Skip Hop Nursery Plush Toy, Treetop Friends Owl

Skip Hop Nursery Plush Toy, Treetop Friends Owl

Liven up baby’s world with a colorful friend from the animal kingdom. These soft, snuggly animals are the perfect pals to brighten your nursery. Each of these cuddly friends perfectly complements your baby’s room decor, while coordinating with its corresponding nursery collection.

Main features

  • Made of soft plush fabric
  • Coordinates with treetop friends nursery collection
  • Bottom is weighted so owl sits upright

Verified reviews


Sweet and Soft

We love this. So soft, cuddly and so very cute. I took one star off for being made in China. It is not a problem for our older kids, but I’m cautious with the younger ones.

Marlene Fowlerton, TX

Give a hoot, buy this toy!

[Edit: Amazon bundles all the different animals together when you review the product. I was about to review the plush giraffe as well, but got a notification saying only one review per item. The main review here is for the owl, though the giraffe is just as good! He’s constructed equally great, with nothing to worry about as far as safety is concerned. If the giraffe and owl are this good, then there’s a good chance that all the others are of high quality too. I’m very impressed with these toys.]Looking for a good plush toy for your baby that has zero safety issues? The Skip Hop Owl here fits the bill perfectly! It’s huge, extremely soft and very well-made. It may not look like much in the stock image above, yet when I opened the shipping box, I was amazed by how big the toy actually is. Babies will adore this owl, no matter how young they may be, even if all they do is chew on it.This is a basic toy with no electronic features or anything, so there’s not a whole lot more to say about it. There are only so many ways I can tell you that it’s soft and cuddly. There are no small parts that might come off, as the eyes are sewn rather than plastic. Trust me when I say that this toy is worth the price given how big it is. It’s a must for any baby’s room where the theme is owls or has a lot of the same colors that make up this toy.

Imogene New Boston, NH

Soft and Snuggly

Soft and snuggly and just perfect for little hands. I ordered this for my 2-month-old grandson and found it especially appealing, especially in regards to its softness and attractiveness. Very eye-appealing and certainly a great gift/stuffed toy for infant to toddler.

Estela Higbee, MO

Every Child

Every child I know would love this…it is so soft and snuggly…the colors are calming and would be good for a child to sleep with…

Anastasia Mantorville, MN

Adorable way to round out your skip hop bedding set!

I love this set because the quality is great and it’s just so cute without being too overly themey. I like that the set is simple and streamlined, no bumpers curtains or diaper stackers. So I have two of the fitted sheets, two of the changing pad covers, the blanket and this little guy. He is a generous size and his belly has the same print as the top of the fitted sheet.He’s a great addition to this awesome set!

Josephine Bloomington, NE

Plush Giraffe is Soft to Touch and Easy to Hug

Infants, toddlers and young children love plush animals they can snuggle to and hug which is why the Giraffe Safari plush animal from Skip Hop will be a favorite for your baby or child.The Nursery Plush series by Skip Hop includes the Alphabet Zoo Elephant, Springtime Birdie and Treetop Friends Owl in addition to Giraffe Safari.The giraffe made of soft, plush material, measures 12 inches tall and 6 inches wide. And besides being soft and plush, this giraffe is just plain cute. The giraffe seems durable when squeezed so should last a while. It is machine washable with cold water and a gentle cycle. I really love the plush Giraffe Safari.

Jordan Alleyton, TX

Trendy, cute and cuddly

This wide-eyed owl is part of a matching bedding collection for your little one’s nursery. Approximately 11" tall, there are no hard parts to hurt baby. Both soft and quite plush, it is extra large, appearing smaller in the picture than actual size. It cuddles nicely inside the stroller or bassinet while baby is awake. There are muted shades of aqua and lime green which nicely compliment the brown and orange. Cute little plush wings and feet and a flappy triangular beak make this toy a great addition to your nursery.

Luann Trego, MT

“Hoo” doesnt like a cute little stuffed owl?!!?

