Skip Hop Soapster Foaming Soap Dispenser

Skip Hop Soapster Foaming Soap Dispenser

Streamline bath time with our easy to fill; wall mounted soap dispenser. Soapster is a two stage product: it allows one handed use for parents while holding baby; and little kids can press penguin’s belly to lather up all by themselves.

Main features

  • Plastic
  • Water and baby wash gives over 1000 pumps
  • Makes it easy for little kids to wash themselves
  • Soap can be added without removal
  • Mounts to tile or glass with suction
  • Includes 1 soapster; 1 suction plate; 1 adhesive/screw plate

Verified reviews


so convenient

Bathing a 3 year old and 18month old is tough! This soapster allows me to keep one hand on them (I bathe them separately) and the other to pump soap out. It stays put on the wall (once cleaned and dried thoroughly)and makes soap last so much longer (since you mix it with water). This kids think it’s cute and we love it’s functionality. Extremely satisfied with this purchase!

Saundra Pennington, TX

This is fabulous!

I’m not sure why the previous reviewer is having problems keeping this attached to the bath rub. It comes with three options for mounting – a suction cup plate, an adhesive plate, and screws and dry wall anchors. I simply scrubbed the tiles I planned to attach this too really well, dried them off with a towel, and then pushed really hard. Bam – it’s been stuck in place for a week now! This is really great – we use really expensive, organic baby wash and with this product it makes it last twice as long. It’s very easy to use, although I will agree that the pump part that you push in to get foam might be a little hard for small hands. But since we are still the ones bathing our two little guys it’s perfect for us.

Danielle Garrett, KY

cute and fun!

we’re LOVING our soapster foaming soap dispenser!! it’s so cute and works really well.i initially got it for use in the bath. the suction cups are STRONG and stuck to the tiled tub wall really, really well. and it’s great how you can lift off the penguin while leaving the suction-cupped part on the wall to refill it, etc.somewhere along the line i decided to try it out by the sink for my son to use after the potty to wash his hands and it’s been a HUGE hit!!anything to get him excited to wash his hands makes me a happy mama.he’s three and has no problem pushing the dispenser with one hand and putting his other down to get the soap. he loves it and probably has the cleanest hands in town now – no complaints here!!i love that i can use whatever soap i choose, too.when it was in the bath, we used our regular soap (california baby) with water as per the directions and it foamed up so nicely. it made the product go quite a bit further, too which is nice because it’s not inexpensive soap!now that we’re using it for hands, i use a gentle hand soap and it works just as well.i can’t decide which place i like it for more: the bath or the sink!it’s cute, works well and is fun to use… parents can use it for babies and then as they grow up, they can use it themselves…i would totally recommend this!!

Randi Picture Rocks, PA

Kids love this

Put this is a kids bathroom and it’s an instant hit. For parent’s though there are a few drawbacks making this a 4-star vs. perfect 5-star.These include:1 – This thing is huge – I’m not sure this was necessary but I guess once you fill it you don’t have to worry for a while2 – Hard to push – The orange part which dispenses soap is very hard and my 2.5 year old is always struggling with it. This causes soap to be on the floor or any where other than her hands about 50 perfect of the time.Regardless, the kids want to wash their hands with this in the bathroom so those two items seem minor in comparison. Would recommend.

Bettie Parlin, CO

Wish I had another

I originally bought this to use at the bathroom sink. It is MUCH bigger than I thought it would be, so I put it in the tub instead. I love it & it works great. I wish I either had more room OR they made a smaller version to put on a bathroom wall for us to use to wash our hands!

Crystal Hinckley, ME

Skip Hop Soapster – better be strong if you want the soap to dispense.

This is adorable and stuck right to the mirror and hasn’t fallen yet. I purchased for our grandson, but it is a bit difficult to push dispenser for soap. Even I have to put a little elbow grease into it. So for a toddler it takes a lot of strength.

Elisha Bauxite, AR

Perfect when you only have one hand

I love the foam this dispenser produces and that it enables me to keep a hand on my daughter in the tub while I get the soap out. The only problem I have is that sometimes it comes unstuck from the wall. When that happens, it falls into the tub and naturally lays on its side and everything leaks out!!! Too many times I have refilled with soap and water to go to the the next night for bath time to find an empty dispenser on the tub floor…

Leona Kingston, WA

LOVE this! Makes bathtime so much easier!

