Skip Hop Moby Bathtub Elbow Rest, Blue

Skip Hop Moby Bathtub Elbow Rest, Blue

No more sore elbows. Our elbow rest brings comfort to parents during bath time. It features cushy foam padding, non slip backing, and a handy pocket for safe keeping of small items. Simply suction to the tub edge to stay in place, and hang to dry after use. Coordinates with the Moby bath collection. Skip Hop products meet or exceed all applicable standards for product safety in the markets we sell to. This includes physical/mechanical standards, as well as recent legislation regarding chemicals and minerals such as BPA, lead and Phthalates. All parties involved in the manufacture of Skip Hop products are required to follow these guidelines, and all tests are conducted by registered independent testing facilities.

Main features

  • Cushion your elbows and bathe baby in comfort
  • Thick, comfy foam
  • BPA and phthalate free

Verified reviews


Falls short, literally and figuratively.

I was really excited for the Skip Hop Elbow Rest. We currently use the very popularAquatopia Deluxe Safety Easy Bath Kneeler, Bluebut I don’t like how bulky and difficult it is to stow away between baths. This elbow rest seemed to solve all of my problems, it even has a handy loop to hang it up.Out of the package I was excited to see that it has Velcro to keep the side flaps tucked together when not in use. It also has a nice, thick pad to protect parents’ elbows.Unfortunately, that is where my excitement ends. I have sliding shower doors and the flaps of the elbow rest aren’t long enough to reach over the door tracks and attach to the tub wall. The elbow pad itself is only 16 inches long (6.5 inches shorter than theAquatopia Deluxe Safety Easy Bath Kneeler, Blue). For me the elbow rest has two functions. To keep my elbows comfortable and more importantly to protect my son from the shower door tracks if he slips in the tub. This doesn’t come close to covering the edge of the tub. I don’t expect it to cover the entire tub but 1/3 of it would be nice. On the flip side are a total of 3 suction cups. 1 on the tub side and 2 on the parent side. My sons likes to take apart everything, I doubt that is enough suction cups to keep it securely attached to the tub when a toddler is involved.If I were Skip Hop I would add at least 4 inches to the length, 1 inch to each of the flaps, and more suction cups. Then they would have the perfect elbow rest.I’ve added photos to the customer images section. Check them out and please let me know if you find them helpful! Thanks!

Lynette Sabinsville, PA

Nice but stains

It’s nice, and it really helps with baths, but it stains from just plain old water. I wish there weren’t water spots all over.

Ethel Kenyon, MN

Worth it!

I know this seems like a silly thing, but it can make for a much easier bathtime, especially for babies who don’t sit up yet. I know I am forever leaning on the edge of the tub when Z is a-sudsin’, and this makes it a little more comfortable. Also, it’s Skip Hop, which means it’s well made and sturdy.

Lorrie Jeffrey City, WY

Great elbow rest for the tub!

I love using this elbow rest. I wish that I would have gotten it sooner. The only thing I have against it-I wish it could be longer. The suction cups don’t hold the best (continuously) but I always press them back down when it’s bath time and they stay throughout the bath. The other thing I like about this is I sit my son up on it after we are done rinsing off. I can grab his towel and wrap it around him without getting the towel in the water and without him sitting on the bare cold tub.Skip Hop made a great product!

Ofelia Roaring Springs, TX

Too small

This is far more narrow than I expected, though the measurements are listed, I must have overlooked. Pay attention to the size of this

Inez Mesa, WA

Makes bathtime more comfortable

This is a great place to rest my arm when leaning into the bathtub to bathe the kiddos. It’s also a good companion to the Skip Hop Moby Bath Kneeler and the Skip Hop Moby Spout Cover, especially if you have an Under the Sea themed bathroom.

Jenny Wolfeboro, NH

It’s okay…

I haven’t had to use it much, use the one for my knees the most. My baby is 2 months old and he’s light enough to move around in the tub. Maybe when he’s older? I don’t know if this is a product you really need to have….

Erna Clarence, IA

great little elbow saver

This works great to save our elbows as we give our daughter a bath.Coordinates well with Skip Hop accessories.

Rochelle Terre Hill, PA


This is well worth the money. It makes bathing my son a whole lot easier. I wish it was slightly longer though.

Matilda National Park, NJ

Super cute!

I have no complaints bathing my little man with this elbow rest. It’s cute and it keeps my elbows comfortable. I have no complaints. It suctions to the sides of the tub which helps it to stay in place.

Rosella Winthrop, IA

Cute idea but slips

The suction cups don’t work that well and so while this a very useful item, it doesn’t stay in place well…so I’ve stopped using it.

Malinda Maxwell, IA

A must have!

This something I never would have bought myself but now I dread giving baths away from home! I love that the suction cups hold it in place. The only thing is that there’s no good way to clean it – baby splashes on it a lot and it leaves little water marks. Not really a big deal though since it’s just bath water.

Sarah Okemah, OK

Nice if you can keep it on the tub rail

Falls off the tub all the time. That or my kid pulls it into the water. The suction cups do not hold either, not to mention they come off and are a choking hazzard.

Susie Little Deer Isle, ME

Elbow / forearm saver!

This has been an elbow-saver! I didn’t realize how uncomfortable I really was until I started using this beauty.The padding is nice on the top and it stays in place well.I recommend this product!