Cute stuffed little owl, just as displayed in the listing description. Colors catch babies eyes, this is a lot less offensive to the senses than many of the licensed movie/TV/etc.. Characters bombarding our senses….Recommended!

Blanca Flora, IN

Big and soft

This is a pretty great baby toy, no safety hazards whatsoever that I can see. Very soft and cuddly. Also popular with older kids and anyone who loves owls, because it is so cute. You could use it as a pillow, it’s big and plush enough. Seems very sturdily constructed. Nice item all around.

Felecia Newport, MI

Soft and loveable!

This is a large stuffed owl and it’s awesome! Soft and well made it is weighted slightly she stands up nicely. Has been spit up on, gnawed on and been through the wash several times and is still in great shape!

Angela Felton, PA

Soft and cuddley

Whether you want this for decoration or as a toy, this giraffe is perfect for any age. It is soft and has nothing that a small child could hurt themselves on or pull off. My child has even snuggled it like a pillow because it is so comfortable.I think it would make an ideal baby shower gift and would be well loved.

Carla Barry, MN

Skip Hop Plushie

My 9-month old son has built up quite the collection of Skip-Hop toys and baby-related items in his short life. This particular plush owl toy matches perfectly our Treetop Friends Activity Gym, Hug and Hide Activity Toy (also an owl) and various other Skip Hop products in our home.The plush toy is large, standing about 12 inches, and is stuffed with soft material and seems to be perfectly baby-safe. There are no sharp edges or hard surfaces that could potentially hurt a baby. Even the tag is made from soft material. The owl is slightly weighted on the bottom meaning that this toy can stand upright on its own. Colors are bright and cheerful. While this toy doesn’t feature any music, vibrations, or flashing lights my son tends to gravitate toward this toy at playtime.Recommended!

Aida Lake Powell, UT

Remembering the good ‘ol days of Gund

I love this stuffy. It harkens back to the days when Gund stuffed toys was King. Skip Hop has a winner here with their Nursery Plush Toy line with emphasis on PLUSH.Dimensions: 5.5" Length x 8.5" Width x 11" Height.For a baby and toddler, this is a perfect size to be their pal to hold and hug. It’s definitely lightweight for adult standards and highly compressible so there is no issue bringing this around in the car or on trips to pack in suitcases or even sneak into diaper bags.There is a mix of colors from pastel, Earth tone, and bright patches here and there. The resulting combination is one classy stuff toy you and your baby won’t mind showing off.And don’t worry about your baby dropping it on the floor every now and then as the toy is WASHABLE. Everything is sewn in so there are no buttons to chew on and accidentally swallow. The hair fibers are short so there are no irritating sneezing as a result.Some parts I can see have various density so your baby can chew on the ears and tail parts.I made the right choice with the Giraffe version of their plush toy as it looks like the most elegant and versatile to bring around with the friendly dimensions.It fits right alongside our other Skip Hop items.Also of note is that Skip Hop claims this fits right alongside their bedding collection. In this case, their Giraffe Safari bedding. Looking at it I’d say the perfect match is their Crib Mobile, but the actual bedding has a bit more mature illustration. Overall though the colors do match, but I wish even the Giraffe illustrations are the same.Overall, this stuff toy alone is a perfect purchase for your baby or as a gift that you won’t be ashamed of giving.

Libby Dubach, LA

A Sweet, Old-Fashioned Toy

For anyone who finds much of today’s toy selection to be too gaudy, garish and glittery, you can give a special child this darling giraffe in quietly appealing colors. This animal’s soft texture is made for snuggling. This “Safari Giraffe” is part of a wide range of coordinated bed linens, should you want to explore those options.Cute, cute, cute. My 18–month-old loved it.

Deloris Waco, MO

Cute, large, and super sweet.

Super big, brightens up your nursery, soft and cuddly. What a cute giraffe to bring joy to your little one. Your baby can punch it in the face (mine does) or squeeze it and throw it… I’m sure when he gets older, he’ll appreciate it more, but it’s like a big fluffy pillow, so sweet. Stands up on its own for a baby book shelf decoration.

Amie Paradox, NY