Skip Hop PlaySpot Floor Mat, Blue/Gold, 20 Count

Skip Hop PlaySpot Floor Mat, Blue/Gold, 20 Count

PLAYSPOT is a beautiful and innovative soft floor surface that keeps your child comfortable and happy, while complementing your home’s decor. With its variety of neutral and designer tile colors, it’s the perfect addition to the contemporary home or nursery. Large in size and large in style, it makes a great cushiony area for playing. Unlike other foam tiles that are only safety rated for children 3 and up, Skip Hop’s Playspot is designed, tested and manufactured for children of all ages. It’s easy to put together with our unique connector system, and you can configure it in endless ways to fit your style. Dimensions: 70″ × 56″ finished size.

Main features

  • Designed, tested and manufactured for children of all ages
  • Easy to put together with our unique connector system
  • Features Innovative smooth EVA foam surface for a soft floor surface
  • Includes 20 oversized 14 inches x 14 inches tiles means extra large play space
  • Create many different designs by switching out the inner circles
  • Innovative soft floor surface featuring smooth, EVA foam tiles
  • Safety-rated for all ages
  • Oversized 14″ x 14″ tiles mean extra-large play space
  • Customize the size: use four tiles or all 20. Even add more sets!
  • Create many different designs – inner circles can be switched
  • Ages: 0+
  • Finished size (20 tiles, in inches): 70w x 56h x 0.5d

Verified reviews


Not REAL gold

I was totally bummed by this one; I saw this greal deal for a mat…. and it claims to be blue/gold! REAL gold for this price, are you kidding me? I could wait to get my hands on one of these and immediately smelt down the real gold into gold bars, watches, etc. I was going to be RICH! Well, wouldnt ya know it? I get the mat, and it turns out its not real gold at all, just a few colored squares that are not even a precious metal. What a joke.

Marie Centreville, VA

Not good for crawlers

Pros:We bought the pink and brown mat (which is very cute and we received lots of compliments) when my little girl was only 4 months old for tummy time and it worked out fine. Around 6 months old when she started to crawl this mat worked out even better since it protected her knees, and around 9 months when she started to pull herself up, it protected her little bum from many falls. I gave this product 3 stars because it did what I bought it to do…protect my baby from our wooden floor.Cons:However I couldn’t give it 5 stars because the trouble also started at 9 months when she figured out how to tear the pieces apart with a vengence, and chew on it like teething toys. So now the mats have little teeth marks all over the edges. She is now 10 months and can tear a whole strip apart in 2 seconds. We keep the mats in a no-shoe secured play area so it stays relatively clean. However, when it comes to cleaning the mat, it isnt easy, and the only sane way to clean this mat is to wipe it with a towel while it’s laid out on the floor. So for these reasons, I am not sure how much longer we can use this mat since at this point I have to keep putting it back together every time she plays on it. My only solution at this time is to put blankets over it so she can’t get to the pieces to break it apart (not very attractive) but she still manages to get to the edges. This is definitely going to the trash once we are done with it- the pieces at this point are chewed and warp from being pulled so many times.If you want something that last longer then a few months, I suggest get a cushy area rug…which is what I’m shopping for now. This mat probably would work better with toddlers who no longer wants to grab and chew on everything in sight and it definitely works great with pre-crawlers.

Adeline Marshall, AK

I don’t like it but there seems no better choice out there.

I bought 3 to give my son a bigger space to play. I don’t want him to play on the carpet due to the concerns of dust. So, when you put these mats on carpet they’re not good. There are so many pieces that they are very easy to pop up when you step on them. So better use them on the floor. Also my son likes to take them apart which adds word on me but eventually I believe I can train him to put them back, which can be fun to play I guess… The reasons I still keep them are because it’s kind of cute, ok for small babies, no better options out there. BTW, the first day I use them I can smell odor, like plastic. I don’t know if it’s from package so I aired them out for 2-3 days and it’s gone.

Norma Fingal, ND

There are better play mats out there – although not as cute

I bought this mat for my infant son’s playroom, it comes apart easily and the pieces don’t fit tightly. My son pulls the connector pieces out all the time and chews on them, which is a bit unsanitary. One of my cats has taken to clawing at the mat also which is starting to ruin it. I am overall very disappointed with the wear…I called Skip Hop for tips and they recommended sending an email, I did, and they NEVER replied. The one thing that would make this mat better is a stiffer rubber because the design is so adorable.

