Skip Hop Pronto Changing Station, Metro Stripe

Skip Hop Pronto Changing Station, Metro Stripe

The Pronto is our portable diapering essentials kit that ensures that baby is always clean, dry and happy, and that mom and dad are always prepared. Drop it in any bag, strap it to your wrist or clip it to your stroller and you’re good to go. With loads of features, our Pronto is a favorite of moms and dads everywhere. Its extra wide mod changing pad wipes clean, and the head area is cushioned with an innovative pronto pillow. The pad is also removable, allowing the body to become an independent diaper carry all. The Pronto also includes a translucent wipes case, a mesh pocket that fits up to four large diapers and ointments, and a front zipper pocket for personal items.

Main features

  • Front zipper pocket for wallet, keys, phone, etc
  • Strap with clip, hangs on stroller or wrist
  • Pronto pillow, innovative head cushion keeps baby safe and comfy
  • Mesh pocket, holds up to four large diapers, creams and other essentials
  • Translucents wipes case, see through for timely reloads

Verified reviews


Difficult to use when you only have one free hand

Cute design and the changing pad area is easy to clean. The cushioned head area is pretty minimal, but a nice touch.My main issue with this changing station is that it could be easier to use. Most likely, you will be holding your baby with one hand while trying to open and use this, and it’s not well designed for that. You have to unclip the plastic clip on the outside to open the changing pad, which is difficult to do with one hand. Then there is a velcro closure, that’s difficult to open with one hand. Then inside there’s yet another little velcro tab you have to pull apart to unfold the sides of the changing pad, and the way it’s designed, that’s also difficult to do with one hand. The (cheap, plastic) wipes case (mine already broke along the crease after using it a handful of times) is in it’s own zippered compartment, and it’s difficult to access the case, open it, and pull out a wipe with one hand. The diapers compartment is also closed with velcro which (you guessed it) makes it difficult to get out a diaper with one hand. Of course, once the baby is laying down on the pad, you can use two hands to get the diapers and wipes out.ETA: I ended up keeping this case and altering it a bit. I keep the outside plastic clip unclipped. I cut a hole in the center of the wipes compartment so that I could use a wipes case that opens with a flap and now the wipes can be pulled out with one hand without having to unzip the compartment (this had the added bonus of removing one of the velcro closures). I also cut off the velcro tab that has to be opened to unfold the sides of the changing tab. It’s much more functional now, but I wish I hadn’t had to alter it to make that happen.

Alta Roseville, CA

Perfect diaper caddy!

We received this as a gift prior to baby’s arrival and didn’t use it right away – the folded pad that came with my diaper bag seemed just fine. Then I came across it again in a drawer and gave it a shot. It’s the perfect size to grab with one hand and go. It easily fits several diapers in the zippered pouch and a travel pack of wipes in the mesh pocket (we don’t use the plastic case that it came with). When you’re done, the pad folds up easily with one hand. Right now, baby is wearing size 2 and it holds 4 diapers without being overly bulky. I love this so much I want to get it for all of my friends that have or are having babies!

Edwina Miller, MO

best diaper changer

I love that I do not have to bring a diaper bag when I have this.I can fit in, 2 shorts, 1 shirt, 4 diapers, wet wipes, small soap, a pack of tissue, a spray bottle, a bib, 2 wash cloths and 2 burp cloth in this.Not only is this very practical, but the design is very beautiful as well.

Delores Millstone, KY

Great for on the go!

As a dad I love this diaper changer. I can grab it out of the stroller and I’m good for whatever I find in the bathroom. Changing table that looks sketchy or just a stretch of sink or a park bench you can lay this out and you’re covered! And everything you need is right there. In addition to the changing mat there is a pocket that holds several diapers and a pocket that holds a small packet of wipes. (The box it comes with is useless, toss it in the recycling bin and get a thin pack of wipes) The mat unzips from the carrier if you need to but it cleans up really easily so I don’t know why you’d leave the mat at home. This thing lasts forever too, it’s really indestructible! Really a great product!

Debbie Safford, AZ


This brand only chose good raw material and beautiful colors. Very light, practical and easy to be managed. They have a complete mix of products.

Becky Glen Dale, WV

Cute and functional express diaper station

Perfect for quick on-the-go trips. I love that this comes with a wipe case also. Plus, the chevron pattern is both trendy and not a turnoff for dads!

Evangeline Winstonville, MS

JUST what I needed

I am a big fan of Skip Hop bags and this is precisely what I needed for a quick trip out. The colors are great and it’s not big or bulky. Fits in the basket of our G-Luxe with room to spare, and the material is pretty rugged–no signs of wear or tear and it’s tossed from trunk to stroller and back. Great product!

