Skip Hop Moby Waterfall Bath Rinser

Skip Hop Moby Waterfall Bath Rinser

Make tub time fun time with the help of moby. The innovative rinser has interior fins that channel a steady flow of water to ensure quick cry free rinses. A soft rubber lip fits snuggly to the forehead, preventing water from getting in eyes. The easy grip handle allows you to hold the rinser in one hand and baby in the other.

Main features

  • Innovative patent pending bath rinser
  • Interior ridges create an even pour
  • Soft lip cushions baby’s head
  • Stands up when not in use or hangs by handle to dry
  • BPA-free, PVC-free, Phthalate-free
  • Ages 0+
  • Size (inches): 6.9l x 4.5w x 5h; (cm) 18lx 11.5w x 13h

Verified reviews


Cute and useful

I would have never thought I’d need something like this, but it is so useful! Was just using a cup before which is fine, but it’s nice to have a handle when pouring. Plus it looks really cute!

Josie Graham, OK

So cool and useful!

We have been using the salmon colored bath pail we got from the hospital. It does an okay job but this waterfall rinser is awesome! The baby loves playing with it and when pouring the water the water spreads out nicely to cover more area at once. The Skip Hop Moby can also stand up to hold the water which is perfect.To be honest, I would never have thought a water pail can be so fun!

Laverne Cowanesque, PA

Big scoop, made for a larger head then a 1 year old to keep water out of eyes

Makes bath time more fun. Plastic mouth a great idea it keep water out of the child’s eyes, but it’s wide enough for my head, and doesn’t work effectively for a 1 year old. Maybe she’ll grow into it. She likes to play with it though

Helene Westfield, IL


I love this rinser, makes bath time a lot easier and makes a nice toy too. Even works great to rinse the dogs.

Diann Norwood, NY

So glad we have this! Makes bathtime so much easier!

Before we had this, we were using this little sprinkle cup that came with our infant bath tub, which is fine for the tiny baby stage, but washing our 2.5 year old’s head was becoming a big production, filled lots of screaming and fighting. . . well you get the idea. At first glance, I didn’t think this rinser was anything special, but it really is! The spout is the perfect shape so that the water is spread out and each pour on their heads reaches every part perfectly. It only requires one pour to get their heads perfectly wet and ready for shampoo, then two pours and boom, hair is rinsed out. This is an awesome baby gift, something you wouldn’t think to buy for yourself but when you have it, you will be so glad that you do.

Kendra Glen Oaks, NY

Cute, and good

It is very good, and much better than another one I bought. But the problem is that it is too cute, after one time use, it became my baby’s toy, I didnot have any more chances to use.

Gloria Ila, GA

Perfect for my scared toddler

“Skip Hop Moby Waterfall Bath Rinser” is a perfect cure for my infant son’s fear of water being rinsed on his head. Rinsing away shampoo was a pain with him, until I got this. Furthermore, it’s sturdy and cleverly designed. Highly recommended!

Roseann Riverside, NJ

Whoever invented this must have been a mom or dad!

My little guy is 6, not exactly a baby. He HATES getting water poured on his face and I still wash his hair for him. This thing does exactly what it says it will do and for the first time he doesn’t try to keep a washcloth on his face and get upset when it never works! It took me a minute to figure out the exact right way to hold it against his forehead and now he doesn’t get water on his face! He’s happy, I’m happy. 🙂

Opal Bergman, AR

love the whale line from skip hop

Huge points for being so adorable but it is a little hard and uncomfortable (even the yellow softer plastic is not soft as it should be). It also tends to spill over my kids faces before i get them to tip their heads back to rinse. They really don’t care if water touches their faces though so if you are just looking for a cute bathtub rinsing cup then this is your cup. We also have the whale kneeler, elbow rest and the spout cover and it is great to have matching cup with them, kids just love it as another bath toy. I just wish they had designed the yellow rubber piece a little better for kids heads.

Johanna Edmondson, AR

Perfect to rinse baby

This is perfect to rinse baby & it’s shape does allow you to rinse head while keeping water away from eyes. Worth the purchase!

