy face place mat keeps them entertained while the plate pops in and out of the microwave, dishwasher, or refrigerator.

Main features

  • Plastic
  • Food safe materials
  • Plate has three compartments for meals with less mess
  • Fork and spoon pop on and off for easy usage
  • Soft and sturdy skid resistant place mat
  • PVC free and BPA free

Verified reviews


Handy and easy

Before purchasing this, our one-year old son mashed and smashed his food all over the place. This has helped him learn to just put the food straight into his mouth. The non-skid rubber really helps and it is dishwasher safe, always a plus. I highly recommend this item.

Margery Stanfield, NC

bulky, inconvenient, not resistant to messes

Despite having a small eating surface, the tray-plate combois bulky and inconvenient to store, as it doesn’t nest with or fill the same space as any other plates. The non-skid surface will prevent hockey-puck-like slides across a table, but doesn’t stop the plate from being pushed around. The tray is just as easy for my 14-mo-old son to flip over as any other plate. He can also easily separate the dish from the tray. Our son has certainly never noticed the “Happy face” cutout in the tray – he’s too busy throwing things around. In my opinion, a much better buy would be a simple, round plate made of a safe plastic. This Skip Hop plate is made of recyclable-no.-5, which I believe is a safe plastic.

Ashlee Bonsall, CA

Cute product!

Awesome product. Love the built in plastic ware. The removable plate is great too. The entire place mat stays put so she doesn’t fling her food on the floor.

Francis Lilesville, NC

Great for my son who likes to throw his dishes after meals!

The spoon and fork keep him busy popping them on and off the mat and this is the one plate that has not yet been thrown off the table when he is done eating! Because of the visual interest of the place setting, I think he actually eats better now too:)

Eddie Weston, CO

Works well, but high price and long width.

My baby loves to pick up every single plate, spoon, container, etc., that is on her feeding tray. Then she tips it over and/or throws it on the ground. While I am trying to teach her not to do this — this plate really does help. I was skeptical about the price (and I still feel like it is a too high), but I will say that it does prevent her from picking it up so easily. I probably wont buy another one though — due to the high price and also the width of the base for the plate. It is too long to fit correctly in my cabinet and doesn’t stack well with anything else.

Joan Funkstown, MD


Really practical, my grandson likes it much fun with the face and putting fingers in the slots. Very easy to clean and good quality material.

Jerry Fort Richardson, AK

Good grip and handy utensils!

The blue platform serves as the grip which I love because the food can fall right on there and it’s easier to clean up after your kid that way. The utensils are a bit babyish so they serve no purpose for my two year old son who has been using adult utensils since he was 18 months, but I’m sure it comes useful to other toddlers.

Jacquelyn Eastman, WI

Perfect plate for messy toddler!

I have tried so many different toddler plates and bowls. Either they didn’t stay put or they were so small that I constantly had to get up from the table to get my son more food. The Skip Hop Stay Put Mat and Plate does just that – it stays put. And with the 3 sections, my little boy is able to keep his peas, oranges and chicken all separate (so so so important to him)….it is plenty big for the appropriate amount of food for a 2-year-old. Thank you Skip Hop for making meal time a little more peaceful and a lot more fun!

Jacquelyn Taylorsville, MS

a meal’s best friend

My child has yet to fling this plate across the table. I’ve tried buying her the cute character plate sets that claim to be “no skid” but she always manages to throw them on the floor. This plate stays put(after her countless attempts of trying to lift it) and the attached utensils are easy for her to use. The plate is also easy to clean-up; another bonus!

Jenna Macedonia, IA

Great feeding tray!

Actually withstands toddler strength trying to play with his plate and push it around on the table! Best part about it is the little knob on each side for the fork and spoon to rest on. My 2 yo loves blocks and puzzles and its kind of like that’s built in to his meal time now as he takes bites then returns the utensils to “where they go”:)

Ginger Whitehall, NY

This is very cute.

I love the idea, but of course, it doesn’t quite fit the booster tray (too large). This will be great for the table when she can sit up higher. It is pretty sturdy and my daughter loves it. I would still recommend this item. A little pricey though, should be more like $10.

Sharron Mentcle, PA

Skip Hop Placemat

I bought this placemat and theBoon Catch Bowl – Toddler Bowl with Spill Catcher, Blue/Greeenfor my toddler to eat with at the dinner table. I love the Boon Catch Bowl but this placemat is disappointing. It is not skid proof, the mat skids around very easily and the inner tray pops out without effort as well. The blue plastic stains from tomato based products. I like the idea for this placemat but the current design is not great.

Margo Baldwinsville, NY

PORTABLE, convenient and well made

What I love most about the Skip Hop feeding plate is that the utensils are attachable. We can grab it and throw it in the diaper bag when we go out. It is big enough to keep toddlers from flipping it however if you plan to use with children under 2 one way that they could improve the product is by adding suction cups to the bottom. It would be perfect if these were added. The quality of this product is not only fun it is made of heavy duty materials. This is not a cheap plastic plate. I have 4 yr old ,2 yr old and 9 month old boys. I have used the same plate with all of them and it is still in perfect shape and I can use one with all 3 of them actually, so I need a few more. However, again, suction cups would help with the baby. My older boys love that the silverware is connected. All and all this is a great product for the price. Easy to clean, portable, convenient and well made. I would definitely buy for a gift.

Lila Blanco, TX

Great Product!!

My son has Cerebral Palsy and a Visual Impairment. This is the first bowl/plate I have found that actually stays in place when he bangs on it or searches for his food pieces with his hand. This product has helped give him some independence from his momma to be able to feed himself. I have tried numerous bowls and plates, most of which, when he’d go to pick up the food or find the food, the bowl with all the food would end up on the floor. This product sticks well enough that he can find the edge with his hand and then get inside the bowl with ease. This is a fantastic produce for kids working on self-feeding. And it cleans up easily as well.

Francine Rampart, AK

This plate has lasted longest for us

My family has this plate in all three colors. We’ve had the pink one longest, about 4 years, and it is showing its age – a bit warped, beaten up, and stained. This plate has EARNED it though – it gets tossed in the dishwasher at least once a day and has been my oldest child’s favorite plate since she started eating more than one solid food at a time. These plates and utensils are durable and still usable even though my oldest child is in kindergarten – her friends love them, too, and a debate usually ensues over who gets which color at dinner time.Skip Hop is awesome because they offer replacement utensils and divided inserts. If you want to just wipe down the colored part and use a different insert or utensils each time, you can order extra. Or, if you are like us and accidentally throw away a part of it in a mass of paper towels after wiping down a food-covered toddler, you can easily order replacements at a less-than-exorbitant price.I highly recommend these. Durable, replacement parts, kid-loved. Great.

Carissa Cotton Valley, LA