Ebony Greenhurst, NY

Not soft and hate cleaning and moving it

This very expensive mat has been a giant disappointment. I bought this for our little one for a soft place to play, learn to crawl and walk on. I’m not sure why it’s so pricey since it looks like a lot of the other puzzle mats you can purchase much cheaper. For starters, it provides very little cushion (I don’t even like to sit on it). The biggest issue is cleaning it. It looked nice for about five minutes. If you just wipe it down, the dirt accumulates between all the pieces and collects underneath it (making a mess of our hardwood floors). If you want to do the job right, you must take the entire thing apart and clean each peace with a wet cloth, then vacuum underneath it and mop the floor, then let it dry before putting it back together. It’s a HUGE pain. Same problem if you want to move it to another room. The other issue is my son likes to take it apart and chew on the pieces, then toss them around the room. I have since purchased two of the Dwinguler mats (which I love) and are so worth the cost.

Desiree Cohocton, NY

Looks great

I was looking for a mat that allowed our baby to play in our family room, but didnt want something that looked too bright. This mat matches our decor and is super attractive for our baby due to its high contrast design. It is thick and sturdy, easy to wash.

Amie Baileyville, KS

LOVE LOVE LOVE the playspot floor mat!!

we got a set of these to use on the hard-floored rooms in the house and i’m so glad we did – they’re great!they can be configured in any formation to fit the space needed and provide a smooth, soft surface for baby to play on.we made ours using all the tiles so it would be as large as possible and it gave our baby plenty of room to roll around on safely without rolling onto the hard floor. and they provide plenty of cushion for all the tumbles that come along with pulling up, crawling and taking steps, too!i love that it looks geometric and modern. it’s sophisticated enough to look good in the main living space but still feels cute for the baby. the colors are neutral but interesting and not only can you place the square tiles in any color sequence you want, but you can also place the circles within the squares however you like too – contrasting or matching.these work really great – they’re so simple to put down and can just as easily be picked up, wiped off and put down again.we take a damp cloth and wipe ours down as needed and they look nice all the time. the quality is great and they have absolutely no plastic/chemical smell to them at all.i like that they help define a space like a rug but can be rearranged, cleaned and repositioned/reconfigured easily unlike a rug or carpet.if you have hard floored rooms in your house, the playspot floor mat is a must!!

Augusta Bedminster, NJ

Looks good but get dirty too easily

I was so excited to find a decorative play mat that would match our home decor. We put it down and then took it up within a week because it shows dirt and footprints and every little thing too badly for our active family. They are now sitting in the garage collecting dust.

Rosanne Valmy, NV

FUNCTIONAL and fits with house decor

I run a home daycare and have three small boys of my own. I wanted to set up a little book nook/art space in my living room for the daycare, but wanted it to blend in with my decor. These mats worked great. I was able to create a good size space, it looks really good with my pottery barn style decor and is really good quality. It also has 3 different ways to arrange the patterns which is fun. Definite must if want functional without the primary colors of other mats.

Debra Salton City, CA

So far so good

So far I’m glad I purchased this item for our 6-month old – granted it’s a bit on the expensive side but I paid it anyway because I wanted the cute pattern and colors. I haven’t had any problems with any wears or tears yet, but I am careful about what goes on or near it. I make sure we don’t walk on it with our shoes or walk on it at all if we don’t need to. I like the mat because it can easily be wiped clean and doesn’t collect pet hair (we have a cat) like the carpet or a blanket would. I didn’t have any problems assembling it or keeping the pieces together but then it’s usually only myself and our daughter laying on the mat – things may change once she really starts teething and crawling and walking.

April Wilmington, IL

it’s a nice mat but sort of cheap feeling for the price.

I was missing 3 of the circles and when I contacted Skip Hop, after a month they FINALLY sent me the circles but the wrong colors. So I called AGAIN, and they sent the wrong colors AGAIN.This foam mat is nice to have but like I said, it feels cheap and isn’t that thick.

Janette San Bruno, CA

Should have listened to the reviews– this is a cluttered mess!

I went against my better judgment and ordered this item despite the clear negative reviews. Like others, I fell for the modern look and the lovely colors.Unfortunately, this is a nightmare of an item. Pieces fall out all the time. It absolutely added to the clutter of my playroom and was a safety problem for my little one, who kept tripping over the gaps created by pieces that had popped out. If you have the time and patience to assemble this thing several times a day, go for it. Otherwise, I would suggest a less attractive floormat that stays put.Also– the smell of this item out of the bag was horrid. We let it air out for days and the odor was still very strong.

Jordan Navajo, NM

WARNING: different from last year’s model and this is not the right photo

I had 2 sets of the green and brown tiles bought in late 2010. I bought 2 more sets to fit my son’s larger room in March 2012. There was no warning on the site or packaging letting me know that they had changed the color and design so that the green is much brighter, almost neon and the connectors are larger. Thus, the old and new sets of tiles do not match ad cannot connect together. They also have included 4 rounded edge tiles in each set for the corners, which makes it impossible to combine 2 sets together to make one large mat. Why did they have to change the design to make it so much worse?addendum: Skip Hop customer service is great and they replaced my old tiles for free since I had a mismatched set.