Angela Randolph, MN

Handy cute tool that’s also a bath toy

For our first child we had something like this, but it was more just like a small pitcher with one rubber rim. This is the same idea but transformed into a cute whale, and we’re happy to have it for baby #2.It is sturdily made and does a nice job keeping the rinse water out of baby’s eyes. The trick, of course, is to get baby to tilt her head up, as even this little whale can’t change gravity, and you’ve gotta get the soap out of the front of the hair too! "Here comes the flying whale!" has worked so far!Apparently, Skip Hop makes a line of Moby bath toys that can be purchased to go along with this.When not using, you stand it up on its bottom, which I don’t like. I would MUCH prefer to be able to stand it face down to drain out the excess water. Optionally you can hang it on a hook from the handle, but I don’t have any appropriately-sized-or-shaped hooks in my bathroom.

Marion Fruitdale, AL

Keeps water off my toddler’s face

My 20 month old son recently started hating to have his hair washed. It was because he hates water on his face. I got a chance to sample this product and we love it! The little face framer thing works great at keeping the water flowing backwards as long as we can get him to tip his head back. That is the challenge, because sometimes he doesn’t understand that he needs to KEEP it tipped back. But overall the design is cute and he also likes to play with the whale as a bath toy. We were finally able to put our Tupperware pitcher back in the cupboard (we’d been rinsing him with it since birth) and now we just use this. Great product. Thinking about getting the matching spout cover for the tub faucet next,

Elinor North Haven, ME

Nice Rinser, Cute Design

It’s nice to have bath accessories that have some visual appeal as well as good functionality. Our baby is still a bit young (3 months) so the extended lip isn’t really doing much for us at the moment, although I have noticed that the water does pour in a constant stream because of the ridges. My only problem with this item is that it always tips over when I stand it on the sink counter or bath tub. It’s a little annoying because I have to keep refilling it. The bottom should be slightly wider, in my opinion.

Melisa Newtown Square, PA

Works Well

I imagine that our hair washing tactic prior to discovering the Waterfall Bath Rinser was similar to many other parents. An oversized cup in one hand, and the other hand in the shape of a visor pressed against our boy’s forehead in an, often failed, attempt to keep water out of his eyes. Two hands doing something other than securing a ten-month old in a bathtub is one too many hands, in my opinion. The Skip Hop Bath Rinser has proven to be a reasonable solution to this problem.With relative ease, I can now support our child with one hand while scooping up and pouring water evenly over his head with the other hand. Thanks to the curved flexible lip on the mouth of the scoop, this, when used properly, can all be accomplished without getting a drop of water in our son’s eyes.Aside from being practical for the task it was designed for, when not being utilized in that capacity, it doubles as what appears to be a pretty satisfying bath toy.It spares our child from unnecessary discomfort while making our life a little easier. I recommend it.

Sonia Stetsonville, WI

Jonah approved

All around a good bucket. Holds enough water in one scoop to rinse out the hair, the spout is wide enough to rinse the full head, and it’s less aggressive than using the shower sprayer. Plus, it’s fun to play with in the tub.

Deloris Stockdale, OH

Making Bath Time Fun!

The number of Skip Hop baby items in my home continues to increase steadily as my son gets older. We recently had the chance to use the Skip Hop Moby Waterfall Bath Rinser which matches our Moby Bath Spout Cover. Prior to this my wife and I were using a similarly sized bath pitcher that came with a Fischer-Price bath set we received as a gift.There’s no real advantage to the Skip Hop Moby over our last rinser. Both feature a soft silicone lip meant to hold to a babies forehead and keep water out of their eyes. However, the Skip Hop is just designed to resemble a whale and a bit more fun. My 11 month old is fascinated with anything new and especially watching water fall out of this whale.The Moby Rinser stand upright on it’s own thanks to a small fin on the bottom. Water pours evenly thanks to plastic spacers in the spout.Skip Hop makes an entire line of similarly styled bath items. The Rinser matches the similarly named spout cover which has definitely come in handy as my son gets more active and curious about things.Recommended!

Darcy Koleen, IN

Good Enough

It’s a good way to get the soap out of my kids’ hair. But, it doesn’t keep the water out of their eyes. Maybe my kids’ heads are too small (but at 18 months old, I have to doubt that), maybe I’m not using it right (totally a possibility), or maybe it just doesn’t work as well as intended. But, that being said, it’s still the best way I’ve found to get soap out of my kids’ hair. My son hates it, my daughter tolerates it.

