Skip Hop Moby Bath Mat, Blue

Skip Hop Moby Bath Mat, Blue

Keep baby comfortable during bath time with the help of Moby the whale. Textured material keeps baby from slipping and sliding, while a bit of cushion offers comfort as she plays. Suction cups keep the mat securely in place as your little one splishes and splashes.

Main features

  • Whale shaped non-slip mat
  • Suctioned base (for texture-free tubs)
  • Size (inches): 29l x 15.5h; (cm): 73.5l x 40.5h

Verified reviews


works great

I bought this for my second baby, as my two kids like to bathe together and the huge baby bath tub I have did not allow for them to bathe in the same tub. so i thought this would be good for the baby. he was 7 months and just wanted to sit int he tub and not sure his little recliner seat anymore. this mat is adorable, sturdy, great colors, and works like a charm. the baby sits in it and doesn’t slip all over the place, and it covers a good area, not the whole length of the tub, which is actually good because if not he would probably want to crawl from side to side. i rinse it off after each use and so far i love it. great price too.

Tameka Burbank, CA

Didn’t work for us

I wish this mat would stick to textured tubs, but unfortunately it doesn’t. At all. I knew it probably wouldn’t when I bought it, but I was still disappointed that I couldn’t figure out how to make it work. I have the whale spout cover and bath toy bag so I would have loved to finish the trifecta with this bath mat. For people without textured tubs I think you will be pleased with this mat. It’s a decent size and it adds a nice padding to the bottom of a hard tub. Plus it’s super cute!

Hillary Mc Connells, SC

Adorable and functional

This mat is just the right size for my little one (8 mo.) and is very adorable. She gets excited every time we get ready for her bath and we put the mat in the bottom of the tub. The suction cups stick well to bottom of the bath and don’t even come up when she pulls on the edges of the mat. The texture is a good non-slip surface, but isn’t rough or plasticy to the touch and there was not plastic smell when the package arrived. I definitely recommend this for little ones, but it may be a bit small of bigger kids.

Kellie Parmele, NC

Waste of money

Just like all the other reviews have said, this bath may does not stick to the tub. It floats. I tried everything to make it stick to no avail. This product is crap!

Elsie Yorkville, NY

Doesn’t work

It’s cute, but does not stick to the tub at all. Thought this brand would be good, but after reading the reviews I should have stayed away.

Dolly Eastover, SC

Cute and unused

I got this for my infant who is in the process of learning to sit and his nursery theme is whales. Well this mat doesn’t stick to any part of our tub. I even tied the sides to make it a picture for him to look at while in the tub and falls after a few minutes. Since it doesn’t stick to the bottom it will try to float, not fun at all. The suckers on this mat are very small about the size of my thumb. I think I would of had better luck if they were bigger. Now the mat just sits on the bathroom floor unused.

Nona Ralph, AL

It does what it needs to and looks good doing it.

I have a very active 1 year old and this has been perfect for bath time. She can crawl all over the tub without slipping now. It stays in place fine for her and looks very cute with the matching tub spout cover.

Petra Maury City, TN

good turned bad

this mat was used for about 6mo or less.Pro: good price, nice design, softCons: SlipperyI ALWAYS sit next to my son at the tub and thank God I do.he was 20 mo and sitting in the tub , he turned his back to me, and got very quiet. I turned him around and saw he managed to get one of the suction cups off the bottom of the mat and was chewing on it! I got it out of his mouth put his pjs on.After examining the mat I notice there was another suction cup missing,and a third one simply slid off into my hand.Now let me stress that there were no cracks or tears in the mat, I set it aside and attempted to call Skip Hop but they were closed for the evening.Maybe its a fluke or wear n tear or maybe a poor design flaw. but I would not buy this again or recommend my friends to buy it.

Renae Parade, SD

good quality but edges pop up easily

anytime i clean the tub, it seems like this mat becomes more difficult to stick down flat. The edges will pop up a bit and take some work to put back in place. however, it keeps my daughter from slipping and does its job!

Virgie Elkwood, VA