Skip Hop Plush Blanket, Giraffe Safari

Skip Hop Plush Blanket, Giraffe Safari

View larger Giraffe Safari Plush Blanket Made of soft plush fabric, these blankets are sure to keep little ones cozy! Cuddle up Warm colors and embroidered details brighten up any nursery. A cribside safari adventure Coordinates with a Giraffe Safari Complete Sheet bedding set and its matching décor, completing baby’s room with ease. Giraffe Safari Plush Blanket Appliqué and embroidered details Soft, plush fabric Size (in): 30x 36;(cm) 76 x 91

Main features

  • Soft plush fabric
  • Applique giraffes and clouds
  • Coordinates with complete sheet bedding set and its matching decor

Verified reviews


“I Want My Fuzzy Blanket!”

My two-year-old is wild about giraffes, and with the cold winter we’re having, she’s obsessed with staying warm. Seriously. This beautiful Skip Hop Plush Blanket arrived right at the beginning of the Arctic Blast/Polar Vortex mashup last week, and she refused to part with this blanket. If she wasn’t eating or bathing, she had this blanket wrapped tightly around her.I was starting to think she was a latter-day Linus VanPelt.Now that it’s warmed up some, to regular winter temperatures around here, she’s still quite fond of this blanket. In fact, despite my carefully selecting the "Beautiful Butterflies" theme from Nojo for her nursery when I was expecting her, the Skip Hop Giraffe Safari has bumped those beautiful butterflies from her most favored spot. She falls asleep for every nap and every good-night with this blanket wrapped around her. You don’t have to be a baby to appreciate this blanket, in other words. If there’s a toddler in your life who loves giraffes and soft, warm blankets, this would be an excellent gift for such a little person, too.I kind of wish Skip Hop made these in Big People size! 🙂

Mollie Merrillan, WI

Great blanket for the kiddies!

Nice size and warm without being to thick. It’s the perfect size for our kids to sleep with it in their cribs and then grab it and bring it downstairs to use it while they watch a movie. Super cute design and seems to be a quality product.

Mindy Falcon, MS


This is a great baby shower gift. Soft, great for boys or girls and it washes/wears well. The giraffes don’t come off – which is nice for little kids that like to kiss and bite things.

Katy Winn, ME


This blanket is so soft and cuddly. It is perfect to go along with a jungle nursery theme. We love it and highly recommend it.

Autumn Colona, IL

SO, so soft

This plush blanket is incredibly soft, I love wrapping my baby in it at bedtime and cuddling him in it during the day. I love that it is gender-neutral (the giraffes are so cute), and I love the soft, cottony yellow edging of the blanket. Highly recommended!

Stacie Arnolds Park, IA

Snuggly Gender Neutral Blanket

I really like this sweet little giraffe blanket from Skip Hop. The blanket is a nice fluffy polyester fleece that is snuggly soft. The appliquéd design is cute and gender neutral. Unlike other fleece appliqued blankets we have, this one isn’t rough on the reverse side. You can see where the design is sewn on, but the stitching is nice and smooth to the touch. The printed binding on the blanket is a lot nicer than the satiny binding you find on a lot of fleece blankets. This binding looks like it won’t snag easily like the satiny ones, so that’s a major plus in my book.If I could change just one thing about this blanket it would be the size. This blanket is 36×30 inches. I’d prefer to see it a few inches bigger in each direction. It’s not a bad size for a little baby, but once your little one hits about 9-12 months old this blanket will start to seem a bit small.Overall, it’s a cute blanket that works for a boy or girl. You won’t be disappointed with this little blanket.

Marian Barlow, KY

Very Soft Except for Border and Applique

This is a very soft velboa/fleece type blanket. The design is adorablt. And I love the colors. It’s modern and gender neutral.The size is pretty standard for a baby blanket. It’s about the same as my other blankets (not from Skip Hop). Two things I don’t particularly like are:1. The all cotton border. It’s kind of hard, stiff, and crinkly compared to the rest of the blanket. I would have prefered a much softer and silkier material or a nicer grade cotton like a sateen or something.2. The appliques are cute but they are of the same hard, stiff, and crinkly cotton material. Also, they are one sided so the blanket is not quite reversibl because obviously one side is much cuter than the other, which is the back side of an applique and you know how that looks. It’s white with threads…etc.The blanket is warm and toasty. So if it matches your decor theme, I would recommend. But definitely consider the two points I mention about the border/applique. This not the "perfect" baby blanket by my standards. Which is why I give it three stars. I mean, it’s not hard to make a good baby blanket, or so one would think.

Rosetta New London, PA

So adorable and super soft!

This is just the cutest baby blanket. It’s super-soft and a decent size as well. The applique of the giraffes are beautiful and this blanket is a perfect fit with Skip Hop Hug and Hide Owl line of baby accessories.I love the blanket as is — you can’t beat the cuteness of softness, but I do wish the blanket border was ribbon instead of soft cotton.Still a 5/5 star item.

Charmaine Clear Spring, MD

Warm, Soft, Perfect for Baby

My wife and I have been using this blanket to keep our 10 month old little boy warm for a bit over a month. The blanket is a good size (30" x 36") for keeping him warm in the stroller or in his car seat where other larger or thicker blankets aren’t appropriate. The colors are subdued and on a pastel hue. The inch wide border around the blanket is made from a sturdier material and prevents fraying.Recommended!

Jeanne Savannah, OH

Beautiful and plush

This is a soft and lightweight blanket. I like the giraffe feature since our son’s room has safari animals. The biggest thing to note is the size. It is 30x 36 inches which is like a newborn blanket. I generally prefer the 60 inch blankets now that my son is almost 2 years old so there is greater chance he will be covered in the middle of the night.

Hillary Pixley, CA

Small, plush blanket

As baby blankets go, this one is as good as any. It is pretty small, so it will not last far beyond the infant years, which makes it of limited use overall. But it’s a nice blanket for a shower gift; the graphic is unisex, which I like. And it is of good quality, as I typically find Skip Hop products are.

Tia Plymouth, PA

Very soft and attractive!

This is a very soft blanket and the colors are gentle and soothing. It is a good size for bringing with you when on the go, but not really big enough to be a crib blanket. It is the perfect size for a baby/toddler to hold on to. The only change I would make would be to make the trim fabric softer-maybe a silky texture. The trim fabric is cotton, and while not rough I think a softer/silkier fabric would be nicer.

Anita Leshara, NE