Twila Twin Peaks, CA

Better to wash my toddler’s hair.

My little one hates getting her hair washed because she knows the water will come pouring down. No matter how hard we try, she doesn’t want to put her head back without some force. Of course, I’d rather use as little force as possible.The best option before getting this rinser was the overhead. It sprays at a gentle flow, and it’s better than the cup we used to use when she was a toddler.Now, this Skip Hop rinser really is no different than a cup, but it’s that special little yellow lip that makes all the difference. Because of that, the water pours evenly to the sides of her head, and has yet to pour over her face. Actually, the water got on her face a couple times, but that’s because she moved.She also likes to play with it after bath time is over and playtime commences.

Ashleigh Hamburg, AR

Great addition to the Whale Themed Bathroom

Skip Hop has been my main go-to over the last year as I have constructed my whale themed bathroom for my 18 month old daughter! She doesn’t do well with water getting in her face and this has made a H-U-G-E difference in our bath time experience as far as keeping the fussiness away! I would recommend this cute thing to any of my mommy and daddy friends whose children are in love with whales and hate water in their face!

Genevieve Deer River, MN

We love this thing

I don’t know who enjoys this more – me and my husband or our 4 month old son! It’s effective, well designed and our son loves it. Completely genius rinser!

Pamala Depew, OK

LO likes it

The whale design maatches the water spout cover we purchased for tub and LO seems to enjoy the new pieces as part of her bath ritual.

Francine North Highlands, CA

My baby likes it too

I got this since my boy wants to play with anotehr rinser I use and he likes it and it’s pretty nice product.I would buy one for my friend who just had a baby.

Mellisa Fletcher, MO

Thoughtful design gives it the edge

We have tried several different scoops from small ones (the Boon Duncks) to larger ones similar to this (Nuby bath scoop). Skip Hop has made some subtle design touches that pay off. Mainly, the "waterfall" pour feature: small ridges in the scoop that create a wide cascade of water. The Nuby and similar scoops with a curved silicone pouring edge end up focusing the water into a narrow stream. This Skip Hop design is gentler and more efficient. My son still hates rinsing his hair, but at least it’s no longer a direct stream. The shape is also very easy to hold and sets steadily on the bath tub ledge. Thumbs up, highly recommended for its class.

Rosalyn Falls City, TX

Steady waterfall stream

This item is fantastic to poor a controlled soft even balanced waterfall on your babies head. As likely many of you do, we used to use a small plastic sup to control the flow, and were skeptical about the use of this item because of its size, until we tried it.I have to say it changed how we bath our toddler and this the only item left when she takes a bath. The groves really create a consistent nice looking waterfall even when poring really fast. The yellow part is rubber like so it does not hurt the baby if accidentally hitting her with it. The blue plastic is also soft and luxurious feeling.

Maura New Goshen, IN

Great bath rinser

I really like this rinser, it allows me to wash shampoo off my daughter’s head without water getting into her eyes.

Krystal Maple, WI

Happy Hair Washing

We LOVE this product! My three year old twins have recently developed an aversion to getting their hair rinsed during bath time. Despite our best efforts, the plain old plastic cup we were using made avoiding this difficult. The design of the Moby Waterfall Bath Rinser is just what we needed. The soft, yet sturdy lip helps keep water from running down our daughters’ faces. The whale holds a good amount of water, so we only have to refill it a few times before the rinsing process is complete. One feature I am particularly pleased with is the handle. Not having to submerge my hand in the bath each time I want to scoop up some water is an added bonus. Besides the great functionality of the product, it doubles as a toy for the kiddos. Safe, fun and functional!!!

Claudia Peculiar, MO


Super helpful when rinsing a baby/toddler! Works great & is very sturdy, yet not too rigid that its uncomfortable when rinsing off their head 🙂

Hallie Scotland, CT

Awesome rinser!

My daughter is almost 3 and she loves it…no she LOVES IT!!She actually stared asking me to wash her hair using her whale..which never happened before!The rinser is very thoughtfully designed with ridges inside that prevent water from getting into hear ears. This product makes bath-time is more fun for my little one and less stressful for me.

Jesse Quay, NM