Deana Saint Helena, NE

Updated…use enhanced with certain preparation…

Am updating this review as the more I have used the Skip Hope, the more I have appreciated it.To use this changing station best, I have:Placed the unit on a bath towel for extra protection when visiting.Folded back tabs which secure when foldedPlaced baby or toddler’s diaper area at the widest pointFor those ‘messier’ changes the towel is essential, what with dirty diaper, wipes, tissues, balm etc.Note:Velcro tab at side of baby’s arm…babies love labels and tags when they spot them…not such a great idea…too visible for the little one.Once baby starts to wiggle it would be difficult to keep him/her contained to unit. This would definitely pose a problem in public, restaurant etc. restrooms.Attractive print, quality vinyl, good zippers, can hold basics only.Do not see this as an essential, but it is nice for taking baby for a stroll to visit.It is also nice to provide visitors with a bath towel underneath in a safe, pleasant changing area. No worry about accidents on bedspreads etc.

Elaine Southlake, TX

Nifty changing station every parent needs

Great little changing station. Love that there are multiple pockets for all the little necessities. It’s nice to be able to take just 1 little pouch into the bathroom for changes instead of my whole diaper bag. That way nothing has to ever touch the floor and/or I don’t have to play the balancing game trying to keep everything off the floor while reaching in for diapers and wipes.

Janis Costigan, ME

Great change station

this is a perfect all in one change station, it’s paded so baby’s head won’t hurt when you put her on hard surfaces! Handdy pockets lets you put in extra diapers and there is a wipe box that come along with it although i don’t use it but it does fits perfectly inside the pocket!

Henrietta West Newton, MA

Love it!

Excellent quality, I think is the best changing station I ever seen. Not too small and no too big!! perfect size. Plus: a pocket for wipes.

Rowena Lerose, KY

Bulky but great.

A little bulky when you add diapers and wipes. It takes up most of the space in the matching diaper bag but it’s really nice just to grab and go. Wish the wipes container was the pop up kind.

Deborah Unionville, IN

love the changing station

An essential for anyone needing to change diapers! It holds about 6 size 1 diapers, wipes, butt paste, plastic bags for diaper disposal. The part the baby lays on can be easily cleaned, and is a perfect barrier between baby and sometimes sketchy changing surfaces. We use it all the time in the back of our suv for quick changes too. The strap also allows for clipping to the stroller so you don’t have to carry it. This is the only thing we take with us when we go out with baby, no heavy diaper bag extras.

Helena North Hoosick, NY

Lots of features I won’t use

When all is said and done, this is a portable changing pad. The idea that it can hold everything you need is nice, but unrealistic. For me, this goes into my diaper bag and takes up more room than it needs to. The bottom line is that you can get a changing pad for a fraction of the cost of this one that will do the same thing. Most people won’t end up using the extra features that you pay for.

Leanne Dawson, NE

Needed this! 2 in diapers

I purchased a changing pad from Target and it was always hard to close. Now that I have two in diapers I really needed a bigger pouch. This is great for a mom with two in diapers.This product is working great for me. I can fit 3 of each diaper and a pack of 56 wipes. I wished I purchased this one first. We do not leave home without this.

Taylor Schuylkill Haven, PA

Skip Hop makes must have baby products

This is perfect for on the go diaper changes or when you don’t feel like toting an entire diaper bag. It comes with a small plastic wipes case. The mat is the perfect length for an infant or younger toddler. It also features storage areas for a diaper or two. I keep this in my living room so I don’t always have to head to our nursery when my little guy needs a change. I’m considering purchasing a second to keep in my car.

Opal Petersburg, ND

Very handy, but not for longer babies

This is a very high quality changing station. It is an all-in-one item. It contains a changing pad, pockets for diapers and wipes, and everything folds up neat and tidy. It’s very light and easily portable.The changing pad part is very short, however. Our daughter is 17 months and far exceeds the length of the pad. I would guess that only babies less than 12 months would fit adequately on the pad.It has a zippered pocket on the outside that is lined with vinyl, which could potentially be used to store dirty diapers, though I wouldn’t recommend it (gross). Instead you could put your keys, phone and wallet in there while spending the day at the park or something.Overall it’s very nice, though not totally necessary. It’s definitely not built for longer babies or toddlers, though it can still be used for this if you don’t care about their legs hanging off the end.

Staci Cavalier, ND

You will be happy to have it!

Being a mom means you better be prepared for the unexpected and that’s exactly where thislittle changing pad excels. Very small considering the amount of pockets and functions. Wouldhighly recommend this to friends, family, and anyone who happens to be reading this.

John Hamburg, IA

Clunky and zipper broke

I originally loved this when I first got it and used it to store an emergency diaper kit in the car. However, there really isn’t much you can fit in the outside pocket without making the bag look lumpy and stretched (for example, diaper cream tube). The material is also heavy duty, which is a good thing, but makes it clunky when you wrap everything in.Also, after repeated washes on the gentle cycle in my front loading washing machine with cold water (and air dried), something happened to the zipper making it impossible to zip back in the change pad and rendering the bag pretty useless.I love the Jonathan Adler pattern though – super cute!