Karla Saint Paul, MN

Didn’t want my son to slip and hit himself on …

Didn’t want my son to slip and hit himself on the tubs edge. I bought 2 of these and have had them for 2 years and it works perfectly and yes, it has saved him from a couple falls. Don’t pull on the suction cups too hard or they will pull out of the cushion. I wash mine in the washer and lay them in the sun every couple weeks so they don’t get moldy.

Marjorie Littleton, WV

Works well

Was skeptical anything could really neutralize that bath door bar, but this does the job very well. I have used close to ten times n never once have I been conscious of the rest or bar. Very satisfied

Eva Farmland, IN

Great bath-time addition

This arm rest is a great addition to bath time, and we also enjoy having it be a place where our daughter can put her hands on a non-slip surface when we rinse her, rather than the side of the tub. Pretty good suction and nice extra pocket 🙂

Lelia Pearl Harbor, HI

Saves the elbows

This elbow rest does exactly what it’s meant to do, it sits well on the bath and makes bath time much more comfortable for you.

Anne Nichols, IA


Saves the elbows, has storage, does the job it was designed to do. Holds up, wipes clean easily of water droplets from splashes. Would recommend.

Marie White Water, CA

Saves my elbows!

I love this little rest! Not only does it give me handy little storing places, but it is padded and makes kneeling over the tub with my elbows on the side much more comfortable.

Connie Allenton, MI

Cute and Cushy!

Very cushy rest for your elbows. Not sure what I will store in the pocket because we have a bin for the bath goodies that are needed and a scoop for toys, but this sure looks cute and fits all tubs.

Myra Roy, UT

Daily essential!

Must buy for all parents. we give our son bath every night and this is totally an elbow saver!! we also have the matching knee saver that we wouldn’t be able to live without.

Concepcion Delevan, NY


Praise be. Paired with the Skip Hop Moby Bath Kneeler, & I’m not killing myself leaning over the tub anymore!

Nola North Arlington, NJ

so cushy

I bought this because my son was trying to bite the tub and I was freaked out that he would chip a tooth. He has since stopped trying to bite the tub and now I use it for elbow cushion when playing with my son. This would also be great if you have glass sliding doors and need it to protect yourself and your baby/child from the door tracks.

Hilda Sugar Grove, VA


We have sliding doors on our tub and this fits over the track nicely and really does make it easier to give a bath. However, the reason it got 4 stars and not 5 is because it takes a little coaxing to get the suction cups to stick. All in all good product though.

Mellisa Moultonborough, NH

adorable but not very functional

This is so cute and helpful, but it never stays in place regardless of the suction cups (they do not hold no matter what I’ve tried!). Cute idea though and I still keep it mainly for looks in the bathroom to match the other skip hop items.

Emma Norway, ME

Definitely does what it says!

My family of 3 lives in a smallish house from 1945, so we only have one bathroom. Therefore, all of the baby bath stuff is in the same bathroom we use AND our guests use. I love that this can stay on the bathtub and be covered up by the shower curtain, so it’s not just one more thing we have to stow away. In does fold up though, if you need to put it away and has a loop to hang it, which is helpful if you want to dry it (if it gets especially wet – ours definitely gets splashed on but because of the scuba type fabric we have not had a problem with it drying while it stays put on the edge of the tub).I was a little concerned that it wouldn’t stay put, but the suction cups have kept in place for several months now, from when we first put it on the tub. The zippered pocket is great for stashing my rings or watch it while I bathe my daughter.Before we purchased this and the OXO TOT kneeler, I had definitely been in the camp that these types of items were just extra "stuff" that wasn’t really needed (and therefore a waste of money). However, while this item is not absolutely vital in caring for a child (like say food and clothing), I can absolutely say this is one of the best and most used "extra" baby related products my husband use. Every time we give our daughter a bath I am thankful I purchased this!

Rene Copalis Crossing, WA

Great elbow saver

Recently purchased this, so I’ve only used it a handful of times so far. Can’t complain about much as of yet. It does the job. We’ve used it on the kitchen sink and on the bathtub so far. Easily switches between the two. The majority of the padding is on the top (for mom/dad’s elbows) but the neoprene sides are also very handy for extra protection for baby’s head/hands/feet/body in case of accidental contact with the edge of the sink/tub it covers.Haven’t really used the zipper compartment. The rest has three suction cups to attach to the tub/sink walls (one on one side, two on the other). Dries out quickly (we toss it in the front loading washing machine on ‘drain’ and its done).Very pleased, will recommend to others.

Lea Lynn, NC

Helps so much when leaning over the tub!

The tub in my daughter’s bathroom is so low to the ground that it already hurts my back to lean over it to wash her. Before I had this I was ALSO killing my arms because I’d have to lean so hard on the edge of the tub. This helps so much when I have to lean in to the tub because it provides cushioning. It’s also brightly colored and the suction cups keep it very secured. I’ve had no issues!

Lilly Grover, WY

Fits our oddly shaped bathtub fine and has plenty of cushion

This product has large suction cups that fit fine on our tile-sided bathtub and over the edge of the actual tub itself. My husband mainly gives our son baths, and he seems to really appreciate it during bath time and uses it every day. The padding is very thick and made me feel more comfortable with this purchase, which at the time seemed more of a luxury than a necessity.

Marion Randolph, KS