Candy Ranchos De Taos, NM


This mat looks Super Cute in my daughter’s nursery. I purchased it over other brands due to the company’s commitment to health & safety (some foam mats contain hazardous ingredients). I have not had issues with the pieces coming apart. It provides a nice surface for my daughter to play on and I don’t have to worry about her bumping her head on the hardwood floor in her room. FYI: Keep pets off it – doggie claws scratch it up mighty quick.

Dee Wilton, CA

Nice mat, provided padding and noise insulation

We purchased 2 of these over a year apart, and the quality is the same. The foam does not smell weird. Cleans up ok, but our older tiles do show their age. It all integrated nicely and we are happy with the product. We would up with around 10 spare end connectors (vs. the 4 way X’s).

Ronda Fillmore, IN

Great product, not sure if there is a better alternative

This mat does what I wanted – provides a softer surface for my child to play on than the hardwood floor. The mat does slide across my floor easily, which is both good when I want to move it and bad if someone is running across it. The pieces fit together well, you can alternate randomly or make a pattern with the squares and circles. My friend brought her 4 year old son over and we turned it into a puzzle game. After getting the mat together he liked taking the circles out and putting them into matching color squares. I’d alternate them somehow and he’d match them up again. Lots of entertainment out of something I thought would just be a rug. But some of the negative reviews are right. It does scuff pretty easily, but it washes well also. I’ve set heavier things on it, leaving indentations, but they fade with time… maybe not all the way depending on severity. Right now, this product is great for my 7 month old, we’ll see how it lasts!

Stacy Brushton, NY

awesome play mat – great solution for wood floors!

We have two playspot floor mats that I just love and I really don’t understand the negative reviews of this product. Physically, the mat is exactly as I thought it would be from the photographs and description and it serves its purpose very well. We first got the blue and gold one approximately four years ago to provide a designated clean (shoe-free), soft area for our first child to play on the kitchen floor, which was hardwood. It really helped me to be able to put her down to play and explore on a large padded surface like the one created by the play mat while I was getting dinner together, etc. It is perfect for the stages when baby is rolling around and trying to get toys and also when baby is a wobbly sitter. The mat made the wood floors much less scary to me. And as babies get older they will take it apart… but that never bothered me. It is like a puzzle to them and they learn from it. In fact, our four year old still plays with the mats now to reorganize the circles and pieces into different patterns and combinations. We now have a second mat in the pink and brown color-scheme with our second child. I must admit I prefer this color combination as it seems a bit happier or something, but the first mat we owned is still in great shape and in use – we just moved to a new home with a different layout so I am happy to have both! I would definitely recommend this play mat to anyone with hardwood floors who is looking to create a temporary play space for their baby.

Myrna Orange City, IA

Great quality mat…

and more stylish than a traditional ABC mat.This mat is cushy too. I have tried another brand of mat before and this one is much softer. The only complaint I have is the connector pieces- my son is constantly taking the mat apart to teethe on the connectors.

Sondra Joinerville, TX

Great mat!

Made of EVA foam, NO weird smells, locks together nicely, and beautiful muted colors (as opposed to other garish baby mats). I love this mat!

Kenya Hooven, OH

Great and Cute too 🙂

This Floor Mat is used many times, and it’s cute too! It doesn’t stick out like it doesn’t belong. It’s soft and a great mat to lay down so my kids can play, and I won’t have to worry about them bumping their heads on the floor. It’s a great size, and we really enjoy it. I like how my girls can take it apart and put it back together like a puzzle. They can create their own patterns, and it keeps them busy! They’re learning, and that’s what I like 🙂

Lou Cave City, KY

Love it.. Have 2!

I have hardwood and my in laws have tile so we needed a play mat but I wanted one that was safe for babies. Most are marketed as above 3 years. This is non toxic..stays put and adjustable in size. It does not slip on either surface. I would recommend this item even though its pricier than other mats.

Madelyn Grandfalls, TX

Play Area!

The floor mat was a daily deal, and we skip hopped right onto it! We love the mat and so does our son. He plays on it, but he also likes to take it apart and rearrange it 🙂

Rosanna West Union, WV

Stylish Living Room

I love the skip hop floor mat. It is a little more pricey than those multi-colored ABC ones, but it looks MUCH better in our living space. Who says you can’t have style once you have a baby? I use a lint roller to pick up little crumbs or hairs off of it.