Adrian Nelsonville, OH

Extremely nice!

I have a couple of these diaper changing station devices for various cars, grandparent homes, etc., and by and large I find them to be wonderful inventions. This one’s design is in particular is the nicest I’ve seen.Specific features I like:~This folds well. I have one station that’s near impossible to fold correctly, but this one comfortably reacts the way I want it to.~Easy-to-clean. So far it’s even stain resistant.~The come-apart nature. Sometimes all one needs is a simple surface for changing a diaper.~That being said, I love the extra storage pouches.Everything is of high quality and the design is lovely. This is a fine example of what these already-great products should be.

Christie Boiling Springs, NC

Wipes container broken on arrival

The wipes container was broken, rendering it useless. The overall product seems well made, but I was looking forward to an all-in-one system and didn’t want to have to lug wipes around in a plastic bag.

Amanda Clio, IA

All in one

This is great! It has the wipes container that is shown, and an interior zipper pocket that you can squeeze maybe 4-5 diapers (max) in. An an exterior pocket that is pretty useless, but maybe a peice of paper? I don’t know. The diaper mat is acutally integrated into it, so it unfolds with the changing pad attached to the diaper pocket and wipes pocket, but you can unzip the diaper mat and detach it as shown. If I’m just going grocery shopping or somewhere local, I just bring this instead of the whole diaper bag fiasco. It wipes down easily, too!

Mercedes Montgomery Creek, CA

Great on-the-go changing kit

We love having one of these in each of our cars. It’s an easy way to make sure you’re prepared even if you leave without a diaper bag (we usually don’t bring diaper bag on our small trips). Great for the airport, too.

Leeann Beatrice, NE

Yes! Buy this!

We bought this little insert after our daughter was about 3 months old. It fits everything you need for most baby related doings. We fit diapers, wipes, butt cream, bags to put stinky diapers in, a change of clothes and a pacifier. The changing mat makes it easy to change her anywhere and everything is accessible. This is the kind of product you can use one handed while poop is leaking through your baby’s pants. We are big fans.

Dionne Huron, CA

Ditch the Diaper Bag!

This changing station enabled me to ditch the diaper bag completely. I just toss this into the bottom of my stroller and know that we are good to go. I can fit about 3 size 2 diapers in the pouch and the wipes case is great (actually keeps them moist unlike other wipe holders). I kind of wish that the changing mat was a little bit bigger, but it does the job great.

Sally South Bethlehem, NY


This changing station it is practical and cutie! If want is possible to separate and create a changing pad and a nécessaire indepent

Mara Emmons, MN

Convenient and efficient!

Works great. Super convenient for diaper changes on the go. We actually keep this downstairs for changing diapers downstairs as his changing table is in his room upstairs. Is much easier than trucking him upstairs just for a diaper change. Its a little cumbersome to get this setup with one hand if you are holding your baby while trying to put this out. But not a big deal. Well made, has lots of storage for wipes and other stuff as needed. The included wipe container is not that great, we purchased a different wipe container to use with this.

Krista Summitville, TN

One of my favorite baby items!

This is one of the most useful things I bought before I had my baby. The reason is simple. You don’t always feel like, or have room for toting the whole diaper bag around. (like when you are just running in to grandma’s house, or when you are using your umbrella stroller with the tiny basket) I keep the mesh part stocked with two diapers and the wipes case, and I grab it and go! I leave it in my diaper bag, so its always with me in the car. I can’t stress enough how useful it is! It even has a strap to attach to a stroller or hook over your wrist.When we are in a public place, especially flying, it is SO MUCH EASIER to grab this and take it to the bathroom and lay it on top of a disposable changing pad. It also has a little cushioned pillow part that I’m sure my baby appreciates.

Stephanie Nanticoke, MD

Makes any bag a diaper bag!

I tried a few different diaper carriers before I bought this one. It is fantastic! It’s small enough that I can put it in a bag I’m carrying and easily bring it out for diaper changes. The attached changing pad is the smartest way to go. I could not say enough about this. It might be my new go-to shower gift for friends.

Sierra Oradell, NJ

good for the car; not great for throwing into another bag

I have had no problems with the red wipes case leaking color onto my wipes. I can fit 2-3 diapers and the wipes case in it comfortably. No chance of adding a normal size tube of diaper cream or a change of clothes (even a newborn onesie) without making it bulky and hard to close.This changing pad design doesn’t fit onto the public changing tables, so the sides keep folding up. Plus, I am not sure it is all that hygienic anyway, since the way it folds means that the "outside" will touch the "inside." But it is a nice size if you can spread out.I prefer using the Skip Hop diaper bag for errands–this doesn’t hold enough for how much room it takes up in my bag–but this is a good choice for the car.

Mildred Elora, TN