Skip Hop Sort and Spin Fishbowl Sorter Bath Toy

Skip Hop Sort and Spin Fishbowl Sorter Bath Toy

Sort 6 friendly bathtub squirters into their own color coded cut outs in the fishbowl. Then spin to dump them out for squirt time fun. Fishbowl floats or sticks on wall with suction cups.

Main features

  • For kids 10 months and above
  • Makes bath time fun and educational
  • 6 squinters are easy to sort and squeeze
  • Fishbowl sticks to wall or floats in tub
  • Spin fishbowl upside down to dump toys

Verified reviews


Great Bath Toy!

Oh this is a very fun bath toy! I was drawn to it right away! It’s so colorful, and it’s such a great bath toy. My daughter who loves to take a bath, and just get right out was also drawn to the toy immediately! She loved it! She plays with this toy for so long in the bath tub! It’s so great to use, and it’s easy too. It sticks to our bath walls so great! It doesn’t slip off, and I don’t need to continue fixing it over and over! Not only is it a great toy, but she’s learning while she’s playing. That’s the best way to learn! Sorting, colors, counting, textures, etc! So much in a bath toy! Not only that, but it’s a great way to bond with my baby. It’s fun to fill in the toys and squirt one another and just have time together! A great bath toy indeed!

Meagan Cocolamus, PA

bath time hit

Just bought this for my 3 year old and it has definitely become his favorite toy. He loves the squirters and figuring out which slot they go into then spinning the whole fishbowl to do it over again.

Robin Tidewater, OR


I love Skip Hops stuff but I definitely want to throw this in the garbage bin: my fishbowl wont fix to the wall, wich is pretty annoying being it a toy that’s ment to be fixed at the wall (I guess mine has a suction cup with some kind of fabrication problem, can’t explain it otherwise, they should test their stuff before putting it for sale though).

Janine Center Point, WV

Kept falling off the wall

We loved the idea of this toy but it just kept falling off the wall of the bathroom with a big bang. Had to send it back.

Magdalena Steuben, ME


this is an awesome bath toy!it’s simple but fun. the fishbowl’s suction cup is STRONG and holds really well on the tiled wall or the tub itself. the toys that fill it up float and squirt. the bowl itself, once held by the suction cup, can spin and dump all the toys out then spin to be right side up again. then all the toys can be stored in the bowl and the water drains out completely when the bath is three year old has so much fun with this toy – it’s completely open ended and promotes imaginative play since there’s no “one way” to play with six month old loves watching the toys bob up and down in the water and i know will love this set more and more as she grows up, too.i’ve found that simple is best with bath toys. they stay cleanest and ultimately are the ones that are played with most. this one is my favorite because it’s totally self contained so it leaves the sides and corners of the tub free from wet toys!love it.

Lena Wheeler, WI

Cool Bath Toy

This bath toy is multifunctional which is always a super plus! Shape sorter of unique shapes, fun toys to hold and splash around, and it also provides as its own storage! My 14 month old daughter is obsessed with this toy!

Belinda Nallen, WV