Lou Nemaha, IA

Cute Design – But had my regrets later on

I debated on getting this mat for quite awhile because of the variable reviews. I wanted something cute, easy to clean, safe.Pros:+ BPA Free, PVC free, phalate free. this is important to me cause my son would sometimes pull the mats off himself and start chewing on them when I am not watching :(+ It’s a nice design, and something totally different from loud coloured mats with numbers or alphabets. Like other reviewers who gave it 5 stars, I totally agree with the fact that its a breath of fresh air from garish tacky mats out there.+ easy to wipe off stains and spills. so far I have been able to wipe off “accidents” and food without leaving colored stains or scrubbing hard (WARNING: liquids may seep between the pieces since they don’t fit snug)+ unlike regular mats out there, there isn’t any grooves on the surface of these mats, making it easier and faster to wipe clean.the ones with grooves tend to hide stains or take more time to clean (I sanitise my mats once a week)Cons:- it’s annoying and a time waster to put together and take not buy this if you plan on moving these mats to a different room from time to time. it has a lot more pieces than regular play mats. I keep this mat only in the living room, so it wasn’t too bad putting it together once.- it’s great for babies 1 -6 months. after they start to crawl like crazy, you would definitely need a set of mats with more area. I wanted to extend the area for my son, but remembered I HAD TO BUY another set of skip hop mats as they are the only ones that fit! regular baby mats have the same jigsaw shape, so you don’t always have to buy from the same brand.- the mat is too thin for babies starting to stand or walk. I place these mats over wooden floors so I would prefer mats that are thicker to absorb the shock on their knees. if you have carpet, i think these should be okay. there are ones on amazon that are thicker and cheaper though.- color is not what it seems on pictures. I highly recommend googling more pictures of these mats to see the real colors. i brought the green and brown one, the colours are muted and “faded” looking when i received them.Note: Unlike other reviewers, luckily mine didn’t have an awful toxic smell when i opened the packaging. overall, these mats are good for short term use only. I can imagine a lot of first time moms like myself buying this though! (and to slightly regret it later). If you are on a budget, please do not give in to these cute mats!! do everything in your will power to not add it to your cart!

Beth Millersburg, PA

Fun, colorful and safe!

The colors in this are so much fun and it matches our room better than I could have imagined because of the variety of colors in the mat. I can picture it working in a number of areas in our house. And I love that you can customize it by interchanging the circles. It has a smooth side and a textured size. It was fun to put together because I could get a little creative with it.This is a really flexible piece. Right now we aren’t using all the tiles, we’re just using enough to make an area rug in the nursery for our 22-month-old and 3-month-old to play on. My 22-month-old calls the mat her “puzzle,” and she enjoys plopping down on it to read books or play with her dolls. Once the 3-month-old starts crawling, I may expand the size of the mat, or I may put a baby gate around it and cage him in so he can roam around without hurting himself on our hardwood floors. It will be a perfect, soft landing when he is learning to sit and to pull up. Eventually, I may move it outside to use under their small slide.I had a wool rug in the room before this, but it was expensive to dry clean. This one you can just wipe up with a damp cloth and you’re done. Very practical during these messy infant and toddler years.

Kari Mercer, MO

Skip Hop Floor Mat

Super cute. I like that we can change the size. Only problem is that the circles come out easily after a while. Not a huge issue for us though.

Jessica Pioneer, TN


BUT in less than a month the shapes are dented and looking really, really worn out and i have one 8 month old son. i expected more. it is way prettier than the alternative foam tiles so i don’t mind having it in the kitchen.

Jaclyn Round Rock, TX

Good playmat

We’ve had this playmat for about 3 months and we really like it. it is easy to clean and configure. we ended up buying 2 sets to cover most of our baby’s playroom.

Vilma Kilbourne, OH

Loved the mat for a while but…

I love the color combination I chose, green/brown, and it looks great in our living area. We’ve used the mat for about 9 months now and I didn’t have any complaints. It was soft enough and didn’t have the smell some others indicated. My only issue is that my son takes apart the connectors and pretty much the whole mat now and then puts it in his mouth. I’ve seen other mats out there that I don’t think he would be able to dismantle as easily.

Gina Story City, IA

perfect play spot that still looks cool!

Our play room is off the formal living room so its important that it is a fun and safe room for our baby but also looks clean and crisp for the sake of our sanity. The Skip Hop Floor Tiles give me the peace of mind when my baby is rolling around on the floor but it also looks modern and cool when the toys are tucked away and I’m curled up with a book in the other room. I was sick of my house looking like it was taken over by my children but at the same time I wanted them to have a cheerful place to grow up. This product – and all of the skip hop “stuff” – does just that. Thanks Skip Hop for helping us reach a happy compromise between a cheerful playroom and a pleasant place for parents to hang out too.

Pam Ida, AR