This soap dispenser has been a life saver for me! I have three boys between 2-6 and I always bathe them at the same time. This has made our shower time so much easier because I can now hold the hand shower sprayer in one hand and easily dispense soap with my other hand. Before I had to try to either put the hand shower back in the bracket when I needed to open the shampoo bottle (which then my kids would all be getting sprayed in the face) or I would try to wedge it between my elbow or something (which I usually ended up getting sprayed in the face or spraying all over the bathroom). Also my 6 year old occassionaly showers by himself and now he can easily dispense soap by himself whereas before all the bottles were up too high and he had a hard time opening the shampoo.I also really like that you can use any kind of soap in there and it comes out like a foaming soap. My kids have really sensitive skin so we only use Aveeno and it’s not made in a foam, so by putting it in this dispenser and adding water we now have Aveeno foaming soap!I have not had any trouble with it falling down. I put up the bracket with the sticky tabs and let it sit overnight and then I filled it up the next day. I also have a Boon Frog Pod hanging in our shower with sticky tabs and I usually have to replace the sticky tabs about every 1.5 years so I’m assuming I may have to do that with this as well.I like this so much I’m going to order another one for our downstairs bath to put on the wall next to the sink for my kids to use for their hand soap, because it’s so easy to use and it dispenses just the right amount of soap for little hands.

Monica Poplar Grove, AR

Great little dispenser!

I was hesitant to purchase the soapster due to the mixed reviews but one bottle of body wash down the drain in on day inspired my purchase. I purchased this in March 2013, I used suction cups to hold it in place mixed some all in one body wash/ shampoo and it has been great. Normally I was going through at least one bottle a week (8yo, 7yo & 4yo) now that bottle is lasting way longer. In fact with daily washing I JUST had to refill this little guy. No issues with him falling off the wall. No issues with him not foaming up. No issues with it clogging. No issues with the clips breaking. I’m very happy with this skip hop soapster and the fact that the soap is lasting so much longer makes it worth it. Now I can purchase the more expensive natural soaps and not get frustrated when we go through a bottle in a few days.

Beverly Lindrith, NM

Cute and functional

I bought this to help my 5 yr old stop wasting so much soap. He would use an entire bottle in one shower. This works exactly as it is supposed to and is cute too. My only complaint is that you have to water down your soap to make it foam but my son is still clean, so it’s not that big of a deal.

Rowena Hamilton Dome, WY

super cute

I love this penguin is is adorable. It is easy to put on the wall. It has a stick to stir it but it still wouldn’t mix so I had to shake solution as it was not foaming like it should as you push the button. Maybe it was my fault adding too much soap but I followed the directions. I think it iwas because it said to add half soap first then add half water it just wouldn’t mix.

Donna Folcroft, PA

Works great, very convenient

We love this soap dispenser. I was a little worried at first that it wouldn’t stick to our circa 1950s bathroom tiles, but it’s been up for over a month and hasn’t budged. I originally thought I’d be using it only when bathing my newborn, but my older boys (6 and 9) love using it too. It’s nice that they can get their own soap w/o me having to worry they’re going to accidentally empty a whole bottle of shampoo on their hands (I put shampoo/body wash in the dispenser). It’s sturdy enough that I can use it one handed, which is great since the other hand is usually holding onto a squirmy baby!

Greta Valier, MT

great in theory

Ok, the penguin is adorable. But that’s about as far as I go with liking it. The idea is awesome, but the follow through is not great. First, the suction cups don’t actually hold. I had read reviews stating this, so I followed the instructions to a ‘T’. I left the suction cups on the wall overnight. The base plate didn’t fall. I then put the empty penguin on the baseplate and left it overnight. All was good. Then I filled it (only 1/2 way because of my low expectations) and left it up overnight. The next morning there was a poor dead penguin laying in the tub with soap all over the place. Glad I filled it up only 1/2 way. We moved on to the permanent sticky stuff and he is now hanging in our tub… permanently.On to the soap dispensing quality – terrible. The first couple of days it foamed up quite nicely and i thought it was way cool! But it seems as though the soap nozzle gets clogged easily and after 3 days I get ‘soap spit’ without foam. I’ve cleaned it and it works again for a couple of days and then back to spit/slime.Such a disappointment! I so wanted this thing to work.

Elisa Haskell, TX

Very cute…

This large soapster foaming soap dispenser is alot of fun.. only problem with it you virtually get no foam per use.. obviously why it states you can get 1000 from one refill.. but grand daughter loves it and that’s all that matters.

Erica Gooding, ID